Leaked OS: for the BlackBerry Bold 9650!!

By Adam Zeis on 18 Sep 2010 05:05 pm EDT


Well ... here it is. From BBLeaks today we finally have a leaked OS 6 for the Bold 9650. In the form of its ready to download. I'm sure loads of you have been waiting on this, so get on the download and fire it up. Keep in mind this is still not an official OS, so use caution when installing.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). *

Source: BBLeaks
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Leaked OS: for the BlackBerry Bold 9650!!



What was it, two months ago we saw a Bold (9700) rocking 6.0? Wow, really it was maybe four months before that, that we got our first glimpse of the webkit browser - highlighted in a RIM video expounding upon the wonderful things-to-come.

We've all known FOREVER - since our first hint of what 6.0 would be - that the true Bold, the 9700, would support it. We've seen example upon example - PROOF the 9700 could support it - again and again, in the form of YouTube videos.

Why have NONE of these clearly functional iterations of the 6.0 OS leaked for the 9700?

This whole situation lends credence to the idea that all leaks are RIM approved and encouraged. If leaks were truly behind-the-scenes and un-approved, we would have had 9700 6.0 love WELL before any other model leaked. We SAW 6.0 running on a 9700 well before we even knew what 6.0 was.

I call BS.

Agreed 100 %. What bugs me the most is that we KNOW there's people out there who have it. I wish I knew why these folks haven't leaked it yet.

This is getting so tedious.

I don't have a 9700 but I do understand the frustration.

Leaks don't happen just because something exists though.

Just because we have seen a 9700 running OS6 doesn't mean that we'll ever see a leak for it. We probably will but doesn't absolutely have to happen.

It seems obvious that the 512mb phones are going to get OS6 first and even they appear a bit sluggish running it right now. I hope they get the os fine tuned before we see a bold 9700 leak or official release.

Downloading right now... i'm so excited my heart is racing. yeah i'm a total nerd lol... thanks crackberry & bbleaks!!!!

i'll download that, but hopefully wont render my phone useless... i dont have time for downgrading... only for upgrading haha

Absolutely download and install later if you're nervous. these links disappear very quickly... #personalexperience

is there anything special i need to do when downloading this or just click the link and thats it? should i wait or do for my 9650

Downloading will be normal, but I would advise running the OS through BBHybrid Tools or Shrink-a-OS to get rid of any RIM reporting software and any extra languages, etc. And be sure you delete Vendor.xml

If you're nervous, wait a bit until some folks get it installed and they start reporting. There's already a thread in the forum on it but there aren't any running reports yet. I'm sure those will be up in the coming hours.

I sense this update then might be translated for a Verizon BB, Sprint kind of catches later.. event though they launched the 9650 first.

i dont know what to do??? please help. i dont have a 9650 from verizon. i have been waiting for the official though

all you have to do is delete the vendor.xml file and it will run on any carrier device

Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader and delete the vendor.xml file prior to your attempt to load the OS. This will enable you to download the OS.

I am downloading now. I am so excited!

All my love to BBLeaks and our darling Adam for spreading the word. You guys have made the 9650 community incredibly happy this afternoon.

all loaded, just waiting for BB restart.

1st impression, the restart screen loaded SUPER fast till like 60%, but now its crawling along...

Yeah crackberry now 9650 is in the OS 6 family...as a torch user I'm excited for new models to get to experience OS 6 good luck to those downloading :)

to those of you who aren't sure...take the plunge. Just be sure to delete the vendor file...go to your c drive....program files....common files....research in motion....app loader and the vendor file is at the bottom.

Worst case scenario, you don't like it and you downgrade to your current OS. There is plenty of information and good people here that will help you downgrade if you so choose. Just be sure to back it up first.

Pretty sweet overall!
Does lag a little at times, though it may be from trying to get all the data at once and from installing apps

Sorry I know this is annoying but I have never installed a leaked OS, but I really want to for OS6. Does anyone have any tips on how to install a leaked os on a mac?

YOU CANT! Its an EXE file which is NOT supported on MAC. You will have to install a Virtual Machine of Windows or use Bootcamp to install Windows if you have a copy or borrow a friends computer to install.

Haha, when I bought my Macbook Pro back in November that was one of the first things I did (it's illegal, but activated and working).

As a fellow Mac user I use VMware Fusion with a windows xp virtual machine. Works great for my OS updates, backups and wipes..

Other alternatives are
Parallels (also used in the past and had trouble reconnecting during OS updates. then again i was on 4.0 and the recent is 6.0 so they might have fixed that.)

Boot Camp (for a user who trusts a shitty OS like windows with access to their hard drive. Not the safest route. Its a Dual boot option)

As a fellow Mac user I use VMware Fusion with a windows xp virtual machine. Works great for my OS updates, backups and wipes..

Other alternatives are
Parallels (also used in the past and had trouble reconnecting during OS updates. then again i was on 4.0 and the recent is 6.0 so they might have fixed that.)

Boot Camp (for a user who trusts a shitty OS like windows with access to their hard drive. Not the safest route. Its a Dual boot option)

UGHHHH i hate these hidden vendor files why wont u just let me install this!!! anyone have any ideas where it could be? running windows 7 64-bit...ughughguhguu!!!

Whooaa!! Awesome! Waiting on something for the 9700....I've never been one to install unofficials, but 6 is oh so tempting.... was pretty good, albeit with a few bugs, so I have a feeling for you 9650 owners it should be a pretty good build. Wish that 2nd digit was miraculously a number lower haha. I want to complain to Verizon and have them exchange my Storm2 for the Bold.

I've never had this happen before - while loading in apploader, "wait for device initialization" is taking FOREVER, but moving still... the device is already initialized and provisioned though! I'm using it and i've already made a couple of phone calls. Afraid to disconnect - anybody else have this problem???

Congrats on the leak. Being a 9700 owner, I can only imagine how happy you guys are. Quick question, since the 9700& the 9650 pretty much have the same specs aside from memory, will they run the OS in the same way? I mean, they have the same processor..

No, you will brick your phone if you try loading it onto your 9700. The 9650 & 9700 both use different radios.

The Bold 9700 has a 32bit Marvell PXA930, 624MHz CPU and the 9650 has a 32bit Qualcomm MSM7600, 528MHz CPU.

They do not have the same processor.

Because I am in no rush. Once it arrives, we will see what it has/is missing. I'm not grabbing a beta or untested/testing phase OS leak yet.

Im new to the whole OS6 thing. i dowl=nloaded it to my cpu, but idk how to get it to my fone, can some one please help me wit a list of steps to do it plzzzzzzzz, i've been waitin for this update for a long time!!

Aight so you saved the 6.0 file to your pc desktop. Run the file and follow the installations then when finished open up your desktop software and go to the main menu and select app loader and go to update software and hit start after connecting your phone. Basically follow the instructions and it should upgrade. Did it myself for the first time ever and it worked but do it at your risk. Good luck

i am trying to download the file from all the various links and it keeps timing out, anyone want to transfer the file over skype?

Whenever I surf, i get "There is insufficient network coverage to process your request. Please try again later."

:( webkit no workie.

i just finished installing, but i'm getting the same thing; i'll keep this posted


any luck? i'm still at the same thing

The browser is now working!!! I found a thread from "xandermac" that showed how to backup your service books from a working Verizon BlackBerry and restore them to your new BlackBerry. This thread was for the 8900 or 9800 (can't remember) but it worked great, and now I have the necessary service books with Verizon to browse the web via Wi-Fi AND 3G!!!

BB Browser seems to be faster and much improved over the previous incarnation...

Can't bet Berry Buzz up and running, but I'm still playing.

VERY initial impression is that it's a nice step up. Not a "droid," and it won't change the BB world, but it's a nice step up.

I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to install it to the phone! I've googled and googled and yet, here I sit... Can someone help me out here?? I've downloaded and installed the update, how do I get it on my phone???

Thanks in advance

I have DTM6 and that didn't seem to work. When I click "Check for updates" and then disabled the internet, it just said that there were no updates found. When I clicked application loader, the update doesn't show up... GRRRRR!!!

You ran everything in the correct order, right? D/L the update, then run it, then connect the BB, then disconnect the internet, then run DM?

I'm running DM 6, too, and had no problem...

Yep. When I start DTM and go to "Check for updates" it immediately says that there are no updates available. Could it be that I have the older OS5 files still installed on the computer?

Ive noticed a couple of people having browser issues, and Im having the same ones, but I also notice that some people are not having any problems....anyone have any ideas what the difference might be....I loaded mine through shrink-an-os, everything else work fine and the browser works when on wifi...facebook can connect either on or off wifi so i know data is getting through...any help would be appreciated

I'm not sure how "Shrink-an-OS" works...

I D/L'd the file from the link above directly to my desktop, ran it, unhooked the internet, deleted vendor.xml, ran DM6 and it found the update immediately.

No browser issues here so far. Want me to try a particular site? Let me know.

I appreciate the offer, but its not connecting to any sites while on cell network, only when in wifi.

I'm having similar issues. If I'm just connected to verizon network my browser and bb maps doesn't work, but email and bbm do. If I connect to wifi the browser and maps work, and I was able to get on facebook with wifi. I've pulled the battery and turned the radio off and back on and nothing seems to get the browser to work on the network.

When u go to browser options does it only have hotspot browser as an option? If so u can do security wipe in ur option menu...it should reset it back to regular browser..just a suggestion though

ok i deleted the vendor file...im convinced ones hidden somewhere but CAN not find it...when i try and update through DTM 6 i see it but it says i need to be authorized to update to bb6...and when i try going through app loader all that comes up is twitter..any idea/?!!? pleaseee help

Boot time is super quick. I didn't have any browser problems on either 3g or wi-fi. The webkit is awesome and easy to figure out. The only problem I've came across is that the light during recording video does not work for me. Still playing with it but gotta hope for the best...

my BBM contact list is jacked up. My contact pictures aren't showing up. I know this isn't a major issue but I want it fixed...anyone know how to help. I backed up my list beforehand and after the upgrade poof no pictures...

same with the bbm contacts/pics
you can get the pics back if you unplug your phone from the comp I havent figured out how to get the contacts back though =\

There was an error updating your software.

One or more modules could not be resolved.

Nevermind, had to upgrade my device manager...

First reboot, FLEW up to 60% then stalled... still waiting for completion.

Getting there.... close to 10 mins for initial boot. finally...

Install is complete... fine tuning, then a reboot to see "square one" actions.

All seems to be good.... time to play.

Not only does my web browser not connect, but my bbm contacts, regular contacts, etc are no where to be found! Now I have to downgrade blahhh =[

*if anyone tries to install make sure to back up like I did!

Still having browser issues on verizon; i've wiped/installed 5 times updating in different orders etc; i'll post here when i find something that works

Im on sprint and its working fine...contacts all came thru, browser works fine...now wheres the instruction manual!

I keep coming back to Crackberry in hopes that it will come soon... if they did two leaks in 1 day hopefully we will have this in the next few hours

I am in the same position as you, I keep checking CB every 5 minutes in hope that the 3rd leak for our 9700s. I would stop doing anything just to download it for our phone. I mean we've even seen it. Its like showing a 5 year old a toy truck he really wantsand saying you can't have it until I feel like giving it to you.

Btw,anyone know a way to subscribe to CB blogs so that I can get instant notifications whenever a new article comes up?It can be via e-mail, text, any format as long as I get the notifications flowing pushed to me.

at like 2/3 of the boot screen for the past 5 minutes...wondering if it's just gonna take a while or if something's screwed up...

install went great! Contacts are all okay. I'm never going to sleep...thanks BBLeaks and Crackberry!

this OS6 on 9650 is a joke,

as being 9700'er with 256...
i can't imagine to load this thing...
it's so not cool for 512'ers

So, I was one of the first to dl and install this earlier today and have been playing with my new OS6.0 BB9650 on Verizon. First and foremost, this will definitely take a toll on your phones RAM and you will see slightly sluggish performance as compared to OS5.0 on your 9650. I am still playing with my 25+ apps trying to see if there are any bugs or glitches. Summarized;

Universal Search
A much needed new UI
Battery life surprisingly seems to have improved!
Reboot takes under 2 minutes!

Pandora is shutting off randomly
Media player is doing the same when listening to mp3s
Camera flash in Video mode will not turn on
Slightly choppy at times app wise, but improved with a few reboots

These are just what I have found so far, but something is definitely up with the audio functions as I am currently seeing iheartradio give me some issues with playback. Overall I think the majority of 9650 users should wait a few days as I am highly confident new versions will be released soon as they always are. These leaks come in bunches and we all know and are grateful for that :)

When I "am" able to get the media player working smoothly and playing my music, the sound seems to have vastly improved! I have no idea how this is possible as hardware wise, obviously nothing has changed, but regardless please let me know if my ears are just playing games with me or if you guys notice it to.

(By improve I mean bass and volume)

Even just the ringer volume is so much louder than before. Who knew? I always thought it was hardware. I guess it was software all along.

Well, I took a leap of faith on my company Verizon 9650 and I must say I am shocked at how well it seems to work. I have only briefly ran or configured previous apps on the phone but here is what appears to be working ok at this point:

Telenav for the 9630
Google Maps
Trackit Vehicle Addition
Corporate and BIS email accounts

Browser works in wifi or 3G. No problems when off wifi.

Not Working:

SPB TV audio but no picture
Urbanspoon - Wasn't working on Version 5 either

I expected lots of stuff not to work but everything I use regularly appears to work fine.

Now the learning curve for the new features...

I used the app loader to upgrade to 6 on my sprint bold 9650. In the list of apps for upgrade, I noticed that BB Maps was for some reason NOT checked by default. So I checked it and proceeded with install.

I'm installing it now.

Edit: It's pretty cool so far. I'm going to need some time to figure all of this out and get my phone to look like I want it to look.

The vendor.xml file says that you're on X carrier. If you're trying to install an OS from Y carrier, your app loader/DM won't see it. Deleting it won't hurt anything.

i just upgraded to 6, and everything runs fine, i restored my device, but my bbm contacts have no pics???
also its seems a big laggy, takes a couple of seconds to open a file or application. Maybe its just mine

I had the same issue with my BBM contacts as well. I'm trying the advice given to me..re-download bbm and hope it works. I'll let ya know how it goes

Lucky for me the last OS 5 for mine works great. I may never know OS 6 tho, as I'm due for an upgrade in october, and I'm going to the Droid 2, just to see what its like for a change hehe.

ok lol...am i missing something? where is my social feeds app and also my bb maps? some help would be nice :) im on Verizon if that matters

guys you got to remember dont complain this is a leak its not official. know one told you to try it ort download it so dont complain

Maybe I'm just stupid, but I can't figure out for the life of me how to install it so I'm giving up until there's an official release.

You have to check social media when using loader to install it..also for bbmaps..check that box.

Everything working fine for me on Sprint 9650....learning curve though!

I installation was easy..Running great, but third party apps fonts are huge and have to scroll over to read the info...it doesn't fit the screen and haven't found any settings for them..

mine dont work either :(....but im not going back to OS5! imma try and download opera and see if i can use that

As hitnar just posted, the 3rd party apps option is missing. As a Sprint user, we don't have visual voicemail like folks with Verizon. So I have 1 message waiting on the indicator and I can't delete it. It's driving me crazy! And since the 3rd party apps option is missing, I can't delete the app. Any ideas folks??

Also, the new browser is very cool. But defaults to mobile websites and unlike past OS, you can click on Internet Explorer or Firefox emulation. Any ideas with this also?

**EDIT** OK, I've gotten the message notice removed. You can click on this and it opens. I simply deleted it and feel like a moron, but nowhere was this message located in my desktop or messages folder!

Thank you Crackberry.com & BBLeaks.com. This is great! After tinkering around with it last night and this morning, I've only found one thing that I can't figure out...

In the Application Center, I continue to get Error Messages (Error 404). Not too sure what the fix is there, but I really not all THAT concerned about it, everything else seems to be running smoothly.

Thanks again, CB & BBL!!!

It's a great OS with the exception of all the data issues I'm having. Can't get my BBM contacts imported, applications center gives me the 404 error, can't browse the internet over radio... I think they are all related somehow but not sure. I'm going to have to go back to OS5 if no one can figure it out soon.

Here's a thought... Could you take the vendor.xml file from and OS5 install and copy it over to the OS6 install? May not have anything to do with the data not working but just wondering if it does...

I also cannot use the browser over the radio (WIFI works fine). "There is insufficient network coverage to process your request."

Tried several resets, including manual battery pulls leaving the battery out for extended periods of time. Tried resending service books, playing with multiple settings, to no avail.

I have sprint mine wouldn't use data over the radio. The wifi did. I reinstalled over .810 and no problems what's so ever. Hope it helps.

I am going to install this on my bold 9700. I don't see why it would not work they are the same phone except for the memory difference.

ROTFL DON'T DO IT!! I understand your frustration but you've waited this long, no point in bricking your phone!

Downloaded, installed, and running as smooth and fast as ever! Whoever said the bold 9650 would be "sluggish" or "lagged" from installing a leaked or official bb6 release clearly had no idea what they were talking about. I'm on Verizon Wireless and have no issues with internet browser, facebook, twitter, or any of the reported issues!


I just don't get it. Why is the internet working for some but not others. I'm also on Verizon but mine doesn't work!

Just downgraded to OS5... wah wah waaah

What the heck RIM. Seriously, what is this bs?! You better leak it for 9700 in the extremely near future or you can all go off.

it keeps giving me an error saying a library app is missing, did anyone get any errors? ive now downgraded back to 5.0 but really wanna use this os6

I've noticed that the RAM is signifigantly lower running OS6... Doesn't seem to be slowing processes down though. Just an observation.

So i've been running this OS since 6pm Pacific time and all I can say is it works far better than I expected. I remember the first time trying OS 5 for my 8900 and it was unusable. Also only one app is giving me problems and thats Social Scope oh and the social feeds App only lets me add face book and BBM, i'm not sure if thats all you can use but I remember in a OS6 preview they had yahoo and the other IM clients involved. With that said this is a leak that i'm very happy with and will not be going back to OS 5 it's weird but this leak is way better than my last official OS. I have a sprint 9650 by the way and I didn't have any of the previous complaints others users posted smooth sailing hope it runs smooth for you if you haven't tried it yet.

I am on Verizon, do I still need to delete the Vendor file?
Will not do anything until I know, due to this being my first leak download. Thanks!!

The way you word "now I can't get a flash, or certain videos to play" seems to suggest you could before? Please clarify.

Before I installed the os6 My vids, App World, and BBM worked fine. After a correct install of os6....App world won't stay connected, My vids are only showing a few of them, the rest you hear audio, but no picture. BBM won't show pictures of contacts

Been running it for 8 hours (Verizon user) and the only issues I've had are:

- Social Scope: when prompted to agree in the browser, get an error message that the server can't understand the browsers instruction.
- Twitter: while it works well in general, can't open links.

It's running relatively fast, better battery life from what I can see (still need to test, but it hasn't drained as fast as OS5), boot time is a faster process, and no issues with the browser connecting via WiFi or radio. It does have its bugs though...App World will crash from time to time, or cannot sign in. Downloading from App World seems to be relatively faster. A simple reboot will sometimes solve the issue.

I do like OS6 on the Torch better (and it's a complete version of the OS, not a leaked beta), but if you don't like AT&T and need a BB, this is a nice option.

Thank you bbleaks for leaking OS6 for the 9650!! I was soo excited to see it leaked. I upgraded last night and have not had any issues thus far. I love it!

Been running it since yesterday, no significant issues, overall happy with it. As others have stated, the light during recording a video does not work, but no big deal. No browser issues, no connection issues. A bit sluggish at times, but it is to be expected of a leaked version. I wish there was a way to move apps into the downloads tab instead of only new downloads being placed there automatically. I'm keeping it.

This is such a tease i've been waiting forever for a leak to come out for the 9700, guess i'll just have to wait a bit longer. Blah :(

Installed flawlessly, no need to delete Vendor.XML, boot up takes only 2 min. , nice user interface.
Issues= Can't restore contacts via email in BBM, Contact pictures don't show up in BBM, some videos on SD card don't play, just the audio plays.

I have no idea why this is not working for me...I have innstalled leaked OS's before but now my loader is only finding twitter and that there are no actions for it. I have deleted the vendor file...looked in all the folders that there are usually hidden vendor files in...and still nothing...someone PLEASE help

im using DTM6...is that why? i see the OS on that but says im not authorized to use it or somthing...so aggravating!!

Not Athorized? Hmmm. Weird, if you are running windows 7 try running DTM as an admin. Also, DON'T delete Vendor.XML if using Verizon bold 9650. Let me know if that helps. Also uninstall any previous Device software from Control panel. ///Add Remove Programs. And make sure you restart PC

I reinstalled OS...then restarted my comp...tried DTM with vendor, then aploader with vendor...then both without...and still nothing..It is a verizond 9650, and using windows 7 64-bit...this stinks lol i have NO idea why...im running

App World still not working. Still have no pics under my BBM contacts, I really think I should just downgrade...this is getting ridiculous

what i would like to know that when this eventually leaks on to the 9700 will the apps have the name of the apps under them? i dont like the name flashing up at the top. in some leaked videos i have seen both, where the name of the app is under the icon and like this vid where the app name appears on top.

Install on my Sprint 9650. Wiped with BBSAK and installed without using shrink. No issues. I am currently using my palm pre on sprint so my BB isn't activated but it works great on wifi. Smooth and good. Also camera app and flash works perfectly. I'd advise against using shrink and make sure to wipe the device first.

This BlackBerry® Device Software upgrade includes new features and significant enhancements to the BlackBerry® solution and, as such, is only available to users with an active BlackBerry subscription. To learn more about BlackBerry® service, please visit www.blackberry.com/service.

Get that message when i select to install OS6...any idea why?!?

I have had this installed now for a few hours and here some things I like and some that I dont. Overall it is a smooth and snappy operating system. I absolutely love visual voicemail and universal search but there is one downfall to universal search. I use quicklaunch a lot and it can not be started up with the spacebar if you have universal search enabled. You have to select application shortcut for your keyboard to use QL with the spacebar as a launcher, this eliminates universal search. One small detail some people will like is the calendar icon shows the correct date and not the number 31 all the time like before. Also, I can not find BB maps anywhere. I can use it to map within applications but it is nowhere to be found on the device. Now to get to one of the main reasons I have been so impatiently awaiting this update, the webkit browser. If I am being completely honest I am more than a little disappointed. They really need to have keyboard shortcuts for scrolling left to right like Bolt and Opera mini both do. Mobile sites load up pretty quick and look ok but full sites are a letdown. There is some checkerboarding going on when you scroll and zooming was pretty choppy and overall just kind of a pain to read text and scroll left to right. I actually prefer the OS5 browser in column view to this so far. I really miss being able to use opera mini. The best browsing experience on a berry I ever had was opera mini on my tour. I would imagine the webkit is great for larger touch screens but it just doesnt seem like they had the smaller qwerty screens in mind when they developed this. As many others mentioned the flash does not work on the video recorder. I am using a Sprint Bold 9650 and the OS takes up 170.8 mb. I am going to mess with the webkit browser more because I really want to like it. Hopefully I just havent spent enough time with it.

Do people realize that this is a 9650 blog? It's rather annoying to have to dig through countless comments from people complaining about the os not being leaked for the 9700 just to get to comments about how the os is working on the actual device this blog is about. There are other sections on the forum where you can cry about not having os6.

will some one help... i downloaded it and i dont know what to do from there. im really confused lol. you can email me jm93g@aim.com. your help would be GERATLLLLy appreciated

I downloaded and installed just to make sure im doing everything right and it worked no problem...why cant i install bb6?!?! i dont understand this!! its not coming up with the app loader and wont let me install over DTM...this is rediculous.

Ok, so I downloaded and installed it on my PC. I cannot load it onto my BB9650. BB Desktop Software is not even recognizing it. What should I do to upload it to my BB? Please help!

i tried downoading this for the first time ever and i couldnt find the vendor file and i also dont understand how to download on the the phone...i'm really not technology smart. can someone please help me

Been waiting for BlackBerry 6 to come to my 9650 forever now! Downloaded it the second I saw it online. But somehow Desktop 6 didnt let me install it saying that I need an active subscription even though I already have 1. Loader wasnt showing the installed OS either. Did a battery pull and started Loader before the phone even rebooted and that did the trick. Playing around with it now. All the known goodies seem in perfect order, even though it lags a bit sometimes. Also, after a battery pull, I have the same problem I used to have ever since I got my phone, that it gets stuck at the 60% mark for a painfully long period of time. Still need to solve that. Otherwise, a great leak. Thank you!

installed fine. everything saeems to be running pretty smoothly. problem is, i cant get my browser to work over the radio. hell, i cant even find my host routing table. lol. been searching for it. what should i do?

Well what's so nifty about bbos6 is that you don't have to know what subfolders your settings or options are in. Just start typing host routing table from the home screen and then pick the options icon. Voila.

OS6 is very nice

when i try to buy something or re install- i get prompted for my login and password and i am getting this error message "unable to validate email and password"

then i go to forgot password and i get "your request can not be completed. please ensure that your bb id has been activated and that you have typed the correct email"

any help

love the 6.0 everything else works great

i had a similar problem i had to reinstall app world that seemed to fix that issue i also had reinstall pandora which also fixed that one.im happy with the leak no other issues

I downloaded it and then:

1. ran the .EXE after downloading with desktop manager NOT running
2. deleted vendor.xml
3. ran apploader.exe
4. installed fine - in about 20 mins
5. did battery pull
6. had to turn VZW wireless back on in CONNECTIONS
7. had to re-download CrunchSMS but other than that all is working great!

If I can anyone help please reply.

Not sure if someone else mentioned it already or not, but with everybody saying they can't figure out how to load the OS......................

Download BBSAK and load the OS through there. Super fast and super smooth...No problems at all.

everything is running smoothly loving the new os, only thing that is really getting on my nerves is not being able to see any of my bbm contacs pics anyone figure out how to fix this issue yet?

Well, I finally got the browser working over the radio!!! Last night I did a wipe and reload on the phone. I think this is the issue. I finally gave up and went back to OS5 but then, I saw that guys post a few up from here (don't remember the name) who said to load it using BBSAK. Funny enough, I used it to wipe my phone but not to load it. So, after everything was setup earlier today on OS5, I went at it again.

First off, I put the vendor.xml file back. When I started DTM6 last night, it didn't recognize the upgrade until I delete the vendor file. After putting it back, I fired up BBSAK and it recognized it. I also opted to bring over all the apps and settings that I had from the OS5 install, just upgraded really. When it started up, I still had my wifi setup and when I went to the browser, it worked. I then turned off my wifi and the browser still worked. Not that leaving it on has anything to do with it but thought I'd mention it anyway.

Let me know if you try this and it works for you too. Also, thanks to the guy above who recommended using BBSAK!

This is just awesome been waiting a long time for this and specifically bought my 9650 cos of the 512ram and hoping it will be the first to get the update....installed and its running very smooth and am using my 9650 outside the states...its smooth no problem with flash or videos not showing up

Will anyone that has a 9630 like myself quit complaining and asking when it is coming to the Tour. It is not being released for the Tour because the Tour doesn't have enough RAM to run it. You are going to have to buy a newer BlackBerry to use 6.0

I downloaded the update and deleted the vendor file. I plugged the BB in and opened my desktop manager and it says that there is no new update available. What do I do?

Thanks in advance.

I disabled my wireless and then re-connected. Still no go. I think that I have the 6.0 DTM if that means anything.

Hopes this helps everybody that was wondering: the reason the sounds are loud is b/c it is automatically set to Audio Boost!!

So one of the biggest thing i was looking forward to was the social feed app but on this version it dosent come with it but over all running amazing....lags a bit here and there but freaking AWESOME

connect to desktop manager > applications. its there, it just didnt install by default. add it for installation.

using it now. pretty useful.

Just downloaded and installed OS6. Install went great and I have not experienced any problems. Thanks guys!

P.S. The new browser is FAST

For those of you who are having issues with BBM not showing the profile pic, here are the solutions that worked for me, you can try either one and see if either one works. I'm running this OS 6 with no BBM pic issue.

1)Delete BBM and reinstall from the Blackberry Help link on your browser (not from BB App World, for some reason it didn't solve the issue when I downloaded it from BB App World). Restore your contacts from an old back up file from when you had OS 5.

2)Delete BBM and restore it from a previous back up file that you had (from OS 5) using DM, simply choose bbm only. Restore your contacts from an old back up file on your bb from when you had OS 5.

One of those two should work. Make sure you do a battery pull after either one, and give it about 15 minutes to an hour,you should see the pics show up then.

Hopefully one of the two solutions above will work for you guys.

All my apps work flawless, web browsing is great, don't have a faster boot time, might have to do a couple more battery pulls. The new UI is great as well, keeps the  fresh

I did a fresh install on my 9650 and everything is running good but my browser isn't working if I am not on WiFi and my maps are not poping up I can find the map app but the map will not come up. I am wondering if it has something to do with the service books since I didn't restore anything. I did have OS 6 working great by upgrading from and everything was working great I just want to see how much memory OS 6 really took up so I did a fresh install. So if anyone has an idea if it service books that's not pushing over. My email is daniel_plassmann@hotmail.com if u have some light to shine on this let me know bc the service books situation is the only thing I can think of since everything is installed and working.

This is an awesome software and is running really well setup was real easy and no problems. I love the media player and the internet and notification bar is real nice...aight now back to messing around !!!

This 6.0 is not working, I get a error message saying: "The application Blackberry 6.0.0 Core Applications cannot be loaded because some required files are not available"
Guess I'll wait for the real one.......

After countless errors I finally followed someones report to try the apploader inside the file & get away from using the desktop manager & it worked. Probably the easiest way folks who got errors. I'm super happy