LegiTime Launches LegiText For Secure Enterprise SMS

By Adam Zeis on 16 Jun 2009 02:42 pm EDT

LegiTime Technologies has launched a product suite that essentially allows SMS messages to be treated the same as emails in a business/Enterprise environment.  The new application allows for storing and archiving of SMS messages, as well as the ability to remotely disable a lost or stolen device while retaining the stored information.  This will allow Enterprise users to back up SMS message which will later be searchable for record keeping, policy enforcement, etc.   

The LegiTime suite of products delivers the following capabilities to the mobile enterprise: 

  • LegiText SMS Archiving: A copy of each message sent is backed up on enterprise servers - required for compliance in regulated industries and desirable for many enterprises
  • LegiText Inbox Management: Enables message authentication, prioritization and categorization
  • LegiAlertGroup Messaging: Integrates with Exchange to allow group/broadcast SMS communication tools, such as one-click group designation, message prioritization and group messaging
  • LegiTrac/Ring, Ping & Lock: A mobile device management option that stores all of a phone's information on LegiTime's servers, locates lost devices and then disables them
The LegiTime client is available for download at www.legitimetechnologies.com.  Pricing varies depending on features, and there is a free 30-day trial available.  

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LegiTime Launches LegiText For Secure Enterprise SMS

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A fully integrated program of this sort has great implications for business. I'm sure a lot of companies, large and small, will love this. Not to mention institutional uses. I especially think I would like the ability to treat SMS as email.