Legacy BlackBerry users reporting outages in Canada, APAC

By Adam Zeis on 4 Mar 2014 01:22 pm EST

Update: This issue has been resolved. If you're still having problems, hit up the comments and let us know!

It seems that some legacy device users are having some service issues today across Canada and the Asia Pacific regions. While not affecting those with BlackBerry 10 devices, legacy users are experiencing "delays in sending or receiving messages, registering their device, or using other services such as BlackBerry Messenger or BlackBerry Browser."

We're not sure just how widespread the issue is or when it will be resolved, but if you're one of the included bunch be sure to drop a comment in the forums thread below. This is a known issue right now so it should be resolved in the next few hours we hope. We'll report back if we find out anymore.

Legacy Users Reporting outages in Canada

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Legacy BlackBerry users reporting outages in Canada, APAC


Well if any of you are Telus customers I just got off the line with them and they are having temporary outages with all email services as they are updating their systems. Caused me some grief today but they said it's them doing this update. Hope that helps. Don't blame Blackberry for everything! lol

Yep. imessage having outages too. But typical media only reports it as BlackBerry issue

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imessage is not advertised as the super reliable never failing service that BB is. Every time there has been a whatsapp outage article here, somebody just HAS to mention that people should use bbm. Completely ignoring cases like that, as this is not the first time it has happened.

Done and done! Almost at my 1 year anniversary.

To the cheapskates out there, get a Q5 or Z10. Q20 is several months away if you want the tool belt.

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I'm in Toronto and this morning my boss with 9900 not getting my pin from z30 for 2 hrs.

Bb10 does run on a different server than the legacy devices.

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Still if setup it runs through the BlackBerry NOC - not hard set - you can edit this but likely your business requires this.

This outage got blasted all over 680 News today as if they were trying to tell everyone this is breaking news. Whatever the cause is, I hope everything gets sorted out asap.

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Funny this gets on front page so quick and wifi problems across bb10 devices goes for 2 days and nothing.

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My mom's 9810 not working on Bell in Alberta this morning. Her Q5 is sitting at the post office. Problem should be resolved as soon as I go get her a SIM card.

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Hahaha BlackBerry should send a world wide text message to all legacy users "switch to BB10 and this won't happen again. You have 1 week"

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Bold 9900 on Rogers did hang and required battery pull. All good now. The device was working fine when I went to bed but frozen this AM. I use 9900 as a back up unit to my Z30.

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Having problems with email also.... work and my Z10.....taking 20 to 30 min to get....

From my Z10

How come Apple has a major security problem with all there OS's ,hidden for two years and it's kinda reported here and there.
BlackBerry has what I consider a hiccup for a relatively small zone of users, an inconvenience yes, reports they are all over it working right away to fix it and it gets headline news! Really?! Ffs.... this should not be headlined on all major news media... it's like the media is paid to discredit this company at every instance possible and keep Apple looking like it can do no wrong... we need better news reporters I think.

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Sometimes I get so annoyed at how the Canadian Press seems to love discrediting BlackBerry I dig out the editor responsible for the staff persons article and call them out on it. Once, I actually got them to reword a headline.

But I'm not fond of how BlackBerry seems to just sit back and take it. All the public ever sees is "BlackBerry outage" and then the bashing starts.

I briefly had an iPhone while I was waiting for the Z30 to come out and iMessage went down frequently, why wasn't that news hey?

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This outage has nothing to do with Blackberry, it has something to do with the Carriers (Telus, Bell...) updating their services. I hate how the media talks indirectly about it so people assume "oh here goes Blackberry again..."

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Exactly, it's completely false and misleading reporting. Time to call out the editors who are responsible.

On another note why did carriers do this update during broad daylight hours?

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one of of my users was in Chicago travelling to another city in the USA but on our BES here in Canada... !!

^ PROOVE it!

Carriers had NOTHING do with BES or BIS devices connecting. pin TO pin FAILED. Various carriers across Canada and BES devices - including BB10 devices could not do Pin2PIN and on WiFi (various) that myself have tested and I can whole heartedly say it was BlackBerry involved as well.

What is this, missed your Ritalin this morning? Barely a hiccup, who cares.

I'm Zeeing a bright future for Blackberry

I have had a BlackBerry X30 since December 2013 and have had no problems. No problems with email or messaging today either.

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It's funny how the media shows pictures of bb10 devices in the articles when the outage is on legacy. But when the lawsuit over typo hit the news, they mostly just showed legacy devices. They twist it the way they want.

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Media in Vancouver are reporting a BlackBerry email and text outage. Makes it sounds all BlackBerrys everywhere are affected.

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It was all over 680 news in Toronto it's so sad that it's breaking news.

Why is the Canadian media trying to kill it's own country company?

BlackBerry 10 - Built to keep you moving

I think a security is with Apple products is headline worthy. But this? Really?. It's even on yahoo. Wow. But remember people, Apple is the epitome of perfection. And people wonder why I now detest Apple. Haha.

Team BlackBerry

I have a z10 but its out for repairs so i got stuck with a curve loaner from rogers so im feeling this, i just want my bb10 back :(

... maybe time to switch to Telus or Bell?

Besides, the two said fully support BB10 devices with actual working units on display.

No problems for us all day (Bold 9900 on Bell, and Z10 / Z30 on Telus.

Im just at the 1 year point of my contract
the Rogers I was at had working models of BB10 , Z10 i believe

Why would he do such a ridiculous thing like switch to Bell or Telus. They even experienced the same issues.

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Bold 9900 didn't register on BIS for 2 days, t-mobile Netherlands. Coincidence?

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All carriers were affected from 9:30-11:30Est (Based on the number of reports on all 3 major carriers this morning) Affected Both BBOS and BB10, Nationwide, Running on Cell Network only. Connected to Wifi all services worked fine. Any issues beyond 12pm should have only been related to backlog of data processing.

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BIS must die, it is the reason so many of my friends switched to other phone platforms.

Very happy with Z10 and didn't notice any problems with email arrivals today.

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MTS in Manitoba, Canada are still having connection issues, with sending messages. Worked for awhile today and now they are not working again.

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Yep issues here in Ab BC Canada. Can't get a msg to my wife just grey check mark. This in the evening, not making huge progress fixing this.

Reg leaked Q10

This has happened on many occasions - in the past it happened to mine as well - 3 days was the longest it's ever been messed up.

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Indonesia still having problem. Z10 to Android users are OK. Only to below BBOS10 :(

CB10 on  Z10STL100-2/

My work Sent out a notice today, many were affected and I wondered why my Z30 was working like a champ, I love this phone btw!

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My thirty-something colleague mentioned that her bbm was not working this morning. She is a legacy user and isn't interested in buying a new device if it is not necessary. And she is quite satisfied with her curve.

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Thank goodness it's been resolved. Though I'm using my Q10, if I was using my bold and had that issue.. the servicebooks for BIS and a few others, I would've deleted them and switched to Wap/cellular. :D (I did that before).

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No one is perfect....get BB10.

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON! (Soon to be the almighty Z30!)

Very sad one.. us the loyal one, with the legacy hit, while the android and iphone is fine. Is Blackberry still giving the ample support to the legacy *read: loyal users*?

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Imo, Blackberry needs to find a way (if possible), to update BBOS7 to BB10 on Legacy devices... you would be surprised as to how many people are attached to their phone whether the os or the hardware itself. if their gonna make a Q20...might as well find a way to convert the legacy os as well.

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Not working again this morning. The issue was resolved yesterday, but now my Bold hasn't received any of the emails that have arrived in Outlook for the past two hours.

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This issue was for bes 5 phones only so older berries. Not sure why people were posting they cant get mail on a bb10 device when they were not affected.

I'm having no issues with my personal phone (Z10), but my work Bold 9900 is currently a paperweight. No email or BBM.

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Services still bouncing around for some folks. Try bouncing your network connections (turn them off, then on) and see if that helps.

Ever since I got my Z10 8 months ago, I have had absolutely no blackout issues. I owned a Curve 9320 before and it happened enough. All you legacy bbos7 users: get off the old bumpy software and get into blackberry 10. Its far superior in so many ways!

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Iam facing this issue in my BlackBerry z10. Version Messages and browser is too slow... receiving messages very lately..

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Went to restore my bus for a month then wanted to transfer bbm to 9900 from Q10 and constantly stuck at setting bbm up screen then get bbm server error occurred but bbm works fine on Q10 but not able to log in 3G wifi orange full signal :( helppppp

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