LEDReset for BlackBerry Resets Ghost LEDs

By Bla1ze on 8 Jun 2009 07:46 am EDT
LEDReset for BlackBerry Resets Ghost LED's

Who out there hasn't had this happen? You get a message, maybe you leave it for a bit,maybe you check it right away, but no matter what the case may be even after checking it your LED light stays on. We all love the attraction that tiny little light causes but sometimes it has a habit of not wanting to shut off.

RIMGeeks has just the trick for everyone and it's a free application as well, so while you may not have to use it often, it sure is good to have around. The application of course is called LEDReset and does just as it says. It resets your LED light from blinking. Great application. Great price. 

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Can't beat free. I dont have that issue but still a cool app. i had that issue.


you didnt have that issue but you had it??



This application is useful, especially for the LED bug of IM+, thank you for sharing.


Finally, a fix! I keep having that problem in BBM if someone messages me while I have the program open. My only solution to clear it was to use QuickPull. This is a much better solution.

RIM: Take notes on this!


In the picture I noticed there was not color banding..... OS.151?


running 148 hybrid v6 in the photo... glad to see everyone loves the app!


Ok I am lost. How do I get it onto my blackberry if it is a .JAD file?



OTA download. Visit the link on your BB.


Thank you !! finally there's a fix! i have this problem DAILY !! thanks rim geeks and crakberry for posting of course lol


Really needed this app. spent a couple of hours sat. trying to figure out why my LED didnt work. bought Berrybuzz hoping that would solve the problem, but it didnt. download this app to day and works great and it's free!!!!


Nice job on a great app. Should save considerable battery life by stopping the blinking blue-tooth light alone! THANKS!


you do know you can just cut off the notification for the bluetooth right? =)


It's amazing. had the LED light problem just today. Tonight i check Crackberry.com as usual and there is the solution. Thanks!!!:-)


just ordered pink floyd ring tone how do i get it on my blackberry ?


do a forums search. plenty of info.


Have had this problem reoccur several times, next time I will be prepared.


I love this app. This app is very useful :).


caused a HORRIBLE memory leak, auto-killed all LED notifications, was killing the on screen notifiers too, not sure if it's a conflict on .148 or what but, I could boot at 47MB and within 30 minutes be at 5MB free, it's certainly something I won't be reinstalling....


Its a one line application, its not LEDReset thats your memory leak issue. Good luck finding what is is. Just an example, I have 41MB free after its been running 3 days without a reset on my Storm.


This happens with Verizons current version of visual voicemail guaranteed everytime.


I downloaded this app in hopes that it would rid me of a semi-frequently occurring problem with BerryBuzz. Sometimes my LED will stay lit (solid, not flashing) after receiving a txt or message on BBmessenger. I tried using the LEDreset app to clear the light but did not work. (For those of you with this problem, the only thing that does work is going into options and selecting BerryBuzz then changing the color settings of any alert to another color then backing out without saving.)


Thanks ......... ! I need berrybuzz 2.0 free.......