LeBron James is Gold BlackBerry Bold User

Lebron James
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Feb 2009 01:15 am EST

After watching LeBron James say on television this weekend at the NBA Skills Competition that he's putting his name in for the Dunk event next year, I was pretty pumped to see in the CrackBerry forums yesterday that not only is LeBron a BlackBerry User, but a gold BlackBerry user at that! Looking at the photos (there's another one after the jump), I'm pretty sure this a ColorWare creation in "GoldRush" stylings, but if somebody knows otherwise be sure to post in the comments.

Speaking of Gold Bolds, I've actually been emailing back and forth over the past couple months with the folks at Computer Choppers to check in on their progress on putting out a 24k gold-plated BlackBerry Bold product offering. Unfortunately, it seems using gold metalized parts on the latest generation of BlackBerry smartphones hasn't turned out all that well, so don't expect to see too many celebs rock'n actual 24k Bolds or Curve 8900s, that is unless somebody feels like ponying up for the casting expense to put out solid gold parts. You reading this Lebron? If you don't want a gold-colored BlackBerry Bold, a solid gold one is just a big check away (think of it is as a way to get the economy kick started again with some consumer spending). Maybe Computer Choppers will have an easier time gold plating the Storm... less buttons to cast! :)

Lebron James
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LeBron James is Gold BlackBerry Bold User


That is one sweeet looking Bold, cant wait for the Dunk contest next year, it'll be great. Hopefully other all star participants will be in it, like Dwight and maybe Nate again.

That was my first thought too, but you gotta remember, ColorWare colors don't turn out exactly as they are pictured on their website - know from experience. Especially if you go for the metallic colors... when light hits the paint it'll be slightly different. So I'm sticking with that being a ColorWare.

Sweet Lebron and I have something in common. I am in the middle of redoing my Gold bezel on my Bold. If I were Lebron I would have just done the bezel and not the bottom cover, it looks more stream line ;)

Lebrons arm candy is kinda fly. And his phone is dope too. Someone get me his PIN so I can convince him to come to the Lakers.

Please quit diluting the feeds with so-called celeb spottings. Does anyone really care if James is carrying a blackberry? It isn't news if someone chooses blackberry. It is news if they don't.

To each his own. But these celeb sightings have always been a hugely popular category of content on the site since day 1. We don't do too many - one to two per week max is the norm. A pretty small % of the total number of posts made. We're not a 'news-only' site... we're an enthusiast site, which means a bigger content mix.

LeBron James, the future and current face of the NBA, having a blackberry is cool.

When the creator of Dungeons and Dragons gets a blackberry I expect at least a forum post to make you happy.

This is actually one of the better celeb sighting posts.

Unlike you "David Nitcie" I don't feel like these stories dilute the news feed.

If you don't like them....SKIP THEM!!!

I've had a Blackberry going back to the 7510 and I was shocked that anyone would consider buying one with a "virtual keyboard".... YES I had absolutely no interest in the Blackberry Storm. And when this site pushed/cheerleaded the phone relentlessly and unrepentantly for 6 months I simply skipped over the posts because i was uninterested.

May I suggest you do the same?

I like it but it just doesn't look completed.. It needs to have the 3 cross bars under the keys & ring around the trackball done in gold as well. I agree too that the bottom should remain black.

just my personal opinion.. :)

you're right Kevin, a little bit of entertainment never hurt anyone, and plus, it shows that we are not the only berry lovers!!!!! Nice post

It should be cool next year. Unfortunately it was rigged this year with the Superman and KryptoNate BS. Rudy Fernandez should have have been in the finals. Viva La Rudy-lucion!

You're obviously just Spanish and that is why you're obsessed with Rudy Fernandez. Should have been in the finals? He could barely finish his dunks. Also, it wasn't rigged.... Nate Robinson knew that Dwight Howard calls himself Superman and dresses as him because of last year's dunk contest. So this year, in order to beat Superman, he used his own creativity and dressed as Kryptonite. I actually thought it was pretty creative and a pretty good idea. And he jumped over Dwight Howard who's 6'11" while he himself is only 5'9". Gerald Green won the dunk contest 2 yrs ago by jumping over Nate Robinson, who is shorter than Gerald Green. Obviously Nate Robinson should win if he jumps over someone over a full foot taller than him. You can't win the dunk contest when your opponent dunks OVER you.

on the Computer Choppers website, it says they offer services for the blackberry bold (they had a list of all the items they do under FAQ)

I'm so close to colorwaring my Bold I just can't decide on a color scheme to rock out. I like the gold job done on LeBron's but not my style. Been thinking about doing an all white action with red accent but can't seem to decide. Oh well will post pics when it gets done.

In the first picture, its the Bold stated in the article and the other one looks to be the sapphire at&t 8320. Colorware is nice but so damn pricey.

The his lady friend's blouse matches the color of his bold?

I'm a girl...I'm just saying...I noticed it right away.

Not only did colorware do his phone, they also did the whole Cavs team Beats by Dre headphones in Team colors! Paid for by Bron for team unity. Nice to have a friend like that

lol...naw LeBron is a BEAST and so is his Gold 900. I love to see all the celebs who have the same phone I do! Shows what great taste they have.

should have left the bottom plate black. the gold bezel does look nice though... good stuff