Leave It On Updated to v.1.5 - 100 Free Copies

By Adam Zeis on 18 Nov 2009 12:38 pm EST
Leave It On

If you've ever wanted to tweak your backlight settings for any apps like Google Maps, or just needed to leave the backlight on, Leave It On is your solution. The simple app lets you choose when and for how long to leave the backlight on for any application. You can set the light on while charging or plugged in via USB, or have it light up when messages come in. Features include:

  • Leave the backlight on automatically for up to 8 applications. Just launch the application and Leave It On will automatically keep the backlight on for you.
  • Keep the backlight on while charging, through USB, car charger or regular charger.
  • Low battery setting. Disable the backlight from staying on when the battery falls below a certain percent (configurable)
  • Set how long to keep the backlight on for, settings from 1 minute to 2 hours or never.
  • System wide "Leave It On" menu option so you can leave the backlight on at the click of a button
  • Turn on screen when a new SMS or Email arrives

Leave It On is on sale for $2.49 in the CrackBerry App Store through Sunday. We have 100 copies of Leave It On to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to be entered. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment - multiple entries won't count.

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Leave It On Updated to v.1.5 - 100 Free Copies



A few of my friends were wondering if there was an app out like this becuase they use google maps for navigation/gps purposes and the light shuts off after a while.

I'd love to use this! Would come in handy when using the browser to 'refresh' scores on ESPN.com....

I'm interested in the drawing.

But does anyone know if it will keep the phone from going to locked (e.g. when navigating)? Keeping the backlight isn't enough if it just shows that you need to unlock the phone again to see anything.

i can't think of the amount of times when this app could be helpful.. my screen loves turning off when I'm trying to read something etc.

This would be great. Always trying to adjust my settings so I can have the light on for different programs.

Looks like finally good app to deal with "oversmart" smart dimming. I thought that in every application light control should be part of options menu. Maybe there are some limitations for developers so they can't take control over t....

Please enter me in this great contest. I'd love to know when an SMS pops up and a little light on the subject makes it better. :)

This is great.
If using navigation software the backlight needs to stay on, not go off after a minute or so leaving you in the dark.
Would find it very useful.

hey, this app is interesting. i usually have some trouble/feeling annoyed when the backlight suddenly turned off. sometimes feel like need options to control it, but at the same time don't want to leave it opn all the time to conserve battery. this app seems to be able t do just that. want!

I have a new baby and as a result need this wonderful app. Simply lgihting up the blackberry in a dark room will draw my attention to a new e-mail or SMS but will not wake the baby like an audible alert or the sound of vibration on a table. This is ideal. I hope I can get one of the free copies, because I am saving every penny I have so my new child will one day have the Blackberry of his (and my) dreams.

This is just the app I have been looking for. Would come in handy when using Google Maps while trying to navigate. Its a pain to have to keep touching the screen. If I could win it now that would be something :) Crackberry is so awesome!

Sounds like a great app. I wonder if it will fix with the bug on my storm dimming in landscape, hope I win a copy :)

This app would certainly help me on the road, I just hate it when the screen dims on google maps!

Okay, as an avid user of Google Maps while traveling a free copy of Leave it on would make my life so much easier.

Leave it On answers the question "Why don't we have options?" I don't like limitations on usage. This gives me control of my property. Definitely an application for those of us who want total control...

OK, seriously. I was just talking to my boss who was trying to nav with her BB and Goog Maps while trying to keep the light on. She needs this. I need this!

This app sounds great and would be very useful when using a navigation app like google maps. Really handy!! would love to sport this on my bold!!

This is the kind of app I was just thinking of writing for myself... glad I don't have to. ((Not a strong Java programmer, I'm 99% sure this app is better than anything I could write!)

Hope I win on of the giveaways... &&