Leave It On Updated to v.1.5 - 100 Free Copies

By Adam Zeis on 18 Nov 2009 12:38 pm EST
Leave It On

If you've ever wanted to tweak your backlight settings for any apps like Google Maps, or just needed to leave the backlight on, Leave It On is your solution. The simple app lets you choose when and for how long to leave the backlight on for any application. You can set the light on while charging or plugged in via USB, or have it light up when messages come in. Features include:

  • Leave the backlight on automatically for up to 8 applications. Just launch the application and Leave It On will automatically keep the backlight on for you.
  • Keep the backlight on while charging, through USB, car charger or regular charger.
  • Low battery setting. Disable the backlight from staying on when the battery falls below a certain percent (configurable)
  • Set how long to keep the backlight on for, settings from 1 minute to 2 hours or never.
  • System wide "Leave It On" menu option so you can leave the backlight on at the click of a button
  • Turn on screen when a new SMS or Email arrives

Leave It On is on sale for $2.49 in the CrackBerry App Store through Sunday. We have 100 copies of Leave It On to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to be entered. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment - multiple entries won't count.

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Leave It On Updated to v.1.5 - 100 Free Copies



This should be built in to maps programs by default. I am really interested in this, and it will ensure I comply with the driving safety laws in ontario.

Sounds like an app I could definitely use. I might have to blow the $2.49 (which let's face it, really isn't that expensive) to get it if I don't win. It's so annoying when using Google Maps and the backlight goes out on you, but you can't leave it on ALL the time or the battery wouldn't last very long.

Finally! This is an app I can use to its fullest. I have been waiting for something like this forever.... Oh, and pick me please :) This app will be loved and cherished

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...Pick me!! This little old canadian girl never wins ;)..Keeping my fingers crossed!!

what a great app, I was just complaining that the backlight goes off way to fast, maybe they heard my thoughts and instantly created such a wonderful alternative ;)

Ever since BBlight took a dive in the later 5.0 builds I have been looking for an app to keep my backlight on while my devide charges...

Just started using the trial for Pandora at work so I can see what's playing. Would love this app permanently.


One of the few things I really miss from my Treo is the was the screen would light up when I got a text msg... (that & threaded SMS - patiently waiting on official OS 5.0 to get here)

This looks like a cool app would love to have a free copy from CrackBerry.com the best place to go on your Blackberry. I want to thank you CrackBerry.com for all you do.

This would be a great app to have. So the screen would turn on when i get a text or email. Hopfully i win. Thanks.

I paid for this months ago and love it. Great when using BB for navigation or when your hands will be busy but you want to keep an eye on incoming emails.

No need to select me as winner as I already own it. Everyone who doesn't win should buy this essential app.

--A satisfied customer.

Please hook me up with one of these, my battery has been dying really fast lately and this would help me save some battery life by being able to customize my backlight settings.

Use this alot more then some of the other programs out there. Also I've never won anything on here so hmm maybe just maybe?? BTW I LOVE THIS SITE.


I highly really need this application since I am deaf and I will need to see its backlight on for incoming SMS and emails.

sign me up. who wants to be left with a dark screen int he middle of running an important app ??!

Perfect timing. Just the other night I was using my password and sensitive information app, eWallet and it kept going dark on me because I was doing several things at once. This of course activates my screen lock utility. When that happens the app automatically goes back to its password entry screen. I eventually had to go into options and turn the Backlight timeout to the max, 2 min but that wasn't even really long enough.

Sounds like Leave It On will be very useful.

the dang backlight is allways turning off when I reading my ebooks , its a real pain in the you know what