Leave It On by ShaoSoft updated - Enter to win 1 of 75 free copies!

By Michelle Haag on 12 Aug 2011 06:57 pm EDT
Leave It On by ShaoSoft

Leave It On is one of my favorite BlackBerry apps. Designed by ShaoSoft, Leave It On is actually two apps in one and it has just been updated to v4, making it even better. If you're not familiar with Leave It On, you can set it to automatically keep your BlackBerry backlight on in up to 8 applications. This is particularly handy when using Google Maps, the media player, and so on. Leave It On also brings fully interactive pop-ups for tons of apps, so you can know at a glance who that email is from and more! The pop-ups are fully customizable, including text color, duration to stay on screen, custom animations and more!

Major changes since v3:

  • Pop-ups can now be set to 3 mode: Interactive, Non-interactive, Interactive on Home Screen.
    • Interactive mode means when a pop-up is displayed the pop-up takes over the input so you can click (or scroll in the case of email and sms previews), clicking it launches the app the pop-up is for.
    • Non-interactive mode the pop-ups will no disrupt anything you are doing, but you cannot click or scroll the pop-up.
    • Interactive on Home Screen, is what it implies, the pop-ups will be interactive on the home screen only and non-interactive in all other apps
  • Complete re-write of core code. Translates to better performance.
  • Improved scrolling of preview messages (emails & sms)
  • Updated UI
  • Many many tweaks/fixed/improvements

Leave It On is on sale now for $3.99 (reg. $5.99) and does have a free trial available, and recently a free lite version was added.

For more information/screenshots and to download Leave It On (lite)
For more information/screenshots and to purchase Leave It On

Contest: Shao has given us 75 copies of Leave It On to pass on to you guys! To enter, leave your comment below, and let us know how you think Leave It On will make your BlackBerry experience even better. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight, so hurry up and leave your comment! One entry per person, please.

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Reader comments

Leave It On by ShaoSoft updated - Enter to win 1 of 75 free copies!


I would love to have copy of this amazing APP on my new Device Torch-9810, i have it on my old Torch and this app is super good ;) worth all the money 5.99$.

Wish i could have a copy on my new Device as well.


I NEVER have won anything on here yet!
could we change that today 'cuz this would be awesome on my new bold coming next week on VZW!!!!!

Catch a wave and your sitting on top of the world!

Gracias por este sorteo amigos espero tener la opotunidad de ganarme la aplicación no se puede negar que esta app es de gran utilidad y mas con las mejoras que le an hecho . Suerte a todos aunque no entiendan mi idioma saludos .

There's nothing I hate more than having to keep hitting a key to keep the stupid thing alive, so this offering from Shao comes as a cool relief! Pick me!!

This is a great app, and since I am returning to the BB world I could use all of the free app help I can get. This will be great with email, IM and definitely web browsing.

Good luck with the new release!
I don't need a copy. I always had this since the first beta version.
It just got better.... Again.


I think it'll be good for when I'm playing music in my car. Its harder to browse songs when the screen isn't lit!

1. Shao makes the best apps!
2. My backlight seems to never stay on long enough.
3. I would love to have this app for my Torch 9800! Please! :)

I always have an issue when using Google Maps. Having Leave It On would make me more efficient when I use my Berry

This would be awesome when i'm listening to any one of my music players and i want to know at a glance without having to wake up the phone from standby.................i always wished it would stay on, now it can
Thanks in advance Crackberry and ShaoSoft!

My wife has the garmin and she is a bold user, I am a torch user so with me bigger display I get to use BB gps programs as my garmin replacement. Web browsing would be useful with this too as long as I don't fall asleep and wake up to a dead battery lol does it have an option to stop backlight after battery reaches a certain level? That would be nice.

This sounds awesome! Exactly what I've been looking for. I hate having to press a key or move the cursor just to get the screen back on. Some apps should have just been built this way. I hadn't heard of this app until now. Thanks!

Count me in please, im dying to have this app and now thanks to CrackBerry i can participate for one! thank you so much.

Good Luck everyone

ShaoSoft always develops great apps. I love breaking news by Shaosoft so do this Leave It On.. Thanks ShaoSoft and Crackberry for this chance.. Cheers

I have always been annoyed by my Torch screen going dark while I am reading a website or Kindle book. This program MAY save what's left of my sanity.

Cool app and exactly something I want to use with Goole Maps while driving...I'm going to test run the Lite version for a start =)

While I like the idea of leaving the backlight on for certain apps, I would like this app more for the pop-up messages. wouldn't have to spend as much time reading spam.

I use googlemaps and am always fighting to keep the screen active

Posted from my blackberry torch - RIM rocks

This will help me SAVE MY EYES. You will doing me and my eyes a fantastic favour by reducing the eye strain I suffer as an addict to my bb ! At least by staring at this wonderful app all day if my eyes eventually do give out. I can have a beautiful app image to go out with !

I'd love to have this app for when I'm checking google maps late at night and when I'm reading my RSS feeds. Thanks for the oppourtunity!

excellent app.... would leave it on for BBM and whatsapp cause while chatting you take a break for a min and the backlight just turns off.....
thanx cb and shaosoft..... I hope i win.

This is the first I've heard of this app & would so LOVE to have it!!!
Would be so nice to not have to press the "back" key all the time :-)
Thanks Shao & CrackBerry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

count me in! this will save me the trouble of always having to wake up my screen! and the pop up is a plus!

I think this app would be great while I'm out in the garden, listening to my music so I wouldn't have to stop & take my gloves off to see who's singing or what the song title is - I'd be able to just pull it out of my pocket. Now that would be something!
Also, when I'm using the maps app (as a passenger) it would be nice if the image would stop fading to black. Invariably it does so about a nano-second before my husband asks when the next turn is coming.(!!)

Nothing is more frustrating than having to constantly tap the screen on my storm2 (can't wait for the new Torch) to keep the backlight on. I would love to win a copy. Thanks CB & ShaoSoft for the great contest!

Well it could help out cause I have tons of texts and emails that come in it would b great 2 have a thingy tell me what It is b4hand @ least that's what I'm thinking this app thingy does lol

This would be great to help me any time I need to text my grandkids. Yes, even an old man uses a BB for texts and this would be a plus for me, great app.
Thanks for having the contest

I could really use this app to keep certain apps I use a lot on till I'm done using it. I hopw I win. Thanks for the chance.

This would make my experience with Google Maps 100% better! Even more if it could keep the functionality where it goes off when at a stop, but comes back on when moving. Either way - This would rock!

this app is awesome... i try it before... work great when i using google maps while im driving. hope can win this app. please pick me. thanks !

Would love this App! Too many times while driving I have to hit a button on the torch to bring back the screen.

I would really love to have a free copy of this app! I have a problem when my screen goes off at the wrong time. Please CrackBerry!