Contest: Win a Copy of Leave It On LCD Screen Application!

By Bla1ze on 10 Jul 2009 08:54 am EDT

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Leave It On Contest!

It's the simple things in life that make it great. In the BlackBerry world this means simple applications that make everything just that much easier. Leave It On, from ShaoSoft, is one of those simple applications as it does something that was seemingly overlooked in the BlackBerry OS.

Leave It On gives you the option to choose to leave your LCD screen on when utilizing certain applications such as BlackBerry Maps, Google Maps, Web Browser, the Media Player, etc. Often times situations arise where you do not want your LCD to shut off. Leave it on allows you to do just as it says, Leave it on. Leave it on is now available in the Shop CrackBerry store with a free trial and is only $1.99 to purchase (currently on sale for $1.49!). Of course, you can also leave a comment to this blog post for a chance to win a copy for free. Contest entry ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Good Luck!

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Contest: Win a Copy of Leave It On LCD Screen Application!



RIM: please read this. Pay attention!

You're right. Heck, it's $1.49 (temporarily) so it's not likely to bankrupt anyone. But this doesn't strike me as the type of thing a BB user/CB addict should have to pay for....

I especially hate when I'm reading the song lyrics from TuneWiki and the screen goes black. I think this is a must have!!!

Its the little things like this that make a Crackberry the best.. Always hated when the screen shuts off while on GPS.. Thanks!!

Since I do alot of travelling for my job and use Google Maps for GPS directions, this app would definitely assist me by keeping the display on so I wouldn't have to keep pressing the screen on my Storm. Hopefully I will be fortunate enough to win a copy.


this would be a great app if not for free then 2 dollars isnt bad at all but i will wait and see if its for free lol

This sounds like a great app! Sometimes you just don't want your screen to shut off. Would love to win this. Thanks

Yes, this would be great. Hate when screen dims on apps that you need to see continuously. Leave It On would be nice.

What a simple app to have been created when Blackberries should've come with this already. P.S. pick me also! :)


I love my BB GPS, but the backlight drives me NUTS!
PLEEEEEEEEEEASE, can I have one! :P

This app sounds just like what I need. With GOOGLE Maps, this would be very nice. Thanks for showing it to me.

Nice and useful app. Hopefully will be built into BB's OS sometime soon, along with many other features that should have been a long time ago. Will try free version.

I cant believe that RIM does not have this in the OS but then again i guess i can. Well gotta love the free things in life. Ill take a copy if you will be so kind. Thanks CB!

It would be awesome to win a copy of this, it would work perfectly with Google Maps, which we all know unlike BlackBerry Maps, doesn't have a built-in LCD timeout-override.

I love the concept of this little app...too often I'm doing something and my screen will shut off when I wanted to leave it on. Would find this app very useful! I'll put my name in the hat...

That sounds like a great app! And would help would driver safety too as I have to reach over to my mount while I'm driving and have to turn on my backlight!

Google maps was not too bad with leaving the screen on when you are moving but when you are idle it turns it off. But it was glitchy at best. I would love a free copy of this program

As the summary stated, this is something that should have been built into the OS from the get go (or at least make it easier to access on my Storm).

This seems like a great program and the chance to win it is even better!

this program would be awesome to have with all of the time that i use navigation. it would be great if i get picked for this one.

I don't have GPS on my Curve so this would be really helpful when I'm using Google Maps so that I don't have to keep unlocking my phone. Thanks CrackBerry!

There are often times when I am listening to Slacker or Pandora from my desk and would like to leave the display on so I can see the artist information.

New Curve 8330 user (1 week and 2 days now, thank you very much). Absolutely love my new BB. One of the many selling points to the phone was the GPS navigation. Would be very grateful to be chosen as a winner of LEAVE IT ON.

im getting the new 9630 when it comes out on telus. this would me awesome for me to have since i dont want to buy a $200 gps for my car

GREAT you don't know how many times I have to press the screen when traveling and using maps.

Thanks for the chance to win this app. Always wondered why this feature was not available on any of the BB O/S I have owned.

This would be very nice for Slacker Radio! Since I use StormSlider too, when the screen dims, if I want to skip a song, I have to slide to get back to it. I'll definitely try this out! Thanks CB!

I was lost and driving and was gettng so angry at BB Maps for shutting off all the time. Seemed like no matter how I set it: 30 seconds to 2 minutes, it still was frustrating. I wanted it ON!!

Simple things in life are always nice. This just makes so much since. I hope I get a free copy because I sure could use it.

If this will prevent my Storm locking itself while I'm listening to tunes, that would be great. Not sure if I'd want the screen to remain on, though I can see the advantage if you're using GPS.

finallly !!! a great application to aid in my driving around Dubai, UAE!!
its gona be such an ease to keep the my 8900 curve in its craddle while driving without having to worry about the screen goin off !!1 :D

This app sounds awesome, especially for GPS app. Most apps and even blackberrry core OS should have it built-in. Ya hear me, RIM?

Just a plug for the app--I purchased it on the day it was released and have to say it's a fine addition to the handset. Even if you don't win a copy, I recommend purchasing it.


It's about time! No more automatic locks on the screen (and having to unlock with code everytime), no more having to re-touch the screen to view your current selection, and finally, no more having to wait for a solution, no more, no more, no more...Thank you God for the fix, yeehaww!

This is one of the things i hate the most about the storm is that the back light does not stay on like other phones. Thanks for making something to keep it on when using a map system

... as Im always lost on my way on the road and the screen keeps shut it down and lock.

thanks and hope this time I'll be a winner.


Some of these developers create 'must have' apps and features that really should be integrated into the OS from day one... this is definitely going to be one of those apps!

Great idea! Just made a trip to Montreal and I was like tapping my phones screen every few minutes. So annoying!

Free copy please!!!

I always found it annoying that my BB couldn't do this automatically, particularly in mapping apps. Cuz really, if I'm driving and looking at a map, I really don't want to have to unlock it constantly.

I was listening to slacker recently and was wishing I didn't have to keep hitting a key to display the song info. I was surprised there was no settingto kee the screen from timing out, this might be a cool app to have.