LearnChinese app teaches you Mandarin Chinese for free

By Ryan Blundell on 4 Jun 2010 01:07 pm EDT

S4BB Ltd has recently added another informative and educational application to their software line up: LearnChinese. A language barrier can be a sizeable obstacle to overcome. If you are heading to another country for business or pleasure, you should brush up on the native tongue before you go. Miscommunication could put you in a sticky situation. LearnChinese will assist you in learning Mandarin Chinese at a level you feel comfortable at. From the product description, the main features include:

  • More than 400 self-contained audio lessons to pick from!
  • Within each lesson, you may pause at any time and resume later from that time onwards.
  • Audio lessons contain a set of comprehensive Mandarin Chinese learning materials which come in several difficulty levels: Newbie, Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced.

With this LearnChinese, I can share my thoughts in another language. For example - I can say “I love my BlackBerry” like this

"I love my BlackBerry"

…of course in this case BlackBerry is referring to the actual fruit, but close enough. You can pick up LearnChinese for free at the CrackBerry App Store.

Reader comments

LearnChinese app teaches you Mandarin Chinese for free


I know a bit of Mandarin, having taken about 30 lessons of a language course. It was enough to be a big help getting around in Beijing and even Shenzhen and Hong Kong (more of a Cantonese area), and of course many Chinese people speak English much better than I speak Mandarin.

What would be REALLY useful is an app similar to the bar code readers: take a picture of a traditional or simplified Chinese phrase and translate its meaning for you. The same would be invaluable for Kanji as well. That's something I'd pay real money for.

Have had this App for quite some time now. Thought it would be useful to have since I'm taking Chinese classes. All the lessons actually come from ChinesePod.com which is a paid service providing many more resources, vocab lists, study guides, and a much larger library of lessons. ChinesePod actually has an App for Android and the iPhone that is much for sophisticated with many more resources.

One thing I can't stand about this App is how long it takes to download each of the lessons, it seems to move at a snail pace. I've also had problems where sometimes if I back out of a download it will stop downloading at that point, and yet it will display that it's 100% done.

Overall it's nice to have access to the lessons for free, but without proper study guides, vocab lists, it makes the retention and learning much more challenging.

this is free - seems like something people would be willing to pay for. Isn't Mandarin one of the most difficult languages to learn though? Wondering how effective it really is...maybe I'll give it a try.

There is also the same app for Italian, French, and Spanish. I am trying it out as knowing a little Mandarin will help for my next trip to China.

Of course since Appworld doesn't actually work in China you're not going to be able to download this in the one country where it would be most useful.

Been using this app for a few months. I find it best to listen while wearing headphones so that you can hear clearly without other noises interfering. It's giving me a head start on the language classes I will be taking in the fall.

I wish they had Korean or Japanese.

我不喜欢苹果。 lol not bad for my second year of learning chinese in highschool. I said I love crackberry.com and my blackberry, and i dont like apple.