Learn to type better on your BlackBerry with TyperLearn

By Jared DiPane on 24 Jun 2010 10:17 am EDT
TyperLearn for BlackBerryTyperLearn for BlackBerry

So you think you can type? Well, so did I, until I got an email from Fabian with his latest application, TyperLearn. While downloading I was thinking to myself, "I got this, I've been typing on these things for years." Well, wow was I wrong. TyperLearn is a rather simplistic style application with a nice straight forward user interface, but overall it is extremely helpful. After completing lessons you will be presented with your words per minute per lesson as well as your overall average speed for all completed lessons.

Within the application you will find lessons you have to complete, each of them geared towards learning a different part of the keyboard. You will start with the basics, learning your keyboard size, then move on to mastering the left hand, right hand and more which proves to be very helpful. If you are thinking that this application isn't useful to you and that you have already mastered your keyboard, give it a shot and see if you notice the same results after. This is a great way for BlackBerry beginners to easily learn and master the BlackBerry keyboard. TyperLearn is on sale for $4.95 until June 26th.

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Learn to type better on your BlackBerry with TyperLearn


..too pricey, its a shame cause sounds like a cool little thing to have but I'm to satisfied with my typing to pay that :)

I type very well on my BB I have it mastered. If this were free might consider checking into it. I will only pay for applications I think are worth it. This is not worth it.

i'd just like to chime in and say this is the most pointless app ever. I havent tried it, but just by reading the review, it seems utterly pointless. i guess if you were the heaviest bb user and typed papers or endless emails on your phone, maybe it would help..but even then...how much could this really improve your thumb typing skills. just sayin. anyone feel free to rebuttle.

I'm not good at typing on my BB so I downloaded the free trial. You can only do the first three lessons on the free trial. After I tried them, I realized the lessons are like how I learned to type on a regular keyboard and it was already helping me type better. It's a little expensive, but if you are really going to use it to learn to type better on your BB, it might be worth it. I'm already going much faster and I've only done the first 6 lessons. I agree though, it's overpriced. But it is very helpful.