Learn languages the simple way with Learn Chinese - Win 1 of 50 copies

Learn Chinese for the BlackBerry PlayBook
By DJ Reyes on 2 Apr 2012 03:29 pm EDT

I’ve always been fascinated with certain languages, more so no that I’m older. Learning in school was boring and trying learn as an adult is a bit challenging, though I don’t think it needs to be. In the past I’ve picked up some of those books with CDs, those can be quite fun as takes you away from the boring, mundane business of learning grammar rules that you get taught in schools. Looking back at how I learned to understand and speak my parents native language (tagalog), I never had to write things down or learn grammar rules. Simply by listening to them have conversations or even speak to me, I would slowly pick up what certain words meant. At the beginning I didn’t necessarily know what the whole sentence meant word for word but I did understand what they were telling me. And I eventually learnt how to answer them back in tagalog as opposed to english. That takes me to the Learn series from S4BB. A few months ago I took a look at Learn French, this time I’ve been learning Chinese. Keep reading to take a closer look at the app.

The Review

Developer: S4BB
Version (at time of review): 2.3.3
File Size: 1093 KB
OS Requirements: Smartphone OS 4.6.0 and above / Tablet OS 2.0.0
Cost: $4.99 Website: http://www.s4bb.com

When you first download the app, there are now lessons loaded. You have to download these are you go along through the lessons or you can download them in bulk. The best way to that would be to sideload the lessons from a PC or Mac. Within the app you can email yourself the files to download. Once you have these loaded onto your BlackBerry, then the learning can begin.

Transfering Learn Chinese files to you BlackBerry

There are different learning levels - Newbie, Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced, with lessons naturally covering a lot more as you progress through. Lesson times range from 10-15mins each. Lessons are planned out by starting with the dialogue spoken three times so you get a feel for what it should sound like. Then Ken and Jenny (your tutors) will break it down sentence by sentence, then word for word and you’ll find yourself saying things out loud as you start the speak the language. The lessons cover real world conversations and scenarios. So if you want to learn basic Chinese to allow you to make orders at the restaurant or ask for directions while you’re on holiday, or just want to learn the language, it’s all covered. 

Learn Chinese Levels

Compared to the Learn French version I reviewed a while back, Learn Chinese has a whole lot more lessons, with about 150 Newbie lessons alone and almost 500 lessons altogether. I find them very engaging, as well as just the right length so as not to get bored. I like the fact that you can pick and choose the lessons you want to learn, you don’t have to necessarily do them in order. There is certainly a lot of lessons to keep you busy learning Chinese in the long run. 

Learn Chinese Newbie Lessons

Within the app there is a link that directs you to more lessons, as well as being able to get your hands on transcripts and vocabulary, if you really wanted to take things further. For me, the lessons within the app are suffice enough -- at least for now. My only gripe with the app is that there is no way to rewind the lessons. The only media options you have are play, pause and restart. It really needs to have a rewind option. There are times when I just want to go back a bit in the lesson but can’t so I’ve just got to continue or start over -- it can get annoying at times. However, overall, I have been enjoying the app and is something I do recommend if you want to give learning Chinese a go. Learn Chinese is available in App World for both your BlackBerry smartphone and PlayBook for $4.99. If you fancy your chances though you can win one of fifty copies from S4BB. Check out the contest details below.

Learn Chinese Other Materials

Learn Chinese
by S4BB

The Good

The lessons are engaging and cover real world conversations. Lessons are bite-sized so you don't get bored.

The Bad

There is no way to rewind through the lessons.


A great way to learn Chinese, with almost 500 lessons starting from newbie to advanced, it makes learning the language, simple and fun. There are no grammar rules to learn and you can start speaking from the first lesson.

Download Learn Chinese for your BlackBerry smartphone

Learn Chinese QR Code

Learn Chinese web link

Contest: The developer of Learn Chinese, S4BB, has sent us 50 free copies to pass on to you guys! To enter, leave a single comment below. The contest ends Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck!

Reader comments

Learn languages the simple way with Learn Chinese - Win 1 of 50 copies


Looks like a interesting app. I know a little chinese already but very little. With this app I could learn to speak it as a second language. Hope I win.

Believing that a language can be learned via a phone app is nothing short of delusional. The "mundane" business of learning grammar rules gets taught for a reason. But what do these highly educated professionals know, huh?

Please I just want to win this one and never win anything on Crackberry again !!

Would be nice and helpful to find a Chinese girlfriend ;)

I'd like to give this a try. The only "complaint" I have is that it was difficult to determine whether it taught Cantonese or Mandarin... Even after going to their (S4BB) web-site, I only see the word "Mandarin" in the iPod/iPad description, so I can only assume that it is the same for BB.

I would love a copy of this. I have been traveling to China for 5 years for work, and still haven't learned the language. I'll try anything!

My girlfriend is Chinese and though her English is excellent I would love to know what she is saying to her family about me!

Gordon A

My friend just moved to Shanghai, China for the half a year & it'd be so cool to talk to her in the language she's learning as well haha :]

I would love to try this. I have adopted a daughter from the Hubei province and would love for both of us to learn the language of her birthplace.

would love this app, this would def. help with communication with my family in china when i visit next year!

Would definitely love to try out this app as I definitely want to pursue some expatriate assignments in the near future.

I am not Chinese, but I am married to a Chinese woman, and I am convinced her mom is talking smack about me sometimes behind my back. I NEED this app so I can "follow along" silently, and then bust out and unleash a verbal tirade of Maury proportions in Chinese.. So Please hook me up!

My step mother and sister are Chinese so I would love to learn the language, also china will take over the world soon anyway lol

My coworkers are chinese and I try to talk chinese with them from the words they teach me but its difficult to learn without a 1 on 1 lesson. i would love this app. Plus it would be cool for them to see an african american man speak chinese to them.

I'm currently in school trying to get my Mechanical Engineering Degree and this one of the Languages that I wanted to learn. I would definitely use this!

This would be very useful for me as a med student wanting to practice in a population that will have lots of chinese speaking people!

Thanks CB!!!

Oh this is SO COOL! I have wanted to learn a different language for so long, but can't afford the expensive material! Hope I win a copy :)

I would love to win this. My daughter, 14, is from China and she wants to learn Chinese, but I can't afford Rosetta Stone. This app would be great!!! Please consider me. Thanks.

I travel to China often, and I am frustrated by not having a good product to learn to get along, which I think is only considerate....

I was planning to learn mandarin and this application will help me a lot. So, CrackBerry, help me learn! Thanks a lot.

Since I actually live in China and I'm actually learning Chinese at the moment this could be very useful indeed. I often have time on bus and train journeys with nothing to do, spending the time learning might be a better use of my time than playing games. Might be nicer for my battery too.

I've been trying to learn Chinese for about 4 years and still can't hold a conversation. Would love to give this a go!

... i'd like a copy... let see if it comes handy during my business trip tochine 2 weeks from now...

Hey Guys!

Great Give-away! Really!! I've been drooling over these apps for a while now :)

Oh please please give me one MORE reason never to put my playbook down!!!!

Hey Guys!

Great Give-away! Really!! I've been drooling over these apps for a while now :)

Oh please please give me one MORE reason never to put my playbook down!!!!

This sounds like an awesome app. I was looking for a nice language app on my phone/playbook and this seems to be a good fit.

One of fifty - thanks. I need this now and want to try it out + report my findings to any potential users out there on CB and AppWorld. Please be mine..

I've visited China a few times but can't speak the language. If I could learn some words and phrases then I'll have an more enjoyable visit. I hope I can win one of the copies.

After watching Firefly for the umpteenth time I always thought I'd have to learn Chinese. Now I can know more than just the swear words.

Give me one please

‎​‎​​° • · ♥·♡ τнäиκ чöü ♥·♡ · • ° crackberry

I'd love to start learning Chinese with my BlackBerry. I know a little Japanese, so this would be a nice compliment to that!

I am a Filipino working here in Malaysia and most of my teammates are Chinese Malay. They usually speak in Chinese and I would love to surprise them and answer them back in Chinese as well.

Nice ! Looking for something easy and effective to pick up a new language or two !
Looking forward to perhaps trying this :)

This would be very cool to win. My great grandfather was chines and with long lost family out there I might be able to speak to them as a great surprise, also would be cool to just know another language.
Thanks in advance CrackBerry and S4BB!

I would very much love to get this app for free!
Though, if I had to pay for it, it sure seems quite a bargain.

I always wanted to learn Chinese, but I'm a downer... then I remembered the mighty words..... "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can"... In for a chance.
This is for you Thomas the Choo Choo Train......this is for you....

Give me one please. Want to learn other language as well. Currently I can speak English and Tagalog (it's Filipino actually).

Great idea for an app.
I just came back from China and wish I had it with me!
Help me win !! 777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777

Although, I already speak 4 languages, I would love to learn Chinese. I have always enjoyed the culture.

I visit Taiwan from time to time and would love to have this on my blackberry to refresh my memory of the language before I arrive.

I would love to win this. I find Chinese a fascinating language but don't want to go the full Rosetta Stone route to learn some.

I would like to know what the people at the Chinese take out are really saying about me!!! Pick me

Being able to speak Chinese will help me a lot in my line of work. Winning this app will surely make my day. Wó yau zhege!

Posted via CB10

Surely sounds like something I would like to try. Learning a new language would be helpful in my business, and could help me (in due time) start working with entrepreneurs in other countries. I'm in...

Posted via CB10

Freshman in College, International Business major taking Chinese and looking for any quality supplemental program out there!

Posted via CB10