Learn How To Tie Your Own Ties Using Tie Master On Your BlackBerry!

By Bla1ze on 5 Oct 2009 07:52 am EDT
Tie Master

Hey, let's face it, not every guy knows how to tie a tie. Recently I had to attend my Mother's wedding, which of course required me to have to dress up in a monkey suit and put on a tie. Yeah well, being able to put on the tie became an issue when I realized I had no idea how to actually tie it once around my neck. Knowing that my Mother would have shot me had I showed up not wearing my tie, I sought out a way to get it done up. Ask a friend, maybe the groom, or possibly even a bridesmaid? Nope, no one around as I was running late as it was.

So after realizing there was no way I was going to get this taken care of by another person, I sought out an application to assist me, as websites just did not help enough. In my search I found Tie Master 3.1, an application in the CrackBerry store. Perfect, just what I needed! After downloading the small app I was able to get my tie done up to a passable level (Yes, My mom did adjust it) and spared my own life from my Mother's wrath. Tie Master is far from a pretty application, but it does as stated: Helps you learn how to tie a tie. And as we all know, you are not a man until ya can do that. Be sure to check it out if you are among the many (admittedly or not) that are unable to tie your own ties.

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Learn How To Tie Your Own Ties Using Tie Master On Your BlackBerry!


You, and everyone else, should be ashamed if you can't tie a simple neck tie. It's not like it was a bow tie, and even those are not too difficult. I bet you use an electric razor too. J/K. This is a good find. I'm forwarding it to my neighbor who comes over my house to have be tie his ties for him whenever he has a function to go to.

Working at a bank for 16 years, I became the "tie-er" for the family all the way from the homecomings to proms & even their weddings... To this day..... I still NEED a mirror to get it right.... Go figure....

A worthy app for anyone who doesn't know how to tie a tie - or use the internet. For such people: Guess what? There's this new thing called the internet that gives away all kinds of information for FREE. Like how to tie a tie.

LOL pretty cool application but should really only be bought in a last resort scenario. I learned how to knot (don't want to piss off the buy above me) a tie from several internet pages as well. $2 is steep for something you can learn for free. And the app will become useless once you use it a few times and get the methods ingrained into your head.

This application is a reminder of the major decline of manliness in the world. This is something every single male should have learned how to do by his teenage years at the very latest.

Not to mention like everyone else has said, you can get the information for free else where.

I learned how to knot a tie when I was 35. I learned by watching videos in YouTube. (This was five months ago BTW.)


I can't wait to create my new blackberry app.

"How to Tie shoelaces" I think it'll be a big hit!

called BerryMan.

you can learn to brush your teeth, tie a tie, tie your shoe laces, buckle a belt and wipe your butt with this easy to use application :)

Not compatible with users of braces :) or clip on ties.

i can learn this for free on google. only takes less than a minute. are we really desperate for unnecessary apps these days..

probably the most worthless app i have seen yet for a blackberry.. who would really pay 1.99 for this? i doubt people would even get it if it was free.

I'm always amazed at how many grown men can't do this. I was forced to learn it when I was about 10. I don't particularly like ties, so I don't wear them often, but sometimes you have to.