Leap into adventure with Frogatto for the BlackBerry PlayBook!

Frogatto for BlackBerry PlayBook
By Michelle Haag on 14 Mar 2012 07:50 pm EDT
Last week at the Game Developers Conference, Research In Motion showed off a fun modification of the BlackBerry Remote, using it to control a game on a PlayBook that was displayed on a larger TV. Of course, the main story was about the modification, which was actually a d-pad controller designed by an engineer at RIM. However, there was a lot of discussion surrounding the game that was being played in the picture, and with a little research (thanks @Alexkinsella!) we found out the name of the game was Frogatto.

This game is a classic side-scroll 2D platform game where you are Frogatto, a cute little frog on a mission to find, of all things, a job. Along the way to the town you will find adventure as well as things to buy, puzzles you have to solve, and more!  There are a ton of levels, and lots to do and see in the game so this is one that should keep you occupied for some time. It's also great for all ages though there is a bit of reading involved so younger kids may need a bit of help.


  • grab enemies with your tongue and spit them to deal damage
  • buy powerups to enhance and unlock new abilities
  • arcade mode, giving instant access to action-only gameplay on randomized levels
  • forgiving savegame/respawn system so you don't have to be afraid of losing progress
  • playful dialogue writing that tries not to insult your intelligence
  • massive soundtrack with over an hour of original music
  • sprawling, complex world with over 50 levels to explore, and tons of secrets to find

Developed by Lost Pixel, Frogatto wasn't available last week when we saw the demo, but as of today you can pick it up in BlackBerry App World for $4.99 for your BlackBerry PlayBook (which is the same as it would cost for an iOS device, by the way).

For more information and to purchase Frogatto

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Reader comments

Leap into adventure with Frogatto for the BlackBerry PlayBook!


Even though I think I know the answer I have to ask:. If you open Bridge Remote while playing this game does it have a nice game controller? :p

Yes it is $4.99, unless you are from the UK and then it is an amazingly expensive £5 or nearly $8 at today's rates. Our loyalty to Blackberry over at this side of the pond is rewarded by a prices on ALL apps of roughly SIXTY PER CENT!!!

Haha. He said pounds not euros. Learn to international.

Either the playbook doesn't have international currency symbols or I don't know how to access them... But

5GBP = roughly 7.80USD
According to xe.com's app. Which I agree with dude is a horrible increase in price for a digital product....

That is stupid expensive any way you look at it. I can get a zillion "2D side-scroll" NES/SNES/SEGA/GBA games through the emulator for nothing...at least its the same price on the iPhone unlike other apps that share platforms including PB (Plants vs Zombies, Angry Birds)

Plants vs Zombies on PlayBook: $4.99
Plants vz Zombies HD for iPad: $6.99

Angry Birds for PB: $4.99
Angry Birds HD for iPad: $2.99

Seems about equal there.

I don't use the emulators, so to me, the price is reasonable. That's like saying "this corn is super expensive, I grow my own for free!" Well, that's awesome for you, but I am not a farmer, so I am willing to pay for the corn. heh

I like how you responded to my comment. Not many bloggers bother to back up their posts after they've been written so I tip my hat to you Michelle (I still think it's overpriced though).
I would also be interested in hearing the thoughts of someone like you (BB/PB expert) regarding the economics of building apps for the PlayBook. The general consensus that I have been hearing is that apps for PlayBook are drawing a higher price due to the lower number of user coupled with many die-hards willing to pay extra for good apps/games. IMHO I think they should actually be cheaper.

Supply and demand is king. With few great apps in BlackBerry App World, some developers will charge a higher price for said apps.

Arguably, this could be to make up for the lack of volume they are selling where as if that was higher, they could charge less due to selling more in the long run.

History though shows us BlackBerry apps have always been higher priced then on other platforms so I fail to see where this sticker shock is coming from. It's pretty much always been that way, not sure why anyone would expect it to sporadically change.

Personally, I don't mind paying the higher price for quality apps. Realistically, these days a lot of developers are ignoring BlackBerry. Those that don't ignore it and bring good apps to the table deserve my $1 or $2 extra.

Although it's hard to argue against the obvious supply and demand like you said I think it is much more complex. The developers that are making those high quality apps have a huge advantage at this point because there are so few apps available. This isn't a recipe for higher prices due to lower potential customers but a recipe for comparable prices (to iOS and Android) to increase overall downloads. No one will argue that making money with an app in today's market for iOS or Android is extremely difficult because of differentiation problems however with PB that isn't even an issue. PB users (arguable the most loyal of any platform) are not fools and can see when a company is overcharging for an app...especially when the pay $8USD in the UK. We will download those awesome apps in much much higher numbers when the cost is lower...I could go on but I think you get the point haha

Since you guys have not noticed, apple is following teh same policy also, majority of its accessory products are expensive outside USA.

completely agree... my dad has an ipad 2 and the smart cover cost him like $99 when its $39 in the US... but i do agree that the price conversion its not the most fair one...

Take a load on this news :)

In 2010, New York cracked down on its enforcement of the tax on prepared food, specifically targeting a New York staple: bagels. If you buy a whole bagel and take it home with you, it is exempt from tax. However, if you purchase that same bagel, but eat it at the bagel shop (even without cream cheese), bagel shops must charge sales tax on the purchase price. Apparently, the mere slicing of a bagel kicks your bagel purchase into a taxable transaction. As a result, New Yorkers are paying approximately 8 to 9 cents more per bagel.

I live in the US, so my comments are directed towards price differentials of apps between devices here.

I have a PB for me, Kindle Fire (wife predominantly uses this) and an iPad 2 used by the entire family. I find that, with a few exceptions such as Dead Space on the PB and Amazon's "free app a day" and discounted "sale" pricing in the Amazon Marketplace, the apps are priced pretty close on each device. I've made a conscious decision to support the PB and if the app is available on all three devices, I'll buy it for my PB and not the other two. I also purchase PB apps featured on Crackberry.

I do find that with certain apps for iPod/iPad, developers will offer a lower price (or even offer the app for no charge) because of the availability of in-app purchases. I haven't noticed many PB apps that have in-app purchases, and remember that this feature wasn't available at launch (is it available now?). That may hold back the PB from getting newer releases such as Bejeweld Blitz, which offers in-app purchases.

The volume of BB10 handsets sold will make or break Blackberries as "app friendly" devices. Without a critical mass of users, Developers are going to develop for iOS and Android and possibly port their Android apps to BB10/PB. I'm hopeful that many of the BB10 apps will work on both the BB10 devices and PB, similar to how many apps work on an iPod/iPhone and iPad.

RIM has made up a lot of ground regarding games on the PB and OS 2.0 generally. The PB really is now a complete device, and the functionality of the device and ability to work with my 9930 (using its data plan, keyboard, remote, "open on Playbook feature," etc.) is great. Right now, RIM's focus regarding apps should be getting Skype on the PB, even if that means paying Skype to develop the app. They need other apps like Netflix and Hulu, to a lesser extent, before perceptions will change about selection of apps on PB.

True, it is said in one of the articles that BB 10 will be released for PlayBook shortly after it comes out. So both the phones and tablets will use the same OS, which could only help the fledgling app ecosystem. I think the QNX based PlayBook OS already provides the base for BB 10. So whatever native apps we have on PlayBook can probably be used for BB 10. Correct me if I'm wrong.