Leaked Wireless Giant road map shows release dates for BB 7 devices, Cyclone, Calypso, Beats and more

Wireless Giant BlackBerry Road Map
By Adam Zeis on 8 Aug 2011 11:21 am EDT

While the buzz over the new BlackBerry 7 devices is still going strong, we're still trying to pin down official dates for all devices across the board. A faithful reader sent in this internal road map of BlackBerry devices that was supposedly sent out to Wireless Giant retailers (aka BlackBerry Stores). The document shows off a ton of estimated release dates for all the latest devices, including the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930, Torch 9850/9860, Torch 9810 and even the rumored BlackBerry "Cyclone" (aka BlackBerry TV). Also on the list are Wifi Stereo devices listed as "Beats" and "Calpyso" - what these are we're not totally sure, but they could possibly be the step up from the Bluetooth Music Gateway in Wifi form. While the dates seem to vary quite a bit, they are all totally possible (we don't like AT&T not seeing the Bold 9900 or Torch 9860 until November! Yikes!!) but definitely take this at face value. In the next few weeks we'll certainly see some official dates from major carriers, so for now just let this get you thinking. 

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Leaked Wireless Giant road map shows release dates for BB 7 devices, Cyclone, Calypso, Beats and more


The one that is set to be released on September 1st according to this leaked page. 5th one from the top.

A white Monaco coming Oct 1st. We have yet to see a leaked photo of that one!

Sprint is getting the Monaco before Verizon! WTF!!?

Here's my problem with this, and all of these so called "road maps". It lists the bold and 9850 on Sprint for an August 21 release, which would be AWESOME! HOWEVER, Sprint already announced a release "this fall", which is well beyond August 21. As much as I want to believe, these things NEVER seem to be accurate. They're probably just rumors from the past that someone puts together on a "road Map" and then sends them to tech sites. I hope I'm wrong...

I find it hard to believe that the Bold 9930 will be $249 at Sprint and he Torch 9850 only $149... something doesn't ad up. and if this doesn't add up, then why would a release date of Aug 21st be more credible?

You can use pretty much any modern BT keyboard with the PB today - no need to pay for an overpriced BlackBerry branded one ;)

Same applies to bluetooth mouse.

Torch 9860 for $150? Yes :D
Torch 9860 released in November for AT&T? Bday gift to me I guess. Wish it was released sooner but atleast it's coming :)

Well now I feel that I can easily say
"Screw you AT&T, you're network already pisses me off, I'm always on EDGE, you're wifi sucks, its always under maintenance, I only deal with you because you're the only wifi available in my area and my family and complicated other are on AT&T so mobile-to-mobile helps. SO, with that said, I'm buying a Rogers phone and throwing that on your system, and when I walk into your store two weeks after the Rogers release when I pay my bill, you'll walk up to me and ask if I want to upgrade and I'll show you my Bold 9900 you're taking way too much damn time to release."

Just for clarifications I do not auto-pay and I get my bill through the mail, hate me for not "going green". Also I really feel like switching to Verizon so that maybe an option, there are just some people you don't want to talk to and they'll call and talk to you for HOURS, just because you have free mobile-to-mobile.

Well that will be all.

UPDATE: "WTF?! BlackBerry Colt Q1 2012?!?"

The store employees don't have any control over release dates...and I think they could care less about you unlocking a rogers 9900.

This is the first solid indication that Verizon will be carrying the 9860. I was all set to accept the fact that they were going to pass on the device. Very interesting development.......

At&t is missing the boat on this one. If they want to hold the torch II as an exclusive...fine. Having said that, release the 9900 at the same time. They'll have people walking into the stores buying it which in the end is what they should want.

Exactly. If people want a Torch, they'll buy a Torch. If people are set on a Bold, I'm pretty sure they'll be leaving with a Bold.

What ever happened to giving people options?

I agree with both of you. Don't get me wrong, because I'm always rooting for RIM products....but I don't know why AT&T has such a hard on for the Torch. Cmon d*pshits...release the 9900 either at the same time as the Torch , or a couple weeks after. I'd be willing to bet that the people looking for a Torch 2 won't buy a 9900...and the people looking for a 9900 probably won't buy a Torch 2 instead. Either way though, AT&T wins because they sell a phone, along with voice and data plans.

I'll buy the 9850/9860 from ANY of the major 4 US carriers. If only any of them would release it prior to "fall", which isn't looking very likely. WTF!

I hope the torch on verizon gets released before the 27th...... I really wanted to use the blackberry trade-up program, but it is only valid for purchases before the 27th....knowing my luck it would be the 1st of sept, like it says in the picture.

" PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS: ...The new device must be purchased after May 28, 2011 and before August 27, 2011 and the used device must be shipped in within 30 days of your new device purchase..."

I don't see the big deal is. I'm just as excited as anybody else about these new devices but why is everybody going nuts? I mean I have the blackberry style so if anybody has the right to not want to wait its me. Point is the phones are coming out and when they do we all get to spend some cash.

To add to that, if you are one of those people waiting for the new qnx phone then you will be waiting for a while. There is no way they come out with it in Q1. The only thing you'll see then is the rumors start. If we didn't get the os 7 phones in this long of time what maks you believe that a totally new platform would be ready that soon?I mean the rumor was started at BGR. That should say it all.

Yeah so I was totally set on a 9900, but since it's not coming to at&t until november there's not much point, I guess I'll just wait for the colt

Has anyone noticed the recent-rumored BlackBerry 9790 aka Bellagio isn't listed in the roadmap? Too bad. I was waiting for this one to replace my 9700. Love the form factor!

ok, Let me tell you why i think this is BS about the Bold 9900 on AT&T. ..this document shows the release for the Bold 9900 on Nov 20th...November 20th is a SUNDAY!! ...No way they are releasing a Blackberry on a Sunday...i hope to hell this document s a fake.

November AT&T?! This will be the very thing that makes me switch to Verizon....been a long time coming. I'll wait for the official announcement. If it's not out before Verizon releases the 9930 I'm gone... And I've been an AT&T customer for a LONG time!

It looks like this has been pretty spot on so far. Here's to hoping the Torch 9850 comes to Verizon on September 1st. I can't wait much longer.