Leaked: Verizon is Talking up a Storm Each Week!

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Sep 2008 11:28 pm EDT

Talk Up A Storm!!The Verizon leaks keep rolling storming in, so much so in fact that one could begin to think VZW was doing it intentionally, though the take down letter we received on the Minute with Mike video we posted Monday does suggest that is not the case.

Now we have word that Verizon will be giving employees more info on the Storm every Wednesday in an internal communication they have branded Talk Up A Storm.  Keep reading for the full contents of this first installment (nothing really new so don't get too excited), but at least the image on the left is pretty sweet!

Talk Up A Storm: Reliability, Dependability and Style

As we prepare to take the world by storm with our new BlackBerry Storm, we're giving you a weekly sneak peek at some of the device's key features.

Storm delivers all of the dependable functions BlackBerry is known for - e-mail, messaging and communication capabilities - packaged in a stylish and innovative communications device that runs only on America's Largest 3G Network.

Here's a behind-the-scenes look.

Talk Up A Storm - Reliable BlackBerry Features

  • E-mail
    • Productive customers will enjoy staying in touch and ahead of the game by getting their personal and work e-mail when not at their desks.
  • Messaging
    • BlackBerry's renowned messaging capabilities now incorporate a touch-screen that provides smooth, touch and click-through text input. This first-ever touch-screen BlackBerry has the largest and highest resolution screen, built to be the most accurate and most responsive screen of its time, allowing users to get accurate touch navigation and smooth precise text input. 
  • IM
    • With the Storm, customers can access consumer friendly IM, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and GoogleTalk, while still receiving access to the always popular BlackBerry Messenger.
  • BroadbandAccess
    • Tethering Storm to a laptop is ideal for those who frequently travel and need to use a laptop to check e-mail, access corporate networks or download large files like presentations and reports. EV-DO Rev. A technology enables the highest speed wireless connection to BroadbandAccess, our business data service, which allows customers to wirelessly access their e-mail and calendars, the Internet and other information via a high-speed connection with the security of CDMA technology. 
    • BroadbandAccess offers average download speeds of 600 kilobits per second (kbps) to 1.4 megabits per second and upload speeds of 500-800 kbps, which means customers can download a 1 Megabyte e-mail attachment - the equivalent of a small PowerPoint® presentation or a large PDF file - in about eight seconds and upload the same-sized file in less than 13 seconds.
  • The Network
    • Our network currently supports 68.7 million customers and reaches more than 265 million Americans. A device is only as good as the network it runs on and we have the nation's most reliable wireless network, making the Storm a winner for all customers.

Stay tuned every Wednesday for a new Talk Up A Storm feature and be the first to know what makes the BlackBerry Storm shine.

Here's to hoping we'll see an update each Wednesday. Talk About it in the Forums >>

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Leaked: Verizon is Talking up a Storm Each Week!


Been sitting on my NE2 for over a year. Patience though...patience. But I really want it NOW.

Doing a google search I found a release date on this website: http://www.boygeniusreport.com/2008/09/04/blackberry-storm-goes-into-ta-..., they're saying it will be mid November. Yet another is saying November 1st as the unconfirmed date: http://www.phonemag.com/blackberry-storm-pre-launch-info-leaked-094771.php. Well, I hope this helps because I'm waiting too and just knowing that it may only be a month away helps a lot. This month is almost over and then we just have a month, maybe a month and a half, more to wait. So, hang in there!

i do love my i760 but i am loving the idea even more of getting rid of it for the storm!...it will be my first ever BB and Kevin i blame you but i am allready addicted and i dont even own one!...this is gonna be a problem

I've used AIM for years, until I got my blackberry, then I just switched to gTalk. AIM's fucking retarded for having waited so long to get their client on the blackberry. I'm willing to bet they will have one for the storm, but of course it'll be like 10 years too late.

I have it on my 7130e. I think they just released a new version that actually works really well. I couldn't switch cause the vast majority of my friends use AIM. I paid $50 for IM+ which has been getting crappier and crappier with every update. This one is free and works better for me than IM+. I'm sure it'll work on the storm, but they probably left it off because AIM is a more "childish" service compared to WLM or Google Talk. At least that's what it's starting to seem like.

LOL!! I must not be important enough for VZW, I haven't got any notices for the video and I'm even offering the high quality version ripped from the VZW site for people too download direct to their berry.

In any event, I guess this means we can expect a lot more info going forward although it all seems kinda non-relevant really...just give us an "official" date and price please!!

I really do think VZW is doing this intentionally, but I don't really care. They give the hardcore abusers 1st info, so we can go rave about it to others. I've already told one of my friends (who doesn't give a shit about phones) to get this phone, cause it's going to be bad ass (just as i'm sure VZW would want me to... build up some hype).
At least you have to give them props for a relatively original marketing strategy, I just wish I had Mike's job, cause I could have come up with this idea like 2 years ago. It's incredibly cost effective.

I dont know about you...but the fact that they are releasing INFORMATION each week about the phone is kind of a bad thing. If they do this weeks at a time, then when are we going to see the actual phone released?

I see what you're saying. Releasing information every week could mean we'll be waiting for a long time. So in this situation, the less information we get, the better...hahaha.... As they say, ignorance is bliss.

...but then again, knowledge is power. ....? Don't really know where I'm going with that...

I'm tired of reading "wifi" and "unlock" and "other carriers" in these threads . . yeah . . . um . . . grrr and stuff

Yeah no WIFI, who really cares. Its EVDO Rev A, are you actually going to go off EVDO and onto WIFI. With VZW you need a data plan to have a BB. There is no reason for Wifi, all it will do is be a feature that is seldomn if ever used.

Wouldn't WI-FI be practical if the cell phone signal was strong (such as my home)? If WI-FI is not so needed, why does the Bold feature it?

the bold features it because the reliability of AT&T's 3G network is crap compared to Verizon's EV-DO network. They need a backup solution.

I live in Canada, so does anyone know how good Telus or Rogers network is?

I would not be surprised if wi-fi is added later, just like we see with the Curve (and Pearl?).

You have to be kidding. First of all I think you are seriously overestimating their 3G network's reach and capabilities. And in my home office where their 2G network sucks and I use my blackberry as my office phone no wifi would be a showstopper. Guess I'll have to get by with my curve until I can get a Bold.


The reason the current Bold has WiFi is that it runs on networks like Rogers (who will more than likely allow a UMA version sometime in future), or like AT&T that has a fairly restricted 3G network.

Frankly, even with the rumored 624MHz processor on the Storm, I doubt that you will see significantly faster WiFi speeds than Rev A speeds. Now, of course, for those that live outside REV A coverage, it is a problem.

I would guess that the Thunder versions destined for pure-GSM carriers will have WiFi.

Off topic kinda, but did anyone else notice it's ALWAYS May 22nd on the pics and it's ALWAYS 12:21PM and their is ALWAYS 3 messages on the device..now I know it;s just a picture they use and swap between the phones but c'mon lol, switch it up for me please lmao.

PS: The dummy devices Rogers has (maybe all carriers) have this pic on them as well.

sorry to let you know not all crackberrys with cams and vids do not have MMS!!!!!! my 8330 has cam and vid but no MMS. "SO NOT ALL"

sorry to let you know not all crackberrys with cams and vids do not have MMS!!!!!! my 8330 has cam and vid but no MMS. "SO NOT ALL"

I as well have an 8330 and i use the MMS feature all the time, maybe you dont know to work a phone. If you highlight the sms icon it says sms & mms right on it.

I as well have an 8330 and i use the MMS feature all the time, maybe you dont know to work a phone. If you highlight the sms icon it says sms & mms right on it.

Is there anyway to get this phone on blackberry? I mean the bold is cool but it is really just the phone that the curve should have been.


I assume you mean "Is there anyway to get this phone on "ATT", not on "blackberry"

Yes, I have great news for you. There is a way to get the Storm to work on AT&T, and it's very simple. Here's how:

Step 1: Get together about $150 billion in financing
Step 2: Make a hostile bid for the AT&T corporation
Step 3: Contract with Qualcom to convert the entire AT&T network to 1xRTT (voice) and EV-DO Rev. A data (with enough money you can probably do this in about 3 years)
Step 4: Throw wads of cash at RIM to bring the now obsolete Storm back into production and launch it on the new-new-AT&T
Step 6: Walk into the local AT&T store and put down $199 for a Storm on a 2 year contract on the new-new-AT&T.

See, you can have a Storm on AT&T!

(Alternatively, you can wait for the similar Thunder to launch on a Canadian GSM provider, buy it contract free, have it unlocked, and use it on your AT&T account - if RIM doesn't block the PIN)

Hi All!!!

2 quick queries... please bear with me cos i'm illiterate when it comes to telecom technicalities.

Is this going to be exclusively CDMA cos here in India most Blackberry users are on GSM?

Also, exclusive to US means its not gonna see the light of day any where else across the globe??

are you being funny?

buy a BB Storm 9500 GSM version from Vodafone UK, prize will not be higher than max 300 pounds (max 500$) i guess - without a contract. Then use it on ATT in the US.

same to you. the BB storm which will be released on Verizon is a CDMA version. If you want a GSM version order one from Europe. vodafone UK, vodafone Germany etc.

I don't know about the rest of you but I am getting tired of Verizon educating the uneducated. This last rah rah sis boom bah yay we are verizon message thing sucks. It is a Blackberry of course it will have e-mail, messaging, and will be IM compatible. Tell us and most of the cell phone carrying world something we don't know. I also see enough of those verizon commercials I don't need to read about their network I use their service.I know how good it is. Give us some more info on the technical specs, show us some shots of more advanced media applications, and give us some idea of the freakin price. Its like being on a commercial flight, right now they are treating us like we are on the red eye to Cleveland and feeding us peanuts. This is not the red eye my friends this is a non-stop to Paris, and I for one would like the inflight meal and a glass of champagne to go with my nervous twitch waiting for this thing to get released.

did anyone see the BGR post this morning about Verizon getting a mobile flash-based application? here's what he said:

"Without heavily banging the drums or dropping confetti, Verizon silently launched Dashboard, a Flash-based mobile storefront. The LG Chocolate 3 is the first to carry the application but we can expect to see it on plenty more phones by year’s end - resulting in the largest mobile implementation of Flash in the U.S. (get with the friggin’ program, iPhone!) Dashboard will be offering all kinds of news, entertainment, widgets, and multimedia through Verizon. So, listen up all you Flash developers, get with the program, ok?"

we can expect to see this on plenty more Verizon phones by the end of the year!!! think it will make it onto the Storm??

Surely they will put Flash on the Storm?!? That with its speed, all the other things RIM is known for, new UI and you have yourself one bad a$$ phone my friend!! iWho??

i just have one question. i heared about the new blackberry thunder so i looked it up. but then i noticed that the two phones (thunder and storm) looked a lot alike. is the thunder and storm the same phone are are they going to be two different phones?

The Storm is CDMA and "exclusive" to Verizon..

The Thunder is Edge/GSM and we have yet to hear whether it will be "exclusive" to anyone..

The web hype orginally announced the phone as the "Thunder" but it changed to the Storm after it "un-officially" leaked to the web...

If anyone else knows of any differences add them in here :)

so theres a chance i can get my greedy hands on a touchscreen bb on tmobile? cause this 8700 is not cutting it and my unlocked iphone SUCKS

The Storm and Thunder each have the new Intel GOBI chip,w hich is a hybrid GSM/CDMA radio. They can program it depending on what frequencies the carrier uses. The storm has U.S. CDMA and Euro GSM. It won't work on North American GSM frequencies which is why its being called exclusive to Verizon. The Storm has a SIM card but it only works in Europe. The Thunder works on North American GSM and European GSM. Of course it also has a SIM card.

I am confused. My research shows that Gobi chipset is actually from Qualcomm and meant for use in notebooks... so I am not sure what this commenter is saying...

I am tracking the WiFi on 9530 debate very carefully. Working against WiFi is that the Storm is designated xx30 which typically means CDMA only. I have not found a xx30 that carries WiFi (but I could be wrong on this). I know that Kyocera has a new chipset that has CDMA and WiFi (I don't know about GSM).

As a new 8820 owner I will not be in the market for a new BB for at least another year (or more)... so my question is: Where the heck is the OS 4.5 Update for the US market???

Beta OSes are out there, if you want one of those. From what I heard went on at the CTIA conference, RIM is supposed to be releasing the "Official" 4.5 OS probably by the end of this year.

When you didn't do your research and got the older model when newer ones were coming out...

Then yes you can put new and 8820 together...

But ONLY in that instance :)

Anyone that can help me find a way to get a bunch of these into Indonesia, would be great.

I can see this phone out selling the iPhone very fast.

The Bold has rocked the country, me, I get mine tomorrow and really excited about it. It has been a long wait.

Since I have had my first BB, Curve 8329 now for a year, I will never go back to any other phones. This makes my wife very happy as I have over 20, including some Vertu's, Nokia's, Palm's, etc....


I though you were saying you have 20 wives!!!! I cant deal with one let alone 20. Was releived that you mean phones.

RIM will be releasing the Storm before the long anticipated Bold. We are lucky enough to have the CB team getting us info on the regular so be patient and the day will come soon enough. Hopefully sooner than later. Thanks Kevin, for all the new info!

November 1st is sounding like the real release date...that gives them 6 weeks to release "information" which is plenty, I mean how much information is there really? I just wish I had some damn money to buy this thing because I can already smell a hefty price tag.

Everyone knows that Verizon may be the best in service but they also know Verizon ALWAYS charges more... This phone will probably retail for $450 at least and then with a plan it would probably drop to $250 at the least. This phone ALREADY is wanted by EVERYONE and it's not even "officially" released! And Verizon knows that. Look at all of the attention its getting now. They don't call it CrackBerry for nothin!! LOL :)

I'm happy to read Verizon is talking up tethering the device to a laptop. So many Verizon devices don't allow this. Anyone guess whether Verizon will somehow charge more for tethering data? I imagine Verizon will loose many people paying for a separate laptop card & data plan, like myself.

I should rephrase that. Verizon may loose some money from people no longer needing their laptop card and separate data plan. I can't imagine Verizon doing this since they seem to want to charge for everything.

Because you can use your phone for voice and your laptop for Internet at the same time. You can't tether and talk at the same time.

I guess i'm going to have to leave crappy t-mobile and switch back to verizon! i can't wait for this phone to come by STORM...

That's such a sexy phone! I've been showing people at my job pics of it and they're all like, "You get it and let us see it. If its awesome, we're switching!" I even told my fiance about it, since I was going to get it and giver her my 8830WE, she said she don't want the 8830WE, she wants the touch-screen with the camera! Geez...

How much longer can we wait? Will the wait be worth it. I sure hope so. As for G3 being able to be in 195 countries, now all they need is a good International Plan. We already know the service is the best!! Let's get this Storm hitting the ground...

Verizon will never unlock the gps.. as long as people are dumb enough to pay for vznav at $10 a month.

its rediculous, but f it, just get a gps they're cheap as shit

OK GUYS i need to clear something up thats been going on for way too long. the name "thunder" is RIM internal code name for the device that should never have been leaked. It was sort off a nick name for the name its going to be released under, and we have the "storm". has nothing to do with GSM/CDMA. Device supports it all GSM/CDMA/HSDPA why would they change the name of the phone? they didn't change the Cruve or Pearl names when they went to CDMA. This is something I know 100%, even though I cant say how/why.

Stupid BG started all this shit about different names for different carriers besically.

hopefully the crackberry world believes me...

actually its been verified that it will be known as the Storm in the US and Canada, but the Thunder EU, no word as of yet about what are far east breathren will be getting.

their calling it an i-phone killer, that remains to be seen. but how bad is it going to kill my pockets. and whats up with releaseing phons so close together. as soon as verizon started selling curves i got one, now their are bolds on the way and storms or thunder whatever name their gonna use. and seein how my 18 month new phone plan wont expire befor the new ones come out im gonna have to pay full price, but hey the things we do.


Seeing that you are so "smart" to respond.... what happened to point #5 ? just wondering.

Just talked to a Verizon rep for a company I work for and they confirmed that November is the current release date unless their are other circumstances pushing it back.

I hope it's not coming out later then November 1st.... I'm having a hard enough time waiting until then !!

One of the many gripes that people have with the iPhone is that it lacks Flash support. Verizon went out and launched a Flash based dashboard containing widgets, much like the ones we see on Mac computers today. Now wouldn't it be something to see this same flash based support be implemented on the Thunder.....If that happens it would seem on the surface at least that RIM and the Thunder have addressed all of the issues people were having with the iPhone.

...not likely. Verizon's BREW phone's and and BlackBerry OS operate in a parallel universe. Apparently, Adobe decided to develop a BREW version of flash for Verizon that only works on one phone so far.

It would have to be RIM, not Verizon, that cuts a deal with Adobe to get a unique Flash player for their products, since even though the Storm is a Verizon/Vodaphone exclusive (for now), it's OS is entirely different. If there was ever going to be a flash player for it we would have seen it already. Not even Apple, who has a very tight relationship with Adobe, has it on the iPhone, so don't hold your breath.

Geez, just having a usable HTML browser is a major step forward. Flash, uh, like I said...

I am confused now.... is there a Storm and a Thunder? I thought the Storm was the official name of this phone line?

THERE THE SAME PHONE EXCEPT FOR ONE THING THE STORM IS GOING TO SOLD IN U.S.A and in canada and th thunder is going to be sold in other countrys , but can u say storm not Thunder, just call it STORM, and I would like some new info please I'm getting tired of pictures and simple info that I already Know

does anybody know if verizon is going to be the only exclusive cell carrier for the storm? i hope not.....

Site's been up since Wednesday dude. I did however receive my first email from them regarding the storm today. Absolutely nothing new but I least I know I'll be receiving updates.R

My Verizon rep told me yesterday that they got a memo saying that the Storm is delayed until next year. Hope she's wrong.

My Verizon rep told me yesterday that they got a memo saying that the Storm is delayed until next year. Hope she's wrong.

i just hope it's as good as they say. but what about this push touch to click is it durable? will it still fit in your palm?

I was told that this phones release is in November. It would have released already but RIM didn't want what happened with the iphone shortage. So RIM is ramping up ample supplies for it's release. That is if you haven't already heard. The info was received at a repair center in Overland Park, Kansas.

As someone who has only had a Windows-based smartphone (with Mobile Office), please help me anticipate what I will like and dislike about converting to a Blackberry device, such as the Storm (I am with Verizon currently, so I am aware of the network advantages/disadvantages). Thanks.