Leaked: Verizon BlackBerry Storm Powerpoint Deck!

Storm Deck
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Sep 2008 12:50 pm EDT

Click the image above and browse through the Verizon Powerpoint Deck Engadget got their hands on. If you were looking for more details on the BlackBerry Storm, you're going to love this. Sound off in the comments with your thoughts!

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Leaked: Verizon BlackBerry Storm Powerpoint Deck!


Well we got flash! still no wifi its all good im still going to give this a run for its money im excited CANT WAIT
and im first ..i think

hey man,
i am sooooooo happy i could eat sum koolwip wit ma homies big raw and c bona 1 time i had cake and i felt sooooo cool that i bought a blackberry and i have gps on my weelchair soooo i dnt get lost. i have socks with bananas on them. I love u???????????? blackberry 4 life homie

(^_^) happy guy with a hat= super cool holla back big ron with a hacked nintendo wii

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This answers the ? about a camera flash! I didn't see any info on Flash support, though. Did I miss that? Thanks Kevin for the scoop!

It says Standalone and assisted GPS and Blackberry maps. Does anybody think VZW might actually let you use the GPS without paying for vz navigator?? I like to refer to vzw screwing you over like buying a car and them telling you that you cannot use the air conditioning.

Does onstar let you use the gps for free? common people we're in the buisness to make money. not make clothes and give them away for free. seriously! let's think about what were saying here.

I'm curious to know if the touchscreen is glass or plastic? I don't see any indication in the presentation, although on the design page it is called out specifically that the lens of the camera is glass.

that might be because plastic camera lenses are crappy, so the glass lens would give a much better image. as for the touch screen, i dont see why they would use anything other then real glass.

I'm really impatient to see Kevin's conclusion on the touch-through-screen...

Your opinion will guide my choice between Storm or Javelin!

that tomorrow's update will be this exact info. But that's cool. The weeks will just keep on rollin by!

This is excellent. The only thing I would like to
mention is the use of Flash. (not to be confused with the camera flash..more in a sec). For the Storm to have Flash capabilities would eat up a lot of the CPU as well as eat thru the battery not to mention the download time as well.
Yes, Flash would be great to have on Cell phones. Many people in Japan have Flash-Enabled phones, yet, the states seems to get it last...disappointing but not a deal breaker for me.

Moving on.. by looking at the pics, it SEEMS there is a flash for the camera. However, you cant automatically assume that. Did it ever occur to anyone with the implementation of TiVo and other apps, the little circle we think is a flash could also be the same thing thats used transfer data (something simular to the thing on top of a remote controllers when pointing it at a TV). Im just sayin...Maybe a far fetch, but just a thought..

Needless to say, WiFi isnt a biggie for me. I have good service with VZW basically anywhere. WiFi is nice to have for emergency purposes but at the same time, its nothing but a battery killer. Instead of carrying your wallet, keys, phone and other things, you would have to bring your charger as well...I think Ill pass with the WiFi

it has a flash. Just click on the picture(link)and you can read all about it. I was wondering the same thing.

You seem like you might be a Verizon agent or a Rim agent trying to mildly, to a simple mind, persuade an opinion. Shame on you!

I can not wait for this to come out, I can get it right now if it comes out so make this come out NOW!!!!!! LOL

it does appear this way, but I'm sure that line was given a lot of attention.. AGPS and blackberry maps.. NOT APGS with blackberry maps. I will assume it's a carefully placed trap.

is this going to be available on other carriers?

I have to ask because some douche always asks every time

I wanted to be THAT guy this time

Okay this phone is definitely a BAMF..

But is it really as thick as it looks in the pictures? It seems like it should have a sticker posted on the side stating "WIDE LOAD"

Curve Size: 106.68 X 60.96 x 15.24 mm
Storm Size: 112.52 x 62.2 x 13.95 mm
iPhone Size: 115 x 61 x 11.6mm

Its not that big. 1.2mm wider and 2.35mm thicker than an iPhone. That's pretty good considering all that's packed in the phone (both CDMA & GSM, flash, removable battery, all of my hopes and dreams).

I agree its bigger than carrying a RAZR but its comparable to other multifunction phones.

iPhone is 4.8oz and Curve is 3.9oz. Anyone know how much the Storm is going to weigh?

iPhone 3G is larger than iPhone so my comparison is off.

Curve Size: 106.68 X 60.96 x 15.24 mm
Storm Size: 112.52 x 62.2 x 13.95 mm
iPhone 3G Size: 115.5 X 62.1 X 12.3mm

0.1mm wider and 1.65mm thicker than an iPhone 3G. That makes the Storm about the same as the iPhone 3G in size.

here are the size differences between the iphone and the storm. not much difference really

Storm: 4.4 x 2.41 x 0.54 (inches)
iPhone 3G: 4.5 x 2.4 x 0.48 (inches)

I was planning on buying this BB the moment it comes out but after reading this I want to get my hands on it right now! This is really gonna give the iPhone a run for its money and I can't wait!!!

BGR posted about two weeks ago that the price was going to be $199. Who knows if that will hold now that Android phone is cheaper?

but did it say that the phone COMES with an 8gb micro SD card already installed!? So im not going to have to pay a lot more $$ for the extra space!? wow that was my ONE hesitation and reluctance to getting this phone.... having to shell out hundreds more for space. Now i THINK thats not an issue :)

Hey dude, I am wondering how big it is? I have Pearl, it fit in my front right pocket good, I am hope it size as the Curve????? Please let me know!! Thanks, I really like that Storm!!!


Are you seriously asking this question? Three people posted the specs above and compare it to the iPhone and Curve specs. Please read the other comments before posting.

Are you seriously asking this question? Three people posted the specs above and compare it to the iPhone and Curve specs. Please read the other comments before posting.

Hey all, not to say I did not believe all the post and everything but I received a flyer in the mail for the Storm now I beleive and I can not wait until I get it.

And an entire page 2 of the slides is missing! (page number in bottom right corner not engadget's numbering)

i dont understand why people make a big issue about missing wifi. if u get a data plan and run the phone on 3g, it doesnt really matter whether u have wifi. maybe at home or office, but u have a computer there.

I think I see a lock button on the top (lateral) edge of the phone just like the Bold. There appears to be another button on the other top corner- any Idea what this might be?

Is verizon going to make it such that you have to have the most expensive plan in order to buy the storm???

they did it for the lg voyager.

you have to add the 30 dollar data plan, I mean what's the point of a blackberry without the data plan?


that has to be the worst question asked.

i meant whether or not you had to get the select, premium, or 65 plus plans....... but thanks for trying to be a dick about it.

yes all blackberrys require a data plan but as mentioned prior to my comment is 29.99 for the unlimited BIS email and web and no the Voyager DID NOT require a data plan just Nationwide Price Plan with MB rating instead of minutes of use ... and Nationwide Price Plans are the exact same cost and # of minutes as the old America's Choice Plans. Please do research before posting.

November 1st is the expected time of release based on the first piece of "leaked" *cough*Given out for free marketing*cough cough* information (the marketing email given to the VZW GMs). Now, with all these finalized specs about the Storm coming out, I believe they are on schedule for that date.

If this is correct, I know I'll be the 1st one in line to get me one!

Hmmm...RIM is saying that there is "standalone and assisted GPS" on this phone. Will Verizon say the same? Does this mean that Verizon is actually going to let users fully exploit their GPS if they have GoogleMaps, spotjots, Yahoo Go!, Beyond411, etc. installed?

If that's the case, then I might change my mind about this device and give it some serious consideration. If not, then I'll be switching to a provider that does.

The Presentation is from "verizon wireless" i dont understand your question, why would they put it in the presentation if they were not planning to have the featr on the phone itself it wasent a side note but its was a bullet on the presentation

what I want to know, is it comes with 8gb, but will there be allow to upgrade?
I know the new HTC's are able to handle 16gb SD.
That would be great if it could handle 16gb or more.

anyway, this phone kicks ass and I can't wait to get it, my friend works for verizon and is putting one aside for me when they come in.

No one knows for sure. It stands to reason RIM & Verizon are touting the removable, replaceable memory because it can be upgraded. Its nice they plan to ship with 8GB as that is the largest microSD card available right now. What is unknown is if the card reader in the phone can handle anything larger, for when a 16GB or 24GB microSD card is available.

My guess is it can handle a larger card otherwise why not save some space and put the memory inside the device - sans the external port with microSD card cage.

The only thing I'm worried about still is how this is gonna work with SYNC in my lincoln. Maybe i'll have to play the music over bluetooth from my phone, but it won't be controlled by the car's controls. Or I can just keep the music in 2 places I guess, on the phone and on a USB flash drive. Hmm.


No offense to any of the previous posters here, but I haven't seen one comment regarding its ability as a business smartphone, in particular composing and replying to e-mail.

The large screen and other multimedia features is impressive. What isn't impressive to me is no WiFi (how tough can that be in this day and age. RIM could make it an extra-cost option for those of us who want it), and no qwerty keyboard. Now that I'm used to using the qwerty keyboard on my Curve, I can't imagine pecking away on a virtual keyboard. I'll check it out when and if Bell Mobility ever decide to carry it. I'm glad that RIM is continuing to udate the Curve.

like it really is a must have. I'm prepared to pay retail unless I really don't love it in person! Thanks for the updates!