Leaked: Tutorial videos for the BlackBerry Bold 9790 "Bellagio"

By Bla1ze on 21 Jul 2011 09:43 pm EDT

If you're not really a fan of the BlackBerry Bold 99xx series and are more comfortable with the current Bold series devices then the BlackBerry Bold 9790 will likely appeal to you. The device, known as the "Bellagio" was already spotted on camera a few times already and as noted then, should arrive packing most of the same specs as the BlackBerry Bold 99xx series including its touch screen and 8 GB of internal memory. No word on release dates or anything like that but we now have the tutorial videos from the device -- you can find two more of those after the break. Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on the device.

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Leaked: Tutorial videos for the BlackBerry Bold 9790 "Bellagio"


Wow... they have a lot of BB flavours to choose from now!... imagine when you get to choose different colours too? You can have a different BB and colour for each day of the week ;)

This device is cool, RIM (+carriers) need to release the 9900 already. Can't let it bake for too long. When people are hungry they tend to eat whatever cooks first :o( even though it might not be the best choice.

I like your analogy,

although, if the 9900 was a cake baking in the oven, it would be the consistency of a hockey puck by now... I would still eat it

Not exactly sure why RIM made this. It could be cheaper than the 9900/9930. Or it could be just for China (like the 8910).

Why not make it, not everyone wants a Bold the size of the 99xx.. plenty are happy with the current Bold 97xx series and want that size.

Well it's the whole idea of cutting projects and focusing on only core projects. It's what many of those open letters talked about (too many projects for teams at RIM because managers are afraid to say "No"). What Steve Jobs did when he took power in 1997 was cut projects (was talked about in the link in the 1st open letter). Anyways, I would rather RIM save costs and focus only on a few key projects. There's no benefit in spreading the company too thin.

IF the Spec for the 9790 are the same as the 9900 then they have streamlined and reduced projects,

Also the 9900/9930 are sitting waiting for Carrier approval, so much of the design team are free to pursue the next device,
and this being a Refresh form factor again minimizes design team.

IF!! they kept the screen resolution the same as the 99XX with the greater dpi then OS development would be running together as well.

RIM Can't just focus on one or 2 phones since RIM is known for many flavours. as long as they start working to minimizing fragmentation between the OS's

There is no way the specs can be the same because of the increased size of the Bold 9900. At most, the keyboard will be smaller and the same goes for the screen. It's already kind of pointless using a touchscreen on a 2.8" screen, imagine doing it for a 2.5" screen.

Also, RIM should focus on just a few products. That's what made them great in the first place.

This releasing newer devices mere months after one never wins over consumers. Ask owners of the curve 8900, the Tour etc. They spent hundreds on devices only to see newer ones, with stuff like 3g, trackpad added mere months later.

How many people will now not buy the 9900 Bold because they believe this is just around the corner? People want "One Phone to Rule Them All" just like the iphone or Samsung Galaxy SII etc.

RIM should've just focused on releasing a new Bold 9900 flagship QWERTY, a new Touch flagship, and a lower-end Curve style phone. That's it. That's 99% of the market for most BlackBerry buyers. In this world, no one cares if there are 45 million sales of $10 or free Curve 8520's without contract. that's why Nokia moved away.

I was going to say you do have a point, but then I realized that the galaxy 2 example wasn't fair either.
Samsung doesn't sell one phone. They sell a lot of different other ones.

Just because the one flagship is the hit in North America, doesn't mean they would necessarily work in other places.

People may talk about the Moto Droid or Atrix, but the hit in China is this rounded, thick touchscreen phone with 2 SIM slots. Go Figure.

As for me, I didn't choose an iPhone because I do want more choice. I wanted a good keyboard, and for me, communication speed trumps how pretty the UI looks. I still remember the days when I paid for a landscape keyboard app for the iPod touch so I could type faster.

To each their own - I'm sure the diminuitive size compared to the 9900 would mean something to a lot of people. Hold that thought til you have hardware on your hands.

Honestly, this is exactly what is wrong with RIM. Why the hell are they wasting development resources on this device? I am an avid Blackberry user and follow the developments of new devices (as evidenced by my reading of Crackberry.com) and as far I can tell, there is no actual difference between the Onyx III and the Bold 99xx. How do they expect an average (or even slightly above average) consumer to tell the difference. Will they even care?

RIM's undoubtedly has two development teams working on basically identical devices. How much sooner do you think they could have developed and qualified the 99xx platform? 3 months sooner? 6 months sooner?

This device looks compelling. It might be a great device, but the point is it's the same exact device for most consumers as the 99xx platform. If I'm missing something, please someone clarify. (Yes, I know one is slightly smaller, but the point is - make one device. If the 99xx is such a monstrosity for most customers, develop just the smaller device.)

In my opinion, RIM would be much improved by knocking off 50% of their current models and clearly defining a "flagship" product. Then, they can focus on a variety of form factors like Torch, Storm, Pearl, but they probably don't even need all three of those. Between Onyx III and Bold 99xx, they're going to confuse consumers and not even provide better choice.

Development resources were rather being wasted on PlayBook without 3/4G & e.g. RIFID/NFC features. Useful tablets do need such things on board much more than cameras on the back. 9790 is very good idea. People liked 9700 and 9780, so will like 9790. 9900 seems to be too big for plain personal use. 9900 mainly is for business users, as 9000 was. 9790 is a device for everyday and everywhere use. Good job with it, RIM! :)

So everyone thought this device was not coming to market, assuming it was an early prototype for the 9900....kinda cool to see that RIM is making this, or at least appearing like they're making this.

Wonder does this mean, Crackberry Kevin will go to waterloo and do another video of "I got the Bold 9900! *runs away and gets held up by security*" ...:p

Bellagio is a city in Italy. Pretty sure naming this had nothing to do with the hotel, Ocean's, or Vegas.

Everyone's a critic.

Take a chill pill dude; let the guy crack a joke. sh*t.

Good looking phone. To all the naysayers out there saying this is redundant and stupid ... RIM has always produced high end and low end BB's of similar form factors. While the 9900 may share some similarities with this phone, there is no redundancy here. This Bold will be smaller than the 9900. Odds are, it will also be made of lower quality materials and cost less. It's a BB for those of us who don't need or want the added size of the 9900 and/or those of us who don't want to pay extra for the stainless steel sides and woven glass battery cover.

I like having the ability to give up some of the fancy materials and size, but still get a similar phone for a lower price. Not all of us have money to blow through on new phones whenever we feel like it.

Ok I am really getting tired of all the cool videos, pictures, etc. I have a POS tour that is dieing and cant get a new BB. i dont want a 9650 I want a 9930. Just release the damn thing.

Why do I need a tutorial if you cant put your hands on one. Sorry just getting really frustrated having to use a phone that is not working well on OS 5

I can see why lots of people are getting annoyed/frustrated by all these leaks for months and months and still nothing in our hands LMFAO!!!

Yup. Lots of us would LOVE to help increase their market share ....

I'm waiting on YOU RIM .... you want me to dump android and come back to BBerry? ..... I'm waiting on YOU!


I am sorry but I really don't see the point of this. Why do we need both a 9900 and this? Is RIM trying to make life harder on themselves?

What RIM should be releasing this year is a 9900/9930, a 9810/9830, and a 9350/9360. There is no point in bothering with any more form factors then that...

I HUGELY disagree

RIM needs to have updated hardware for all their existing customer base,

They have the "Classic Bold" 9900/30
They have the Curve qwerty 9350/60
They have the Torch qwerty 9810/30
They have the Torch Touch 9850
and now the "New Bold" 9790
and hopefully we see a new Pearl
and a Low cost Curve Touch in the coming months.

They need to have devices for every market they need BBOS to be worth while developing for, as long as they are keeping hardware similar across the devices and streamlining OS development then I think this is a great move. ONLY Apple has does well with a single product offering, and ONLY Apple can be Apple.

I wouldn't expect to see a pearl anytime soon, it mostly existed to convert candybar featurephone testers over to blackberry and that role will probably be filled by that all touch curve that we have seen leaked since most feature phones are all-touch rather than candybar these days.

I have to agree with you......strongly.

It's about choices, and sometimes subtle/subliminal things too. So you go to the "phone" store. You see the iPhone and a few Droid devices. If there is one BB there, you may not even pay any attention to it.

But if there is a family of BBs, occupying an entire display shelf by themselves, you are more likely to notice it. And with those options, you may have comfort "feeling" that there is one there to suit your needs.

This works for me. Sure, my next phone will likely be the 9930 (from my 9650), but I think it is great that there are options (brewing).

By that argument people would be going into a phone store and saying "oh, there's only one type of IPhone, can't be that good"

This is what I thought the BB story was morphing into:

Welcome to the Blackberry Display:
We are proud of our two major lines, the high end Bold Series and the everyday Curve. Both come loaded with GPS-A, touch screens and all the security that makes BB the legend it is. Our latest operating system runs on all our smart phones, BB 7. With a great webkit browser with flash support, you get all the web a mobile phone can handle. BB App World contains the best of the best with apps to customize your BB your way.

Bold phones feature our fastest processors, highest resolution screens, tough construction and great cameras with flash. The Bold comes in 3 flavors: Iconic, Slide and our thinnest phone: the Bold Touch. Built tough enough for business, these smart phones are powerful for anything you throw at them. And the Icon has the widest keyboard of any blackberry, making a statement and accommodating bigger thumbs All three are available for $199 with a 2 year contract.

The Curve line is our everyday smart phone. A little smaller than the Bold series, the Curve line feels great in one hand, still has those BB security and Communications features, and can even adapt to business users wanting something a little smaller. The Curve comes in two flavors: Iconic and Touch. Get the one that best suites you: $99 with a two year contract.

All BB's no matter the line features our famous encryption so good that foreign countries see it as a national security threat. Our devices are for communicating: Text, message, Chat, email, facebook and twitter all in one place seamlessly. And BB's are known for their legendary call clarity.

For those of you looking for a contract-free device, look to the only full-feature phones on the market, bb6 by Blackberry. "bb6" gives you all the blackberry communication basics on a simple device that's easy to afford. And when it comes to Apps bb6 owners can download any of the 1000's of existing Blackberry Apps users have come to know and love over the years. bb6 comes multiple formats, features and colors depending on your carrier, ranging in price from $77 to $199 without a contract.

Blackberry: Don't just communicate, connect.

So what's the story:
The "real" blackberries come in to levels, High End and Everyday. All phones have the same features within each line, people need to choose how much I want to spend and then which of the form factors they love most.

For no-contract/low cost Phone, a plethora of non touchscreen phones built cheap on the existing hardware, tarted up with color or boldly done cases and maybe a nice overlay/theme so the interface looks fresh. either BB6 or BB5 would work

Choice is great but BB is not defining what they do, and right not there is no clarity.

Pearl & Style form factors are DEAD guy. Sorry.

They are moving to all touch and these 2 don't fit in. Although there are some interesting ideas out there for the unique 2 screen functionality of the Style with touch integration.

The drawback to your plan is that there will be some countries that might not like the 9900 or other countries only want to sell qwerty blackberries but still wanted a range, so this is probably aimed at those countries and it won't actually be offered globally.

Man.. RIM is truly the foremost company in the world when it comes to leaking out prototypes that nobody will ever get to buy.

Is this just some Canadian business joke that I don't get? Where you pique the interest of a customer and then never actually sell them anything?

Well it sure beats this "sarcasm" thing all these non-Canadian folk seem to crack up about!

- A Canadian living in the US

the usb plug at the buttom of the phone will be very inconvenient trying to type when it is being charged....

But it will dock standing up, which is nice.

More importantly, will the 1st relevant new device in a year have 4G? At least the diehards will buy, but that's not going to go over well on shelves next to more sophisticated phones with consumers wanting the best new phone.

LOL. Seriously. I saw that and thought to myself, "that's a great idea!" I wish the 9900 was like that. But I'll just get the dock for it. But I can't imagine using a tour or bold 9650 while its charging

i don't have to be the first to say that i told you so this device was not earlier prototypes of the 9900.this was the real deal for the 9700 series.so guess 9700/9780 lovers will be liking this one.

They should just drop the curve and replace it with this. 9700/curve lovers will love this phone, the other will have the 9900. Then the torch and full slab torch would be a good line up, definitely hold them over until QNX. They don't need anything other, just focus on QNX and the playbook!

You must not be a Curve lover.

I have multiple devices, and the keyboards between the Curve and bold series are dramatically different.

those who love the Curve, wont love the bold if it is the Keyboard they love, just as people who love the bold don't love the curve.

What the...?

Just when I thought there was hope at BB this comes along.

What is this? Why is it necessary? what's special about it? Am I suppose to be excited? All I see is another phone in a disjointed, poorly named, incomprehensible lineup of random devices too bewildering to figure out.

Torch? Curve? Bold? I'm giving up and storming over to the Android and Apple side of the store!

That's exactly what I did, I'm an happy SGS2 owner since last month but still visiting crackberry twice a day, waiting for a WOW device that will make jump back.... Still haven't seen any...Maybe that Torch 9860....Cmon RIM!

Right, six4seven: more about the bod than the brain hey? Well, don't know if that goes for your wife/husband, too? Not such a bad idea; I'm having a devil of a time winning any kind of argument or discussion at home, even if I try to tune out her looks that keep distracting me...

But on the subject of phones: I agree that on the outside, it doesn't seem to be the most useful device. On the other hand, if development was parallel with the real beauty-in-waiting, the 99xx and thus did not interfere with the timeline for that most anticipated phone, then OK, just try and reach the small number of people (I think) that will actually think the 9900 is too big but want the functionality. They will most likely have smaller hands and probably find some use for the touchscreen as wel...

Posted by six4seven Thursday, Jul 21, 2011 8 hrs ago
I'm not expecting much with the OS, but I want that sexy body!!!

I'm vain, what can I say.

Ufff ya pensaba que me cambiaria al 9930 pero con este lanzamiento me espero al 9790 ya que soy fan del bold pero mas pequeño, el 9930 me parecia muy grande,,,,espero que el 9790 tenga toda la configuracion de la serie 99XX

Sigh, another stop gap refresh phone? I am only interested in QNX phones and development. My Tour feels like it's going to die soon and I don't really want an interim phone and find out phones that can run QNX will need better specs.

People are dying for a new phone and that craving will be fulfilled with the 9900 for the back-2-skool rush. Expect this version of the Bold to be the x-mas blockbuster avec 4G. It could be coming in November 2011.

This form factor is by far the best looking BB to date and many people prefer the size. Hopefully it comes with a higher res screen and all the same features and spec the 9900 has. If so, I may hold on to my 9780 a bit longer and get the 9790 upon release. I need to play with the 9900 first to determine if I go that route.

I completely agree with you, some features of the 99xx series are kinda iffy for me so I would also need to play with the 99xx series before I decide to update my 9700 (yes original 9700). Love the 97xx series form factor vs the 9000

This phone will maintain the resolution of the 9700. N4BB leaked the wallpapers for this device last week and they are 480 x 360. It should have better battery life because of it though.

I will skip the 9900 and get this device. I love my 9700.

Wow! You can browse the INTERNET on your phone! Save images and make them your wallpaper?! Awesome! Oh wait, I forgot this isn't 2001 and that is no longer impressive.

love the size of my 9700 going on two years now and am not on contract w/t-mo. hope this makes it to the U.S. b/c ive got the new bb itch now and it has been a while!!1