Leaked training slides show off internal overview of BlackBerry Bold 9780

BlackBerry Bold 9780
By Bla1ze on 19 Aug 2010 12:01 pm EDT

Looking to get some more details on the BlackBerry Bold 9780? Boy Genius has just unleashed a bevy of training slides from Research In Motion which show off the specs and even how the company views the device from a marketing standpoint. Not much really new, that we didn't already know in the documents when it comes to specifications but the insight as to how RIM views the device is rather interesting to see.

Personally, I love my BlackBerry Bold 9700 and really am excited to see the minor changes that will be arriving when the BlackBerry Bold 9780 launches. Although, that 624mHz Marvell processor feels like it should have gotten a bump. How do you all feel about the 9780? Is it enough to make you want to purchase one or would you have liked to see more changed?

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Leaked training slides show off internal overview of BlackBerry Bold 9780


Haters? They're right. This phone is just another refresh. RIM couldn't have released this as the 9700 earlier this year? They have clearly lost it as a company. What's the strategy going forward? I see nothing. "powerful" processor and a little more memory. I used to enjoy RIM but released like these make it obvious they're too far behind the curve.

Exactly, they call this "powerful processor" hahahaha. Like every single RIM device, they're all a rip off.

Most of us still love the original BOLD! The 9700 felt too much like a curve and although it had upgraded specs, felt too tiny for me.

Where is the Bold 9080 Refresh??? Since it is bigger, they can make the resolution and bigger screen into a 640 x 480 screen easily. Add a 5-8 MP camera, a 2 MP camera on the front for video conferencing, add 1 GB app memory since OS6 takes up like 230 mb, add at least an 800 MHz or 1 GHz processor.

I've been a BlackBerry user for over 5 years and I think now is the time to move on. RIM just doesn't get it anymore. They used to be cutting-edge and leading the rest of the pack in the smartphone game and now they're barely playing catch-up.

All they've added in this bold 9700 refresh is more app memory and a little bit better camera.

Damn i love my 9000 and i am patiently waiting for a new phone the size of the 9000 with at least up-to-date specs.. WTF is wrong with RIM? To alot of people the 9000 was the best form factor BB and i think that RIM is obviously smokin drugs because this is the one device that has been left out in the cold. I dont love the 9800, the 9700 is to small and the new flip phone... come on. When is RIM going to get serious about listening to its customers? If there is no 9000 refresh before my contract is up than i swear i will not buy another BB

Voicing disappointment does not make someone a hater. Now if someone were to break into a RIM facility to interrupt assembly line operations, that would be hating. The comments on the BGR article show that people are truly fed up with BlackBerry constantly rehashing a losing formula. The processor wasn't cutting edge in 2008 and it's mind-bending why it's still being used now. That's not hatred. That's being let down when better ideas exist that would make devices better.?

I will buy it only if it comes out in white at this point. I don't see the need to upgrade anymore when I have plenty of space to do what I need on my 9700 - plus the OS6 doesn't really excite me so that's not even a consideration for me.

It will come in white... run with OS6... run WebKIT... basically a Torch in Bold style (w/o touch-screen obviously)

Kind of makes me disappointed to own a standard 9700, with this one being released so soon after.
I can't change due to my contract either, so I'm hoping OS6 will run smoothly on my 9700.

microSD 32 GB supported "HIgh capacity also usable for applications"

does that mean what i think it means?

I'd suspect it means that folks can tuck in the newest 32GB micro SD card and then install applications to it - I'd be curious to know if there was any performance issues from doing so.


No. It's like the 9800. Applications can use your MicroSD for storage of files if it wants instead of internal flash memory. All applications are on internal flash memory, no exceptions.

oh i thought they finally managed to let people install apps on the memory card.

oh well...

but i think that the 9800 having 4GB of internal memory is good enough to not want to install anything on a memory card ever.

*too lazy to construct proper sentences*

Soooo....the executable runs from the internal flash, but files for the application like images, videos, etc., can be stored on an SD card and then just referenced from there by the app?

Shouldn't that allow for rather large(and media rich) apps now? I can't imagine the executable portion of any program being all that large. Hell, God of War 3's was only 6MB.

If I didn't already have a 9700, then I would definitely get this. But with the 9800, I think I'll get that and live with the 9700 until another update comes along.

Who am I kidding, I'll get both the 9800 and the 9780.

Honestly, the "powerful" 624MHz CPU is quite powerful. For example, those 65nm Snapdragon at 1GHz eat up the battery in a few hours while honestly giving little to no noticeable difference from a slower CPU on daily and regular usage.only on web rendering, video playback and gaming you'll notice it.

Only thing I regret is the lack of GPU (like the PowerVR SGX5x0) on these devices, other than that the Marvell PXA300 does the job reasonably well (albeit a slightly 800MHz would be better). For most BB users that I know, the usage is basically texting, emailing and communicating (neither of which fully stress a core)..

.. you're sorely mistaken. those 1ghz processors clock DOWN when idle and ramp up when needed.

the batteries get abused because those phones sporting snapdragons are used for more than just text an email.

bb is hovering just above feature phone status at this point. honestly i'm struggling to come up with a grand list of things a bb can do that a rumor2 or something cannot.

the list is pretty much:

push email
a very limited amount of apps due to space (and COST good lord!)

the processor needs to be faster but honestly and much more importantly.. they need to offer much more ram. for whatever reason blackberries dont have dedicated ram.. apps are stored within it.. so they cannot get away with just 512!!

768mb minimum would be my wish along with an 800mhz or more processor that would clock down when idle.

one more thing.. i know some will comment about not needing more than what rim offers. alot of us want more from rim than what rim offers. there's room for both low end blackberries and flagship blackberries. the problem right now is that the margin between an 8530 for example versus a 9700.. is neglible!! RIM currently has flagship devices in name only.. not specs!

You are exactly the type of consumer RIM loves. By that I mean you have no idea what you are taking about.

In 2008 RIM introduced the Bold 9000 that was the first BlackBerry to run with a 624Mhz processor it was one of my favorite phones that I have used. The phone was reasonably up to date compared to the competition other then the web browser. Unfortunately what RIM is trying to pull here is the relaunch of the Bold 9000 in 2010 with an upgraded camera and memory. The facts though are that in 2008 not many people had data plans and it was still cool to get email on the go and phones were still being judged on how good the camera is. 2010 though is a little different every smart phone can handle email relatively well and every high end smart phone is expected to have a good camera. RIM though is still stuck in the mentality that having a BlackBerry is something cool and having a good camera is something to showoff about. Now days people want to do more with there device watching HD videos on the go, taking HD videos, hooking up there phone to the tv, being entertained with games, having a browser = to the one on there computer, etc.

I recommend trying out a high end Android and use it for a month. Then talk all the SH*T about Android and the competition for using a high end specs and having a different view on what a cell phone can be.

Until then please shut up about people not needing a faster processor as the tasks you say most BlackBerry users do on there phone are texting, emailing and communicating. If this continues BlackBerry will soon become the next feature device with a nice brand name with a high price.

Its has some nice upgrades but not enough to make me purchase it over my 9700...if ima spend 500+ on another device it will be the 9800

Not really much of an upgrade that would make me drop my 9700 and move over.

My upgrade is due in March '11 and i'm hoping that 9800 will be on it's second iteration by then

that you can use the SD card for apps now. That it will come stock with OS 6 - though will be interesting to see how that translates without the touch screen.

I too wish they had upgraded the processor to the next gen, something to compete with the 1ghz Snapdragons would be sweet.

Initially I thought I would wait for this phone but playing with the 9800 the other day I think that will be my next phone when my Novemeber upgrade date comes along

ya you knew the sarcastic power procs comments were going to follow... but meh is my reaction to this. they don't wana keep up w/ the new hardware for mobile device, then i'll go with another company who does.

Look at the Motorola Charm...it has a touchscreen. We need that on the Bold and a 1mhz processor at least.

RIM, you really have to get with the program and speed things up.

First I've seen this claim. If they are speaking of apps using the space for backups (ie Berryweather; caller id; etc) that is available in OS5. If they mean apps saved to the SD - - Well that is a breakthrough that I'd have thought we'd had heard leak looooong loooong before now. What's your take?

meh, the processor should be bigger, and still only 512 of internal flash....SanDisc Just released a 64 GB SSD drive the size of a postage stamp....I have a storm 1, and like it, but RIM needs to step the game up a little....

I think you meant "faster" rather than "bigger". It should be smaller in fact, for it to be better (lower power consumption due to smaller fab process). But as I have said above, you don't really need a 1GHz processor to have a high-end phone (especially if you need/want to hold a full day away from the plug with intense use). More GHz do not always mean better performance.
RIM should use a 700-800MHz A9 core instead of those A11 or A8 ones.

right, I would not want a p4 size processor in my phone, I mean bigger as in htz/ghz...well if I wanted to spend more time from my charger, please give me a slightly higher capacity battery as well please, maybe 1600-1900 mAhr range

This is a "refresh." This phone is not intended for people who currently have the 9700. Would you rather they continue selling the 9700 or refresh it and bring it up to spec with the current OS? If you want a new phone, go get the Torch. This will be a great phone. For those who want a 1GHz processor on this device, I just want to know what for? I can understand wanting a 1GHz processor on a touchscreen device but what's the point of having it on a non-touchscreen device?

Couldn't care less about the small upgrades to the internal hardware to be honest with you, as long as they build this thing like a tank! That's what business customers want more than anything else. If they are going to charge as much as they do for phones then they need to build them to last, like they used to.
Build it like a tank and I'll gladly buy it, even though it's only an incremental upgrade from my 9700.

Although I don't suppose that the case industry that has sprung up around these now flimsy phones would be too happy if RIM started to build 'em like it used to.
Like the AV industry would be extremely unhappy if they suddenly made Windows secure.

Nokia was the best phone that I ever had; when you dropped it, it kept right on working. It was also easier to get new face plates for them, and like you said Veii, it was built like a tank!lol

All we need in new bold is..1ghz processor, 2.8 to 3.0 inch display, 512 dedicated ram, 5mp camera.....in bold 9000 form factor.

The new Bold 9790 will have a 800mhz processor and 512 MB of RAM, but everything else will be the same.

OS6 will run less sluggish, but still be a POS.....


It is unfortunate that RIM can't build a road map of future devices more than 6 months away. STOP with these intermediate upgrades, stop with all these half ass upgrades (512 MB but same processor), consolidate the lines into TWO powerful devices (one touchscreen, one bold QWERTY).

The processor is not up to the standard with our other smartphone makers.
RIM doesn't still get it. The processor must be at least 1GhZ minimun

are releasing with processors clocked under 700mhz and no Open GL at the same time other smartphone manufacturer's are gearing up their first dual core processors clocked between 1.2 and 1.5.

RIM is excited to release devices with 512 megs of RAM to be shared among the OS and applications; again while other manufacturers are realsing devices with 512 dedicated RAM, and 4-16 Gigs of application and OS memory.

Despite the PR people saying their devices cost $100+ to make, the truth is that would be your cost, they are making these devices for pennies on the dollar, getting the carriers to supplement based on subscriptions and making nearly total profit for each of these devices sold.

$200 on a 2 year plan for their latest crop of devices? Only trapped BES users and those suffering some form of TBI.

The more I read the articles by crackberry.com on the BB Torch, the greater is my desire to acquire a BB Torch. This cell phone is everything I am looking for, with keyboard & touch screen. Keep posting those articles.

Thank you very much & have a nice day.



If these two are the same, iphone 4 has 512 MB of RAM. I don't know much but what I do know for sure...my iphone 4 is fast!

not sure what all the fuss is over processor speeds. Sure my 8900 has lag when I'm downloading something, but I assure you, NO CPU will allow me to type a message any faster!! I might be able load websites faster, but that could also be limited my connection speed, or the OS itself. 1GHz CPUs exist, and I"m sure RIM knows about them. I'm also sure RIM know what level of hardware the need to put into their devices to make them work. Could it be faster, yes but does it NEED to be faster, and at what cost? If you want the biggest fastest smartphone outthere, but a 21" all in one desktop, a cheep cellphone, double-sided tape, and a lot of battery power!

Not everyone using a BB is just typing messages..I am sure some would want more to there phones then messenging, if you wanted to just message people just get one of the LG Sliders or Samsungs or if BBM is a must get a curve for under $20 with 2 year subscription(VZW)...but being able to run the applications without the lagging, having better applications to run is what a lot of use personal users want to do, I bet many of the Business users would like to be able to do some of that stuff as well.

since you mentioned 1ghz phones i'm assuming you're referencing android phones. which in all reality allow you to use different keyboards, which in turn, when using ones such as swype, will indeed let you type faster. they don't lag, they don't freeze, they don't need to be restarted multiple times throughout the day. RIM is a few years away from releasing one, by that time 2.5ghz will be standard, the bottom line is RIM is dangerously behind the lead with anything, and what they have now is legacy, not future. i can get 36 hours out of my nexus one, overclocked at 1.1ghz, so battery life is not the sacrifice for power. there's no excuse on RIM's side other than at this point i have to think they're scam artists. these phones are no f'n different than they were 2 years ago, same screens, same cpu, same java OS (with an updated theme) same keyboard, same market share slipping, same stock prices dropping. same spinning clock of death.

RIM DOES know what hardware to put in their devices to make them work....WORK FACTORY STOCK WITH THE FACTORY APPS AND OS that is. Anything in the immediate future RIM doesn't know shit what hardware to put in.

In other words, RIM doesn't know how to future proof their devices. By the time the devices are released, they are DATED.

Case #1: Bold 9650...RIM had to have known that OS 6 was going to be released, yet they slapped on only 512 MB and kept the same Tour processor. Reports leaked OS6 is running sluggish on the 9650. I know it's still early to jump to conclusions, but it makes you wonder if a leaked OS6 is running sluggish, how slow is the thing going to run with actual data and apps on it?

Case #2: Torch....same sluggish processor, same 512 MB memory, same low res screen and same laughable camera. I guess RIM doesn't think beyond 6 months and it really shows. My company which analyzes cell phones, LAUGHED at the Torch we got in.

RIM is becoming a company that's being left behind in both terms of hardware, software, innovation, marketing, etc.

This is why no one should early upgrade for a new BB . Instead wait for your contract to be over and then go to different carriers and test the latest BB from each carrier .

I have my 9700. I like the new camera, but I'm good. The 9700 is supposed to get OS6 support so I see no need to upgrade...

I believe this device will be pretty much the same as the current BlackBerry Bold models already out. The Bold 9650 and the 9700. These devices all look the same with minor upgrades which should have been on the Bold 9000 which is like the best device as far as appeal and class. It have the best full QWERTY keyboard hands down, and a better form factor. I really would like to see a TRUE successor to the orginal BlackBerry Bold (BlackBerry Bold 9000).

A faster processor & better screen res would be nice. That would make it the device to beat!

I don't know if anyone noticed, but it said you can use the micro sd card to store apps on it. I guess everyone's prayers have been answered. Hehehe. Finally RIM is doing something smart..STILL CAN'T WAIT FOR OS6 ON MY 9700.

I just bought the 9700 in january and now they are coming out with a new model in less than a year. WTF. I don't have the money to get it and I don't have an upgrade available for a while

I think RIM needs to realize it needs more devices with more horsepower and the same build as the Torch. Does RIM realize Droid is a popular phone because of its Slide out keyboard? They should, some people cannot stand a virtual keyboard, while others can tolerate it but would love a touch screen. A Torch 2 maybe? Maybe a MUCH faster processor and a better quality camera? I mean I understand BlackBerry devices have never been about Cameras and apps, but RIM needs to know the game has changed ever since the iPhone came to the masses. App World is a joke, cameras are not very impressive. When you compare a Droid 2 to the Torch, the Droid 2 easily wins! Mobile hotspot, a 1ghz processor, and an operating system that has a lot of apps to offer(of course this is all dependent on the community). Regardless, RIM needs to amp up their native social networking apps. I know I have drifted off, but I am just saying, a couple of decent specs on a BlackBerry and everyone goes GAGA, have you seen what other phones can do? I love BlackBerry but I am not impressed with what they are doing now, I guess I have just changed my outlook on smartphones ever since using Android and iOS phones. Still the phone looks good and I suppose it will get BlackBerry OS 6 right out of the box so the Webkit browser should make it a better experience. It looks good, wouldn't say it's better than a lot of other phones. Ah crap a wall of text, sorry I love to rant.

"Personally, I love my BlackBerry Bold 9700 and really am excited to see the minor changes that will be arriving when the BlackBerry Bold 9780 launches"

You're really excited for those minor changes huh? Maybe you need to start upping your expectations a bit.

I'll take a good, hard look when they hit Craig's List or Ebay for under $200 unlocked, just as I did with my 9700.

the 9700 is cool and all but i haven't bought it cuz it was too old-ish! i mean, that 3.2 mp camera and other things i don't like...

now that this new device is about to be sold i'm gonna give my 8900 to someone and get the 9780! :D

oooooh a 624 MHz processor...color me underwhelmed. Am I the only one thinking RIM is just treading water technologically?

JMHO: they "blew" it 2x already. The Torch and now this 97XX. Bring back the 9000 already with all of these updates. Size does matter RIM and make sure you release it on TMO w/UMA capability and the darn thing will be big for RIM. I won't upgrade to the 97XX and I'm certainly not going to jump ship w/TMO for ATT. I'll keep waiting for RIM to bring out an updated 9000 but if I wait too long, watch out, because I've been checking out android. fyi: business user here and i'm really tired of this "teeny ass" keyboard.

OMG OMG OMG i'm so excited for this device. it doesn't have anything new inside of it OMFG /BITESNAILS RELEASE DATE??!?!?!?! oh wait..hmm same cpu as other phones 2 years ago... same old screen, cheap casing..hmm oh you RIM! you got me, i alsmot thought this was a new phone, lol good one. you silly gooses. selling the same identical phones every year, claiming them to be new. lol.

This looks like a nice phone but most 9700 users are still under contract and likely unwilling to pay the non-contract price for such an incremental upgrade. It would be a very nice step up from any other lower end model though.

This is hilarious the way RIM keeps getting yall. "powerful processor" Android is already bringing out 1.5 ghz later this year or early next. You guys still stuck on 624 mhz. And don't hit me with that what about battery crap. The reason my tour lasted a day and a half was because it couldnt do anything but emails. Now with this EVO I do everything on it. No wonder RIM is losing market share. And some of the people here are truly excited for this. Up your expectations!



r u kidding me? just double memory and 5mp camera? c'mon rim, your stock is getting hammered for a reason. step your game up

The BlackBerry Torch 9800 will be my LAST BlackBerry. After this I will switch to ANY cell phone and carrier that has phones with at least a gigahertz processor, as these new breeds of smartphones require NOTHING less than that to run efficiently. RIM is not advancing quickly enough in the cell phone market. They are the dinosaurs of the companies. All, or at least "most" other smartphones, have a 1 gigahertz processor, which should be the MINIMUM requirement now for all the new features on smartphones, ESPECIALLY ON TOUCHSCREENS. Sorry RIM, you aren't in the forefront like you used to be in cell phone technology. Now you are just playing catchup. :(

Interesting move with the ability to install apps on SD card and not before time. Hopefully that will help with some of the lag issues.
Most obvious to me is the point "powerful processor". What the hell? How is that powerful? They've put that same chip in handsets for 2 years now and I look around the market and that is NOT a powerful chip in comparison to competitors. I love my 9700 and was looking forward to moving up to the next model but I don't feel RIM have exactly pushed the boat out with this one.
Definitely looking forward to OS6 but lets see something fresh on the handset side also please.

I like the improvements made but I feel they should have bumped the processor a bit (800MHz - 1GHz), bumped the memory to 768, squeezed more pixels in to the screen and improved upon the video recording.

Regardless, I will be looking to upgrade my 9700 which I love.

Every time I see a Leaked new specs for a phone, I'm always disappointed at rim.... The more new phones come out the more they lag behind in comparison to competitors.........At the end of my Contract if they don't have a phone that at least can stand up to the Iphone..... I'm going to switch. Cuz RIM really...... your letting everyone kick you in the balls and your just taking it like a schoolyard nerd.... HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED

Keep non-touch screen phones like Bold and Curve real business phones (with pretty much current specs. 624mhz is plenty fast). No need to be too fancy.

But RIM MUST now pay more attention to the multimedia side of the phones like Torch and Storm. More powerful processor, openGL (cdma or not), much better display.

RIM are more than capable of doing it. But they are just too STUBBORN.

I don't think RIM knows what to do anymore. Compared to the new Android phones and iphone 4 this is crap... Adding a better camera doesn't make it competition for the rest of these phones that are coming out. Here's what RIM needs: Way better screen resolution, faster processor, be able to display more colors, better apps, a new BOLD 9000 sized phone and a lot more memory, at least 8 gb. They need to stop just adding 1 different thing to each phone and calling it new. Its not new or cool...

Love how it reads confidential in top right had corner..
i have the 9700 ill scoop it just cause its the newst bold to tmobile

RIM is in the business of moving units period!! they will keep on keeping on doing the same device change one thing and call it all new..I'm a true die hard blackberry fanboy. a sucker if you will.. got the 8300 then the all new 8310 comes got it the all new bold 9000 got the all new 9700 got it and like i said I'm a sucker and will get either the 9800 or the 9780. its all about units sold.. and we suffer cuz every 6 months they release a "new device and change 1 thing and we jump on it.. we will catch up to antidroid and iphoney in like for never...

I just need a BlackBerry with a trackpad, and working speakerphone and ringer. If I don't win the torch 9800, I'll have to save up for this one.

The trackball on my 8900 is hellish. and it doesn't ring. Pathetic.

I don't know what its gonna tale RIM to listen to the people who love and used Blackberry phones on a daily basis like I do. Why do they continue to ignore we the customers and do things their own way. Where is the innovation and design team who came up with the original Bold 9000? Did these people get fired? Who is coming up with these outdated form factor designs. Is the RIM innovation, design and engineering team made up of a bunch of old men and women in their 50's and 60's? Who is coming up with these lame phones? For Gods sake RIM, don't you know you are losing people like crazy to Android and Apple on a daily basis? Don't you care? For Gods sake, start giving us Blackberry users what we want. Don't you dare call a phone with a 624MHz processor an amzing phone. Who are you guys really fooling? Why can't we see a Bold flagship design with like a 1 or 1.3 gig processor and a super battery, with a combination touchscreen/qwerty keyboard, huge memory for apps, in a bar design to shame the competition. Why RIM? Why can't you do something like this for those of us that have been so loyal to you and have waited patiently(albeit losing that patience) for great things from you. You continue to slap us on the face with outdated for factors, low memory for apps, ancient processors, and an OS 6 which I know can be greatly improved including adding flash capability. Stop ignoring the people RIM, because if you do, I am one of many more who will painfully give up my blackberry and switch to Android or Apple or even the upcoming Microsoft phones. I am so tired of being patient with a company who drags their feet constantly and can't seem to catch up to the competition. Very sad indeed. I will give you guys till Christmas 2010 RIM, and if nothing major gets released by then, you will find me and many ex-Blackberry users at the local Android or Apple or Microsoft retailer. This just had to be said. Sorry if I offended any of my fellow Blackberry phone users but someone had to be blunt with RIM.

"Why do they continue to ignore we the customers and do things their own way", which means that they don't care and won't notice any of the issues you point out.

On another note....it did make me laugh when they said "Powerful Processor - 624 MHz".

I thought this was supposed to be HSPA+. Anyways the 9700 is still awesome and this will sure top it.

I'm not gone lie, i love my Bold 9700 but this phone, i mean the capabilities, i freakin love it. If i can afford this by the holidays, I will get it, one for me and one for my girl just like the Bold 9700.

This re-badging of a handset that came out just last November is a prime example of why RIM is headed in the wrong direction. Instead of making the 9700 with adequate memory to run OS 6 when the handset was released, RIM skimped and only gave it enough memory to adequately run the current OS 5...whatever...at the time of release. Now, they find themselves in quite a precarious position: A handset that's been out for roughly 9 months and it obviously won't have the horsepower to adequately run OS 6, so those of us with a 9700 (I didn't purchase mine until this past Feb) are stuck with the same old crappy web browser and lack of better features because the manufacturer went on the cheap and didn't pack enough memory into the 9700. Comparisons will always be made and I'm not one to compare- we all have our "smartphone" preferences and mine has always been Blackberry; however, even the nemesis Apple "gets it". Their handset that is 2+ years old runs their latest OS. Users shouldn't be required to continually purchase new hardware to keep up with software...especially when most people can only get the "after rebate" price every two years. Something else RIM can learn from Apple- Give your current customers, like those of us on a Bold 9700, some kind of deal so that we can pick up the newer models for the "after rebate" price- it isn't the carrier contract that's the problem- As Apple proved, people will stay locked into contracts forever to continue getting the new iPhone. I see that strategy as a win-win for all parties involved...Wake up, RIM.

There was a time when AMD was beating Intel and was the processor everyone wanted for their gaming machines. Then something happened and Intel passed AMD for gaming boxes. Then the folks who were waiting and waiting for the newest Athlon just went "meh" to every new offering. I see the same thing happening to RIM. Like a couple years ago when the 9000 came out. People impatiently waiting, until the day AT&T started selling it. I haven't seen buzz like that with a BB since the Storm. Maybe I've missed it. Now that the Android and iPhone are kicking RIM's rear, people are unimpressed. I'm included in that. This model is so obvious to be just a recycled model with only slight differences. The same old rehashed phones is getting old.

Now then, what it would take for me to stick with a Blackberry is a Torch the size of a 9000 with a faster processor, better screen, and something compelling. I love my 9000 but doubt it will ever see the new OS. I love my 9000 but it needs a new trackball. I love my 9000 because I can type on it without much problem. I was considering the 9800 but my contract is up in January and there might be something better by then. I don't see upgrading until then because at that point it gives me more choices. I'll likely stick with BB because I cannot type on any touchscreen (some worse than others). I sure hope RIM comes out with something better by then.

Please note that after many happy work years, and scroll wheels with BB, I spent the past 2 with an IPhone 3G. I'm switching back to BB because I miss it's dependability, battery life, BBM, multitasking, keyboard... Furthermore, THE MAIN reason I'm leaving Apple is because you can't use a 2 year old phone on the latest IOS. It rendered mine and every other 3G iPhone so slow and useless that I want to smash it against a wall every time I use it. The only reason I'm suffering with it us because I'm waiting until the new berries come out this fall. I could care less if I have a 624 mghz processor vs 1ghz processor if the battery works for more than half a day and I can actually multitask. Yes, even if you can stand the slowness, the 3G still can't multitask! A 2 year old piece of crap. Anyway, I'm rambling... The point is that Apple could care less about
their customers, and while BB is behind the curve with
Hardware Specs, at least they offer choice, and a useful
tool. Beyond games, and mostly useless Apps, I'll gladly
take the 9780/R020 when it comes out. After reading many posts here over the past few weeks, I'd say most people who comment offer good insights and valuable info, but many others just need to get a life. It's just a phone...


if i didn't already have a 9700 and was still on my 8100 i'd probably go for the 9780.

i remember when the 9700 was coming out all the 9000 owners were claiming it was similar to the 3g to 3gs upgrade for iphone? well to those who still feel that way, what's the 9700 to 9780 then?