Leaked T-Mobile roadmap shows off nameless BlackBerry launch in September

Leaked T-Mobile roadmap shows off nameless BlackBerry launch
By Bla1ze on 8 Jul 2010 09:02 am EDT

Ahh, roadmaps. Sometimes they are great in giving us a few at a lot of upcoming devices for some carriers and other times they fail to deliver on the real details. This one, while interesting fails to deliver for us in the BlackBerry world. While the focus here from the source Androidspin is that of well..Android devices we here at CrackBerry couldn't but help notice that RIM logo sitting amongst the crowd.

Sadly, the leaked road map lays no claim to which device exactly it is that we should be on the lookout for. Given a guess, I'd say it was most likely to be the BlackBerry Pearl 3G but that, has been brought under fire by a few of my colleagues who shall remain unnamed so as to not tarnish their rep. However, if I'm wrong-- which I could quite possibly be, I'm not gonna worry about it too much cause really I'm hoping for it to be something a little more interesting than a device I've had for over a month now.

So that said, what device do you all think it may be? Maybe something with BlackBerry 6 on it? I truly hope so. Possibly the BlackBerry Pearl 3G? It's certainly possible considering no US carrier has launched it yet. Sound off in the comments and here's to hoping it's some super, duper secret device that RIM has kept hidden in the deep, dark bowels of Waterloo never to be seen before unless called upon.

Source: Androidspin
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Leaked T-Mobile roadmap shows off nameless BlackBerry launch in September


Funny......this blog entry is almost identical to what I posted in the TMO forum yesterday!

Someone suggested it may be the curve 9300. I'm hoping for the slider as I'm due an upgrade in november. But then again there's that rumor of ATT having a short term deal with the slider.

In anycase, it better be something with blackberry 6!

I doubt it's the pearl 3g (would be nice if it was). If I had to guess, I would say the 9300 is next for tmobile.

It's already been rumored since WES last April that TMO is outright passing on the 9100 in favor of whatever new Curve is coming.

I think it's a mistake, but they can pass on it if they want. I'm on AT&T, and hopefully they will get the Pearl 3G because that's what I'm waiting on.

It could most likely be the 9300 seeing as it went through the FCC not to long ago. *sighs* Nothing to really get excited over. I'll just wait for the 9800 whether it be unlocked or T-Mo branded.

hi richard here from toledo ohio. my friend chris who works at t-mobile showed me the phones that are coming out to tmobile the blackberry pearl 9100, the android phones, claim vibrant and another one which has the amled or amleod app. the pearl will be out in aug i believe. i will have him print out the sheet and will fax it to you if you wish. u can call me at 419-377-8555 or email me at richardking59@gmail.com

Haven't they brought on ENOUGH Curves over the past 2 years all ready?

I am not a huge fan of a vertical sliding device, but the 9800 has been growing on me and I hope that's what they're bringing on. Curiosity has gotten to me and I'm ready to get a 2nd device (all though I love my 9700 just fine).

I cannot stand AT&T and am a happy TMO customer but I agree with Tequila. TMO is 3rd in terms of major US carriers and they are going to lose more customers by not getting the new BB devices everyone is buzzing about. Another curve? Really? That's it for the next SIX MONTHS?