Sprint Playbook shows Sprint launching BlackBerry Bold 9930 August 21st

By Michelle Haag on 10 Aug 2011 06:06 pm EDT
Sprint BlackBerry Bold 9930

Sprint announced the BlackBerry Bold 9930 last week, but didn't reveal the date it would be available for purchase, stating simply they would be available "this fall". We've been saying for awhile now that August 21st would be the date, and now that's been confirmed through the Sprint Playbook as well as the price which is listed at $499 outright or $249 on a two year plan. Awesome!!

Thanks Phil!

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Sprint Playbook shows Sprint launching BlackBerry Bold 9930 August 21st


yup $250, ill wait till it drops to less that 200 or find it on craigslist for 300 so i dont have to renew my contract.

yup, if they announced it was going to be 250 but for the 1st week it would be 199 or 200 i would grab it.
not to sound like a pompous ass but i wont pay over 200 for a phone on contract. off contract is a different story but if they have me for 2 more years im not going over that 200, lol

my 9650 is still running great even though it is in eol status, lol

Funny how T-Mo was the first U.S. carrier to publicly commit to eventually selling this phone and Sprint might eat their cookies as far as release dates. I guess the keyword here is "eventually"

Also, Sprint is still selling the 9650 (camera and non-camera) for $199 w/contract so I guess it might be okay for Sprint customers to consider the 9930 at a $50 premium. The 9650 was what made me switch to T-Mo for the 9780.

disappointed in the price since none of the Sprint phones are more than $199. Even the Motorola Photon which is my #2 choice after the Bold is $199. I may hold off for a while...unless I get $50 trade in from blackberry.com which would make it sweet

Sprint has the Motorola ES400S for $549 (with a 2 year contract) at that rate, the 9900 is wayyyyy underpriced.

I would buy it outright for $499 at no contract pricing and use my contract on something else if needed

just got the evo 3d, ready to get my blackberry back but dont know if im going tp pay 500 outright

a person can only wait for so long... if at&t doesn't announce their release dates for the upcoming OS7 devices i may start a riot

That's great news. I only hope we'll hear something from sprint soon. (which just so happens to be my carrier)

I've been waiting for years (4 to be exact) to own a Blackberry. Never have because of not having a capacitive touch screen and how slow they were. Not a fan of the Torch. The storm was the first blackberry I considered but the touch capabilities were terrible and I liked the Bold/ Tour form factor. Plus I also wanted a physical keyboard. Finally, the Bold with a touch screen and true processing power. I run a small business and went from Windows Mobile to Android. Neither one was particularly great. Can't wait until the 21st and at 499, awesome!

FYI just in case somebody thinks the ad above is a fake: I just called me local Sprint store to see if they have the Bold 9930's in stock. The rep told me no, they will be available on the 21st (of August).
I'm looking forward to spending my hard-earned money on this awesome phone. Well worth it.

I called customer service and also got confirmation that the new BBs are going to be available in Aug 21st. My upgrade is on Sept 1st so I have one more week after release but yay!!!

Can someone please answer me why Sprint is charging $250.00 on a 2yr updgrade/renew? Does it have a 8 or 16 GB microSDHC card preinstalled? I'm definatly calling and asking Sprint how they're justifing $50.00 more than Verizon?

Kinda have to wonder my self about a $250.00 price tag. 200 is the going rate foe new phones on contrct.

I'm excited for this, and sprint usually includes a micro sd card which could explain while there charging over 200. hmm to purchase contract or no contract thats the tough choice

Wutevs, I payed $450~ for the Bold 9650....which i promptly traded in on an Evo 4g.

Think i'll pay the price for this one as well...if it sucks bad...i'll look into the Photon 4g or Evo3d.

I think they do it for employers that dont want to equip employees with camera phones. Sometimes ignorance is bliss :).

Did anyone see the playbook ad for the Torch 9850? The ad states WIFI hotspot but no hotspot for the 9930? I wonder what gives...

Well well well, its finally here... it looks like my TOURing days are coming to a end!!! BlackBerry Bold 9930 come on home!

Not really sure what justifies the $250 price point? You're not winning fans by pricing your phone higher than comparable units that are $50 or less!!!

Well that's that. $250.00 is over my limit because then I still have to buy a case, Ghost Armor, additional battery, etc. I'd be in well over $325.00 when it's all said and done. Screw it. If it truely is $250.00, then it will be the most expensive phone in the Sprint Store. I talked with them last week about this phone, and the rep didn't know for sure how much it would be, but "assured" me that it wouldn't ever be over $199.00 upon release. I'll have to stick with my current BlackBerry OS6 phone for a while. No worries, but a bummer. I have to see this $250.00 pricing first hand on the 21st. It will come with an 8GB card, but so does the 9670 and that phone's free. They're not charging $50 for the 8GB card, so not sure.

No front cam and No Video out capability in 2010 upper tier smartphones is unexceptionable.
RIM needs to wake up get with the times.

I called Sprint yesterday, and the rep went through her memos and said that I had the latest info, that it was coming out in the fall.
I have a 9650 that works just fine, and will go off contract and wait for next years models, although from all of the reports, doesn't sound that promising hardware wise(1.2, single core) running QNX, although I swear I read somewhere that the Colt is a mockup, and the final hardware will probably be dual core.

I just spoke to a Srint Sales Rep and tried to pre-order the 9930. I was advised that no pre-orders are being taken but that the phone is being launched on August 17 (Thursday). This make more sense because August 21 is a Sunday, kind of a strange day for a release of a new phone to me.

Well... the Ad shown above, the playbook I saw in the Sprint Store, and damn near everything that has been posted on the subject in the last 3 months points to Aug 21st. Why is any day better or worse than others?

I am not saying there is a worse day, I am just saying that I do not recall a major new phone launch ever occurring on a Sunday. That just does not seem like the day this type of highly anticipated release would occur. I would think that a release on a weekday would seem more likely. I may be wrong and it appears that Sprint is now being hush-hush on the release saying, "it could be earlier or later".

When SPRINT does release this phone is it going to be 4G?? and does SPRINT still charge extra for the 4G service like they (did or do) for the other models? I had Sprint before but switched to TMO, now that there going to merge with ATT i want to jump ship before that disaster happens so Im not locked into any BS with (AllThatTrash)aka ATT

I just tried to get some more confirmation from Sprint via chat from their website. Here is the conversation. I think my rep must have been hungry because it would appear she had lunch on her mind.

Jessica: Thank you for visiting Sprint. What questions can I answer for you today?

You: Hi Jessica I just wanted to get confirmation that the new Blackberry Bold 9930 was going to be launching Aug 21st

Jessica: Hello

Jessica: I would be happy to assist and give you the detail information regarding lunching Blackberry Bold 9930.

Jessica: Let's move this chat and make it a window of its own. It will be out of the way and I can stay with you in case you have any questions or any concerns. Just click on the "Yes" button below and we can continue.

Jessica: Simply click on the white "Yes" button below and we can continue.

Jessica: Thank you for moving the chat.

Jessica: Just to check, are you currently a Sprint customer?

You: yes

Jessica: That’s great to hear!

Jessica: Yes you are right, it is going to be lunched. However, there date and time of lunching might be changed.

You: When you say changed do you mean it may come out sooner or be pushed back to a later date?

Jessica: It may be either sooner or later. However I can't commit on the exact date of lunching of this phone.

Jessica: Please kindly visit our website regularly to know the latest update.

You: I will Thanks for your time.

So Sprint still seems very hush hush about this. Regardless I am still very optimistic about the 8/21 "launch" date and will be there when the store opens that day.

I just lunched and it was great...way too funny.

I spoke with a Sprint rep through chat earlier and he still didn't confirm the launch date, just said to keep checking back for updates also.