Leaked Software Roadmap Shows BIS 4.1 and BlackBerry 7 Are Coming!

BlackBerry 7
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Mar 2011 04:59 pm EST

There's nothing better than leaked BlackBerry info on a Saturday! These new 2011 BlackBerry Software Roadmap slides (more below) show off some interesting details. Most of it is pretty basic and what you'd expect - updates to apps including Facebook, Twitter, Ticketmaster, Social Feeds, App World, BlackBerry News, etc.. Ugrades to BIS are also coming.

The most exciting item listed on the Roadmap above of course is the one coming last in the year, and that is BlackBerry 7 core integration. Though no other information is provided, you almost *have to assume* BlackBerry 7 would be the jump from the traditional BlackBerry Operating System we know and love (and occassionally hate on) to the QNX-based operating system that is used to power the BlackBerry PlayBook's BlackBerry Tablet OS. It makes sense RIM would go with a branding jump from 6 to 7 for a BIG OS change like that in BlackBerry Smartphones (especially considering we're about to see the move from BlackBerry 6 to 6.1). But who knows. It's early days and RIM has a lot of work ahead of them in pushing the PlayBook to market and building up that platform so it works in BlackBerry Smartphones as well. But damn... I have goosebumps. BlackBerry SEVEN. Exciting stuff. :)

Source: N4BB

BlackBerry Software Roadmap 2011 Information

BlackBerry 7

BlackBerry 7

BlackBerry 7

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Leaked Software Roadmap Shows BIS 4.1 and BlackBerry 7 Are Coming!


I woudn't take that to mean PHONES are coming out then that have BlackBerry 7 on them.. more so that RIM will be able to start putting it on phones. New hardware running the OS may be later. I think. Maybe. who knows. lol.  Remember also that it's been said in the past that QNX BlackBerrys would be dual core, which devices like Bold Touch and Torch 2 are not. It likely would be for a whole new era of hardware.

I'm pretty sure this just means that they'll start testing QNX or BB7 OS on phones in Nov/Dec. Right now, it seems all hands on deck are focusing on the PlayBook.

You know what rim is running out of numbers for their phones,I'm thinking Dakota 9220 montana 9250 torch 2 9900 monaco 9570 , and then come the qnx phones BAM! A new numbering system

BB 7 will not be a refresh of 6. RIM doing some strange things and releasing Playbook so late is one, but I betting on a new beginning. Just hope they will get it right and not like the Playbook release fiasco. Can't wait to see leaked shots of the new OS.

"PlayBook release fiasco"?!?!?! hahaha, they have said Q1 all along and it's still Q1. IF BGR is correct, it will be 10 days late. I would NOT call that a fiasco....you are too funny!

I still don't realize why people keep saying that RIM is going to miss their Q1 estimate. Do they not realize that RIM is speaking in terms of their own quarters? For RIM, who's fiscal year end is February 28th, their first quarter is from March until May. Granted it would be a little confusing to the average consumer but when a company speaks about Q1 or Q2 or quarters, they mean it in terms of their quarters.

So RIM bought Viigo, called it BlackBerryNews and is dropping the Viigo name and support in Aug. Am I reading that right?

I like where they are going with this. OS 7.0 in november seems somewhat quick to me... makes me think the new 2011 phones may be being set up in a way so they can be upgraded to OS 7.0

I think its starting in Oct and not Nov as N4BB says . If you look at the Viigo EOL its under the month of August. Then if you look closer the OS 7 starting point its under Oct and seems to be ending early Dec.

Just my 2 cent

Good reason to delay purchasing a new BB until 2012. Thenyou'll have a phone whose hardware was made for the new OS for sure.

ah but you cant play that game with tech, because come 2012 there`ll be something else thats better again (quad core or whatever) on the horizon, its a never ending cycle so just buy when the phone is out that suits your needs

You are very correct, but this situation may be the exception. The phones this year will be great, 1.2ghz, more ram, touch screen on keyboard phones, etc...but the next batch of phones will be the biggest advancements in BlackBerry history most likely. They will not only go dual core with QNX, but they will also be 4g phones.

If OS7 is QNX then RIM must have made phenomenal progress in processor and battery technology.

As others have stated, its more likely a revamped BB OS. I doubt we'll see QNX on phones for a long time. Are chips capable of QNX level processing even available at the size needed for a phone?

There's nothing really wrong with the current BB OS. It just needs a full UI switch. Adobe Flash perhaps?

I have a hard time believing that RIM will release another legacy OS higher an OS6. 6.1 is still going to be based on OS6. I think at this point, RIM is planning on OS7 to be QNX based.

Unfortunately your link didn't get pasted in full.

I'd still be surprised to see them release a QNX phone this year. And if they did it the price would be too expensive for most folk to justify the expense. (And the battery life would be atrocious).

Not to mention the damage to their application base. There is still no sign of a JVM for the QNX based PlayBook, and currently 99% of all BlackBerry apps need a JVM.

I reckon OS 7 will be an enhanced BlackBerry OS perhaps with the PlayBook look and feel. And if they repackaged it as QNX I doubt too many would realise the difference since the majority of pundits and consumers believe operating system and UI are one and the same.

Now if OS 7 runs Flash that would be worth a look.

I seem to remember back in the day .. on some podcast Kevin Mentioning that OS 7 for BB will be the cats meow .. looking forward to it :) wonder if OS 7 is QNX

It doesn't seem right for a few reasons:
1. It doesn't include other RIM SW initiatives (eg. BB Travel, etc)
2. OS7 integration appears in the Social Media section
3. TM app has 2 beta in Feb but no RTM listed - yet TM 1 is EOL in March?

They haven't perfected OS 6 on non touch devices but their all ready planning to release OS 7. But I hope that RIM would do a great job IMO

That's how technology companies operate. I can guarentee that RIM is working on the PlayBook 2 right now even though the first PlayBook isn't finished and released yet. If RIM isn't working on OS7 yet, it's time to sell your stocks and abandon a sinking ship!

Blah blah blah SOS, RIM still ships phones with 5.x o/s. Still hasn't released 1st gen tablet and Apple is on 2 gen. This company is hopelessly behind the industry and the best they can hope for is that the corp. market doesn't give up on them. They are the AOL of the smartphone industry. They will be gone by 2015.

This is such a waste of a comment! RIM has some work to do no doubt. The next two years will tell a lot of what is to come of RIM. Either way they will not be gone in 4 years. Very stupid comment.....just sayin......

Exactly, I hear this all the time from people that don't understand business. RIM has a ton of cash on hand, increasing profits, increasing revenues, increasing customer base, increasing stock price, and they have acquired a handful of VERY well off companies in the past couple years. I don't see how anyone that understands the business market would say that RIM won't be around in 4 years. Comments like that are pure ignorance.

I agree. You can't just look at what's going on in the US market. BlackBerry is a Global market. In some countries, BlackBerry smartphones still rule.

so the facebook, twitter, bb protect and social feeds release numbers have the (os 6.1)....so does that mean new devices in may??

qnx will be put on a touch screen not have a keycoard so i still think rimm will have to different types of os . if you want a touch screen maybe you should wait but if you want a curve or a bold theres no need to wait they should be just around the corner

some of you really dont go through the informantion on this site at all !!!!!!!!!
qnx is allready been tested on hh

The only problem is RIM has a lot of catching up to do in its global market and needs to do it pretty quick: i.e.: ipad 2 will be ready worldwide before Playbook is even launched in the States and Canada.
I need to change my storm 1 now, and RIM is not offering any device that can match the best devices out in the market (either iphone or android operated systems). I can not wait for 8 more months.
I live in Spain and any new device released by RIM will be in Europe three or four months later. So, if I want a fairly good touchscreen device I have no choice but to choose anything but RIM and I am going for an iphone after testing both an iphone 4 and a Samsung Galaxy S.
I will stay tuned as I like BB and might come back if they finally catch up, but now that they only care about Playbook they should take into account that all those customers jumping ship are less and less likely to get one.

BB7 comes after BB6? Are we all supposed to get riled up when we hear about BB8 or is that just too out there? lol

RIM isn't stopping and it's not gonna work if they keep the same number so obviously it's going to ascend to the next digit.

If you look at the graphic closely, it says "BB 7 SN Core Integration (OS 7.0)". This may not mean that a device will be released with OS 7, but rather that OS 7 integration will be going to BES - to enable email on multiple devices. I've mentioned before that I think the reason email isn't built into the Playbook is because BES is designed for one email address for one PIN. The Playbook changes all of that. We've seen leaks of a PIN being present on the Playbook, but they'll have to allow the BES to deliver email to more than one PIN before you can get BES Email on the Playbook. This may require hooks on the device side as well, and that could be in OS 7, but the word Integration makes me think BES.

I'm a bit dissapointed at the Playbook. First, to get BES e-mail, it has to be tethered to a Blackberry, which wireless carriers will not allow unless you pay a monthly fee. I work for the healthcare industry and most of the Doctors DO NOT have BBs, but mostly iPhones. The other issue for us is the price. $499 for a 7" table when iPad 2 sell for the same price. Moreover, the original ipad is now $399!

Going back to the main topic here and as I mentioned several times before, I very hope RIM is not desperately concentrating too much on QNX Playbook and less on us BB users. As far as this BB 7 core release, I don't know the hardware requirements. Hey, the Torch 1 only has a below 700 MHZ and who knows if this new core integration might make it slower. The BB7 Core Integration might look good on paper but the reality is that we don't what % of BB phones out there will work or get bricked!