Leaked slide shows off full touch L-Series and QWERTY N-Series BlackBerry 10 phones

BlackBerry L-Series N-Series
By Adam Zeis on 25 Jun 2012 09:27 am EDT

There has been a buzz the last few weeks about whether or not BlackBerry 10 devices would have a physical keyboard. This has been confirmed a few times now, and today a leaked slide just adds some more backing. N4BB has posted up a leaked RIM slide that is showing off the BlackBerry L-Series and N-Series (which looks almost like this concept device). These are two BlackBerry 10 devices, one being a full touchscreen and the other sporting a physical QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen.

The slide shows that the L-Series is a full touch device with a 768x1280 356ppi screen and is 55mm wide. The N-Series features a full 720x720 330ppi touchscreen and is 53m wide. While the L-Series looks a bit like the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha (it's basically the same screen) we haven't seen much as far as a QWERTY device yet, so hopefully this leads to more so we can get a better idea of what to expect for other BB10 devices. It's also doubtful the devices will go to market with these names, so just assume they are codenames for the time being. 

Which device do you like best? The full touch version or one with a physical keyboard? Sound off in the comments!

Source: N4BB 

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Leaked slide shows off full touch L-Series and QWERTY N-Series BlackBerry 10 phones


Well buddy, RIM isn't just making the QWERTY BB10 device for existing customers, you have to look at the bigger picture. This device will also bring back defectors, like myself, who have always loved the BB keyboard but wanted a modern & faster OS.

I will switch to BB10 from an iPhone 4S once they make a BB10 QWERTY device.

You are correct indeed, but because they may have to wait until Q1 2013, it will be all for naught and BB10 will fail to be the success RIM needs.

Yes, it will fail. There is clue for anyone who follows the tech industry. Palm and HP failed doing the same thing switching from PalmOS to WebOS pretty recently

Everyone deserves their own opinion, tarmpung. I do agree that the smartphone world does not revolve around physical keyboards, but users can choose what suits them best. I think people should be open minded to consider the soft keyboard and not just tell RIM physical keyboards are the only thing they'll ever buy. Perhaps this is why RIM never considered putting their all-touch devices on the same level as their "flagship" (boy, I hate that word!) physical keyboard device.

Agreed. I believe a year ago people were saying RIM had a year before they were gone or that they would be bought up. They obviously aren't doing that bad. Too many disillusioned people... damn media.

J.R. Squire

I agree with you! I will not get one without the keyboard. I am sick of waiting for these units.How long can it take to put this system together. Meanwhile Ihave tolisten to these Droid and Apple users. Disgusting.

The stated width must be wrong. The 9850/9860 is (LxWxD) 120mm x 62mm x 11.5mm. I don't see how the L-Series can only be 55mm wide. If so - RIM will be excuriated.

The "N" series looks like the form factor of the Bold 9900 (despite the white bars over the keyboard on the above pic)... I am all for the 9900 form factor. And in this picture it appears as if the "Blackberry" above the screen has been removed and the trackpad line as well (so more screen real-estate)

My thoughts as well, looks like my Bold 9900.

As others have stated, the screen for the keyboard version has to be the same dimensions as the non-physical keyboard, or there will be issues with the apps.

Exactly. RIM is signing a death wish if they release two different screen sizes and aspect ratios right off the bat. This is why it's so easy to develop for Apple (or was), you have ONE device/screen to consider. I think the first QWERTY phone out of Waterloo needs to be a slider. The old form factor must come down the road when the app ecosystem is more mature for BB10, otherwise you're going to saddle developers with more upfront costs, headaches, and delays.

Apple has 4 different screen resolutions to develop for, so if RIM only has two that would be great. Android has a bazillion different resolutions and is the most difficult to develop for.

The Android argument.
Is it not overly exaggerated at times? I mean even a PB, a non-Android device runs some of these so how hard is it to target Android devices in a build?

With the way that the layout tools for development are now structured, there will be little to no code changes to accommodate the different screen sizes, especially since it is the same width.

I do still think that the second phone should be a slider, and that's probably what I would buy myself, mainly because I think they want to promote that awesome touchscreen keyboard as much as possible. But it won't be nearly as much hell for developers as you might think to have a different height.

I agree. It does look a bit like the concept TK Victory and the Bold 9900. That would be a perfect blend. They start getting fancy with the design next year. RIM just needs to get BBQNX/BBNX (Thats what I call the platform. Sorry I hate BB10). I truly believe RIM will be fine once the new platform has launched. Though I will admit, they do have along and hard uphill battle. If they can get the haters to shut-up and stop with the constant drama I think they will be good.

I think that both designs are more for illustrative purposes to serve as placeholders on the slide, as opposed to putting the actual design and have it leak.

Yeah, I'm inclined to agree. I think these are just meant to show screen arrangement and such. Not necessarily what the device itself will look like.

You guys do realize that what is pictured is a black rectangle with a picture in the middle. The picture above do not in any way show a phone. Unless you want the phone to look like a fruit, im unsure what you expecting the phone to look like.

This is just to show the general specs of it, not an actual device.

I posted in the forums a month ago that i'm guessing the BB10 with physical keyboard will be a square display. If you look at the BB10 demo of the keyboard, if you take away the virtual keyboard, you end up with a perfect square. Though i guessed the resolution to be 768 X 768. Well, this is still just a leak that could be real of fake, no one knows. Still psyched about BB10. :D

Ugh, this is what I was afraid of, all those great-looking artist renderings we have been treated to the past few weeks were unwittingly setting us up to be disappointed with the real thing. Hope not / fingers crossed.

I think the idea of BlackBerry IS the physical keyboard! One of the "Bold" commercials, is exactly that, the woman that fires of 1000 e-mails a day and says, "you can't do that with a touchscreen phone"...

My 2 cents

That commercial is straight garbage. No one is going to sending 1,000 emails per day... Not even that many in one week.

I wonder if RIM will can the Torch model or if that is further down the road. I guess if I had to go with one I would go with the keyboard.

RIM needs to make these 2 devices & only these 2 devices. We gotta get away from having too many devices for devs to program for.

While I agree they need to keep the number of models down I also believe a slider should be one of the 3 devices they make.

If there's no slider, I'm not upgrading. I love the larger screen on my torch with a physical keyboard. There's still a few Droid phones like this, but I prefer sticking to Blackberry.

I also want a slider but since there's none so im sticking to the larger screen. So the L- Series it is. Good bye to my 9810 this Fall

I may hold off and keep my 9810, I would really prefer the best of both worlds in a BB10 upgrade like I have now.

My take in the slider, which I may have gone for a 9810 if it was available for Sprint, is that I see no reason why they can't design it to have the exact same screen resolution as a full touch BB10 phone. It would have to be thicker and that's a given, but for those that want the best of both worlds then I think it's an acceptable trade off. There's no reason why the screen can't be the same.

+1 and forget sliders. The more moving parts on a device the greater the expense of making that device. I have a Torch 9800 and I'm looking forward to the first full touch screen.

I have to agree. While I do understand having the larger screen, I would go absolutely bat-sh*t crazy sliding the device open every time I wanted to type. Everyone I know that has a Torch slider walks around with it open all the time, makes me think, "Why don't you just have a Bold 9900 then?"

If the only physical keyboard device is a slider you can superglue the keyboard out for a real physical keyboard

I'm happy to see that RIM seems ready to launch these phones. I won't buy one at launch because I want to try them both before making a decision.

RIM has made so much improvements on the touchscreen keyboard I just can't wait to see what they did with the physical one. It must by amazing.

Once again, N4BB scoops CB! And here I thought Kevin had a direct pipeline to Thorsten.

Anyway, very much like the L model. PLEASE get here soon!

N4BB is more willing to push the "rumourz" part of things. I've read a couple of articles on there lately that sounded very sure something was about to happen that then did not. Not sure if his sources led him astray or if contributors are makin' stuff up for some reason. Love a good rumour, as long as it's acknowledged as such and not reported as fact!

why would the keyboard phone be shorter then the full touch?
I would think they would have about the same height. If anything the keyboard should be slightly taller as they will have less space for the screen. I don't want a tiny BB10 phone with a tiny screen :(

The physical keyboard version needs to be wider. If you expand the width without pulling down the height you start to make it really cumbersome.

If you look at a 9900, it's quite a bit wider than, say, a 9810, but it uses a landscape-oriented screen of the same resolution.

There's a change in resolution between these two models that I'm concerned about, but I wonder if there's a move afoot to maybe have dedicated "soft" buttons (and maybe even a virtual trackpad?) permanently displayed in the bottom of the screen.

Where it says OLED there is an * I tried reading what the * definition meant at the bottom but its too small.

Looks like it starts out by saying 1st model will have oled and then I can't read the rest.

While I'm not a fan of wide phones either, this is narrower than the IP 4S which is at 58mm. I have held the 4s in my hands and its not as bad as I thought.

Oddly enough, my Torch is 62mm.

At this point i'd say RIM should make the N series a slider, something along the lines of the torch series. Unless, there's a way for developers to submit their apps and not having to adjust for the smaller screen, then that's fine. Other than that, RIM should stride for uniformity and easiness as to having a cohesive platform.

I dare say you have a point.
The challenge is if they can use the same screens (aspect ratio) and keep the slider reasonably slim and light yes. It should be able to run the first set of apps.
My advice would be to concentrate on making the first device the best it can be before diluting efforts.

I like keyboards, not sure what this keoboard is :p. I think my next phone will be the full touchscreen blackberry but if it comes out in Late September/Early October and the reviews aren't great then maybe ill wait for the keyboard phone since I only got my 9790 in Janurary.

Do you still put faith in reviewers opinions re: Blackberries? I won't ever again after watching the brutal schoolyard/ Facebook style bullying campaign RIM has been subjected to over the last chance couple of years. I have no use for most of those guys. They don't get my clicks anymore.
Sent from my poorly reviewed yet totally Awesome PlayBook

Bring on both the models at once!
I love the keypad.
The form factor entices me a lot too.
The full touch is for all those big screen craziness.
Physical keyboard will attract people who uses a phone for communication only.

Just give us a date and devices already. I've been waiting to upgrade for 6 months and holding out. If there's no keyboard device this year, I'm going to feel like I waited for nothing...and might have to move to a droid.

I need a keyboard.

If you have the 9900 or 9790 or newest curve 9360 or 9320, keep it until the new qwerty is released.

If you have an OS6 blackberry, damn, UPGRADE to a new one already!

I'm TIRED of hearing people complain about not having the "latest greatest", not appreciating what they have now. What if someone stole it from you? What would you do then if you needed a phone *NOW* or *THEN* in an emergency? You would panick.

Seems to me to mostly BlackBerry fans I have talked too are looking forward to the keypad BB 10 devices/dont even know if RIM will make one. Interested that is still a thought even though it has been said several times that a keypad device is in the works.

"N-Series (which looks almost like this concept device)"

It does not. It looks like any BB QWERTY device.

Please phone God, make it look HOT! It has to look really cool, I'm begging for this one feature.

I'll buy both if they are super hot as this means I'll be rich when the stock goes back up to $ 30.00/shr! At $ 40.00/shr, I'll buy that Porsche with all the QNX bells in it too!! Come on RIM, make it look like something the world needs to own, not like the plastic junk out there today.

Google "blackberry blade"... :) IMHO, the best looking phone on ever designed :) At least 2 years ahead of its time.

The 9810 is the best device for BB10 because of its perfectly sized touch screen and its slide-away qwerty keyboard.

By redesigning to avoid the overhanging jaw of the 9810, a 4 inch screen would easily be possible in the same form factor. But currently thinness is what sells, down to the Galaxy S3 having a ridiculously paper thin back just to keep the advertised size down.
Those of us who like keyboards that only take up space when we type are a small minority.

Thinnest BlackBerry yet = BlackBerry with poorest battery life yet. Well, if they need to keep it thin for the superficially-minded consumers, that's fine, but only for the all-touch version. Users who would like a physical QWERTY would not mind extra-thickness if it means better battery life; there is a reason why the RAZR MAXX is popular.

Having a 9810, I'm rooting for a slider-type phone at the same screen-resolution, but is wider than the current Torch, maybe something closer to the 9900. Yes, it would definitely not be the slimmest, sexiest looking phone out there, but I don't care. I need tools, not toys!

Bingo, I need a tool as well not a toy. Drafting 200+ word emails on a phone is tough enough. editing documents and reviewing spreadsheets etc is tough.

The business market is currently under served by Droid phones and the rest. I don't need 100,000 apps. I need something that keeps me in touch with my office.

If I wanted a bunch of apps for teenagers I can get second device. I can get a Nintendo DS for games or something like that.

Got be keyboard does look bit like 9900 bold family tho never liked full touch tbh so hurry up and get this device out need to get it on the market compete with other brands otherwise we lose out again in the phone market

I really wish the keyboard version would launch at the same time. That phone, with native exchange support, would make myself and my company return to Blackberry. The all touch screen is nice and will serve a purpose I am sure, but most people in my organization would just as much stick with their iPhone or Android if they want an all-touch screen experience. The keyboard sets Blackberry apart for business use and I think would drive a number of corporate users back to BB, but seeing as they are already so late with BB10, 2013 is an eternity from now.

If the N-series is only 52-53mm wide, that's not wide enough for a QWERTY device, in my opinion. My Torch 9810 is 60mm wide and that keyboard is "tolerable" but not ideal. It HAS to be at least the same as the Bold 9900 keyboard, or else I may have to make the switch to touch-screen only....really don't want to though.

9900 is 66mm wide. Why don't they keep that width? Then they would be able to put the best physical keyboard ever made on their new device...doesn't make sense that they wouldn't do that

Scraping the barrel with this article eh

First bb10 will be full touch then a keyboard bb10

A week later - First bb10 will be full touch then a keyboard bb10

Another week later - First bb10 will be full touch then a keyboard bb10

Yet another week later - First bb10 will be full touch then a keyboard bb10

Wowzers, what news will be next...First bb10 will be full touch then a keyboard bb10

because people don't seem to get it...check out the news/blogs ect. They all seem to have a hard time grasping that "First bb10 will be full touch then a keyboard bb10"

CrackBerry is just trying to set the record strait

i think rim shouf do with a side slider rather then the way the tourch slides down. with touch screens most people tend to type side was as it is easier to press the keys, why not do that with a physical keypad and rather then keeping caps and symbols on the bottom they can be placed on the side to sort of sit more like an actual keyboard for a computer, there will also be enough space to place the number bar on the top of the pad rather then have to hit "alt" to type in a number.

or another cool unique design would be if the keypad was on a swivle and would sort of flip sideways so it can be placed at the side or bottom, although in the long run i don't know how well it would hold up

the first time i heard about the torch i was expecting a side slide out key pad rather then bottom.

I was really looking for something along the lines of the BB-London (with the sweet cuts and curves). The L-series looks way too much like an iphone (I dont like that) and the N-series looks like the Bold edition (Not bad at all). I even like the concept BB-device that you posted yesterday or day before. But, let me not get to into it because they really look like concept (unfinished products) and I am not going to start posting stuff that may not even happen... and regradless of how their devices look it will be all about the software and functionality that BB-Users (and Abusers) are looking for; my $0.02

RIM For The Win!!

I agree, but I would also like to see more memory, a bigger battery, and an auto-focus camera added to the 9900 hardware in the process.

yea the camera is the one thing I don't like about my 9900...whenever I take a pic I'm reminded that my old BlackBerrys had better cameras & whenever I'm taking a shot of something close up I'm reminded that it's got no autofocus :(

Nice to have even more confirmation on the qwerty. I'm sure it's much too late, but I am really bumbed that the cursor no longer makes the cut. I personally hate trying to copy and paste or correct spelling on the all glass screens. I might be alone, but I would sacrifice a little screen for a precise cursor. I hope to see a software cursor and a qwerty phone a tad wider than the Bold 99.

Good to hear BB already ready to give both QWERTY and Touch type keyboard to the masses. What left for them to work on is slider then...... Eagerly waiting for BB 10...... getting excited too but please..... no selling and distributing the company.... command it to be the same.... See what Microsoft is heading to... they are going to launch Surface with there own hardware.... this way they have much control and can provide a better product...........

Finally they dropped the confusing number system... N&L Series I will give credit where its due. The whole 9700 and 8900 when all the phones look the same and release so often was not smart.

On the flip side the screen is living in the past...its still RIP RIM, because they could have done this years ago. Nothing was in there way as far as a technology hurdle, they were just being lazy and only the words "Fire Sale" or stocks fall motivated them...so I look forward to the crash and burn due to the lack of concern for the consumer who backed them.

Im still very upset with the CrackBerry Espionage unit. We should have had some spy shots of the phones by now, more detailed slides and\or video. Its only a few months away till "they" say it will be available. Time to step up your game guys! ;D

I'll take the full touch, just because my eyes need the bigger screen, but ideally I'd like a slider with the full screen size plzzz

If you read the original article over at N4BB, you can see in the comments section where someone has already done the math on these. At the stated resolutions and pixel densities, the overall dimensions of the phone are smaller than the screens. Something is rotten in Denmark...er, Waterloo

How wide is a Dev Alpha Device? I can't find measurements anywhere. I'm concerned with the width being only 55mm. The Torch 9850 and the Storm have a width of 62mm (according to Wikipedia). The screen width on the 9850 is too narrow and the virtual keyboard is too cramped for me, although there is a fairly thick rounded bezel. For 55mm to work on the L-Series, it'd need to have a much narrower bezel than the 9850, and we know it needs to have a bezel of some size just for the bezel gesture support.

We know the dev alpha has a 4.2" screen at the same aspect ratio as the 9850, which has a 3.7" screen. So the screen would HAVE to be wider. Is that possible with the device overall being 7mm narrower? Would that work and have adequate space for bezel gestures?

Kevin, get your a** out of android and start scooping?

And one may ask, why does Mobile Nations need Kevin so much? Cuz he's CRACKBERRY Kevin, not some generic android fanboi!

My ideal bb would be the 9900 but with the keyboard replaced with full touch. I currently have a torch 9860, but it's too skinny. I love how wide and short the 9900 is. The width makes it so much easier to type. When I turn my torch to landscape I can type up a storm, but there's barely any real estate left for the screen. I'd rather see more. So I find myself using my phone almost exclusively in portrait but make quite a few mistakes due to how skinny it is.... I do prefer virtual keyboard over physical (probably because i started on virtual and never had a physical keyboard..)

Just my thoughts!

I will get the full touch screen. I love it! I have not used the phisical keyboard on my Torch since I got 9800 or the 9810. In fact, I have not used a physical keyboard since I changed my 8310 to a Storm when they first came out. =0)

Just throwing this out there not sure if anyone else has...but the L-Series and N-Series...London and Nevada...same names just put Series

Why wouldn't the N series with the physical keyboard, be at least as tall as the touchscreen model, so as to afford even more screen real estate? RIM must figure the touchscreen model isn't too big to market, so its not as if people who want a keyboard are also necessarily wanting a smaller footprint.

Is that me or both these "pics" are nothing but "outside shapes" not even close to enthusiasts home made "prototypes" we were glad to discover on CB ?
A full touch "alpha-like" and a physical qwerty "bold-like" ?
Well ... yes. Probably.

Which one?
let me guess ...
First the alpha-exchange limited edition,
Then the full touch alpha-like (if different)
Then the bold-like.

eh, I support RIM or I don't ?

P.S: one single line picked my eyes : "One screen orientation" ... and sounded very weird. Does this means no landscape, even for full touch ? *ouch* (but my English, again ...)

you got it correct.. but that is under the changes for full qwerty, so essentially all touch will have both screen orientations as expected, but qwerty will not.

The N series looks a lot like my dear 9900.. The form factor has proven itself when it released with OS 7 platform and RIM seem to expect the same happening with BB 10. I think it will surely work. If i were to upgrade I would surely go with the N series...

I really hope they make the QWERTY model with the exact same screen size as the all-touch model. Either make the phone bigger because there is a keyboard on it, or have a slider.

Multiple screen sizes is a nightmare for developers.

I'd personally like to see the Bold version taller with a bigger screen, longer in size. I think the same height as the full touch screen version.

I agree -screen should be around 3.5".-Best design of qwerty
I've seen yet is the one by Digital Homeboy-you gotta admit, he nailed it!

I agree, this is far and away my favorite as well (imho) . . the only concern I would have are that the bottom row of buttons may be hard to press without shifting hand position (too close to bottom of device), and outer buttons need some sort of outer "border" so buttons don't get "snagged". Wish he worked for RIM =)

Can I just point out that we'd all need specially tailored pockets (or a sword sheath) to actually carry around such an insanely long phone.

1. The length and width of the N-series should be the same as the L. This will allow bigger screen.
2. Currently BBOS7 support asian input methods in my case would be Chinese and Vietnamese. I have to compose emails in more than one language and with the Bold 9900. I could switch between input methods very quickly. Hopefully BBOS10 will support these languages when it first available. Typing method for these languages on the virtual keyboard shouldn't be any different than typing on the physical keyboard. Text predicting feature where you could swipe the suggested words into the document should be off as default as soon as the users switch to other language input method other than English. The 9900 keyboard on the N-series is a big plus. If the N-series is wider than the 9900, then I wouldn't mind to a slightly wider keyboard for the N-series (compared to the 9900).

Here's what Goran Mihajlović said in a comment on N4BB:

Something is wrong here. The Nevada at 53mm is 7mm narrower than even the 9790. The pearl is 50mm wide. If it's true that the screen is 720x720 with a dpi of 330, then the screen is 2.18x2.18" or 55.3mm wide, and 3.08" diagonal. That's 2 mm wider than the phone is supposed to be.

The London, at 55mm, is somehow supposed to have the same screen as the alpha devices, which is 4.2"diagonal, yet the 9860, which has a 3.7" screen, is 62mm wide. Since the London will have the same screen as the alpha devices, I am calling shenanigans here.

I still think they should use Q, N and X as their 3 series if handsets.

For example Q = Bold style
N = Slider
X = Full touch

So they could launch with the BlackBerry X1 and follow it shortly by the Q1 and N1.

Sounds catchy to me. At least they got the N series right so far... Now to change the L series.

Make it similar to the Torch 9810 and I would be very happy - just make it about a centimetre taller and half a centimetre wider with bigger keys on the keyboard. Also make a decent top lock button (not so touchy). Ditch the buttons on the screen (make them touch buttons) and move the Blackberry logo to the upper bezel to allow for a larger screen and no Trackpad. Also, add two customizable/programmable side buttons on the left hand side directly across from the volume buttons and it would be perfect in my opinion. Or make it a horizontal slider phone. I'd upgrade right away...

That yawn ... Yeah, same feeling here. I'm forseeing a fail with those dimensions. It's like they're going backwards. Please let me eat my words!

For those of you feeling some way about keyboard phone coming second, do you actually want bb10 or you just want a phone with a keyboard? Some of you make it seem like if they didn't come out with a qwerty device you would switch but still end up having a touchscreen device…

I didn't buy the Torch because it was too narrow. I just LOVE the width of my 9900 and hope that they don't go back to narrow as suggested by the 53mm width in the photo.

I would be in heaven with a horizontal slider

The 55mm and 52-53mm measurements respectively are referring to the screen widths horizontally, not diagonally I just learned. It looks like everyone thinks it is the device width itself which in turn wouldn't make sense. These screen leaks are for pixel measurements.

I thought I heard (can't remember where) that blackberry was going to make the screen resolution for bb10 the same for all their phones (might just be me).

Imagine if they can implement their new touchscreen predictive text onto a physical keyboard. That would be pretty awesome

CANT WAIT! QWERTY all the way! Their flag ship device has always been a qwerty. It's what makes them the best. The only reason the all touch device is coming first is because of the idiots that don't know better. I'm so glad to see the qwerty version displayed right away already. I was thinking to just go get a white 9900 till a qwerty BB10 came out but I see we might get both of these at launch. You never know! No one saw the qwerty coming so lets hope!

I would like to see a QWERTY keyboard identical to the one on the DROID 4 by Motorola. I have big hands, and I absolutely love who it is a 5–row, PC–like, LED Edge–lit QWERTY keyboard for precise typing. It is one of the few keyboards on the market that work for people like me. It could be a nice horizontal slider.

Lets hope they make all QWERTY and they can all sink into oblivion when touch and voice control tech takes over and becomes more refined...

This means a 4.3" screen size assuming a 16X9 aspect ratio on the L series and a 2.95" screen size on the N series.

I'm loving my 9930, prior to that I had the Storm2. Thinking about the two phones show the similarity of having to press down til there's a click feel to type. I've seen in another post in Crackberry of a new technology of a raised glass surface to simulate a QWERTY keyboard, Combining that technology with the BB10 predictive keyboard and with the same wide and curved layout of the Bold 9900 series keyboard, yet all touch, would be totally radical.

Because nobody and I mean, NOBODY knows what it'll actually look like the day it is released to the public and in carrier stores. WAIT AND SEE, don't assume.

Feel free to dream... :)

IMO a OS10 Bold with only approx 3" screen isn't going to bring over people who want a Qwerty Keyboard & a bigger touchscreen, So Unfortunately for those loyalist to the Qwerty Keyboard may be disipointed. If? the full screen BB10 does NOT win over some iphone or Android converts...late 2012/early 2013 may spell the doom of RIM by the end of 2013. Again, what I've been saying AND saying...RIM NEEDS (not can offer) A "WOW" device. So far, nothing I've seen does that. It's a shame...RIP BlackBerry/RIM if you do not acomplish this within 2yrs. Like John Lennon once said, "That's reality"

I'm disappointed with designs. I understand that BB Blade will be tough to manufacture, but both London and Nevada are not impressive to me at all. Hopefully, BB10 has a better design at launch.

Looking at the NFBB site below the author Lukas Atkins' name and you'll find four icons that read W-T-F-in. I wonder if that was done on purpose ;-)

Not an app developer or incredibly tech savvy so maybe someone who is can chime in. Is it an issue that the N and L will have different screen sizes, making app development more challenging on BB10 since developers will have to accommodate three different screen sizes (Playbook, N and L)? Won't there be UI issues for games with on-screen touch controls with a screen as small as the QWERTY BB10?

RIM's in a tough spot. I'd hate to see them abandon the candybar QWERTY design of the bold and curve but adhereing to it may fragment development on the platform. Why not a horizontal slider with the same screen dimensions as the touch-only BB10?

Also, will the BB7 phones continue on in markets that are more price sensitive? Off contract, a BB10 touch phone has to be close to what an iPhone costs. And it also has LTE/4g. Does that mean that in other markets (outside the US) these phones won't work with existing networks?