Leaked slide shows off BBM on BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 BBM
By Adam Zeis on 26 Jun 2012 09:12 am EDT

Yesterday we saw some leaked slides that showed off two rumored BlackBerry 10 devices - the L-Series and N-Series. Today we get a look at what could be BBM on BlackBerry 10. The slide above shows off a themed version of BlackBerry Messenger running on the N-Series device. From the looks of it, you'll be able to theme BBM and choose you color combo so you can tweak it more to your liking. Noted in the slide is that you'll be able to save battery life while using a darker theme. I'm sure this is only the start of the customization that will be available in BlackBerry 10, but we'll just have to wait and see!

Personally I'm a fan of the way BBM looks now and don't see much reason to change it up. What do you think? BBM with themes or plain old BBM on BlackBerry 10? Sound off in the comments! 

Source: N4BB 

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Leaked slide shows off BBM on BlackBerry 10


No no no... this form factor/screen is going to kill BlackBerry. They haven't learned anything from Apple OR Google. Different devices to develop for is a BAD thing. They could have at least stuck with 768x768 for the screen, mirroring the width of the full size device.

This CANNOT ship with (or near) the L-series. It just can't. A slider has to be there to bridge the gap. Don't get me wrong, I want this BAD but we're all going to suffer because devs won't have the time/money to now invest in two devices instead of one.

Horrible idea.

Yes, because Android phones are a picture of inconsistent screens and developers are leaving that platform in droves. *eyeroll*

As per the slide 720x720 has 330 PPI, that means it has approx 3.1" diagonal screen, following are various dimensions at various aspect ratios

Resoultion PPI Diagonal Ratio Height in Inches Width in Inches
720x720 330 3.1 16:10 1.6 2.6
720x720 330 3.1 16:9 1.5 2.7
720x720 330 3.1 4:3 1.9 2.5

720x720 doesn't mean it is a square

In the first leaked slide on the N-series phone, there was a note on the slide about "one orientation", implying portrait and landscape are the same (ie. square display).

I agree. For those who don't know, the PlayBook uses a "square display" as well. Try using a square image for the background and rotate the screen, you'll never get 100% of the original image.

These BB10 leaks from NBB are only proposed. I don't think they are final approved features, sives, designs ect. We may see them all, or we may not see any of them.

If you view the the original slides, in some of the smaller writing one of them talks about how "one solution could be..." This tells me that these are proposed not confirmed. Remember RIM often makes various models & then after testing ect. picks the best one ;)

Blah, blah, blah. This particular bloc post is about a new look to BBM and you're now talking about screen sizes and aspect ratios? Please stay on topic

I dont think this is the real deal. I think that RIM is trying to find the "rats" who leak info by making up some fake pics.... why would there be a "back" button? dont you slide right to get back to to the bbm contacts?
Just a thought...

The Back button is part of the Actionbar, which is a standard UI component for BB10 (you can see it in the various BB10 UI demos seen to date).

I think I would like the themes for bbm, cause even for the people who like how it is now i'm sure there will be a theme that is "original" and like the one we have now. this looks sweet!!

I love the look and feel of BBM currently, but having the option to change themes is always a good thing. I like the idea of using darker color techniques to help improve battery life. I wonder if there will be a battery saving feature throughout the OS that will darken colors when the battery gets below a certain level. That would be a neat feature to be able to enable if you wanted.

I don't care how it looks/customizing the look. Just bring BBM API support to BB10 Alpha already!

Totally agree...we saw video chat integration on the call screen, now would love to see it on BBM. Video chat exclusively with your BBM contacts!

You beat me to it. Game changer? I dont know but it will be a significant hook than the standalone video chat app on the PB. It is clearly easy to do.

agreed, no one used the standalone video chat, but integrated correctly with BBM and then BBM w/Video on playbook also would be awsome, over 3g/4g of course

I believe that will be a part of BBM, it only make sense to do so. If it will be available with calls, there is nothing hard in hooking it into BBM.

Just an observation... but this screenshot may provide more possibilities than first glance

BBM has always had 'Send a voice note' as an option... but as a file. The new BBM may be an automatic voice to text conversion.

The other possibility is an integrated translator (as opposed to an Ispeech Translator App) that would allow you to easily speak into BBM and either send the message in a translated language or repeat it back out of the speakerphone to the person you are trying to talk to.

Both possibilities are great

Why not just voice chat. Would be a killer feature to compete with Skype and allow people with low minutes to make calls (especially international).

I could see this "walkie talkie" integration into bbm being pretty useful for industry use. Sometimes you only want to send and receive soundbites rather than have a conversation, especially when you're on the job site.

I mostly agree with you Adam, I really like how BBM looks now! with no boarder,!

I actually loved the way BBM looked back on OS4.2 with the sender/receiver text colour difference, but everything on the white background.

I am very excited to see how RIM "modernizes" BBM but really hope they don't forget BBM is a communications tool, it doesn't NEED to be all bubbly, it is nice to have bubbles for those who want them, but I HATE the bubbles I am forced to use in other applications on other devices

@Adam Zeis are you kidding me? I love the design direction they have taken there. BBM has been the same forever. It would be criminal for RIM to carry over the look onto an all-new power OS like BB10. BB10 is all-new, ALL-NEW!
Where stuff already works well like BBM then they need to carry over the functionality but give us new design themes for a fresher feel.
You know RIM can even introduce two themes for the OS, i.e BB10, the new one and Classic in which the OS reverts to looking like BBOS complete with the old BBM.
So no BBM Video Chat (yet) then?

well no wonder Rim are in the position they are in now, lack of change, people need to see them modernize the brand, having too many things stay and look the same wont do them any good

We will never know what BBM or BBOS 10 (BB10) looks like until it is released to the public. It's NOT finalized and RIM isn't keeping the same old UI.

I like the look and feel of BBM today. But would welcome the themes. Why not be able to have the best of both worlds. If you like the current look and feel, you can have that. If you want to be able to change it up as well.... well, you can have that to.
Give us all the options and let the customer decide what is best for them.

I really hope this "N" series palm looking contraption is not what we will see when the first keyboard phone is released.


you know that is just the mock up of a 9900 with know track pad, menu button, back button and phone buttons right?

do you not like the 9900? the concept of the TK victory was essentially, exactly that?

also, it looks like a bad photocopy so how can you determine what it looks like in the first place?

I like the option. This "theme" looks cool and refreshing. Also what do you suppose the plus sign(+) in the top right hand corner of the screenshots does?

Another question, on the L series to go back you would hit the screen where it says "Back". However, on the N series, since the home row buttons are not going to be there, how do you suppose you would be able to return to the previous screen? gesture?

This one screen tells so much about the UI and the functionality of the BB10 OS/phones

Ah, very observant! And since the keyboard is hardware and can't be minimized, there's probably a key associated with "back."

You're right; with that observation alone, one could argue that RIM is already in the process of adapting BB10 to a Bold-style phone!

I'm all for darker themes to cut down battery consumption. Producing white colour on a display drains battery faster. Imagine if the whole phone uses a dark theme, the savings will be pretty sizable.

Yes, but this only applies to OLEDS, and the highest resolution screens are IPS whose power consumption depends only on the illuminator level and the rate of refresh. OLEDS may be the future - but they may not.

"What do you think? BBM with themes or plain old BBM on BlackBerry 10?"

Themes. Customize everything. Even if I never use it, making it simple to do will help with the marketing.

anyone else starting to think these leaks are planned? Convenient that a couple days after the media reports no qwerty devices(even though its been almost two months since it was confirmed there would be) we see a leak of the L series and N series on the same slide? sure they are just filler and not what the devices actually look like, but seems a little to convenient.

as for the BBM leak above. Awesome, moving in a new direction of moodernization is exactly what BB10 needs to have, as long as it doesn't compromise functionality.

as for video chat integrated within BBM or a BBM convo, I would expect that you can initiate a video chat from BBM, BUT it will open in the video chat app. It would be cool that it would just initiate a video window inside the BBM app itself, but not something I am expecting. that being said, if on a phone call, and you can just "turn on" your camera and a video window opens up while on the phone call, then it should be able to be down in BBM as well(this is completely assuming this is how the phone call video chat will function)

One of the big things they keep talking about with BB10 apps and Cascades is how easy and seemless it will be to have an app open within another app. For instance, you can have the browser open up in a twitter app without having to actually switch apps. I would assume that BBM and video chat would work similarly.


There's a reason all other devices left gray-scale themes when they came out with color screens. It's bland, boring, and outdated.

I've used CrunchSMS since I got a BB because I hate the bland messages on Berrys.

Maybe I am reaching here, but if you look at the second leaked slide on N4BB, on the left device it says "say something" and on the right device it says "type something" (both same device, N-series). I wonder if there will a speech to text functionality on BBM.

This is what makes the Blackberry experience special to people. The ability to customize your handset apps and look. IPhones are one dimesional and boring!

It’s there, to left of the message in the green circle. Hard to see with the poor resolution of the leaked slides.

It’s there, to left of the message in the green circle. Hard to see with the poor resolution of the leaked slides.

From the looks of it the (+) plus sign on top of the screen will add or remove the person your bbming information.. If u look at the slides on n4BB one phone has the the info @ the top the other doesn't.. Could be wrong,, just a guess

So this pretty much confirms that BB10 devices will have OLED screens. At least initially.

Darker themes save battery life on OLED screens because not as many pixels are activated. IPS screens use the same amount of energy regardless of what colours are displayed.

I believe most people don't think much about the next phone they're going to get until they walk into the store at the end of their contract. For the rest of us, and particularly those of us holding out for the BB10, small leaks give us some hope. When there's a long dry spell without any positive information and lots of negative, one can't help but start listen to the negative. I think this is an extension of RIM's marketing failure. They should be working overtime to create positive buzz. Their recent commercials are quirky and ineffective. The should headhunt top marketing personnel from Apple and Volkswagen cause hey... if you can make a VW look attractive you can do anything.

Is it just me or does it look like BBM will have voice dictation. On the L series is shows "say something" in the text entry field, with the button under it showing "send message." And obviously the virtual keyboard is not on screen.

love the themed idea for bbm!!! i personally use bbm just to socialize but im sure there are plenty of business minded ppl or ppl that just like things to be plain and simple. having a choice is better for the consumer.

I'm confused with n series device and it's bizarre looking keyboard...or is that just a mock up? cause i don't understand what the while lines are supposed to be. ANd i used to own thew Nokia N Series before my first blackberry lol. Full circle. ;)

Unless they're doing some back lick touch screen keys (which I highly doubt) it is just a simple mock up, not displaying the finalized physical keyboard. They probably cried for days that the traditional smile keyboard couldn't be kept.

These BB10 leaks from NBB are only proposed. I don't think they are final approved features, sives, designs ect. We may see them all, or we may not see any of them.

If you view the the original slides, in some of the smaller writing one of them talks about how "one solution could be..." This tells me that these are proposed not confirmed. Remember RIM often makes various models & then after testing ect. picks the best one ;)

Yes, I totally understand that what we see here are proposed changes, but if the green is the new blue for BBM I surely do welcome the change.

This looks fresh. But i hope they don't remove the small D and R above the check when i send a bbm message. It's one of the best things about bbm. Not to mention it's what makes it unique and fun to use.

For me, this is disipointing to say the least. The N Series is at best, going to be approx 3.5" screen and pretty much a Bold 9900 series with a few mm's more screen? Really? Does RIM not really want to "Rock and Roll This?" After seeing very nice mock up by BB graphic design fans like the TK Victory...You would think RIM would want to push the envelope, and step out and make a totally new a fresh looking Qwerty Keyboard Bold with at LEAST a 4" touchscreen and every bells & wistles they can cram into it. Direct message to Thorston Heins...it's 2012-2013...Make a LEAP! and make this a Qwerty Keyboard device even iphone 5 or Galaxy SIII(or by then IV) and HTC Evo people would actually consider jumping ship for. "The Dream is Over...What Can I say?...The Dream is over, RIM pissed it away" :)

Stop griping. This blog post is about how BBM might look. It's not about the form factor of the new phones. In any case at not point did anyone say "yes, that's what the phones will look like".