Leaked screenshots show TELUS pricing for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Torch 9810

TELUS BlackBerry Torch 9810 pricing
By Michelle Haag on 11 Aug 2011 12:18 am EDT

Hey TELUS users, listen up. Everyone else is getting release dates and pricing for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Torch 9810, others have the devices available already, and now some information has leaked for TELUS as well. CrackBerry member Leviathan123 snapped a couple of pics today that will put some of your questions to rest.

According to the screenshots, you'll be able to pick up the BlackBerry Bold 9900 off contract for $629. If you're planning an upgrade, you can get the device for $579 on a 1 year contract, $529 on a 2 year, $349 on a three year, and 149 on a 3 year with a plan of at least $50). According to his information, it will be available August 12th. As for the BlackBerry Torch 9810, Leviathan123's information shows that the device will be available in both grey AND white, August 12th. Pricing here is a bit lower than the Bold 9900 with the outright cost listed at $599, $549 on a 1 year, $499 on a 2 year, $329 on a three year, and just $129 on a 3 year with a plan of at least $50.

Last we heard these devices weren't expected until the 15th of August, so I guess we'll know in a day or two if it's the 12th or not. In any case, they're so close you can practically smell that new 'Berry scent. The only thing missing now is the Torch 9860. You can check out the second screenshot after the break, and jump on over to the forums for discussion.

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TELUS BlackBerry Bold 9900 pricing
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Leaked screenshots show TELUS pricing for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Torch 9810


So looks like Telus will have the white torch. Will that make them the only ones showing a white torch coming out on a carrier so far?

Anybody know if unlocking a phone voids any warrnety? I'm buying out the phone and will go with the cheapest carrier but if its defective (heaven forbid) I don't want to be hooped.

Thanks in advance

technically yes, unlocking a device does... but! they have to catch it... most (90%) dont catch it as long as you dont tell them you have

Where in Telus, Bell or Rogers or even RIM's legal documents it reads that unlocking a BlackBerry or any other phone will void warranty?

Unlocking a phone DO NOT fall under "significant modifications" section of the EULA. I will talk to Bell directly on this.

Can I buy a different 9900 and use it on Telus? Let's say I know someone who can sell me a Rogers 9900. Can I buy that and get an unlock code?


Excellent question, I may be buying a 9900 outright, and it's $50 cheaper on Rogers than Bell, so an unlock key for $5 means I save $45, but if the warranty is void it's not worth it. Anyone know? Thanks!

Telus is CDMA while Rogers is GSM, so the phones are different and incompatible even if unlocked (unless I'm mistaken here, anyone care to chime in?).

Telus is CDMA and well as HSPA which it just added almost two years ago when I got my Bold 9700.

But with this pricing, looks like I can get it sooner than I expected as $129 for the three year price with plan? Wow.

Constant roaming? What the hell are you talking about?

Unlocking a phone just makes it free from the restrictions of the original carrier. I have an unlocked rogers 9800 with a TELUS sim card. That doesn't mean I'm roaming.

And it's $80 cheaper on Rogers over Telus. I don't know why Telus is selling it for the highest price outright.

Now does $50/mo mean it has to be $50/mon for 3 years? Because with any company you can change your rate plan at any time. So I wonder if that minimum will be enforced long-term.

Yes that means minimum of $50 / mnth for 36 mnths. Mind you the Telus $55 "promotional" package for BBs is pretty sweet deal.

I couldn't find the promotional $55 Blackberry package. Can you provide a link? I'm interested. Thanks.

I believe he's talking about the Student 55 promotional plan.

Comes with:

- 200 local daytime minutes
- Unlimited local calling after 6PM
- Unlimited texting
- Unlimited talking to 10 numbers across Canada
- Unlimited calling to any number of phones under the same account.
- Voicemail 3, Conference Calling, and Call Waiting
- 1GB of data in a flex plan if you go over.

It can be applied to any device signing up for or renewing on a 3 year contract for $55 a month.

Right on Levi/BENZ, I stopped in at a Telus store today at lunch, and the guy flipped through his paperwork, looked up, and said "Yeah, I'd give it to you, best plan we've had in 2 years!"

Accurate info, crackberry delivers again...

It works a little differently now. Before a few weeks ago you used to have to get a voice and data plan of at least 50 dollars in order to qualify for the promotional pricing, which is 149.99 on the bold as opposed to the 349.99. Now, that with that voice and data plan the data had a 1 year minimum time committment before it could be taken off and the plan could be reduced below 50 dollars.

TELUS recently changed their policy with this so now no phones require any sort of data if you don't want it, but the plan + addons must be at least 50 dollars or more to qualify for the promotional pricing. However, you are not locked in to this 50 dollar plan, but if you change it to less than 50 dollars you get dinged a fee. I believe its either 200 dollars or half the device's balance. Also not sure on if there's a time limit before you're allowed to downsize the plan below $50 or if it sticks for the 36 month term, I'll have to double check on that.

Just went on the bell.ca site. And the bb bold 9900 is on their website. I could not see it on the Rogers site though. Definitely going to take a look at upgrading my bb bold 9000. It's been 3 years and it's definitely time.

Yes! :D I pay $60 ish a month :D But it sucks being in a 3 year contract because I still have my 8330 Curve and my contract expires next year.

Usually you can upgrade your phone after two years by renewing your contract for three years. Check with your carrier.

Thank you Bell... i can now go back to Rogers and try to negotiate that $250 price tag down... $250 on a 3 year deal is ridiculous...

149!! how the f*ck can rogers justify 250! oh well time to price match this price...oh guys don't forget about the Blackberry Trade up!

I guess Telus wants to limit that amount of people buying the device stand alone without a plan. Rogers seems to be the opposite. And Bell wants to be in the middle ground.

$149 is not bad indeed if you can look beyond the long term commitment.

From Twitter:

@TELUSNews Blackberry bold 9900 launching this friday ?
10 Aug

@___ That’s right! We’ll tweet on Friday to confirm details :)
23 hours ago

Just called Telus about upgrading to the Bold 9900 when it comes out $300+ just for an upgrade fee PLUS the cost of the phone on a 3 year term .... looks like I wont get to upgrade for a while :(

can someone confirm whether telus would allow 3 yr non promo pricing (i.e. $329.99) for a 3 year agreement of the $20 plan? I'm still confused regarding their 3 year "promo" vs non promo 3 year pricing.

I'll chime in here. So, there's 2 prices listed, the first ricing of 329.99 if you activate the Bold on a 3 year contract with any plan you want that is LESS than $50. The second price is 149.99 if you activate the phone on a 3 year contract with a plan of $50 or greater. If you go with the latter and just drop your rate plan down to under $50 during any point in time of the contract TELUS will charge you a fee of, I believe, $200.