Leaked Password Keeper allows for import and export

By Adam Zeis on 25 Nov 2013 10:38 am EST

Password Keeper has been one of our favorite apps for years but it always seems to be missing come key functions. One of those was the ability to import and export the database without the use of BlackBerry Link (or Desktop Manager). 

A new version of Password Keeper has leaked in the CrackBerry forums that does just that however. The BAR file has been extracted and made available for any Password Keeper fans looking to get more out of the app. As it's an unreleased version there still may be a few bugs, but according to those that have started using it, things seem to be fairly stable overall.

If you're a fan of Password Keeper and want to get in on the fun head to the forums at the link below to give it a whirl. 

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Leaked Password Keeper allows for import and export


This is an excellent app. II too am wondering if the import/export function is "safe" - though I imagine you have to be "inside" the app to export. I also wonder what format the app exports to!

Either way, for now, password keeper is one of my favourite apps, for bb10 or any platform ;-)

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I switched from Password Keeper to the Android Password Keepox.

Keepox has import and exporting as well. The bigger pull for me is that since it's Android, you can use it on Android devices, BlackBerry 10.2.1+ and your PC with Bluestacks.

I'd much rather run native but the multi device capabilities is a win for me.

This should be an xCross platform app that is free on BlackBerry devices and 0.99 price for all others. BlackBerry need to make money on these kind of cool apps.

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That and 88 fingers Louie and the Way-Outs hahahaha, look it up kids...

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Yeah and some neat animation while you enter the master password and while checking the strength of your password.


Hoping to see if as an update in BlackBerry World also.

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Yes! I lost my passwords due to installing leaks and the password keepers can't recover my old passwords. Keep saying I keyed in the wrong old password eventhough it is 100% correct.

This new import export feature should address that bug.

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Wow!! that is terrible, I don't know what I would do if I lost mine. I have so much stuff in there.

Adam, please update the article to indicate how the app allows for import/export. Does it save data on the SD card or is it through the cloud?

You can pick where to save it to, device, media, cloud, PC

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Great, finally Blackberry is listening to the users, the ability to export and import the Password database is very welcome, I have been waiting for this feature for months. Now, it would be great to if Balckberry does the same with the Remember app or if you could read/add/edit your notes from your PC using the Link app.

Wondering if you have Evernote, which can be setup to be a Folder in the Remember app. It provides that cross-platform functionality, and seems to work fairly well.

That's a great tip. Regarding Remember and Evernote, I believe that both have their pros and cons but the integration of both is wonderful.

Never used this app. Is it sort of like a blackberry version of LastPass or RoboForm?

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Got sick of the Password Keeper lack of functionality so moved to KeePass (KeePass B in BBRY World) - fully cross-platform for BB, Android, iOS, Mac, PC etc. No looking back, no need for anything else.

Now BlackBerry needs to add categories for easier sorting of tour passwords within password keeper

About time..... I ended up resorting to storing my passwords in the secure folder on the 'noted" app because the data/ content is stored in BlackBerry settings and it's advised not to restore settings if you are loading a leaked version. Now I can start populating password keeper again and just export and import like I do with Noted when loading leaks.


Maybe BlackBerry Wallet will provide document storage such as driver's license, birth certificate and social insurance / security number, and the identification page from your passport.

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Finally the capabilities of import and export especially in light of the unreliable BlackBerry Link. Rejoice brothers and sisters. Rejoice.

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KeePass is inexpensive for BB10 (I use KeePassB, better than the free app), free for Windows and other platforms, very secure, works great on BBRY, can save to Dropbox and automatically syncs across all platforms you set up, if you enable Dropbox.

It's the one I use.

Strange. I side-loaded it, but I can't find the import/export option. It as if I still have the same old password keeper running.

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Didn't get this one ????
I use blackberry since 2004, six participations in WES and found this app in Bbworld since launch. Whats new ??? No security from source ? You can share or loose all passwords ?

Problem with bb is somewhat the irritating security. My company encript the SD card and i'm unable to move my passwords from bb7 password keeper to my new Q10. Ok fine, they are so secure and stuck in my old device. My life is starting to complicate because also have to change old device password every 60 days. And what??, better loose them then all than be uploaded to Internet.
I'm moving one by one and maybe choose a cross platform if get tired. But I like security. Lets keep them in where I trust.
Thank you for the every day news and support Crackberry team.

I recently came across a software called Enpass that is native to BB as well as has Android and IOS ports. It also supports sync over the three platforms using a common dropbox. Thought it was pretty cool since:

1. I have both a BB Z30 running
2. I have an Android running 4.2.2

I get to see the same data across both of them thanks to Dropbox.


I can't figure out how to export or import information. Anyone? I side-loaded the app.

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What does "fairly stable overall" mean? It deletes all your passwords only some of the time?... or what...?