Leaked OS v10.0.10.822 for the BlackBerry Z10 (STL100-2)

By Bla1ze on 14 Apr 2013 06:07 pm EDT

While AT&T has rolled out OS (software version officially, if you happen to have a Euro BlackBerry Z10 (STL100-2) you too can now have the update, provided you don't mind loading a leaked OS onto your device. Unfortunately, it will require a Windows PC to install but if you're willing to give it a go, you can hit the link below to grab the installer. If it goes downhill, remember you can always wipe and restore your device.

It's been suggested the file will work on other devices, such as the STL100-3 and STL100-4 but for now, if you decide to give that a go, you do so at your own risk. As always - use caution when installing a leaked OS like this and remember if you break your phone it's not our fault. Also, a good idea to make a backup because you're essentially performing a factory restore on your device. If you don't want to lose data, a backup is needed.

Download the leaked OS

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Leaked OS v10.0.10.822 for the BlackBerry Z10 (STL100-2)


Thanks for not posting it. The ridicule would have followed. Just saying. For those who don't know what's up, ask. Jason knows what's up.

This is also verified to work with STL100-3 and STL100-4. I am running it on my -3 from Telus and have some friends running it on their -4 with VZW.

Yes, it will wipe your device so make sure to backup. Also be leery of restoring big backups as I had issues with that today, mainly just missing some apps. All other data was there.

Mirror here for those that need it: http://www.theiexplorers.com/bb/OSs/BB10/BB10_0_10.116.exe

But I don't have any real issues on my current version. What are the fixes on this leaked version?

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This isn't a classic leak, it is the same OS AT&T pushed, packaged so other people could install.

Check the thread in the forums for all discoveries. :P

I have the on mine (vodafone.de). Is there any improvement? It seems to me this would be a downgrade.

They are the different versions of the Z10, generally a regional variance in hardware. You can see which version you have by going to settings>about... Im in the UK and have an unlocked STL100-2.

o2 Telefonica Germany still has not released .99 so I believe this version will may be ready next year or so.

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Just get a CallYa-whatever D2 SIM card for just ten bucks (only available online) then. That's how I got the onto my Z10.

I didn't brick my phone last time but it did act super weird after loading another carriers OS so, I don't even bother with them any more. Personally, I think only VZW users should give this ago since VZW is lagging on OS updates. Everyone else, should just wait.. but that's just me.

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Sounds like a good plan. I'll wait for the T-Mobile official update. Hopefully T-Mobile will push theirs out.

It's running fine on my stl100-2. The main fix I noticed is non the smtp email problem. It's gone now.

Another little fix I saw is with languages. When you hold the comma key to change input languages it switches automatically now. Before you needed to slide your finger upwards to select the language you wanted. Now it works the same as OS7.

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Is tis newer than the Verizon release and will it help with the reboots? Lastly, is it even installable on the vzw z?

I confirm that this is working on Singtel in Singapore on a ST100-2. Havent had it running long but seems to improve battery (less power usuage from the HUB).

Guys, it works on the 100-4. I have this running on my VZW Z10 without a problem. Same with the last leak. I downloaded it via BBOS. Google "Leaked: OS v10.0.10.822 For BlackBerry Z10 (STL100-2)" and it will bring you to BlackBerryOS.com. CB isn't letting my paste the mega link in here.

This has made my Verizon Z10 so much better. Andoid apps are not crashing anymore!! No reboots yet to speak of. Hopefully it stays that way.

Verizon has a different radio, their device isn't compatible. Stl-100-1, aka dev alpha, aka limited edition, is also incompatible.

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Some people on the Verizon network have reported success installing this update. Considering it was meant for STL -2, and it's working for STL -3 and 4, knowing that they use different radio frequencies, I will have to risk it on my STL -1 and see what becomes of it. The only difference I know besides LTE support, is GPU and Processor, and I strongly doubt this update contains any GPU or processor related update. Anyway, this is just my opinion. So what do you guys think?

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Working great on mine. Battery life seems to be more stable only dropped 30% in 6 hours. Also the Android Player isn't malfunctioning quite as much.

Ohh I wish someone can get this loaded on to a STL100-1 device...

In the middle east, i think the carriers are sleeping. we are left out of major updates..!!!!

Already running ( here. Just a little warning for EU/FR users; this might result in a downgrade; check your version first before jumping on it !
Thanks anyways :)

Did I missed something ?
EDITED : yes, I missed it ... totally : inverting OS and Software version. My apologies.
Software version >
System version >

Works on VZ White.. wiped the devices but titles all good since I backed it up.. I'm excited to see if there are improvements to the battery life. Thanks!

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Can someone can add in red on the initial post that this will wipe the device without any alert. So do a backup before to be able to restore your data and settings... thinking that will do a casual update, but no :/

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I did this update Friday.
Over the weekend my Z10 was online running who knows what to who knows where doing something. The battery life so far has been very poor. Overnight with the phone sat in a holster, after a full charge the battery is down to 25% by 8am. Worse than the OS it was running when I got it.
I am hoping this is just the phone settling in and reporting to who ever that it is runnning.
But so far this update has been battery draining.

Some people on the Verizon network have reported success installing this update. Considering it was meant for STL -2, and it's working for STL -3 and 4, knowing that they use different radio frequencies, I will have to risk it on my STL -1 and see what becomes of it. The only difference I know besides LTE support, is GPU and Processor, and I strongly doubt this update contains any GPU or processor related update. Anyway, this is just my opinion. So what do you guys think?

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Hi guys! I need an answer for this: if i'm from .90 and will be upgrading to .822 if i do that will i be upgrading or downgrading my z10?

Hi guys! There seems to be a problem in the about os settings it says Software Release: No information available. Is this normal?


Can you please include what's new in it in the coming update and what to expect? Potential, speculation or rumor will do.


Hi guys! There seems to be a problem in the about os settings it says Software Release: No information available. Is this normal?

Yes mine software realease no information available as well..but i dont have problem with that..

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Hi all,

I had to disable my Symantec AV and use Google Chrome to download this and leave the browser up and visible in order to see it fully download. If I changed to another program then the website would stop showing it download. If it "stops", I think it's still downloading, but the image or redrawing of the site is buggy.

I was able to install this on my Z10 from Verizon. Just make sure to put it on Airplane Mode, make a full backup with BB Link, and then take out the media card. Close up BB Link, then double-click the exe and it will open up command prompt, may ask for your device password if you have one, then continue to write to the ROM.

After that, battery pull, put in your media card, boot back up, finish on-screen set up, and go back to Airplane mode, then re-import the backup.

Hope this helps!

Hey all yeah it worked for my verizon z10, i just plugged in my phone and executed the program, installing back up now, everything seems to work great :))))

I can also add that this works on my STL-4 w/ VZW. I will continue to test this version until I hear otherwise from Verizon in regards to a carrier update.

Got it up and running on my Verizon Z10...let's hope it works better than the Verizon stock software. All I want is no reboots!

UPDATE: it doesn't work on the STL 100-1 variant. It blatantly refused to install on it.

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Yeah the cool thing is no Verizon bloat haha, yeah so far I've had much better battery life. And no restarts. I was up to 2-3 and no more yet. So im stoked, we will see if it happens tonight.

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this update is amazing!! my only disappointed with z10 was the battery, with a medium use i would get around 8 hours. after this update (from full charge) 25 hours later and still have 18% charge! this is great, love my z10!

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Hi Guys,

downloaded the OS. And iam using a Mac and first time in Life a BB. How i can install the update?
Iam download it to my MB Pro.

Not that I know of even since the legacy devices its always being loaded via windows. I own a mac and just boot camp it with win7 to load these leaks. Or borrow a friend's win machine.

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Confirm working on my white Verizon Z10. Is it just me or has Slacker radio disappeared from BlackBerry World? Other than this and originally having issues installing many apps after from app world, it's running great. Seems smoother too

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To answer your question Thomas: those posters who have installed on their "Verizon z10" have installed on the STL 100-4 version (i'm no expert, but I understand the Verizon version to be the STL 100-4). Hope that helps. My z10 was delivered Today (sitting at home as i type; Can not wait till i get to open). I hope Verizon z10 Owners who have installed .10.822 will continue to update the performance of their z10. Thanks!

There is an audio bug issue where if you play a game like jetpack joyride, audio stops playing after a while and no other games will load, forcing you to reboot your device. There are many others on the forum that can confirm the issue.

It may be a change in the way the new OS handles audio and the game may need an update, because outside of games, playing music and the phone works fine, but I'm not 100% sure.

Please be sure to forward this info to the developer as seems to be an issue with that specific game.


I have an unbranded, unlocked Z10 STL100-2. To update the OS I removed the SIM card, and went to Settings-software updates. It upgraded to Today I did the same thing and it installed an upgrade of the same OS . How can I find where the update and upgrade came from? Also, if I can get the download of the new OS to complete, how do I install it?

I just installed the leaked OS on my VZW Z10. Thanks, lyricidal for the mirror link - downloaded file with no problem. Mega kept stalling - sucky site! Special thanks to Kamika007z for the intructions on install. Folowed them to the letter. OS installed in less than 5 mins. Did restore from BBL. All seems well. The update reports as in the Z10 settings. Will report on battery life and overall experience. Shame VZW didn't release sooner!. Again, many thanks to l and K for the help.

Installed this on my Verizon Z10 last night. Thanks to lyricidal for the mirror link! Install went without a hitch in about 5-10 minutes. BB link was finally useful and reloaded my music and photos without any trouble. Today I used it at work and first of all no reboots! Another fix is that the android bar correctly displays now (so I have a back button using OpenTable for example). The battery life seems quite improved. I left for work at 6:30AM and got home at 9PM. My battery was still 55% when I got home. I have no complaints or regrets about using the update.

Given the relative message centric BlackBerry personality, initially leaving out group messaging is a very MAJOR shortcoming, as others have noted. I was extremely disappointed to find that my groups didn't port from my old BB. Lastly, it would be nice if the navigation feature in Maps also (eventually) included directions for walking/biking and, for major metro areas, public transportation, and some other features. Other travel stat's would be nice, also, e.g. actual/avg/max speed, ETA, toll/traffic warnings. I miss the old BlackBerry Traffic simple functonality. And as others have mentioned, Outlook/PIM syncing is a must. Lastly, any battery life improvement, if possible, would be welcome as would the ability to directly forward text messages (rather than copy and paste).

If I apply this update what happens when verizon releases the update? will it recognize that I already have the updated version?

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Loaded this yesterday on my Verizon Z10 and have noticed a lot of my side loads are not working and as mentioned earlier no Slacker Radio but that is okay because the side load Slacker version is cooler anyway. On the plus my premium charger is now working and charging at an incredible speed and my car charger works as well. Battery life seems to have improved drasticly I could probably get about two days out of her but we will see. So to sum it up if you rely on a lot of side loads this is probably not for you, but if your like me need a lot more charging options and longer battery life then this is just the ticket , and who knows maybe it will run some newer side loads that were not working on the previous version.

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So I down loaded it last night on my Verizon white Z10 and so far no reboot but I had issues with app world the icon is there but nothing happens when you try to open it. Facebook at first would not open it kept asking to add account so I went through setting and then it was fine. So I tried un installing app world but the delete button is missing (trash bin) can someone help me with this issue please.

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Z10 battery life from 4.30 am until 8.50 pm solid use - text - phone - browser plus heavy downloads 17% left. Twitter back - no discernible Issues . Thanks to Leaked os upgrade no thanks to vzw!

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Just installed on VZ White Z10 STL-100-4 and so far no reboots-I was getting 4 reboots a day. Haven't checked battery life as of yet, but will report back once I can verify if it has improved. So far no issues with any apps!

Okay now most of my sideloads are now working, just needed to get more updated versions and now Skype and Netflix are working too so as of right now I see no reason to not use this update on Verizon Z10

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Loaded this last night on my VZW Z10. worked great. BUT BUT, now my Blackberry World won't open. Launches, and then I get a continuous blue circle. However, it WAS working right after I loaded the new OS, I was able to install apps, etc. now it's not working. any advice ??

12 hours after install on VZ STL100-4 so far excellent battery, no reboots and ZERO issues. Phone used to reboot randomly in the middle of the night while charging, this update has been rock solid! I purposely left it off the charger with 75% battery and woke up this morning rockin 71% after 6 hours.

CAMERA now works great!!!! After the 10.0.9xxxxxx update from VZW out of the box, my camera was crappy...I thought maybe it was the hardware...my camera would only focus (albeit very little) on the focal point, and the further from that point, the blurrier the image got...well, after this update, my pictures are coming out a lot crisper...will test when the sun comes out to know for sure....liking it a lot more so far...

Everyone - thanks for the great instructions!! I am on Verizon, upgraded last night and restored from backup. everything seems to be working just fine.

Hmmm Installed yesterday: Lost 4G?!?! Did not read properly so my Z10 was wiped... ;-( Oh well. Now i read more carefully..;-) Btw did anyone else have a similar issue? Does one absolutely need to remove SIM? I did my update with SIM in...could that be the reason?! I'll do another FULL backup and then "Restore" and see what happens and update this post..;-)

Quick Update _ Question: Did FULL BackUp. Reloaded via BB-Link. showed up instead of... Is higher than..And yes I kept my SIM in....Will do a FULL restore and see if the 4G option returns. Will update post later....

Update2: Was unable to do a Restore... My version of Backup is not compatible with off I go again Wipe & Installation of in order to be able to restore. And YES I can confirm: NO 4G available in pull-down selection (Networks)! Also in OS information Software is not Verified!!! Exact wording not possible now due to restore process...

Does the update give you more apps in blackberry world? I have Verizon and can't download many applications that are currently available for other carriers.

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