Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 with Wifi Hotspot (Mobile Hotspot Mode)

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Mobile Hotspot Mode
By Adam Zeis on 25 Nov 2011 11:27 am EST

This is a HOT one! OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 has turned up and it looks like this version includes Wifi Hotspot! I'm downloading and getting ready to install as I write this, so if you do get the chance to fire it up, be sure to report back here with your findings or swing by the forums to let us know what you find. It looks like Mobile Hotspot Mode is enabled in this build as well as Emergency Alert Messages. As always, use caution when installing a new OS on your device. Thanks Rais!

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 with Wifi Hotspot (Mobile Hotspot Mode)


BlackBerry Bold 9900 on T-Mobile Observations:

1) T-Mobile UMA Calling is working
2) Mobile Hotspot provides faster speed that BB Bridge

I did three speedtests on my PlayBook to compare Download/Upload speeds. They are as follows:

Local Wifi: 6.82Mbps/0.79Mbps
Mobile Hotspot: 3.32Mbps/0.96Mbps
BB Bridge: 0.82Mbps/0.30Mbps

Also, Mobile hotspot to my laptop works well. Enjoy!

they are not tht many users with 9930 and is not so much demand in bug fixes then 9900 :D.

Patience my friend will be relies for you too!

9930 owners pay the same thing as 9900..we should be treated fairly... so we should suffer bad battery and bricking and glitches because the carriers and RIM dont like us?

don't u realize that they needed it for the 9900 because att's data cost to dam much and its capped
you would not need to worry about wifi with the 9930 for sprint because its truly unlimited....the carriers have 2 much say on these things
I know sprints network is garbage but its still unlimited and only att customers truly need wifi
But I would have liked it on my 9930 as well, I agree with you.

the reality is that there are more carriers worldwide using GSM, therfore more points for a `leak` to occur.

Seriously dude? You're pissed off because a leaked, unofficial OS was not released for your device?

It'd be one thing if all the carriers released updates for everything except the 9930, but come on. Take a deep breath. It's a leak that wasn't supposed to be made public at all -- no sense getting worked up over the fact that it's not released for your device too. It will get there, sooner or later.


Taking bets on how long Rogers will take to roll out this update once it goes live everywhere else

- 2months
- 3months
- 4+ months

Has Rogers _ever_ released an OS update for 9900? This is the first time I've been tempted to use an unofficial upgrade on this phone...

I've updated my Rogers 9900 with these leaked upgrades three times now- works fine, no worries. It does suck that Rogers never seems to post them- was also the case for my 9780 and for that matter for my Nokia E71 before that.

No they have not. They will go out of their way to get the phone first for the money, but when it comes to support (keeping phones updated) they are next to dead last.

I remember Rogers was the last Canadian provider to release OS 6.0

Awesome. Any word on if this also has wi-fi calling / uma?

Will try tonight, but for for now stuck at work

BTW Guys, does anyone know if the Wifi hotspot feature is contingent on your carrier or is it available no matter what carrier you have?

Is this one Multilanguage, because the file says jAsia. Normally that means it is Japanese and the Asian language. Or am I wrong?

Yup, it is has j in front of it, it'll have Japanese input as well as other Asian language's input :) (Which is awesome! I'm glad this release has Japanese input.)

I don't know the technology behind it but if you're asking what it does, it lets you turn your phone into a wifi router for several devices (maximum 4 I think)to tap into.

So lets say you're at the airport waiting for a flight with your friends. You can enable hotspot on your phone that you and your friends can use to get on the web.

It will use your data plan so have to be careful if you have a limited data plan.

You are essentially turning your phone into a wifi hotspot just like a wireless router you possibly have at home or if you use one at your local Starbucks.
You are using your cell phone data plan to connect to the internet but you're able to connect multiple devices to the one connection. You can even connect your laptop or tablet (not sure about Apple ipad....lol) as if you were in a coffee shop but just not as fast as pure wifi connection.

i hope wifi hotspot feat. should work on BlackBerry apn because it is free and included BiS package..
if not, that means it will work on internet apn like Android,iPhone does and wlll cost extra money..
Some operators include, some not.
My operator provides me unlimited BlackBerry apn + 4GB wap and internet apn..
so i will use wifi hot spot feature either 4 GB or unlimited..
will see ..

RIM employees updated today to I'm a little skeptical about loading .74 seeing as its so old for them.

Oh Yesss! Been waiting for this! Hopefully its stable. Have bad memories on rushing a leaked version on my berries. Keep us posted early installers! :)

CDMA is / always has been last priority. Just stop and think for one second how many areas actually still maintain CDMA networks outside of the USA. Hell, even all the Canadian carriers are GSM now, after ditching CDMA.

Actually he isn't incorrect. There are only 3 true major (outside of sasktel, not sure what they are) networks here in Canada, Rogers (nationwide), Telus (in the west) and Bell (in the east). Telus and Bell share each others network (east and west) and therefore are actually one large nationwide network. Rogers has always been GSM, and telus and bell have both switched their focus to their new gsm (hspa) networks. Yes they still maintain their cdma networks, but even this will be changing. Bla1ze had a good point, cdma is VERY small (worldwide) compared to the gsm networks, of course RIM's focus is going to be GSM first. Btw, there are several small offshoots of the three major cell companies in Canada, they are fido, virgin, etc. These use their parent companies network (ex. Fido = rogers)

CrunchSMS stops working after the update! Says it supports v6 and v7 but not v7.1... this sux. Everything else seems to work ok... i emailed the Crunch team, but i doubt they will even bother to reply as its a leak... either way they should be prepared... OS is stable so far as well...

Seems like its an early build judging from the last 2 numbers and the comments, don't be surprised if another one leaks that is stable. I wouldn't install it if I were you guys..

You cannot use your 9900 as a WiMax router! It's a phone! My 9900 can easily do 12hrs with moderate use (bluetooth off), and 10hrs if bridged all day.

a rectangular box, with phone symbol\wifi symbol. and a setting to warn you when wifi signal getting low, a soft tone sound.

How'd you get it to work? I'm on Rogers and am connected to mobile network and wifi - did it automatically start for you? any specific settings?

This is an awesome addition to BB!!!!! For those of you that are unsure how to setup; you need your carriers APN info.

Make sure and enter the APN info as you see it in the link below. This link has a few APN for the different carriers out there. If you don’t see your do a search and I’m sure you fine it. Have fun!!!!!

I’m on the AT&T network; so I’m using the following info:
APN: wap.cingular
Password: CINGULAR1


So far so good on AT&T!!! I have successfully used the NEW Mobile Hotspot feature and it works great!!! I simply entered wap.cingular for the APN with no username or password.

Hotspot working (MTN Nigeria)...u'll need a separate plan besides regular BIS to use tho.

BBM 6.1: beta zone won't let you download, but if you already have the keycode, you can download it from www.rroyy.com

Socialscope: Doesn't recognise the OS as 7.0, so it doesn't work.

For those looking for mirrors, check the thread.

Not working for me
it says : Cannot start Mobile Hotspotdue to a temporary network problem, please try again later.
and if my wifi is off it says cannot enable mobile hotspot, make sure mobile and wifi radios are on.

Are You serious? It would be nice 2 if I could get Mobile Hotspot on my BB Torch 9800...... I'm planning on buy a new BB, hopefully this update will be available on BB OS 6, 7, & BBX OS & also hope it comes out 2 the public soon!!!!

I download it but I can't see anywhere the mobile hotspot??
And I got only the english language?? I need my dutch language

Oh my god, I cannot figure out how to get this update on my phone. My computer says that I've installed it but it doesn't show up on my blackberry.

nice.. finally it's coming! carriers.. hurry up do the testing, report the bugs, let RIM fix it and approve it so that we can do the upgrade SOON!!!

i've been waiting for the mobile hotspot SOOOOO BADLY! GO BB 7.1!

Ok so I upgraded and when I go turn on the personal wifi spot it gives me an error
"Cannot start mobile hotspot due to a temporary network problem. Please try again later"

Any thoughts?

Had the same problem; wifi needs to be on so if you are at work/home with a connection, delete that profile and try it because it cant become a hotspot if you're already connected. Also, in TCP/IP setting, make sure all the fields are filled in with your service provider's info and that the APN Authentication Enabled box is unchecked

somebody please post functionality using wifi hotspot with playbook (with rogers if you use them), if it works properly, what connectivity speeds are relative to tethering. i dont have a 9900 but if this works well i will steal my wifes as i need faster speeds with my pb on the road. THANKS!

I have my hotspot working. iPad connected to hotspot. Also I am on TMO-US 9900. My NFC options are not there, but my WiFi calling is now enabled.

Hotspot works Perfect! I'm with virgin. Tried it with my laptop and my ipod and both work on the hotspot and a fast speeds. Very Happy :)

I just loaded this on my US Tmo 9900: UMA finally enabled. Hotspot needs APN settings. Does anyone have these settings?

I am with tombile, and when i turned mobile hotspot on, i was prompted for the APN

I entered epc.tmobile.com with no username and password

When i connected my laptop to the network, i had the yellow triangle with no internet access

(i set a wep key and entered it when connecting)

Do you have an idea on what might the problem be?

did you know swiping up when the playbook is locked unlocks it? if you start from the bezel. is this a mistake or am i late to the game?

-Bold 9700 (waiting on 9790 for tmobile)

Its not a mistake. I found that out myself by accident. Swiping it from any direction - up, down, left or right unlocks it.

One question why use caution when installing this new software? What are the risks? I'm new at this just recently got my bold 9900

Man the 9930 gets no leak love haha. All you lucky 9900 users post up and let us know how this works and if mobile hotspot is carrier dependent.

Anyone that got UMA working on Rogers, can you confirm if you have the TalkSpot add on? Anyone get UMA working without the TalkSpot plan?

i just installed it. its running smooth

1- Wifi is working even when it asked me for ANP setting i just put some random words from my mind and it worked !

my provider gives me 10GB for my BB service every month does that mean wifi hotspot will take from the 10GB from BB plan or it will charge from different source ?

2- i didnt find arabic language in this OS7.1 i can read arabic but i cant write arabic.

is there any way to import the arabic language without reinstalling different OS version ?

UMA working very well on Orange UK, just installed and worked straight away. This is on an unbranded GSM 9900, not sure if you'll have much luck on a locked Orange branded though.

I can confirm that the Hotspot works just fine with Wind Mobile using APN settings of internet.windmobile.ca and then username/password are both blank. I was getting download speeds of approx 3200bits/sec on my playbook using the Hotspot instead of the blackberry bridge function. I actually downloaded the software update for the playbook (approx 264mb file) and it seriously was done in no time!!!!

I have found this build to be a little unstable though. I was listening to music and then the phone rang. I took the phone out of the holster and it just froze. Also, I have noticed the same issue of the phone not charging even with the wall charger. I get the silly message that I don't have enough juice when it's straight from the wall charger. I restart the phone and that seems to solve the problem. I also noticed an addition to the clock. There seems to be a small alarm with a plus sign beside it. I guess this is an indicator for you to press when you want to switch your alarm from off to setting a new time.

That's all

Have a Branded Oragne UK 9900 and the wifi calling works great. Even without mobile network on(a la UMA). The hotspot is cool too!

Hi, I can't get Orange hotspot to work. My APN settings are correct as far as I know which is just 'orangeinternet'.
What other setting do you have on yours that might be different to mine to enable hotspot to work?

If anyone is looking for the file and the links are not working, PM me your email address and I will share the file with you through my Dropbox account.

So is there any chance at all that the carriers are actually going to give BB users FREE WIFI????
(for now, maybe there is a loop hole, but is this a lasting feature?)

It's a mobile phone, not an industrial wimax router! You can perfectly use this at your office if you plug it in the charger! Internet all day baby!

Does anyone know how to force the Loader to provide OS installation options? I only see the "Wireless Music Sync" option. (See below for details.) Any help is greatly appreciated.


I have downloaded and installed "9900jAsia_PBr7.1.0_rel196_PL5.1.0.75_A7.1.0.74.exe".

In addition, I have removed the "Vendor.xml" from:

${APPDATA}\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Loader XML\Vendor.xml
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\Vendor.xml"

And ran

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\Loader.exe

But after "Retrieving Device Configuration", I only see the "Wireless Music Sync" option, and don't see any option for upgrading the OS.

I found the solution was to append the option "/nojvm" after the Loader.exe, to force the OS install!

I have confirmed the new OS, but I still don't see the NFC option in "Manage Connections". :(

Any suggestions on any hacks to enable NFC on my T-Mobile 9900 bold?

My mobile hotspot on Telus work awesome, no UMA not available yet,because Telus is stupid.
- I tested with my 32GB playbook and I was to connect , excellent speed.
Few things I noticed that are not working:
1. My bluetooth on my Telus Bold 9900 is not working. It comes on for few second and offm
Anyboby experiencing the same issue?
2.I cannot BBM 6.1
Hotspot is cool, but I need that bluetooth working so I can transfer file between my phone and playbook

I ask again.... the big question:

Is this just some sort of **temporary** fun and free feature?.... or is RIM and the provider going to allow BB users to get free wifi off their phones??

Will this happen for the 9810? I sincerely hope so. It's almost as though the 9810 doesn't even exist.

No themes, no new OS. What next? My guess is nothing?????


9810 had an update....


it is a nice one too....you may find it forums. No Hotspot......yet.

The NFC does not show up on mine. I am AT&T. I will say this....the build is pretty good, no lags or reboot loops. The reboot is quick....does anyone have a little buzz at the beginning of the reboot. It is only for a second. No big deal, thought it was strange. I did NOT need the user name and password when using the Hotspot....worked great. Curious to see how it will do when i am in an area with EDGE.

Awesome stuff. Works great with AT&T without a teathering plan. :) and it must not go thru bis cuz i am pulling 8 mbps with my playbook and only pull 1.5 mbps max thru bis

Figures, lol. That is the reason why I left Blackberry for the Apple Iphone 4S. Blackberry is always trying to catch up. Putting out new phones without updating the old ones. Rimm (Blackberry) stock used to be $134 per share and now it's in the $20's. They still don't get it, lol.

Can someone on ATT post exactly how they got theirs to work?

APN: wap.cingular

Password: CINGULAR1

pulled my battery

and still nothing... i get a "a network error occured" message on my playbook, i also tried my 9900

Whats really awesome about this besides the fact that it works without a theathering package, is the speed i can stream epix, amazon and you tube full movies without buffering on my playbook. :p This is a winner for me :)

Hey Guys, I'm trying to reload my phone with this OS after it crashed yesterday giving me an 'error 561'. but it isn't working. Any thoughts?

after 1 day of using this new version OS7.1 i am facing 2 things

1- not all languages are available

2- i dont think its stable at all ... u will find it very fast and stable for like 8 hours or so but suddenly u see it silent and i wonder no body is sending me any message on BBM !

so i just restarted my BB9900 and after it started up i get like 6 or 7 pending BBM messages !

i have faced this problem 2 times in 1 day

so am going back to even thought i loved the hotspot feature but i care about stability

Works great so far for me!

These are my findings so far!

-The alert sound bug hasn't occurred yet! (So maybe fixed)

- Mobile Hotspot

- The touch functionality for the 'Clock' has changed

- Reboot time is faster

ALL of the very common questions asked here are answered on the Crackberry site, just use the search feature in the forums and you will find detailed answers and step-by-step directions on "how-to".

Typically, your many "noob" questions will be ignored on threads like this one which assume a certain basic Blackberry knowledge.

So, search the forums for answers and leave room for comments on how this leak is actually working, what's new and what apps still work, etc. Also, 50 "I am downloading this now" comments are not helping anyone...think about it.

If someone would be kind enough to post the download link minus the vendor.xml file, it would be appreciated. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I can't get the download to a destination on my PC where the vendor.xml file is shown.

Much appreciated, fellow crackberry people!

After loading OS last night, i noticed that in the BB menu the last letters on everything is missing. anyone else see this? or is this just on my phone?

Yep, mine is that way too!!! Gonna revert back to previous leak...can't seem to get my hot spot to work. I may have to call rogers and get them to enable something for me.....

The update is no longer available through the link...When will T-Mobile USA have it? If not soon where can I download it?

Who the hell knows. . .T-Mobile seems like they will be the last ones to update anything. . .and seems like they will really take their time when it comes to NFC. . .MY BB is slow and choppy at times and I'm hoping for an upgrade to fix that. I want to load a legitimate OS update but guess that won't happen any time soon. . .

would it work with my playstation 3 or is that me just being stupid?

I swore I would never do drugs or become addicted to anything.... Thanks RIM for making me a liar, I can't put this bitch down lol

What's the point of using the desktop software and doing a backup and restore if my app settings are all wiped and I have to configure everything again! RIM has to figure out how to save my settings and put them back the way it was!

I have noticed big problems after I updated to this leak. Missing letters from words in menus, mostly "T" and "Y". No search bar in the browser at the top. Browser crash all the time. Can't scroll down using the touch pad in browser.

I installed this version and had good success with UMA/hotspot but my antiquated BB headphone won't work. Tried 3 different pairs, got a loud screech each time and the person on the other line is unable to hear me. Anyone else this happened to?

Works great on my phone. I like the Edit button on each of the contact. Changing your friends' contact details it a whole lot easier...

Tmo is okay uma and hotspot work !
but too many bugs still-
letters missing,frezz,bricks then need to reload os, when making call on UMA some times cant hear the person on other end of call,beta testing stuff dont work.
tested for a week and these where my findings. THIS os is headed in the right direction ! when official rel comes out it should be great.

Been running this leaked OS on T-mobile network for 2 weeks:

UMA works fine
Bluetooth is fine
Hotspot would work if I wanted to pay for it
Contact edit - Not sure what's different, but it just seems like editing takes a few less steps

-Notepad forces cursor at the bottom, which would be ok if I had a shortcut to get back to the top. And some of my memos take 10 seconds to scroll through. If you want to "find" something in a memo, you have to be already at the top, so that's an extra step. And the main reason I'm downgrading.

-Spelling errors in menu

-Dictionary missing so many common spellings - If you want to add them on your own, be my guest.

-Ringtone forced silent - Not sure what's going on here, but after an uptime of 24hrs, it just decides to not ring. I miss calls and text for no reason.

-19 character sms limit. Anything after 19 characters just vanish in to thin air! This is only happening with one friend, but it's still strange. She gets text fine from everyone else, and so do I. Not sure what's going on here.

-media player - I noticed the previous/next GUI buttons were cut short. Reboot fixed it though.

Overall - Not worth it, I wish I would learn my lesson in regards to upgrading to a leaked OS.

Had the phone just over a month and my LEFT CAP key fell of the phone... I have the insurance but tmobile wants $130 to replace a button worth a nickel! Is it just me or is the build quality of phones going straight down the shitter! Old blackberries had a solid rubber keyboard. And apparently the 9900 has individual keys. So, if you type a lot, which is why you have a blackberry to begin with; be prepared for the buttons to show up missing around the 5th week mark! Good job RIM!

ok, so i have had mobile hotspot from a few leaked/hybrid OS on my 9900. I just went to Ottawa for the weekend and tried it out. I just got told i have a $1500 phone bill for 105MB of "TETHERING"

Not all carriers will let you use your phone's Data. Some still treat it at packets/apn type of data. BE SURE!!

I am with bell mobility and i would assume many other Canadian providers will do the same.

any questions about how i found this out, how to look it up on your bill ask me. my pin is 27f40b07