Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900

By Bla1ze on 5 Jan 2012 07:20 pm EST
BlackBerry Bold 9900

Been itching for the next release of BlackBerry 7.1 for the BlackBerry Bold 9900? Of course you have -- now, you can download the latest leaked version being As always, back up your data before you load this one up and make sure you check out the thread if the CrackBerry forums for any bugs & fixes that are noted in this release.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). *

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900


As soon as I'm home I'm so downloading this. Running the last leaked OS and like it so far (beside battery life)

whoever installs it, please report back on app compatibility

im guessing, it will be the same as previous os 7.1 leak

where most beta zone stuff didnt work

maybe its just me, but I had on my 9930 on Sprint. I took it back to the store and went back to my 8330. I purchased Blackberry Radio and it doesn't launch. I heard the same about Mundu. BEWARE of the update. I didn't have these problems with on Sprint

Whatever. I am so over RIM right now. CNet reported today that the London (you know, the one without the keyboard) will be the ONLY phone released with BB10. I guess all of us old-time fans don't mean anything any more.

You seriously believe that? only 1 phone... One word for you buddy... Wait for it........ WOW!

Most likely RIM doesn't even have a "written in stone" design yet since the phone is expected to be released in mid to late 2012. But, you do believe that Cnet has the "inside info"... Gullible aren't we?

Actually, if it holds true that only one phone will be released with BB10, that will be good news. The problem with RIM, unlike Apple for instance, is that it has billions (well not really) of different models, phones, designs, software, OS, screen size, memory, processing power, etc.

From a developers point of view, from what I have heard, is that all of these different varieties make it near impossible to develop quality apps for the phones - there is simply too much variation. Good lord, I still have apps that I have paid for that arnt supported on my 9780 yet alone a 9900.

If RIM sticks to only one phone, it can focus all of its resources on making one really good phone. Developers will only need to learn how to develop for one phone. Presumably, this will lead to better, high quality apps instead of what we have now. And the public will not have to be concerned/worried about what the difference is between a 9700, 9780, 9781, 9781a, 9782 etc (obviously not real phones, but hopefully the point is illustrated).

So I guess I am the opposite of you - I sincerely hope that as BB goes forward, it only produces one phone only. And this phone becomes the true "super" phone.

I wouldn't say just one phone. But I wouldn't have as many. Like 2 bolds?! Why? Pearls for beginners (no longer make curve). Bold for high end. And maybe torch (all touch or slider. Maybe both)

can anyone tell me how to download this? i went to the link, but it doesn't let me click on the OS...do you need to be a member of the site to download the link?

Scroll down. Click "Slower Download". Enter the Captcha code. Click "Slower Download". Wait 30 seconds. Click "Slower Download". This is about the worst file sharing site I've seen yet, but it works.

I finally got fed up with the crappy battery life and traded the 9900 for the 9860 and now this leak comes out. I couldn't deal with te 10-15% battery loss per hour.

u must hve been using it wrong. 9860 could only have worse battery life (full screen uses more power)

I have been using it non stop for over an hour and lost 3%. With the 9900 I would be down 50% while I slept at night. I used my friends phone before I made the switch and with the same usage got double the battery life.

Installed with no problems through Desktop Manager. So far the only thing I noticed, the backlight settings don't work quite right, I always use it at full brightness but now won't show as bright. I tried the auto-dim, it's not enabled but still looks dimmed in low light. Well this is after about 10 minutes of testing, next days might bring more, hopefully good things.


With wifi calling, you lose signal strength,

Seems to drop down to GPRS before going back to H+ or Edge for hotspot

Someone POST FINDINGS.. Compatibility problems?

Per the battery draining on the 9900 ((, keep WIFI on! I have experienced less battery drain with this method. Of course, be sure to keep your backlight timing and screen brightness modest.

Does anyone know if this fixes the battery life. I seriously hate charging my berry 3 times a day. Not even kidding I bring my wall charger everywhere I go n I feel like a clown when I charge it in public. This battery life needs to be fixed along with the unlock screen. So if this does plz let me no.

Thank guys!! Appreciate it!!:D

I recently had an HTC Droid Incredible 2 because my Bold 9650 kept bricking and I missed my Blackberry SOoo MUCH! Now I have the 9630 Tour, trackball, weird lol Blackberry for LIFE!! I don't know about you all, but I think the Bold 9930 is a great phone! I feel Android phones are all android and aren't even about the phones. It just feels so open and all over the place. I will never leave Blackberry. They can only get better.. right..

it seems that there is a new feature that I've never noticed before : Blackberry Device Analyzer
you can run diagnotics and test your hardware....

downloading as i type.. hope its better than the .74, well we would not be on this forum if we did not take chances and itched for the latest and greatest ;)

installed it, many things very slow, internet slow.....
mobile hotspot working with ipad 2 is a very easy and good function, love it
going back to the original firmware now, can't use bb normal at this speed

update : installed it again, just to try it one more time. speed is back. so far so good. everything looks oké.
can't tell anything about battery life now.

well all the media works now. whereas .74 was useless outside of basic blackberry services. i can finally use tunein radio now. :)

Okay, I downloaded and installed this OS last night. Too quick observations,

1). The battery life is worse than .74. Without doing much of anything on the phone, I was down to less than 50% in less than 5 hours, with .74 I would still be at about 75%.

2). and this is the biggest one of all, mobile Hotspot is now asking me to sign up for Mobile Hotspot Tethering plan with T-mobile USA before I can use the service!!! Unh unh, I am going back to .74 until that is figured out and resolved. Free Mobile Hotspot is the main reason I moved to OS 7.1, I am not losing it over an upgrade that doesnt show any significant improvement (and actually seems to be a performance downgrade).

3). The phone seems to spend more time in EDGE now than 4G. Even in areas I always had 4G on .74, my phone is on EDGE for much of the time in the same area before it moves to 4G.

I don't think this version is worth the upgrade from .74, going back to that until something that is actually better and doesn't require me spending more money comes along.

This Leak is one of the best OS so far. Love the battery life stays near to 24 hrs . No bugs yet found. Loving it. Thanks Roy n the team whoever leaked it.

Installed and am loving the update. phone dont lag as much now and the battery life seems to be the same as it was with the 590. played my music all night, bbm and fb and battery only went down 15 %..

Downloaded this yesterday and the only two complaints I have about it are as follows. Number 1, I cannot download pictures from a Google image search. Number 2, Wikitude just freezes the device. Anyhow, for the most part I'm happy with it thus far.

Downloaded this yesterday and the only two complaints I have about it are as follows. Number 1, I cannot download pictures from a Google image search. Number 2, Wikitude just freezes the device. Anyhow, for the most part I'm happy with it thus far.

It would be nice you could tell us which carrier it is for. If it's T-Mobile, does it have UMA and Hotspot.

working good for me... Battery life seems pretty decent. The hotspot was getting great speeds. 8MB down and 2MB up.

This OS is the worst on battery life. Sorry but with RIM's previous focus on great battery life & then putting this release out.........forget it.

I know the 1.2 gig processor takes a chunk of power but having to charge during the day remonds me of my 4S but that at lease has the apps to back it up.

Pick it up RIM I can only hold out for so long.

i am currently on day 2 of having this installed. i currently have no problems with any program compatibility including but not limited to:

-twitter (for blackberry)
-score mobile
-weather eye
-google maps

if i have noticed and difference in battery it would be for the better but i cant call it as yet. i personally am a power user on my bb and cannot have my 9900 on 4G (H+) at all or i will only get a max of 3 hours (being generous) out of the battery so i always keep it on 2G (EDGE).

images download for me on google images and also wikitude does not freeze. i have only tried it in the house but it runs smooth

installed on a 9900 used on the Rogers network in Toronto

This release (leaked) for my Blackberry Bold 9900 is awesome overall accessing WiFi, Bluetooth, and Mobile Hotspot works perfectly!!
For anyone else experiencing issues accessing Mobile hotspot it isnt the phone, its ur carrier.

Contact your carrier, and make sure mobile hotspot is enabled on ur account.

Not sure what's going on with my bold 9900 (have it 3 weeks now)

1. After updating to I did not reactive my BIS account b/c I was roaming... Data of was off but WIFI was on. Was so excited b/c was still @ 70% and the end of the day and only lost %10 over night.

2. Got home and activated my BIS account and it now back to 3 times a day change again!

BTW, my 9700 was still working after a week in standby mode, but yet my 9900 can't standby for 12 hours? Also, I was seriously disappointed with my playbook on the plane as the guy with the Asus Android tablet was able to watch video for 7-8 hours and my playbook died after 4hrs.

RIM, you have to fix these battery issue!!! this is not acceptable for a business tool.

I'm on a monthly plan with t-mobile, when i installed this version and turn mobile hotspot on, if i try to connect from my pc or iPad i get directed to the my tmobil website!!!

This didn't exist on the .74 version. Pease help am I doing something wrong?



I just Install this leaked OS, for Battery life reason, like most of you (got the phone 1 week ago and really disappointed so far) .
Anyway, it's seems now everything is fine(even battery, but still a shame) except for the Blackberry Podcasts apps.
A week ago Blackberry Podcast use to work perfectly (draining my battery too :D ), with this new os I can't use it and when i try to re install it say "Unavailable for this Device" in Blackberry apps Word.
On other Forum they said Blackberry Podcast is only available in The US and Canada
But I bought my blackberry in France with French Vodafone, and Blackberry Podcast worked fine.
If anyone has any answer or tips.Thanks

One more question , Can i Change the country on Blackberry apps Store?, because I miss some American apps i can't download in France .

Thanks a lot

Just installed and seems very peppy. No issues with the install, I used BB Desktop. Regarding NFC, does anyone know if this is a carrier specific thing? I am on Tmobile USA and the NFC option does not show up. I am also on BESX, that could also be the problem. The latest BESX does not provide an option to enable as it does with BES. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Now possible to send picture, video or music to "tag", meaning another phone through NFC. Difference with bluetooth is no need of any pairing, just put both phones back to back.

Podcast seems to be unusable.