Leaked OS for Blackberry Bold 9900

By Bla1ze on 10 Nov 2011 11:13 pm EST

BlackBerry 7

Time for a new BlackBerry Bold 9900 OS. As posted in the CrackBerry Forums, this OS is supposedly being used to update devices that people are having issues with from a regional carrier and as of right now, is not available on the RIM website. It has no vendor.xml file included with it so you should be able to download, install and go. Sadly, still no WiFi HotSpot seems to be included either but you all can pick it apart and find out what it fixes and doesn't fix. Thanks, Madoon!

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Leaked OS for Blackberry Bold 9900


its been leaked for 12hr already, Does any one know any issues? Updates on whats new?
Does this bring UMA support for t-mobile devices? Im Guessing this is what The WHITE Bold will ship with.

I have a issue with .439 it bricked once today was stuck on a constant reboot my solution was battery pull for 5 mins fixed it, also the proximity sensor lights up when resuming from a black screen, this was not present in build .251

Why don't you hit up the thread in the link above, might answer your question, the thread is only 3 pages long at the moment. Read up.

If it did have a vendor file it didn't stop me installing it without removing it

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i just got my bb 9900 few hours ago, so of course i installed this leaked os on it. everything is running smooth compare to my torch running os 6.

Upgrading right now ... so far so good, all done with DM (had to reboot my DeskTop, as required). First BB Phone "force" update ever ... feel like a kid in a candy store #2 :)

Running fine since yesterday. Had an issue with the bridge icon/settings. Reinstall using the WEB SITE and not BB DM solved this. (BTW, I used it also to install a few apps I didn't have ... what a time gain !)

where is the .400 love for the 9930?!?!? 9900 users now get .500 love and 9930ers sit in the 3s...... boo

DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS FROM MEGA! There is a malware/virus associated with this download file; it’s call “WS.Reputaion.1”. Blaze; you need to remove this link asap!!

Write this in the forum and then hit the "tip" button. It will get to them faster then in here I think. Or email them.

YES!!!! it's going to be a good day :) I'm downloading and trying out NOW! Will report finding later today~~~

So far, so good. The build was faster than previous, and it kept all of my settings this time. I haven't used much, but browsing and apps all seem to be okay. Can't wait to see what others observe.

Vodafone on UMA: They have officially stated that they will never support UMA as they believe that the SureSignal booster is a better option. Personally I prefer the idea of UMA as works on any wifi and not just at home.

BlackBerry Travel doesn't work now....possibly the upgrade to this firmware, possibly RIMs inability to do anything right........

It didn't the issue of my Bold 9900 "not ringing" issue. I have to do a battery pull to reset my phones ringer after a while. Has anyone found a fix for this yet?