Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900

By Adam Zeis on 7 Oct 2011 10:33 am EDT

BlackBerry 7

A happy Friday to all the BlackBerry Bold 9900 users! A fresh new leak has hit the interwebs in the form of OS and is ready to roll. No word of the good, bad or ugly on this one just yet, so if you install be sure to drop a comment here or hit the forums letting us know your findings. As always, use caution when installing any software on your device.

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900


Same here... And I'm usually all over every new beta os. I guess I've never been so happy with the stock version shipped with my phone. I'll try this one out though.

that's a wicked UPDATE FFC = Front Facing Camera, does it work on my Torch to ??

Probably the user was talking about NFC(hope is a spelling error FFC)

Past 7Weeks will we didn't see an update and finally we see them leak :D

ive been waiting for a leaked os for weeks, and then it comes the day after i took my 9900 to get the screen repaired> why did i drop it :(

Ok something's up here. I've done these leaked upgrades a million times, but when I load this leak onto my device it says it's version

This is my first 7.0 device but is there something different you have to do? In the past I would uninstall the old software from my PC, install the leak, delete vendor.xml and run apploader.exe

Did the same thing this time around, did a backup, installed the software, did a restore. One thing I noticed was the phone number reboots. I find that very odd.

Any insight?

How is the battery life for this leak. My current out of box OS has horrible battery life and I'm hoping that it is addressed in this leak.

Its a bit early to talk about battery life on this build as its just been released. It'll take a couple of days for installers to determine if the battery life has improved.

But .353 improved the battery for some people...and worse for others so unless you install this leak you'll never know if it helps you or not!

NFC was working on the last update 353. The only things I'm looking for are even better battery life (.353 plus getting rid of WeatherEye helped a lot) and in particular ... UMA. This phone is not the 9900 I wanted until UMA is on it and working.

I am running .353 and I do NOT have NFC as an option in my Manage Connections or Networks and Connections menu.

Did you do something to make it active? Why do you think it is working? What did you use it with to determine it is working?

Well, I can't speak for your phone. I can only speak for mine. It's a 9900 on Rogers (from Rogers) and it's been upgraded to .353 by me.

"Near Field Communication" shows up in my "Manage Connections screen, along with Mobile Network, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. I can turn it on and I can turn it off. If I turn it on, my battery is not as good as when I leave it off (this is anecdotal on my part). This leads me to believe that something is turning on. I have not in fact USED it yet due to the fact that I have not encountered anything to use it on. I haven't used Wi-Fi B on it either but in my heart of hearts I believe that it would work if I needed it to.

UMA is not on my phone and is not working. My 9900 will not be complete until that happens. Hello? RIM? You there?

Same as it's always been... delete vendor.xml file, and i always use DM to update. doing so as i type this....

I am unable to update my 9900 with this O/S

Software is successfully installed on my PC

I've deleted the vendor.xml from all locations and reinstalled Desktop Manager. I've also tried using loader.exe and it doesn't even recognize the software on my PC.

Anyone got an idea here?

The OS was only leaked a couple hours ago.... I can tell you my battery hasn't died in the 30 min since I upgraded.
If you want reports on battery performance you will have to allow a little more time....

this doesnt work. I tried to install, and did the same routine as always. Program files, common files, research in motion, apploader, and it shows something from 3/21/2011?!?! wtf is that!! and I tried to restart computer, no dice...bs

if it doesnt show up try uninstalling desktop manager. Clearing everything left over in the folders in application data or appdata and reinstalling desktop manager then the firmware and it will show up. Thats how it was for me

I don't remember seeing NFC before this update, but it's there now (I'm with Telus Mobility).

I don't see any Wi-Fi Hotspot though.

Installed on first try through Desktop Manager. Seems to be working fine. No problem or new updates that I have noticed

I just installed on my t-mobile 9900 as well. Agreed, no NFC, no UMA. (I don't see any differences at this point really, hopefully behind the scenes action is awesome.)

update: I now have a compass application, only visible difference so far.

compass has always been there, and nfc is carrier dependant as i have nfc on mine, vodafone uk runnin this leaked os...

For some reason, every email message I get is "truncated due to size" -even ones that have only one word in the entire email. Anyone else experiencing this? Is it an issue not related to the upgrade? Thanks

I always had the compass app on mine from the day I got it from Tmo. NFC is not active yet on this leaked OS. From what I heard, Tmo is blocking it for now.

just got however it has app world 2.0.143?
however quite happy with as imo 3.0 is crap
just sayin !!!!!!!!!!!!

hey guys, would anyone be able to help me...im stuck at the screen that says "Select a device to connect" and it seems that the drop down box doesnt have anything??? my 9900 in connected to the pc in media sync. if anyone could help it be really nice :D new to blackberry. thank you ben

does this work on the 9930 cause everytime i type it lags and misspells everything i type and puts periods in between every word.this is a laggy POS stock OS

No. This is for the 9900 not the 9930. The 9900 is a GSM phone. An update for the 9930 should not be far behind. You need to wait for that.

As for the misspelling, the phones don't usually make up their own words. It's usually the user that can't spell. On a BlackBerry, if you hit the space bar twice it will type a period. It's supposed to do that. Is that what you are seeing?

tmo 9900, no uma, no nfc, no kfc, battery life is still crap: i was working with %95 at 6:40pm. i turned on 4g, bluetooth, and wifi, opened the wikitude app for around three minutes. literally. then closed it. i did nothing else, no surfing, no music. 10:11pm: in the yellow at %15. whats killing the is the 4g. i heard that in another post, tested the theory, and can confirm: 4g is like dracula on the battery. now, i STAY on EDGE, wifi is stays on even though i rarely surf on my phone, and the only time i turn on 4g is if i want to hit up the app world or surf on my playbook. other than that, 4g is pretty much useless. stay on EDGE and youll keep your battery.

if you have tmobile you will never see nfc because they have blocked it. also there will never be uma only wifi calling.

Anyone have an idea of when we can expect an official release for the 9900? I'm new to Blackberrys and i'm not fully comfortable with installing a leak. The only real reason I have to upgrade is battery life..

Official releases are by carrier so it would depend on their releasing it. That could be when hell freezes over. If memory serves, I was running various OS5 versions on my 8900 for almost 2 years before Rogers released one.

These releases (not hybrids) are for all essential purposes official since they're from RIM. They just haven't been approved by specific carriers. Hopefully in the future we can just go to an over the air upgrade system and bypass the carriers all together. Then maybe specific carriers would be less inclined to block features and wouldn't delay updates in the hopes that you'll instead by a new phone from them.

installed the os on my computer but desktop manager doesnt recognize the update can anybody give me the steps on which files have to be deleted in order for desktop manager to recognize the update

nfc & uma will def be on the official os once released, when we were being trained on them, it had the update and both features were viewable.