Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9780

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By Adam Zeis on 10 Oct 2011 09:36 am EDT

Some Monday love for all the Bold 9780 users. OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9780 has leaked and is ready for the taking. I'm sure many of you have upgraded to a new BlackBerry 7 device, but for those still rocking my long time favorite 9780, this one's for you. If you do install, be sure to hit up the forums and let us know your findings. As always, use caution when installing and leaked software on your device.

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9780


I checked for updates this morning on Rogers in Ontario, and there is a new bundle 2921 up for grabs. Not sure what if any real improvements I will see. Still kinda nice to see it is still getting some love, as this little bad boy is gonna hold me over until the new phones come out 2012.

im due for a phone upgrade now, but am still unsure wether i want an os7 device or the 9780. i have played around with a 9900, and i find it there is not enough apps and no themes, which i really like. i havent used a 9780 but i have played around with a 9700. the big seller for me is the auto focus cam and the apps and themes on the 9780. i like phone photography, and the camera on the new phones just doesnt interest me. i already own a pb so i can wait for qnx phones, and at least i will have a good camera once i upgrade. can someone who has used either the 9780 or both along with the os 7 phones give me some info on wether os 7 or the new bold is really worth upgrading to compared to the 9780?

Themes will come soon. Grab yourself the 9810. Same processor and the camera works great! Never been a fan of phone photography but have been using this think alot. Give os7 a shot. I think you will pleased over getting a 9780.

Definitely worth the upgade the 9900 has a much faster processor, nicer bigger display, bigger keyboard, hd720 video camera its just an all around great phone. The problem is RIM doesnt release the tools to us developers before releasing the phones. Blackberry themes for OS7 should be coming soon and you should see more and more apps added aswell. Also Rumours has it that the new QNX phones will not have themes which is really gonna suck.....

if you love themes and want to see them on QNX phones there is an online petition here: http://supportforums.blackberry.com/t5/BlackBerry-Themes-Animated/Lookin...


i already installed os in my curve 9300 and its working just find....i like it.is there any higher than this os?

I updated to this OS on my 9700 officially; it came up on my BlackBerry Desktop software and I now have it on my 9700. However, it seems that the antenna isn't picking up as much data as it was on .546. Anyone else have this issue?

Wow. i haven't done an upgrade for my 9780 in a long time, i still had version .448 and i was a little sceptical about downloading a new OS but this one was totally worth it! ever since i got my 9780 i've had this annoying keyboard issue in which it would spit out extra letters. it was very frustrating because i'd have to waste time deleting them and reviewing over and over what i was trying to send. ever since i got this update it's fixed that issue! this is how my phone should have been working since the start. i know, i know "why didn't you just trade it in?" the truth is i was too lazy to trade it in, i was too excited to just have it. anyway, the point is this is the best OS update i've gotten so far, for that issue mainly. i feel like it runs faster too and my music library of over 3,000 songs loads faster on shuffle mode.

I downloaded the OS 6.0 2921 for Telus and I am currently having issues... I am unable to move around my icons/sort my applications. I never noticed this issue until I went to options and noticed MOVE and MOVE TO FOLDER was no longer one of the options. Has anyone else experienced this problem?? Can anyone help me? I hate my icons being all over the place


After having used this build for quite some time now I can safely say that battery life is not as long as it was with build 650. I'm not sure why but my usage on average has remained the same and I am not using any newer apps than I had with build 650. I'll be going back to that build later today.

Has anyone else noticed a shorter battery life?

I have updated my 9780 who was running on the last official RIM update. As usual, the restoration process has many bugs and has erased many emails, f*ck it....
The phone often freezes, i dont know why. despite i restarted it several times.
The internet browser is still so slow.
The phone has even more bugs than before.
The battery life seems to be the same.

Just upgraded to this latest build and now half the apps in 'favourites' are gone. Thinking of going back to the last version. Unbelievably frustrating as I'm not a tech guy and don't have hours to mess with the phone (Torch 9800) every time there's a small change to the os. Can't they upgrade without changing settings? I can't find some of the apps anywhere on my phone now. Any advice?