Leaked OS for BlackBery Bold 9780 and Curve 3G 9300

BlackBerry 6
By Adam Zeis on 20 May 2011 09:05 am EDT

Happy Friday to the Bold 9780 and Curve 9300 owners. We have a fresh leak to start the day and get things rolling right. OS is floating around the interwebs and ready for a good home. Reports seem good on this one so far, so get out those USB cables and get to downloading. As always use caution when installing a leaked OS. Hit the forums for more discussion.

Download OS for the Bold 9780
Discuss more in the forums

Download OS for the Curve 9300
Discuss more in the forums



will be trying it soon. thx!


9780 mirror:
http://filefactory.com/file/cb6b4f5/n/ 9780jAsia_PBr6.0.0_rel2534_PL6.6.0.212_A6.0.0.570_Crackberry.exe


Any changes compared to .546?


The official version on my BB is and the BB Desktop Manager does not offer any newer release. Is this because my carrier does not provide customized updates?


You don't use DM for updates like this, first you must delete the vendor.xml file... Instructions will be found in one of the sticky threads about "latest OS", and probably here before the day is over.


just download the link above, install it... then go to c/program files/common files/research in motion/apploader then delete the vendor file at the very bottom... then open DM and you'll be good to go.


9300 mirror:
http://filefactory.com/file/cb6b5e2/n/ 9300jAsia_PBr6.0.0_rel2534_PL6.6.0.212_A6.0.0.570_Crackberry.exe


Cool! May be checking this one out tonight! Will be intersted first in hearing from other t-mo users


is this upgrade wiil work out? how to install it? instruction plzz.. :)


Need help! Have software downloaded to laptop and it shows under programs in the control panel, but how do I get it installed to my device?


It messed up my universal search....anybody else with same problem


Ima give it a try since .546 on my 9780 sucks....


After the install I noticed BIS wouldnt run thru WI-Fi. Anyone else have this problem???


Have installed on my Bold 9780. Working fine. No issues so far. Haven't noticed any difference with 546 though. Feels like battery life is better, but will report more...


are we talking about .546 or .570 here. neways installed .570 on my 9780 2 days back. have found issues with it.
- phone has slowed down
- batt sucks. earlier it took 2 hrs to fully charge the batt with my earlier OS, now it takes ages.
- batt drains faster too.
- the phone heats up!!
- the browser doesnt work at all.
- constant call drops. now dont think this is a service provider issue as i never faced this prior to installing 570.

somebody help me out with this. temme which is a better OS to install!!!!