Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

BlackBerry 6
By Adam Zeis on 7 Apr 2011 12:23 pm EDT

It seems like not so long ago we were anxiously waiting for OS 6 to pop up for the Bold 9700, and since then we've had plenty of leaks and some official releases. Here is another today in the form of OS This one is shiny and new so if you install be sure to leave a comment and hit the forums with your findings. As always, use caution when installing a leaked OS.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). *

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700


Wow! Just went from cb to twitter and saw this announcement! Will grab this when get home. Wonder what the differences are. Shame no change log with leaks.

because if they "slimmed it down" people would complain that they took out features blah blah blah.

i for one prefer that it isn't slimmed down; you can just BB boss stuff out that you don't need or want. i've loaded almost all these leaks and have yet to run out of memory.

Try shrinking the os yourself using bbh I done it and installed the os keeping the 29 apps I already had installed and still had 84MB left for app storage.

Downloading Now, will be feedbacking in no time :
High priority bugs. Memorry leaks, flash and pointer disapearing.

Well based on what im seeing so far this could very well be! i must say all the major problems i was having seems to have disappeared. disconnecting BIS being the major one, and i still have not done a battery pull. yippee

I'm still having the same problem myself after installing the update, it's quite upsetting to be honest grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Well i must say so far so good, i have tried all the leaks and officials, and the best i have seen so far is 461, one common problem i found was that my bis kept disconnecting, so i reverted back to os 5, i installed 534 about an hour now and my bis has not drop yet, plus i didn't have to do a battery pull as for the memory leaks i cant say i'm having any, if this continues this my be the best one yet.

How do you see or know the bis is disconnecting or what the status is? I never knew we could see that.

Well there are two ways i know how, go to manage connection on any os and then go to service status and look for blackberry internet service, you suppose to see mobile network or if its disconnected you should see not connected.

Grrrr I won't be able to download this leak for a few days. Right now I'm on my carrier's (T-Mobile) Official on my 9700 and it's working fine except for the Memory Leak but fingers crossed that will be a better version! Please post if there's a memory leak because that's my main thing!

Same with me. 448 is fine but memory left 46MB only without Apps. May I know .534 ver will be..?! MB by default status?

I've tried and failed in using the two common OS excess removers. Just don't seem to work for me. Anyway, any guidance on how to remove all un-needed parts of OS would be appreciated!

i wish someone could figure out how to load these on Macs, tired of having to wait to do it on a POS PC...

I think I looked into that and my mac is too old to load their software. But I wish they could figure out how to do it just straight mac and not windows on a mac.

Sounds like you accidentally shrank out one of the COD files that sets up email. Simply reinstall the OS to your PC and carefully shrink out only the parts you are sure won't affect your phone's performance.

can't get my head round this. For the last two versions of os6 i have installed i have low volume on media player through the speaker and can not turn it up .Anyone help? please.

I just upgraded from and didn't notice any substantial difference at all. The browser seems a bit faster, there is also more free memory and it's just as stable as my previous software. I have noticed a memory leak and this seems to be a permanent issue regardless of which software is being used.

Ok so like at the end of my little four hour test i have have my BIS dropped connection about 3 times already, and had to manually reconnect, this seems a bit more stable than 461 but the one unbarring problem still exists for m still, and thats losing BIS, other than that every things great with this leak.

Bugger!! Why don't they make this a priority. Back to Opera I guess.
Can anyone also tell me if there is 2G only mode in the network connection options or is there only 3G and 2G/3G???

The browser problem is the lower ram available for the full webkit experience. This bug will not replicate in native os6 phones such as 9780, 9800 etc.

Yeah, there is 2G/3G/2G&3G mode option in the network connection setting.

I beg to differ, the issue is still there for the 9780, although it takes a bit more to run out of memory browser-wise in comparison. I'm extremely unimpressed with Webkit :-(

Yes, I agree with you on the point that Webkit browser on BlackBerry has yet to impress everyone on a large scale.

I also have a 9780, and it loads heavy pages like Engadget, IntoMobile with ease. Never faced the page to large error.

While I also agree with you that for most specific pages this isn't an issue, there are some that I've experienced it on. What I hate the most is when I have a few tabs open and it runs out of memory and closes all of them. Never had this issue with Opera for instance.

They most definitely do have a long way until the Webkit browser becomes half decent. At the very least if it continued loading pages while in the background like the original one did, I'd have some respect for it.

Just loaded this os and still I only have the 3g and 3g/2g options, NO 2G only option!! Is this because I am picking my country as Australia perhaps? If anyone can help I would really appretiate it as I have crap reception at home and need the 2g only option, and dont want to go back to os5!!!


Yeah, I deleted the vendor.xml file. What is the full address of that thread as I cant follow it??

I am trying to post the link, but CrackBerry removes it.
Search on google with this:

blackberry don't see the 2G option

First link.

Thanks. I found the thread but unfortunately no help! Had some major issues with 534 including I lost access to my sd card so have gone back to 499. Guess I will never have 2G only again!!

My findings of the OS:

1. Facebook and BBM cursor bug fixed
2. Memory drain is present, although it is slowing down after 24 hours of usage.
3. 9700 OS 6 leaks will never be able to run full fledged heavy websites such as Engadget. Hence, I don't think it's a bug.
4. Battery is draining at 4% per hour from the 2.5 % in .499. Since the installation is brand new, I would give it few more days to become stable.
5. I can use BBM now!
6. After using Shrink-o-s, don't see the numerous hourglass figure prevalent in previous os.

I have the exact same experience as you. I have one question. What do you mean by wait a few days for the OS to become stable? Do you mean leave it installed on the phone and battery drain may become better or wait for the next leak.


All new OS takes some time for the OS to adjust itself to efficient battery usage. Few battery pulls couple of days and the battery life should be much stable. As of today, my battery drain is at 3% per hour.

Ok so like my guess is no body has had any issues with BIS disconnection, im with a carrier that only provides edge but i have the option of just being on 2g, but after a half an hour or so it disconnects with no reconnection, can anyone help me with this? i have tired every thing from shrinking the os the using all the hybrids i can find for my 9700 is there anything else anyone can suggest i do?

I don't face a similar problem. Maybe you could enable both 3G & 2G mode and see if it solves it. Also, try few battery pulls as well. That might do the trick.

At first when i upgrade the os it's fine, but after about 45 minutes it disconnects, i have tried all of the above including shrinking the os and battery pulls, but after a while i get the same results, i'm afraid if my carrier never gets a good 3g service i shall never explore the full potential of my 9700 and getting a phone upgrade will not make a difference as the same issue is with 9780 and the 9800 so yes it is a carrier issue. but i was hoping i could find a way around it.

There are others who posted comments about losing their connection to BIS. I'm nearly positive that this is carrier-related, as when I was with Bell, it happened to me all the time on my 9700. Ever since I switched to Rogers, it hasn't happened for me on the same device.

By the way EDGE is considered 2G.

Yeah i know that! but even on 2g my connection to BIS keeps dropping ever so often, i was told by my carrier that its because they don't have 3g as yet but i thought having the option to switch to 2g/edge would make some sort of difference, the other concern i have is this, my carrier plans to launch 3g in less than a month,what if im in a area where 3g is poor does that mean i will have the same problem? is this a problem you have with rogers if your outside a area where 3g has good coverage?

No, I've never noticed my BIS connection dropping ever since I switched to Rogers.

When I was researching the issue while on Bell, ppl told me that the issue either lied with the connection between Bell and the BIS server at RIM, or the BIS server at RIM that was allocated for hosting my account (as I understand it, every carrier has more than 1 BIS server associated with them, so you can have a friend with the same provider who never has any of the issues you're experiencing if your provider's big enough and the issue lies on the BIS server your device is using).

Hopefully that helps :-)

Man! Sashko, i made a startling discovery, i guess i should have told you i was on a prepaid service and not on a service plan, so i got a postpaid sim from a friend of mine just for a test run and would you believe that my bis has not dropped connection since! my carrier told me my bis dropped because the had only 2g and os 6 is a pro 3g operating software, could it be possible that they give priority to postpaid users? because i have not had a single problem things are so smooth you wouldn't believe i also notice that my BES only connects when im using wifi.], which is kinda weird. would it be possible to copy the service books from that sim card and use? hit me up.

Does anybody experience "can't check in in fb places"?
Previously I used hybrid bthm 6.1 .499 everything seemed okay
But after swithcing to this new leak I can't use fb places
Seemingly my locations not available
I've been using for 6 hours but nothing happens till now
Other than that all just okay

Any experience pls share


It's working fine for me. Just checked in twice over the last two hours.

Did you accept the popup which shows up when u go to places in the first place? If yes, then it could be a glitch with beta fb.

yes I did
The popup appeared but when I hit the check-in button it took too long and in the end it failed to locate my device
If it could be glitch with beta fb
So what should I do then?


I suggest post it at the Beta forums for a moderator to look into it. Also, did you manually try to search for the place and check in?

You can either find an "AllLang" version of this OS or you can copy the language files over from an older OS into the folder of this one and then install it onto your device using App Loader or Desktop Manager.

This guide should work as an example as to how to copy over the language files from an older OS: tinyurl.com/3mjjdbb

I needed to downgrade my OS to .461. My battery life was bad and was getting the dreaded clock icon basically freezing my device for minutes at a time. I was losing about 8% battery an hour. This was the same for .499 and my device.

This being said I think whether an OS is good or not is highly depended on what apps are loaded on the device as well as BIS vs. BES. I will continue to load and test leaks as they come out.

Seems snappier overall everywhere and internet is noticably quicker as well. Best OS 6 build for 9700 so far in my opinion.


I updated my Blackberry Bold 9700 with the official update from T-Mobile and i must say my 9700 feels like a Torch.

I waited and i waited for an official release and i am happy i did.

Finally i can play Youtube videos on my bb.

Everything looks crisp and the user interface is way better with this new operating system.

Everything from the calendar, the contacts book all updated and looking nice.

Good job Rim i now await my PlayBook!!!!

Woosssaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!! lol!!!

I'm a new berry user and not much of a techy. Pls how do I find out d OS I'm on and do I need to back up b4 gettin a new one? And wuts bb boss and hybrid for. Any help can come here on my bbm -21acf76b. Thanks a lot guys I'll really luv to be very productive with my phone.

The browser now opens up instantly for me, as opposed to a 2 second delay in .461. I have not noticed any significant memory leaks from yesterday when I installed it, but battery life is fairly poor, about a 5% drop every hour, without use. I know a new OS takes little bit of time to settle with battery life, so I might wait a bit to see. But my biggest concern is that it gives me the loading clock icon all the time :( From experience, this usually doesn't go away, but I'll wait until tn or tmrw to make my decision as to whether or not I'll be downgrading.

What previous build did you have a good experience with? I was previously on .461, but the Browser delayed in launching, and it kept disconnecting me from BIS. No other major problems that I noticed.

So far, this is the best OS I've encountered. .499 has memory leaks and cursor issues on Facebook, with .534, I haven't experienced either.