Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Torch 9800

By Bla1ze on 2 Apr 2011 07:47 pm EDT

OS Torch 9800

We've been hearing a lot of rumors about the .5xx builds for devices and now has finally leaked online for all you BlackBerry Torch users out there. Not sure what has changed in the OS exactly so by all means, feel free to rip it to shreds and break it all down for us the the CrackBerry forums. Remember though, back up your data before loading this up folks.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS).

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


Some file versions coming inside:
Maps -
Podcasts -
AppWorld -
FaceBook -
Twitter -
YouTube -
SocialFeeds -
DocumentsToGo - 2.0005.096

Ok..I downloaded it and tried the install..Maybe I am having a brain fart but it didn't show up in the list of options when I opened BB Desktop.

Did I miss a step?

You can't use the BB Desktop manager since its not an "official" release. You have to use the app loader directly, after deleting the vendor.xml file first.

Ok..I am havin a complete brain fart..WTF did you just say?

I used Desktop to load that first leaked update (

I tried the direct app loader but it can't find where the loader file is...

I am using Windows 7 and shyt aint located where it was in XP!

I have Win 7 Ultimate...
I just searched and it found NADA!
I must be fried from a hellish work week...
Seriously...Can't think of shyt right now...
Any ideas where that file is located?

Why do people always have to post "Downloading Now!"?

Seriously...nobody gives a rats ass if you're 'downloading now'. Just install it, post what you think of it/changelog and save all those interested in the changes from having to scroll through 50 pages of useless drivel

Jesus H Christ!

I agree but why do people have to post complaints about people posting that they're downloadling, that annoys me too..Then again I have just posted a complaint about people posting compliants about people posting that they're downloading. Just post changes.

I've had it for 24 hours and I've found it to be slow at times with the hourglass and the battery is dying quickly. Maybe I'm the only one.

Only thing I noticed so far was that the blinking charge icon has returned. Seems fluid so far. Gonna be messing around.

Is the bug that didn't allow copying from the contact card and forced you to go into edit contact to copy a phone number fixed? I am ready to go through the hassle of upgrading to fix that.

Is it just me or does the screen resolution appear to be a little crisper? Maybe it is just the background that I am using...


It's not just you.. Something definitely seems different on the home page. I thought maybe the icons were a little bigger or something. Can't quite put my finger on it.

Maybe our minds are playing tricks on us?

I wouldn't say the size looks any different to me.

The colours are definitely more vibrant though on the homepage. Cool.

fastest and easiest download so far well chuffed

HOWEVER the size of writing on crackberry is
tiny on my torch i tried as someone else suggested
and cannot get that to work grrr !!!

My wife and I both have torches. After we installed .486 on her phone, whenever she turned her phone sideways (landscape), her wall paper would revert back to at&t's wallpaper. Now with .526, the same's been happening with my phone too. Anybody else having this issue?

Nope, not having having that problem with 486. What apps do u have installed? Sounds like there is a conflict.

I'm not seeing that issue at all.. When I rotate to landscape it shows my proper wallpaper, and it scales it back to keep it in proper aspect ratio, leaving black area on the sides..

Just an FYI..

Did you wipe your device when installing? I wonder if the OS does some type of caching of the wallpaper to increase speed of switch when rotating? Wonder if a battery pull would resolve?

I went to my pictures and re-selected my homescreen wallpaper pucture. And now its back to normal. I'll do the same for my wife's (running .486) to see if it'll resolve too. Thanks for feedback

I keep getting an error from the desktop manager that says there was an error updating the software:
The application "Wireless Music Sync" cannot be loaded because
some required files are not available.

Anybody else have this issue? How do I fix this? I tried deleting and reinstalling the Wireless Music Sync to no avail. Any help would be much appreciated.

I've had that issue before, delete the music sync app from your phone in the app manager and it should work after.

will judicially use this case to protect my 9800 and hopefully will last a year as , reviews i have been reading suggest otherwise.

After downloading, I'm unable to sign into BlackBerry Protect. I might need to re-download the BlackBerry ID that was included in a previous link from the 6.1 app leak. However, I'm also getting an error saying that my carrier does not have a data plan that supports the facebook app. I tried downloading the Beta zone Facebook 2.o, and still had the same issue.

I'll let you know what happens after i download the BB ID again.

* BB Id issue resolved itself. Seems like that was an internal issue with RIM.

** All issues resolved.

.526 Great is a great update

1.the lightning on the charger flashes when charging
2.the icons are more sharper and crisper
3.inside the web browser its all square icons you can click on instead of having line seperators
4.audio is louder
5.no lags or freezes
6.image gallery you can pick alot of images at once together
7.videos on how to use the new updates in the video gallery

great update overall!!!

p.s when you want to update to .526 delete the vendor.xml file. when you plug your phone to usb do not click on the icons that pop up let it be conitnue with update, it will install

the lightening bolt is static when on the home page; flashes when the battery icon appears above apps/web pages; plug when charge competed is gone.

overall, much faster.

too, with the leak, no need to delete the vendor.xml flie.

Seems much faster than 486, doesn't pause all the time like 486 did.

Also noticed that the centre button no longer lights the screen up, just the 2 either side, I don't know if this is in the settings not complaining about it, it probably stops accidental operation of the screen.

Battery life seems much improved as well

FaceBook 2.0 Beta, Keycode will not copy and paste into the license agreement.

Was able to paste into a blank email to ensure keycode was in clipboard.

Then typed abcdef into a blank email, and copied then tried to paste this into the license agreement box, no go.

If your already addicted to FaceBook 2.0, DO NOT UPGRADE TO THIS OS!

I registered fb 2.0 just fine...I think you are doing something wrong. You can also go to the keycode area and hit your blackberry button and just paste it.

The issue isn't with the code - the issue happens with FB chat. FB chat does not work in this version.

I fixed the copy and paste on the keycode by clicking the ok button till it said "invalid code" then highlighted it and pasted the keycode then. It worked for me.

I think I have a solution to your problem. Mine wasn't copying either, but on the beta website it says to copy it using the track pad. Hold down the track pad until the menu comes up and paste it that way. It worked for me and it should work.

EDIT: Never mind, it has already been answered. :)

i just downloaded this os and everything seems to be working fine, except i cant move my apps, the move option is gone is this normal or do i have to reload my os?

I must say I started with OS .246 which was a disaster except for great battery life very laggy and unresponsive then upgraded to the UK 3 release of .448 fixed pretty much what was wrong with .246 but still had room for improvement then decided why not give .468 a spin and for the most part was quite impressed a few minor issues such as picture scrolling but to be fair I could live with it and finally jumped in with OS .526 and I know its early days yet seems to be the better of the bunch snappy, battery seems decent and the OS just seems to move more fluently ..even though its supposed to be a leak it seems spot on. I'm so far very very happy with this.

Oh boy, not another leak! 4 leaks in 2 months...can't keep up!

I installed .526 last night. No problems to report, Noticiable improvements so far...

1. Picture scrolling is back to what it should have been. With .486 you could only scroll every 4 pics before you had a black screen for a second or two. This one has lightning fast scrolling, not only in the picture viewer, but with everything.

2. Is it me, or does the interface look a lot smoother? Icons look richer in colour and apperance and menu functions too.

3. All 3rd party apps seem to work ok. Including BB protect. No issues there.

4. Indexing is faster. On .486 search indexing used to stay there forever, now it disappears a few mins after reboot.

5. Alarm clock has a few extra options, or maybe I'm now just seeing things. Scroll wheel to set alarm is smaller than previous versions and date displayed on top right of bedside mode looks better (used to look chunky like the time font).

6. No noticable memory leak. .486 had a memory leak issuse. I would lose around 30Mb per day.

7. Reboot time on .486 used to be around 2.5 mins with a batt pull or using Quickpull app. Now getting 2 mins exactly! A bit faster...so good times there! :-)

8. Flashing lighning bolt is back when charging. Disappeared with .486 for some reason.

Battery life is still pants. No improvement there for me! :-(

As far as I can see, this one is a solid build.

It's been a loooong time since I uploaded leaked updates on my phone, almost two years to be exact when I had my Storm...but was I supposed to wipe my phone first then load, then restore from backup?

You don't need to wipe the phone. Just make sure you do a full backup on BB Desktop Manager. The app loader will restore all settings and apps just how it was. You may need to re-register any 3rd party apps and agree on licence agreements etc.

The Screen does seem a lot crisper. The touch screens seems to work a lot better as well, it seems to flow much better. I didnt seem to notice and any updates to any of the apps like Facebook or BBM, still the improvements are definetly there!

This is the best leak to date. I used BDM 6.1 to upload this leak. Quicker than .486. Everything is smoother and less laggy. Facebook 2.0 works fine. FAster reboot times. I had issues with youtube videos only playing halfway then saying unsupported format. That doesn't happen any more.

Absolutely beautiful!!!! I am a heavy bb torch user and its now late in the afternoon and my battery had barely moved since this morning. Everything seems to be loading crazy fast especially my bible app. I recommend everyone update ASAP!

Very Nice! I have had a mexico build since November,never have had the problems I see throughout the forums,went from .246 to .486,to this one,it seems to be quite a improvement to me, and easy download... .486 did seem a little laggy and harder on my battery.

I am endorsing this release strictly on improved battery life alone. Conclusion: 526 > 486. Piece out, will discuss further in the forum! the brother

This build was no good for me:

- Menu's were very laggy
- Video playback had artifacting

On the plus side:

+ Pulsing charging icon
+ 2 min bootup

I like the watch videos and I like quick menus. I'm downgrading to 486 tonight.

I agree, this OS is not very good. To add to your negatives, I have very poor battery life plus I am getting the hourglass way too often even when I'm not doing anyhting on the phone. I'm also in the process of downgrading.

I said I never would but I finally did I had been a BB owner and supporter since 2006. After the whole Storm 2 OS 6 letdown and being kicked to the curb. I went to the darkside. I gave my storm to my Son and bought an Iphone 3Gs. Im not being paid by apple just as I wasnt being paid by BB, however in my opinion this phone rocks, AND its the older model. Im just saying dont let your loyalty to BB keep you from making a sound purchase.

Wasn't a good leak for me. Menus are very laggy, I don't see anything new except that flashing battery icon while charging.
Well, nothing extra that would make me wanna stay on this.

.450 was so much better than this.

I check every day the FB mobile site for birthdays (don't like linking my calendar with FB) and noticed that it said download the FB app for your Blackberry 9670. Is this leak a hybrid with the style version?

has anyone else noticed that with this upgrade, the delete options for email have been removed? it only gives the option to "delete" instead of the old "delete on device", "delete on device and email" or whatever the option was?

Yeah I just did. I updated about a week ago and just noticed that the other day. I only get that for my BT Yahoo e-mail account. I don't get that for my Hotmail or Gmail ones. It should say "On Mailbox & Handheld" "On Handheld" and "Cancel". For my BT Yahoo I only get "Delete". Very strange. What e-mail accounts are you getting that on?

I just noticed when you forward a text message, the preface "contact says" is gone. It was there with the other leaks. Anyone else notice this?

its been 10min since install on my device and so far Picture lagging doesn't take as long as will post more noticeable improvements as the time progresses

The GPS isn't working properly. It's telling me i'm in another city strangely O_o
and the data drops like alot of times...is it worth to downgrade or just stick with .526?

Loaded it a few days ago, so far so good. MUCH more responsive than the build that came on it from AT&T (what was it .248 or something). No bugs have popped up yet and seems very stable.

It may be a slight bit harder on the battery, its about a wash. It does take quite a bit longer to boot up though.

All in all, its worth the upgrade!