Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

By Adam Zeis on 3 Jan 2011 12:33 pm EST

Bold 9700 OS 6

Here is another OS 6 leak for all of you Bold 9700 users. This one comes in the form of OS It's a bit of a step up from the last leak we saw, but no reports on how it's running just yet. So get out your USB cables and fire up the ol' App Loader to give this OS some love. Drop us a comment in the forums with your findings.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). *

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700


I downloaded this version to my blackberry.....So far so Good....it lags a little but for the most part it Good.....It's like having a new phone....

Yeah. The browser is horrible in 9700/ Most pages either tell me it's to big for the device, memory low, browser crashes completely with no error, or I get a message I need to update flash. I hate to give iPhone any credit, but their web browsing is years better.

Happy to see a new leaked OS6 for the 9700, since there are so many Bold users and a fair amount of people who will try this. But I'm sticking with OS5 until mayyybbeee we see an official OS6 release from a carrier for the Bold. OS5 works great, even with its limitations, and even a properly working OS6 makes too many compromises for nominal gain.

Can someone post some more download links? Maybe even a torrent file. File hosting websites such as mega upload are blocked here. Media fire and file dude are not. Thanks


I have been upgrading and downgrading for a while, but none of the versions gave me a good battery life. .358 gave and then out of curiosity i upgraded to 416.. it was worst.. then again downgraded. to 380 it was also not good and now back to .358 .. wots amazing is that .358 is also not giving good battery life now... I am amused by the behaviour..

Any suggestions ?

All I want to know is if the camera flash issue has been resolved before I spend another 5 hours putting my BB right again!!!

Hopefully we will see .424 for the 9780 this time round seeing as .418 never came out for the 9780.

I don't have huge issues but the white line that appears when i press and hold the menu button to switch apps bugs me and I wish they would release gmail icons so that you can move them around one by one not all at the same time.

I hope This leak somewhat fixes the memory leak issue that previous versions have been notorious for causing! 2011 is the year for os6 for us 9700 users.

Seems same as before. Memory goes up and down a tiny bit.

Still can't load engadget full site.

Nice to have an update.


I had the same problem. but one i typed in the url for the mobile site it fixed that for me.

Well anyways i got this all downloaded now. I have things to do so i will have to load this tonite. i'm running right now and i hope this to be better. i think 358 is good but really needs help with browser memory.

Well I noticed a little more memory avilable. Yay! Going from day to day in the calender app seems easier to scorll (they talked about that in the full .344 review) other then that I have noticed any changes up from .358 but I'll give it a day or so and I'll have to put more up.
I have noticed the little "waiting clock" symbol that always popped up hasn't come up. Also I haven't had any problems with the browser, and pages being to large, or memory low please close tabs.

Installed and noticed a small spike in memory and the fb cursor issue seems to have been improved since .418, although it still disappears. I also noticed that the default theme is t-mobile 6.0 theme whereas the last version had the blackberry 6.0 theme. Thanks for the leak!!! :)

Loaded it and didn't notice any major changes. still having cursor problems with facebook and BBM. cursor disapears please fix that bug, and still having cut and paste issues, and also not able to open contacs sometimes unless i use the universal search its weird. T-Mobile please give us the official release we have waited long enough.

Google search for a program called BBSAK (BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife)

Once you have downloaded BBSAK use it to install your downloaded OS onto the phone. It's pretty straightforward just follow the buttons/steps. I'm currently downloading new leak so I will post my findings once I've had a chance to check it out.

I noticed the memory leak issue has improved. I haven't noticed a memory drain anymore. The fb cursor issue is still therE although I see it more than with the previous version.

T-Mobile will not release a official update anytime soon......Then no one will buy the 9780! LOL! I'm not wasting my upgrade to 9780, my 9700 and os6 leaks working good enough! Come on Tourch for T-Mobile!

Another waste of time leak - still out of memory / page too large browser issues. 3G speeds of browser still woeful - and opera alternative does not run properly due to cursor issues!
Still no cursor in BBM.
Cannot comment about battery drain / sudden empty issues yet.
Are 9700 / 9300 users doomed with OS6??

First installation of this was a nightmare, phone crashed and displayed an error (561 I believe). Had to reinstall os and all apps which was a ball ache.

Persisted with it though and re-installed, seems to be working a dream now. Although cursors are still missing in certain apps which can become frustrating.

Overall: Not too much difference, seems a little smoother.

Mannnn where are the leaks for the torch. I know before the 9700 even had the os 6 system the torch was getting updates like every couple of days. But now nothing.

But that's it.
Facebook - no cursor
Bbm no cursor
Memory leak still there
Big sites still crash the browser
What was the fix?!
And since the last leak on every reboot wallpaper goes back to generic background image.
Berryweather - Homescreen wallpaper, when set goes back to generic. Am I missing something here (scratches head)

wow how the mighty have fallen... i remember back in the summer when a 9700 OS leak was posted there use to be like a good 200-300 post within a matter of hours. now 6mons later people have moved on to non-bb phones or just dont care anymore =/

Makes sense these are basic bugs that are never fixed and the leaks thus far aren't a good sign of a solid version of os6 coming. Imagine if leaks didn't come out and we were stuck with these builds as vendor releases

Its sad that they're falling off.

Instead of investing into new tablets. They should be investing time into smartphones.

Everyone is happy with is all - LoL - I know I am more than happy with the 418 build... Until I see an official build or at least a leak with huge benefit its just not worth my time - very probable that others feel this way as well... As they say "if it aint broke, don't fix it"

I'm not downloading anymore until I see that all important "j" in the file name. Not being able to type in Japanese is more frustrating to me than the browser crashes

I gave both my friends this update today. did something hot, updated one using apploader and the other using DM simutaneously. DM worked faster.
Where's the new Torch OS with an improved 3G signal. Other than that the OS on the torch is pretty solid.

The problem I've had with the previous leaks is that my phone would not switch from WiFi to the mobile network automatically. The majority of my work hours are spent at home so I keep my "connection preference" to WiFi Preferred in order to maintain a signal - TMO - whenever I leave the house. I updated to recently so the device works perfectly again.

6.0 is a great OS but I'll stay with 5.0 until an official release for the 9700 hits the public. Upgrading to 9780 doesn't appeal to me right now because I have a feeling that RIM will be coming out with a Droid Pro type of device next. They certainly already have the perfect device for it: BOLD 9000. Dang, I love that phone but I won't leave TMO. Prices, service and calls over WiFi - UMA - are simply unbeatable.

I do not know about you guys but wi-fi music is really dope and it works flawlessly, other than that same problems lol

The FB cursor moving faster than the scrolling of the screen really bugs me. Was hoping for a fix for that this time... better luck next time...

there was a problem accessing my contacts i sure hope the fix it cause i cant reboot just use my contact list every time it give problems

GPS is not working in this release too. When you try to update location, it gives an error.

GPS works fine for me but it is very slow. On OS5 I could get a GPS lock within seconds, assuming not too much cloud or tree cover, etc. Ever since the first OS6 leak, it has been very slow to lock.

I've installed every single OS 6 leak there is. I am now running v6.0.0.418 and the only issues I have is the browser saying that the page is too big and the battery dropping from 30% to 0%.

However, all I have to do with .418 is select Cancel and drive on. The browser doesn't automatically shut down on me as it did with the previous leak.

My GPS works absolutely fine with 1) Google Maps, 2) iHeartRadio, and 3) WeatherBug. The only thing is that it's a bit touchy indoors. Other than that, no problems with cursors in BBM, FB, etc.

As far as the battery, during the week I'm usually sitting at my desk and have the phone hooked up via USB. This way I can surf around the network nazis and charge the phone at the same time.

I'm currently downloading .424 and will post any changes in how the phone acts or my feelings.

I have not seen many differences between this leak and the last one. One thing I noticed is the cursor problem in Facebook is different....it works unles you have to scroll very far. Once you scroll too far it gets lost and you still have to go side-side to get it back.

GPS is still very slow. Broswer integration with CacheSense, which I use for geocaching, doesn't work. I should be able to click on a GPX file and have it launch the handler in Cachesense; instead, it prompts me to save the file. I assume it doesn't know what to do with it for some reason.

There are still some apps where the menu button doesn't work consistently.

Didn't charge my phone last night so I could get to 35% battery quicker--I want to see if that problem is fixed yet.

Can't comment on the "page too large" issue yet or memory leaks.

seems to be working fine to me,all my apps running no probs,and browser seems nearly twice as fast for loading pages,not come across a page it would not load.yet.overall seems good,the browser speed alone seems worth the upgrade to me.maccauk.

not a fan of leaks but its been almost 24 hours since installation seems to be fine few minor issues tho, namely camerea isnt as sharp as on OS5 though flash is fine and browser is a bit slow compared to what im used to on 3G network. overall OS is fine. will update this comment later

Didnt notice any difference whatsoever. the curser disappears when scrolling through songs. web page is too large to load. boot up is around 2 mins, but thats with every new OS leak and a week later its back to 5 minutes.

Too much talk here, very little info so I'd so the honors of by giving you my findings on this leak.

1. Easy install...No hassle!
2. Completed the restore of my device and everything seemed okay.
3. Noticed that I had a lot more memory left than the previous "418" leak
4. Memory leak still exists. (Bug 1) Went from 80MB to 58.9MB free in a day. No hassle, I just re-booted.
5. I noticed that my App World icon was hidden after the install. This ONLY happened after the sync to the BES server was completed cause it was there before. I completed a security wipe of the device 'Options> Security>Security Wipe" and presto! The icon was back.
6. Re-synced with BES server and the APP World icon was hidden again. (Bug 2)
7. Cursor for BBM still not there when scrolling through messages (Bug 3)
8. Cannot scroll when using 3rd party apps like Time Mobile; it just goes straight to the bottom of the page (Bug 4)
9. Facebook cursor erratic, sometimes it's there, sometimes it isn't (Bug 5)
10. Not sure whether Wi-fi is preferred over Mobile Network
11. Performance is about the same as previous "418" leak.

That's all I have for now. Would update you folks with other findings.


would a full wipe of data before installing a new update help my phone run faster? i've installed every single update to date, and i have noticed that my phone's reboot time is very long. would wiping the memory help?

I have DL every leak minus this one and to the point it becomes frustrating that previous leaks work better than later leaks that should supposedly fix certain areas...which In my case have not. I went all the way to .418 and had a bad experience, so said F-it and went back to .358, which has been the best leak for me...still have bugs, but can manage with this one...Hoping to see improvement, but don't look like there will be any...I don't even care if it is official...rather it be less buggy is all...gonna skip this one...heck even been contemplating going back to OS5....something I really don't want to do, but it was rock solid..every leak or official I have tried...hummm...

GPS definitely not working...sucks because that knocks out apps like yelp, poynt, bb traffic. Browser still shuts down due to "large pages". My question is how come opera mini or bolt never had this issue??..anywho besides these continuing issues I don't see any difference.

I think too that GPS is not working in all these OS6 leaks for 9700. Somebody claims before as a proof of its performance that Google Maps is working for him. Well, mine is working too but it is not using my device GPS but the mobile netware phone towers to find my location. When I go to Configuration of location ("Configuración de ubicación" in my Spanish version) and do an Update of my location I get inmediately an Error. By the other hand, if I deactivate Location in order to stop the GPS feature, Google Maps still can find me with great precision. But that is, as I said, due to the mobile network and not GPS.

I got so frustrated with the last leak, I went back to os5. I did dl this one but after reading all the comments, I think I'll pass until an official os6 is released.

when i try and install i get 1152 error any help on this................9700M_PBr6.0.0_rel1723_PL6.6.0.109_A6.0.0.424

Total dissapointment!!! I had to go back to OS 5 to keep my phone reliable. Nothing beats the stability of the good ol' OS 5. I will not mess with leaks anymore... I'll be patient and wait for the official release.

this release is stable....baterry at first before update hlaf...after update up 70 %....ithink it read wrong so after baterry pull normal to 50 %...thats why someone notice battery drop significantly...it is because it reads wrong...juast baterry pull and it is normal again....
bbm is stable for me nomore running cursor...great job....browser is snappier but havent test alot...the only bug i see is from time to time it repeting to register to bb server like when u register in host routing table...when i was at os 5 it appears only when i boot the phone....and the facebook app needs update...the cursor still jump when scrolling....i suspect is because it is 9800 facebook app...so it actually jumps across longer display and actuallu 9700 have smalle display so thats why it keeps scrolling to far when scroll downward...

Greetings all, I was wondering if this leak addresses the bug where the bb won't skip tracks while listening to music with the screen locked? The use of the volume keys up/down (music forward/back).

I've been running OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700
for 2 day and i havent had a single proplem other than ......
I cant change the theme ! i can change the wall paper but thats it , any suggestions ?

I downloaded this last night, and so far it has been pretty good. I haven't experienced any of the issues other members have complained about. My apps work pretty well, including GPS-related ones (even my BB maps works and tracks). No battery issues. I like it better than the previous release.

I just checked this, and I am sorry to say that no, they don't. I can see how this is a problem for some, but for me it's not much of an issue. I usually only listen to music during my workouts, and I set my Endomondo and the music player before I start, and I rarely need to stop before the end of the workout, so the volume is not much of a problem for me.
Something else that doesn't work is the shortcuts in the browser. But the scrolling is fine, no problems with the cursor, and the browser itself is definitely better looking than the previous one. It still occasionally closes down when I press the back button, but OS 5 does that too.

Please someone help me ... :( when i installed the OS i have the battery problem.... when i reach 55 percent it hits 0 and the phone turns off immediatly..... so i installed back to OS
and the battery issue was still the same when it hits 55 percent the blackberry turns off... and now i installed the OS and the battery problem is still there plzzzz someone help me plzz :( thanks for ur help :D

Tried to upgrade to .424 from a successful .344 upgrade , and totally bricked up my phone in the process. Hours later, using BBSAK and JL_Cmder on my PC, trying the apploader multiple times and getting stuck on the 507 error over and over, then switching over to my Win7 install on Mac Parallels to use the apploader, I finally was able to save the phone and downgrade to Since then, I've reinstalled all my apps and no longer have a memory leak or a browser memory problem. My battery seemed to last longer with .344, but the other two issues were getting ridiculous.

Compared to previous leaks, this one has more memory. After a day of usage, you have about 50mb of free RAM compared to 20mb (for previous leaks).

I don't think you can open a full website with device that are using 256mb RAM.

The invisible cursor seems to be fixed. I haven't seen it so far.

I'm still stuck with the .344 leak. The other leaks don't seem to work for me as well as this one. The memory issue is stressful. Hopefully someone comes up with a good review for this leak!

This one is working pretty good for me! Still memory leaks! Only one app of mine is not working and that is my GolfLogix! Miss that app bad! Almost ready to go back to OS5 just to get that one back! And miss FireFox and other browsers! But this has been the smoothest one yet for me! 2 days and battery ok! Anyone else use GolfLogix with OS6? And My gps on bb maps works good! Shows you within 6 feet! Works good!

I have to amend my previous post, where I said there was no problem with the battery. I have now reached the conclusion that although the battery won't drain in just a few minutes, the battery life is one day, or one and a half at best, under moderate use (make a few short phone calls, use the browser for a few minutes, and only check FB once or twice a day). This is significantly less than with OS 5, I must say. I think I might go back to OS 5, until TMo releases an official version that has improved battery life.

So I upgraded from 979 to this and for the most part I am happy. I am not having the GPS issue or browser issues others are having. The cursor does disappear in certain applications. Wifi works perfect. I was only on wifi streaming from youtube with my screen brightness all the way up and I got 6+ hours of streaming video. Very small memory leak is present. The battery issue does exist though. When streaming it went from 35% right down to 8% with no warning. However when charging the battery it does go sequentially from 8% to 9% and so on, so its weird that it doesn't show the decline of the battery but it will show the increase in proper increments. Battery life is much better than OS5 in my opinion, no way in hell could I ever stream for 6+ hours on wifi. So I am lead to believe that the battery does not just go from 35%-8% but more like the phone doesn't properly display the battery the remaining battery life. Much like others I do not believe I will be going back to OS5, OS6 just looks and feels much more refined.

hello guys, i've been waiting for quite a while for the os6 for my bold.
i updated to this leaked one yesterday. i was reading through all the posts but i didn't find anyone having the same problem as i am.
This OS is working pretty fine on my BB except that whenever im out of wifi area connections my browser tells me that i do not have data plan to connect to the internet, where as all other programs work just fine (bbm,gmail,facebook,twitter,etc...)
any suggestions?? thank you.

How can I Install this leak to my BB using a Macbook Pro? I am new to the Mac world and it is been so difficult for me to locate a vendor file and delete it. Also to download the file and install it.

Hi all,

Since I installed this version I’ve been having challenges with some applications, like WEATHER EYE, DROPBOX and sooo….

It gives me a message that states:

“The application XXX has attempted to open a connection to a location inside the firewall and outside the firewall which is not allowed by your IT policy”

Can someone assist me with this?

On OS5 (and I think OS4) the answer is to go to Options->Security Options->Firewall and set status to Disabled. That should fix it, but obviously you will have no firewall. (Mobipocket Reader has the same issue.) There is probably a similar option somewhere in OS6.