Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

By Adam Zeis on 13 Dec 2010 12:49 pm EST

CrackBerry OS 6 Bold 9700

Not so long ago we were waiting anxiously for an OS 6 leak for the Bold 9700 and now we've had quite a few to play around with. The latest comes from BBLeaks in the form of Things seem to keep getting better as the versions go up, so give this one a go and report back in the comments and forums with your findings. Use caution when installing any OS on your device.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). *

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Source: BBLeaks

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700


I'm a 9700 owner and with proper optimization and app management, OS .380 blows my wife's Torch running .337 our of the water. I wonder how much more improved .418 is since .380 works fine with me.

Let's hope, for the sake of all Torch owners, something like .380 gets released for them.

i agree! would be nice to see whats improved and whats still buggy... if nto for leaked ones then at least official ones.

Where's the love for us 9650 users? :(

I know some .418 builds are out there, but leak gods, please give us a nice , early Christmas present!

why the hell are you using on a newly leaked 9700 thread about your 9650? its not as though they will just leak if for you because you can't read and post on the wrong forum.

Probably because the 9700 users kept pooping all over the 9650 threads demanding that an OS6 leak be released for their phones (before the 9700 OS6 leak)...

already installed on buddies phone and was super quick to install and runs great. seems little faster than past release.

I agree. They need to fix the battery life when nearing 0%. It just drops all together when it gets to around 30%.

this is stupid the bold have an update all the time what about the pearl 3G i only see it have one update of the os6 and thats it and rim is really taking their time to release the os 6 for all previous bb which i really think they are not gonna do

yea i know i just got it and thanks... cause the pearl 3G didnt have an update for the longest time and i wanna see if this one is better then the previous OS 6 leak

I have never suffered the dreadded memory leak, but then I have MemoryBooster on auto.

This particular leak much smoother than .380. Battery life excellent.

But how do you know battery life is exellent in such a short period of time? Also, have you ever brought your battery to 20-40% and experienced the sudden drop to zero on previous builds?

i am having some problems with this update
i have updated to all the past os 6 leaks with no problems and this one is giving me problems. it doesnt detect an the update when i open dp after i downloaded the update to my computer. however when i delete the vendor file it detects it. when i go to install it, it tells me that there are one or more modules missing.

1. Memory leak still there
2. I was unable to restore my BBM contacts. Desktop Manager would read the backup file, but nothing appears in the BBM contacts afterwards. :( Good thing I have link all BBM peeps with the address book contacts so I have the PINs.
3. The invisible cursor has been fixed.

Does anyone know if with this fw is possible to set only on 2G phones in brand 3 (eng)? I noticed that in all the beta 6 is this problem with my brand 3 ITA 9700. You see only two settings: 3G and 2G-3G ... while the fw 5 ... I have a third 2G! : (

I am having exactly the same problem on the 3 network, there is no 2G only option and am desperate to get this option again.

Yep battery problem is still there for sure. 30-40% right down to %10 just now, dammit... Also, still not able to go to options by pressing the blackberry button in some programs (Opera and Amaze) if there is something copied into the "clipbooard." Does anyone know how to clear the "clipboard" without restarting the phone!? That would be great.

Yes, the battery problem evebt worst then 380, but the leaks are lesser. OS still running smoother then 380. Planning to downgrade (still doubting).

Is it just me or is Shrink-a-OS not working suddenly? I placed the Shrink-a-S exe file in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\9700M_v6.0.0.418_P6.6.0.105 folder. but it doesn't delete the stuff i want it to delete! :(

I just downloaded the new OS. pretty awesome and i got the social scope too on it..phone looks amazing!!!! can someone say im in love loud!!

can someone please make this a torrent im on fixed wireless modem and downloads wont work but torrents usually do

thanks a million

can someone please make this a torrent im on fixed wireless modem and downloads wont work but torrents usually do

thanks a million

I get excited about software updates for my phone...... I feel the need to do them ASAP...... I feel sad about persistent memory leaks...... I AM a Crackberry Addict. Does anyone know of any 12 step programs?


I don't think so. A fast scan over the "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\9700M_v6.0.0.418_P6.6.0.105\Java" and you can see that those asian language CODs are not there.

I'm using the asian supported 380 version in which I chose the option to display (not input) chinese and thai characters.


I also notice that there's a chinese version of the facebook ( in 380 whereas in 418 is reported to be having a newer facebook version

If you're planning on using 418 I suggest you OMMIT the idea of adding Chinese support manually.

Stick to whatever given first while waiting for the newer Asian leaks.

This Leak is finally a good one. There is cursor in the SMS, the browser behaves nicely, the memory leak is very small, whatsapp finally works well, the phone is not "looking" for more memory continuosly as before, battery behaved the whole day as in OS 5.0

Om the bad side, there is no cursor in BBM and Facebook on the web recognizes the phone as a Pearl 3G.

This Leak is worthy...

This post resembles my thoughts on this leak thus far.

The facebook issue for me came about in .380 and was really frustrating, especially for looking at pictures.

I actually just ended up downloading the blackberry app for facebook, and have been somewhat impressed with it.

After downloading I realized that:

1.) Memory doesn't go down that fast anymore for me anymore. For me it's 1/2MB an hour and a half
2.) SMS cursor fixed
3.) Browser works faster, but sometimes get the "Web page is too big" message
4.) Everything works snappier and faster
5.) If you had the issue with BBm where your contacts display pictures didn't show, right after I downloaded .418, all my contact's pictures came back

After a clean install (no extra apps loaded) you get about 102 Mb. After the phone started working for 10 hours, reloaded my Data and installed Uber Twitter, Whatsapp and Facebook, I got about 80 MB left of Memory.

I deleted the CODs for the launch video and unnecessary fonts and Shrinked the OS using BBHybrids tool.

Does anyone know how to permanently delete service books for something like "Scrabble (Browser config)?

Is there a way to do it after software is installed, or do you need to do this prior to installation?

Unfortunately doesn' work for me. Every previous upgrade was working fine, this time, I'm disconected to BIS, when conected to GSM via 3G, Whe I disable 3G, BIS is working. Any idea?

on my keyboard, 1 and 7 are now reversed if you type directly from the home screen , does it do the same to you ?

Just installed it much better got 70mb free with 3rd party apps
working great loading much faster after battery pull
a recommend update
Less memory leaks n browser is more stable
also opening peoples pictures in bbm doesn't hang





Installed! The OS 6 is awesome on my 9700! This is my first jump to os 6 and i must say that i don't intend on going back. The universal search is great and the os is much snappier. Although, sometimes i can't seem to find the cursor, but that doesn't happen often enough to gripe about.

my only significant problem - as in the previous leak, .380 - is my mobile network connection option. i work from home and have it set for "wi fi preferred," but when i leave the house, it will not detect the mobil network so i have to remember to set it manually and the reverse happens when returning home; i have to manually set it to wi fi only.

it's bit of a pain but i am still keeping this new leak on my 9700. i'm sure subsequent leaks will finally address the issue unless anyone here has resolved the issue on their own handset or on someone else's. until then, it's like having a new device so i will wait patiently for rim's "dakota" or something better. not crazy about the torch and will not leave t-mo. i'm hoping that they will come out with something similar to the droid pro but in a 9000 form factor. for me, that will be the perfect device and oh yeah: make sure it's avail on t-mo because phone calls over uma is PRICELESS!!

copy and paste is working,
charging logo is working when in the charging dock,
quicker then last build,
not sure if its new or not but i have noticed it says what webpage you are on at the top of the screen along side the signal strength,
browser is quicker,
all i did was delete the vendor file and backed up and installed and its all good


I don't know whats going on with my computer or my blackberry, but i cant seem to get blackberry desktop manager to open anything involving a 6.0 update. Someone please help! I'm about to rip my hair out due to frustration!

Go to AppLoader - C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\Loader.exe execute the program and install OS6 from AppLoader, make sure you delete the vendor file...(also make sure you executed the OS6 file)

desktop manager will not work. you need to use apploader. which is located in c: > program files > common files > research in motion > apploader

install the new OS.delete the vendor.xml file and then launch apploader.exe

The little things make me smile...
Latest version of Chatmosphere now perfect on this leak - had slow starting issues on .380
Chat for Facebook PRO perfect replacement for Beejive for fb - would never have tried it but for the fact bj was still buggy on this, glad I did now.
Facebook app no longer jittery on this build.
MemoryBooster now flawless on this build - sometimes lagged before.

yup i only c two settings

i downloaded the new os yesterday and i have been having problems after problems with this one. i just reinstalled it hopefully its fixed if not i will have to downgrade :|

Why cant you skip or go back to the beginning of the song with the volume rocker buttons as in OS5. It sucks having to unlock the phone just to skip another song

I had a strange problem after installing this leak. I can no more select the contacts from my contact list. I can neither select, nor edit the contacts..the middle mouse, and the two keys left to that will do nothing.
When I pull back battery and restart, the keys work, but after 10 mts, they are disabled again. Did any body get this problem? I went back to the last leak.

Hi, I am running it on MTN network in South Africa. Its working perfectly for now. There is only one bug that I could pick up. First there is no cursor in BB messenger or in Facebook. As for battery life not sure yet as my battery is still at 80%. Will let it run and see if the battery drops when it reaches 40%. So to all the South Africans it is safe to say its working perfectly.

Ps. Will run it on the Vodacom network tonight and see if it perfect still.

i've been running this for a few days now, and much prefering it over .316 (or what ever the last one leaked on here was). on the previous leaked release, my battery would just about last 2 days(without bluetooth and wifi). on this one, i've had wifi on for 36 hours, and still reports 65% battery. :)

Just installed and this leak seems to be the best one yet

1. Bank of America app now connects t the web browser to actually log into accounts.

2. Google Talk and AIM don't have the javanull error, and actually log into accounts. Google talk also shows up in Social Feeds as well

3. T-Mobile MyAccount app now works

will post more as I find.

so far so good on tmobile. i am going to fully charge the battery to see if there are any leaks. installed with no issues.

This version seems more responsive and snappier than the previous .380 version. The cursor in sms is back. Still has some memory leak issues though. The thing that I liked about the .380 version was the fact that it came with east asian language support while this version does not. Other than that, I'm loving this version.

Has anyone tried syncing the phone after the upgrade? I get an error that says, "The Calendar database cannot be accessed for synchronization. For help resolving this issue, refer to KB19454 in the BlackBerry Desktop Manager Knowledge Base."

downloaded the new update, memory leak is a lot better and yes we have a cursor in or sms now! one problem i did encounter is on my "the hockey news" app, whenever i try to open a article and try to scroll down, it inmediately scrolls down all the way to the bottom of the article. i've tried to reinstall the app and reboot my phone but to no avail. any help?

I had problem with 418. I cannot dial from contacts after 10 minutes when its restart any one else notice this problem or it just me ?

I installed this a few days ago and this is my first version of OS6 that I have played about with, so far awesome much improved over 5. Battery life is better but I haven't tried running it low to see what happens. Memory leak was quite pronounced to start with but has settled down and now is very minimal. I am having issues with bluetooth connecting to my stereo gateway at times though.

Are you able to get any GPS fix ??? On mine not !
Volume buttons are locked when phone is locked.
Impossible to stream ShoutCast webradio.

Lost berryweather homescreen display while tethering
Lag while swipping trays
Memory leak still bad
Sms issues
Facebook app (no curser)
Freezes while taking pictures
Every battpull - goes back to generic wallpaper
Page too big error on browser
No curser BBM
Reloaded .418 to see if it would resolve, still nothing

Can't hang tight with this build - going to stick with .380

Aouffffff ! Got a crash & reboot when doing few pictures with the camera, also !!!
I've two mailbox on my BBy and when in a box sending an Email, it's always sent with mail address of the main mailbox.

I regret .380 ...

am on .358 and my fone kips hanging cos of application manager asking me 2 delete certain apps, no longer av fb on my fone, my bible, whatsapp, please does this leak fix all dat? viewing dps, also gets my fone hanging too...tanx

I have problem with version is like for first time im installing BB 6 and im using phone on normal GPRS not blackberry services. now its not allowing me to install BB 6 on my phone. Can anyone help me in this ?

Hi Guys,
Thanks for all the good feedback.
I will give a try to the .418 today. Have anyone gotten any issue upgrading to the OS6 using a company blackberry (Enterprise).

Four leaks for OS 6 on 9700 and SAME Issues persist. Does RIM actually boot up the device before getting these out there to us beta testers? I guess that is our job.

1. Memory leak equally prevalent.
2. Still limited menu support (Copy and paste) in 3rd party apps. Still cannot send an invite using the LinkedIn App. No menu support.
3. Wells Fargo app still get white screen. (maybe that is a WF issue).
4. Camera...still no geotagging. Just keeps searching for my location.
5. Cannot use send location functionality with text messaging. Can never find my location.

Other GPS apps find me just fine...Google Maps, AT&T Nav., AP Mobile, etc. Just not the apps that RIm produced.

Updated Facebook and Twitter in this release, though I cannot say what functionality has been added. Facebook has definite scroll issues and the curser disappears. Often cannot select and click on a feed. I have the TIME magazine app and it now has some definite scrolling issues. Jumps from top to bottom of article. Other apps have this issue too.

Browser still struggles with memory issues. Tabbed browsing would be nice if I could actually have two tabs open at the same time without the thing telling me that my device is low on memory and I need to close tabs.

SMS Curser is back. Whoo-hoo! One thing that is fixed. All the other things are STILL Broken!
Maybe next release? Common' RIM, I know you can do it!!

I am happy with this leak so far. The browser is responsive and haven't had any memory issues. The battery falling to red line is still a problem but not as much as previously. They still haven't got 2g only in the connections though which would be nice and which is on the torch.

There is one very important feature that the bold OS6 doesn't have and it makes it and every other OS6 device useless for business. I'll never buy for this reason a bold 9780 becouse it has no use for business; The feature that I'm talking about is this:
Contacts universal search: when you have a business, advertising in may case, and when you have over 1000 contacts on your phone, mostly supplyers, contractors, material manufactureres, designers etc, you can't remember all of them by name or company! That is why there is an important option to add a NOTE field for each contact, where I can specify the key elements that interest me about that contact (for example John from XYZ Print Inc. has good prices on this materials: mesh, banner, 300g paper and all outdoor materials). I can make a note for this contact with these key words: outdoor, print, mesh. In this way, if I want to search my contacts agenda for a good mesh supplier, I'll type search MESH and all the contacts that manufacture this material will apear in results based on the note filed. This is the most usefull feature on a smartphone in my opinion: NOKIA E71 has it, E72, Nokia Communicator has it, Blackberyy 9700 has it with OS.5
Now, this search feature doesn't exist in OS6 and this makes the device useles in my opinion.
PS: Universal Search for blackberry OS6 isn't universal !!!!

Opened App Loader and deleted 'Vendor'.

then opened, shared, Loader, and then 418.

i don't see Tmobile cods, files are only one page long, not at all the numerous files i saw in 344.

did i do something wrong?

EDIT/UPDATE> Found all the CODs under 'Java', is it me or is this release more layered? I seem to have found all of 418, scattered about, am I wrong that other than the 'Vendor', nothing else needs eliminated, such as the 'tmobile theme cod'?

My menu button in SocialScope and Ubertwitter isn't working on .418. Other than that, it is smooth. Has anyone encountered the "menu" button not working on third party apps?

My menu button in SocialScope and Ubertwitter isn't working on .418. Other than that, it is smooth. Has anyone encountered the "menu" button not working on third party apps?

I'm waiting for an intelligent posting here, about installing this leak. So far one decent post about deleting videos. Hey you smoo's, stop whining, post something relevant for cripes sake! Never seen such useless people!

If you installed 418 and have an issue, don't waste everyones time with a whiner post! Put all your detail up so that perhaps a common theme can be discovered.

For example what provider, country used in. Exactly what did you delete or didn't delete but others did. Did you install manually or use any third party software to help you. Too bad these boards can't be moderated and the moron posts be removed. Took me 3 days of sorting through all the idiot posting on the 344 leak to obtain useful info, 17 pages of mostly stupid, idiot whining. In three pages the details to install would have fit.

"I'm waiting for an intelligent posting here, about installing this leak." ... Please find the "intelligent post" you are waiting for :
STAY ON OS 5 !!!!!!!!!!!!

344 worked perfectly for me, no issues at all, why other phones had issues is curious, if the phones are all made the same hardware wise then if problems must be coming from the country of use as well as or in addition to the cellular provider.

Wouldn't it be great if folks made mention of these little details than all could see that hey, those poor folks using such and such cellular provide cannot install or those in such and such country. OR, folks using such and such APPS have a messed up phone.

We can only assume the phone are basically identical hardware wise except for different cellular frequencies?

WOW! This leak is really stable and nice looking. I have a Bold 9700 T-Mobile USA. I didn't have to delete any files or anything! Nice sweeping menus, podcast option, SWEET!

Memory Leak still there. Cursor on BBM disappears, VidCam flash sometimes not working (working after restart), The rest so far so good.

I'm still on the first leak, cannot play a mp4 movie without it being jerky, stops and stops like it was streaming but it is on mem.card. Anyone got any info on playing movies, I tried BB and 3rd party player with same results.

Coming from downloaded today and installed on my Bold 9700 TMobile USA (unlocked), currently in Germany on O2. Not a single issue with this release as far as I can tell. Feels rather snappy compared to the old 5.something. Will play around with it tonight, let me know if you have any questions.

I'm on 9700/T-Mobile/USA, with OS6 memory is 75MB, with OS5 memory is 125MB. I have an 8 MB memory stick.

When I play MP4 movies on OS6 the picture starts and stops from lack of memory. I proved this by dropping back to OS5.

Has anyone deleted files off OS6 to the extreme, thereby increasing memory?

I don't use BBM, BB Maps, English only, for example. My phone is for private use only, I don't have business email, etc.

Anyway I could use some help from someone. I hope to delete enough so I can play movies in OS6.