Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

By Bla1ze on 7 Dec 2010 03:47 pm EST

BlackBerrry 6 for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

Leak time again. BlackBerry Bold 9700 owners will want to grab their USB cables and fire up app loader or desktop manager. OS has just hit the interwebs. Hopefully, this will be a build that is rather bug free. If you're willing to give it a run through be sure to back up your data and first. Let us all know what's new folks in the comments or in the forums.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). *

Click Here To Download The Leaked OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9700
Visit the Findings and Fixes thread for this OS

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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700


Haha, I was wondering what was taking yall so long to post this.. I'm already downloading.. Found it on Berry Review before it was here..

I hope they fixed the battery issue and the browser problem... That page is too large message is royally annoying.

I think the browser problem is due to the insufficient memory on our Bold. I think this problem is going to stay.

Last OS .358 had excellent battery life.

can someone give me the tutorial link for how to upload the leaksor simple instructions... the is the first one I actually want to give a try. I have windows 7 if the makes a difference.

check the forums, there's a few step by step instructions on how to do it....there's bunch of different ways to install it, but the best way is through the app loader

I had ditched the first OS6 leak because I couldn't even select text properly, and had decided to stick with OS5 until an official version was out. I'm gonna try this one though, and if it's good enough I'll keep it. Downloading.

oh, i may just be the first one to try this one out, i am downloading as we speak.
this one is 20mb bigger than the others. (about)
i hope it fixes some of the bugs.

I've installed every single one and each time it starts off ok but due to the memory the phone gets extremely sluggish. Not to mention you can't even highlight texts. Not to mention the other issues. If this one runs better let me know someone. Thanks.

I have also had every leak on my 9700, only battery issue I had was on a reboot, it killed the whole battery. And the browser memory issue had appeared on the last leak but wasnt too much of a pain.

Installing .380 just now so fingers crossed.

Heh, it could have been a "leaked official" or an "official leak" :D

But, downloading now.. Just hoping that the Phone/BES server dont get any headake of my testing.. =)

There are two major differences that I can tell as of right now:

1) I did not have to use BBSAK to delete the "net_rim_theme" for T-Mobile after updating.

2) The web browser "page is too large" error message has not been happening on sites where it always did with .344 and .358 (google images is one that always errored out for me).

>>I still cannot click on a phone number as a link (like on craigslist) and the cursor still does not appear in SMS bubbles.

It feels more "snappy" as well, especially in the webkit browser. Pages are loading faster.



I'v install both leaks and ran quickpull with both an have literally no browser issues at all...

I had .358 and went back to OS5 because u can't highlight and it was freezing my phone too many times..let me know if this leak is better!

Just got .380 installed on both mine and my wife's 9700 phones. We also had .344 and .358 previously. Hoping for a snappier, less buggy version. It will take a few days of testing to assess battery life, memory leaks, etc. Will report back!

Really thankful for this, OS6 for 9700 is great minus the few bugs which has a lot of people slightly disappointed.

Do tmobile users still have to delete those two files from the Java folder to avoid the white screen and weird icons when the OS is loaded?

Not sure if the tmo.cod's are still an issue or not but Im going ahead and doing it anyway. Hoenstly though, besides the webkit displaying **Page is too large** and booting me off. I really liked ,358 - Only when browsing did I find the drain of my battery. Other than that I loved the OS6 experience. I will never go back. OS5 is so 1996 2 thousand & 8

I didn't have to delete cod files or vendor xml. This seemed to fix the page too large issue and the mms issue that I was having. I didn't have memory leak issues with .358 or as it seems this one. Too early to tell about battery life. Free memory is at 87 mb.

Not sure bout the leak bug being fixed or not, but the copy/paste bug is still there. Checking other things out now

Glad I read all of the comments first... Basically just told me that everyone is downloading. Can we please stop with the "downloading now" posts and actually talk about how this build is working (or not). Just my 2 cents.

I'm really liking 358 right now so if someone can post their first reactions that would be apreciiated. As for the T-Mo issue. I'd just delete them anyways. Carrier themes are unnecessary.

You sound like someone that knows how this all goes down. That is why I would be almost certain you would know to follow fixes and bugs in the forums.

Just me 2 cents.

installed it been using it for the pass hour..its more stable to me...but memory leak is still terrible..within 10 - 20 minutes i went from 77mb to 52mb....and thats with only network on....data and wi-fi were off. but its smoother in my opinion..it dont freeze that much compared to .358.

I've just finished installing this leak on my Berry. I downgraded to an offical OS5 version because of the persistent and thus annoying memory leaks I was having with .658.

So far I'm not having any memory leaks, but I know I'll need to give it some time before I make any solid opinions. I'm glad someone posted this leak as I was missing OS6. Hopefully I'll be able to stick with it!

I'll post any changes if I notice any.


The same happened to me. I tried several ways to restore the apllication (through App World and desktop manager) with not succesfull results. The only way for me to restore BBM was by dowloading it from BB's homepage through the browser. Now, the BBM is working fine.

Downloading now, I really like the direction of OS6, just there are a few things they really need to sort out. Last leak I had major problems with the browser crash on the Page too Large error that one was really annoying. Another issue is the cursor were you cant see it when moving through SMS's you get lost. One last issue I have is when movign the cursor through emails, you have to be really gentle when movign to the right, or else it just goes to the next email even when in text selection mode, its a really big problem if you need to select text or move through a paragraph to click a link.

Fingers Crossed

I've been running this latest leak since it hit CB. Phone reboot seems even faster than before. The memory leak is still occurring but I've always considered the mem leak issue to be a slow drain and not something that happens very quickly like others seem to suggest. It can result in the phone becoming a little bit laggy over a period of days, but not to the point where it is unusable by any means. My boss for example hasn't done a battery pull since I installed the 344 release for him.

The cursor is still invisible when viewing messages, but for people that haven't realized this yet, all you have to do is hit the shift button and the cursor will appear, simple enough. I have also found that when using the manage connections/options display from the top of the home screen, the cursor is sometime invisible here as well, but simply exiting and re-entering the menu seems to solve that every time.

Aside from the unresolved mem leak and cursor disappearing act, I am hoping that the battery reporting improves. Of course the battery life has improved with OS6 but I have seen dramatic drops remaining battery life after the 35% remaining mark.

Regardless OS6 is still well worth the upgrade imo.

This is just a hunch and correct me if I'm wrong, I had the same issue with OS 5 and honestly, it had nothing to do with OS 5...
It had to do with the battery dieing and needs replacement.
The issue came up because a lot of BB users had their batteries drained with the new OS (memory hogger) that it showed them all their batteries are running short after a year of purchase which is the same problem I had
BB battery indicators are very incorrect, Mini Moni on the other hand was very accurate to the voltage. Hope that helps
Oh and btw, I'm still on OS 5 because of the memory leaks in OS 6 and the issues with loading thousands of pictures just kills the battery.
This reminds me of OS 5 when it was just in beta 5.0.0.xx
Enjoy :D

Very snappy os. Went from having 59 mb free in .358 to 79 mb free with this. Cursor issue and social feeds issue (articles not automatically loading) still present.

I've been on Uber socialscope youtube and playing music so far the battery is fine. The camera works fine flash included. The auto focus is working. Everything actually seems way better except the cursor issue and you can't paste in uber or socialscope. O_o sounds like a keeper for me tho. No more hour glassing like b4.

Okay alt and enter changes the language input and I don't know what alt CLICK is. If you mean the trackpad (no it doesn't work either)

I can confirm for you guys, I am a T-Mobile user and I just upgraded to this leak from the previous The "white screen" theme issue is no longer a problem. I did not delete any files except the obvious Vendor.xml and everything worked great. This OS does seem to be a little snappier but a fresh install always is. Will have to come back with further results in a little while but I can officially confirm the "white screen" theme issue is gone (at least if you are a T-Mobile user).

To be honest I have not seen any UMA issues with the 9700 in general (other than a few older OS 5 leaks that dropped calls at less than 90% reception). Then again I don't use UMA too often but when I do, I can't say there are any issues.

507 argh. I used BBSAK > factory reset > and wipe. starting over from scratch. good thing i backed up before.

Works great now. I messed up the first load. Make sure you use loader.exe and not DM. Tmo user. I deleted the theme files and vendor.xml just in case. Mem usage seems to be ok now. Flashlight does not kill the battery anymore, and the battery seems to be holding up pretty good, too. Time will tell. So far so good.

Still having the weird sudden battery drop with .380. Overall the battery life seems to be a lot better, though.

I tried to download the OS on DM...and this message" One or more modules could not be resolved." do anyone know what this means or know what i should do??

do not use dm to load the os...due to the leaked version it will not be recognized by dm...load the os using apploader which can be found program files>common flies> research in motion> apploader...good luck :)

freshly installed ssssoon! sitting at 82.4mb, as mentioned before, no longer had to delete the two tmobile themes, ..one thing i quickly noticed is that when using unviersal search, browser option no longer appears, i only get "google local search"...is there something that i need to to restore the browser icon in universal search or has been removed in this current build?

Just installed and noticed that the browser doesn't seem to be working with my WiFi, only on the network. I remember other people having this problem in previous leaks and was wondering if there was an answer??
Also I hope they fix the battery life problem (40% to zero in 1 second!!)


I have installed the new leaked os and immediately noticed a quicker experience the browser appears to be faster and can brows crackberry without page to large for device. However engadget wont load still.
I had more memory available than the previous leek.
Missing cursor bug still exists.

I'm saying fuck the hybrids and just going to shrink this one.

Every 9700 hybrid I've run has had pathetic memory leaks which were SUPPOSEDLY fixed from the 2nd OS leak forward.

Wow…. What a difference…. The memory in my phone is much better, it runs very smooth… thanks crackberry you guys rock…

I have used all 3 of these leaks! And each one gets better! Can't wait to see final product! There are still small memory leaks bug it is a lot faster and my cursor working again! Wish I could get this on Tourch but with T-Mobile! Hate AT&t! Would never go there!

And I can't use my Golf Logics app! Been 2 weeks! Really miss that on golf course! Almost downgraded to OS 5 just to use that on course again! Anyone have a fix for that?

Loaded and pretty much everything is working fine. One thing I noticed was when sometimes typing in email I noticed my cursor jumping to a different area on the screen or simply just disappearing. Anyone have the same problem?

This OS .380 is definitely an upgrade from OS .358.

1. Much improve is memory leak issues.
2. No need to delete T-mobile theme cod files anymore
3. Great battery life
4. I haven't had an issue with the browser (will run some more tests, put it under more strain)
5. VERY VERY snappy (Maybe because I did a clean install only reloaded my address book etc.)

1. Still unable to copy & paste (I was reading in passing a thread that stated it can be done but I don't remember the key combo)

Anyway OS .380 looks really good and feels solid. If you were unsure about jumping into OS 6 before put your fears aside and go for it, official release shouldn't be to far away now.

ive noticed two things so far:
1) the boot up time imo appears slower than the two previous leaks
2) the scoremobile app gives me an error "error starting thescore $2dhigh: module 'thescore$2dhigh' attempts to access a secure API".... i was wondering if anyone else has encountered this?

kind of a drag since i love using the scoremobile app...all other apps i have installed work flawlessly

I had the same problem. Don't re-install from app world. Go to scoremoble website, put in an email address and you will get a link sent to your phone. Download and install. Ver 1.6 was not working correctly for me and the link has ver 1.7 so I think it was fixed.

damn...ok i went to scoremobile website, got the link sent, followed it and clicked on download from the score and i get an error pag "404 not found"....damn it!! guess its just not meant to be :(

first time i have installed os this way... have run the install from the download, goto apploader, it sees the device, however the os is not listed.... must be doing something wrong... any ideas? using win7. Have deleted the vendor file.

in win7, when in the apploader folder through file explorer , click "Compatibility..." button on top, it reveals another copy of Vendor.xml that needs to be deleted...

What I want to hear about are the white screen "Application Errors" that were present in .344 and .358. I NEVER had one of those crashes on OS5 in 10 months...they were happening 3 times a day in leaked OS6, which is unacceptable.

Also, how do you know if an app is even "compatible with OS6"? Do things like PingChat, Podtrapper, etc. work? Do they crash the phone?

Having issues with blue tooth redial. It will dial main number but not pause and dial extensions. it worked fine with 344 lost it with 358. hoping it would be back with 380 It works fine with direct dial from phone. Anyone else having this issue? memory leak still there and battery not too bad

I'm going to install this leak, first leak I had zero problems.

My question is about what files can I delete that aren't relavent to running on Tmobile/USA??

Are there langauges or files for other service providers which could be deleted?


I just did a regular install, meaning no shrinking, no BBSAK, etc. I use Desktop Manager 4.7 IMHO, very solid build.
Recognizes new OS installs and I don't have to delete the vendor file.

Okay, early observations.

Application Memory Leak STILL there!! With all my apps and I have quite a few, my first boot after install was 50.8MB
As I start to re-register apps (actually activate them) that space diminishes. Loses memory after batter pull.
Do hope this gets fixed before OS 6.1 LOL!

Viewing pictures and zooming lag STILL there. Get the clock when I try and zoom! Redonkulos!
Camera STILL cannot find current location. Geo tagging is not happening. Other GPS apps have no problem finding me.
Flash works everytime.

The ability to send someone my location via text would be cool...STILL does not work! "Failed to complete the request. A Network error was encountered." The ability to send location or find a business and send via text are found when composing a text. Select the menu and "Attach" then select "Location." Awesome feature IF IT WOULD WORK!

COPY AND PASTE! Is this some really hard thing to get the phone to do. If you have to re-register your applications, plan on typing your registration codes manually. Paste will not work!

If you have SocialScope, then the links in the postings now work! That is pretty huge. Really annoying to have to scroll to the beginning of the link, highlight, copy and paste into browser. That was the work around. Now the links just work!

AT&T Navigator. I can now select a contact from the application. That did not work before. Lots of people are not on AT&T or have Nav, so a small point, except for the fact, I do expect the select contact feature to work in all other third party apps and that is very good.
On that note, any application that accesses your picture library NOW WORKS! That is really good!

Well that is all for now. Will keep my eye on memory and battery as everyone else.

the memory leak is better im stayin at 72MB the other two version i would have been down to 50MB

Hey since I downloaded this OS6..I haven't been able to use Docs to Go app at all. Isn't it compatiable with this OS or not?

Still can't send someone a message using LinkedIn 1.5. Good app.
Open to compose a message and no menu available to send! BB Menu key or track pad, NO Menu available!
How many more leaks to get this to work? :(

does anyone else notice that the facebook mobile site is reading the BB as a Curve 3G? or was this just a problem for my install?

I have to say this build is amazing, so fast and stable, don't seem to be getting the too much memory issue in the browser like before, I am really pleased with this build

Instaled within 20 mins of seeing the post and to be honest its a leap from 358 and 344.....fluent movement and yet to encounter a web browser issue...bbm pictures load faster and wifi is slightly more responsive....all in all that is worth the upgrade

Anybody tried bb maps on this build?
Graphic rendering is soooo smooth and fast! Fastest than any other previous builds (5 & 6 Os'es)

Hello, is anyone else not having the camera zoom? I just upgraded and I don't have the + - on the icon to click a picture. Any suggestions? Thanks!

my opinion about some people comments are.... you guys simply don't know how to run a smooth installation. or it can be your device itself.

I have the Blackberry 9700, and have used the leaked versions of OS 6.0. I don't have many problems with the OS. Unlike most people, I know that this is not an official version of the software, and I also know that bugs are expected in the "leaked" versions of the OS... For people to complain about it sounds rather foolish. If you want to spend the money to buy a new phone with the OS 6.0 already on it, knock yourself out. I know some of your are rather obsessed with keeping your phone up to date with the latest OS upgrades, but please remember, that if you are getting a leaked version, it is not official. Be patient though, because it does appear that they will release an official version of OS 6.0. Just think of what you're doing as beta testing. I am almost certain that those working for Blackberry (those who aren't whistle blowers) refer to this site as well as other sites and read the comments placed on various web blogs or sites which features a comment section and try to tweak the OS so that when they do come out with the official version, they have all the kinks worked out.

Ok, you contradicted yourself a little. You're writing about how foolish complainers sound... but if we didn't "complain" about the bugs, then how would those working for Blackberry know what kinds of bugs we're experiencing? Just sayin' =P

Well everything seems ok for me (mind you I haven't been able to fully test out this new leak) but the damned memory leaks are still there!! From 72mb after reboot to 45.2mb 2 hours later! I've downloaded all the 9700 os 6 leaks so far, but this problem still persists...

I upgraded, it all seems the same to me.

I still have the problem where I do not have an option to select 2g only on the mobile nw options, I only get the 2&3g . problem where i work as it has a very faint 3g signal and always tryies to pick it up

I agree that the 2G optiopn was very handy and I hope its on the official version when it comes out. Can anyone tell me if the 2G only option is available on the Torch??

I have downloaded all the leaks and the browser was great on the 358 leak being great. I have had a couple of times when I have had a few tabs open it telling me that I have insufficient memory and need to close some tabs, but if I cancel it the browser works fine. More of a nuisance than anything else.

Did anybody have met "Initialization Failed" problem after power-on? My 9700 can't regist in the network after update to OS6, need a battery pull evrytime.

I noticed that the battery bug is still there....last night went from 35% battery to 8% instantly. Thought they would have fixed that one by now.

I just installed this version on my T-Mobile 9700. So far, it's great! I love this os - nice improvement. I followed the instructions previously posted here for a prior leaked version (including deleting the Tmo theme files and vendor file) and those instructions were perfect. Hopefully the loss of memory won't make the phone sluggish. But no other issues so far, other than copy/paste not working!

Hello, I had 3days ago a battery loss from 50% to 10% in one night with .354 (it was the first time since i have the phone 8months. now i installed 2days ago, it has the same problem with browser that freeze sometimes,memorry usage is less then before. we wait and see

I Downloaded And Applied The Latest New OS Update & I Love 6.0 But I Thought It Would Fix The Theme Issue Since I Didn't Have To Delete The "Net_Rim_Theme" For T-Mobile After Updating. I Am A Theme Phanatic So Since I Didn't Have To Delete The Net_Rim_Theme Where & How Do I Obtain Themes For The New Updated Leak Cause My 9700 Themes Dont Work & 9800 Ones Don't Either.

Please Help

ummm.....yeah...were all stuck with the "stock theme"...there arent any themes available for os6 yet and wont be for some time.....

I finally got to install this leak last night and after reading some of the posts I was hoping that most of the bugs were gone or at least close to being fixed. Boy was I wrong! Memory leak has gotten worse for me. I went from 85MB to 53MB in less than a day (previous leak would remain in the 70s regardless of usage or time). It is too early for me to tell if the battery issue is still there so I will report back on that one...

Ohhh, I like this release. One of my major complaints about the prior leak (.340?) was certain apps, BBNotepad for example, worked halfway. BBNotepad would open, but the menu wouldn't pop up. Hopefully this one won't randomly hang up when scrolling through pics on my device like the other one did :/

The leak is good on my device. Only concern is the memory leak, though not that much. A soft reset from time to time will fix it.

Working Awesome compared to prior builds.
Past few days, minimal memory leakage compared to priors.
I did a full wipe, and only restored personal info. I had over 80mb's of memory available :D Compared to other builds @ 50-60 or so.
So far, no prob with battery life.
I use Quick pull app, works great to restart fone, & regain lost memory.

BTW restart time is blazingly fast, literally fone restarts in about 10-15 seconds; compared to over a minute with OS5 or prior OS6 builds.

Hoping the next build will improve on this one even more :)

Idk if its my device but calls are horrible on wifi and uma and normal 3G. But then again its a “leak"

I also noticed that when the device is in the holster, I can't change music track and volume. I need to remove it first from the holster to be able to do so.

LOVE OS6 - however it is a memory and battery drainer... before i installed i had 90+ mb and now only 26mb... oh well - its worth it so far!

Have used for 2 days now and there are no big issues. 2 small bugs I have found are 1) The TOP Tray will not scroll correcty if fonts are set to 9 or larger (8 scrolls fine). 2)Duplicate icons created in Favorite tab. Absolutely no browser issues (I have 71 megs free).

Love it! I'm not a blackberry or tech savvy person, but I love my blackberry and really wanted the OS6. I was nervous at first installing it since it's unofficial but it installed perfectly with no problems. The only issue I'm having so far is not the battery, but memory. I don't have alot of apps but my memory after install started at 59MB tthen dropped to 34MB and I haven't done anything since loading it. As for the program itself...the only suggestions I have is let us be able to put the folders we want on the slide feature. I usually hide the Media folder and now I'm stuck with it when I slide. Also...the Frequent tab is a bit redundent when we have a Favorties tab. Other than that...bring on the official release!

This update .380 is converted from curve 9300, you can see it when you browse on facebook with wifi, and on the bottom of the page can you see "download facebook for your curve 9300; I have browser problerms because it use less memmory .
battery is realy bad, last night was my battery 35% and if i checked this morning was it 4% !!! maybe i go to the early leak it was better i think, or wait for a new leak, any suggestions,? the other os .344 was converted from torch

Question, this leak is much better than the other 2 previous ones, the pronlem is i can not text messaging isnt working! I can only text other tmo customers. How do i fix this? Has any one else had this problem.

380 installed succesfully.The leak is pretty good,it's running since afternoon...I'm in Vodafone network and I noticed only one bug so far, the last sms received it's not showing at all,I can see the preview but not the content,it's all grey...other than that everything runs smoothly.

Fellow Blackberry Addicts (LoL),
Can Someone Please Explain Something To Me: Why Is It (When It Comes To The Leak) I Can Download 3rd Party Apps Such As Games & Utilities For 9780 As Well As 9700. So If Thats The Case Can Someone Please Explain To Me Why The Themes I Download For 9700 or 9780 Don't Work?

Has anyone noticed in .380 that the calendar app does not scroll left or right from today to tomorrow or yesterday etc using the track pad? You have to use the drop down menu to select the date you want.

Well I love using Os 6 on my bold2. But I have to ask is there any theme out there for this Os? I can't seem to find any.

I downloaded it. Used it...took a while for it to not lag - kept getting the timer/clock icon. Got a video sent to me, when I tried to play it, it said the video server is busy or something. Tried to view one of my videos, it did the same thing. Rebooted, and then the screen went white and it said (in small letters) JML error (I think that's what it was) and had to select continue. Then, when it rebooted, I had NO text messages. None. And nowhere was the option to keep them forever. So I reinstalled the older software that I had on before. Did all of that happen to anyone else?? Does anyone know when this will be officially released??

UMM has anyone else had problem with the bb app world not working @ all??? if i install it it messes up my other apps and then it disappears lol

No cyndi loo, I had no problems,

If i browse on internet with my 9700 there comes error message at websites that is more than 4mb; now if my battery is empty i will install the early version,

My biggest issue is that none of my emails work. this is what i do...
1. Go into Email Setup
2. Sign in into Existing User profile
3. I type in the password to synchronize my email contacts/calendar with my device. after i type the password in i get an error message saying: "Your device encountered a problem with this application's server. Select OK and repeat the action to try again."

Did ANYONE have the same problem???
PLEASE help, cuz this is keeping me from restoring my bbm as well...


everytime i try to open it it says that the software is only for windows....

Some one PLEASE post a link that works on mac too....its bullshit how the software is legally out for every blackberry other than the 9700