Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

By Bla1ze on 20 Nov 2010 02:35 pm EST

BlackBerrry 6 for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

If you've been patiently waiting for the next BlackBerry Bold 9700 leak, today is the day. OS is now available for download in it's unofficial form. Many users are already running the previously leaked BlackBerry 6 for their Bold 9700 so this, is hopefully a better release than that one. Be sure to back up your data folks and let us know whats good in the forums or in the comments.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). *

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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700


This one fixes some bugs like the memory leak and the podcasting app is merged with one in the media list. I like this version and am glad I made the upgrade

I've found the following:
1. Much slower than 5.x
2. Much less memory available upon boot up
3. Battery life significantly worse than 5.x
4. Clicking on links in some apps (e.g. UberTwitter) doesn't do anything.
5. SearchIt broken.

I understand this is a leaked OS and as such I can't complain because it's really beautiful. What a HUGE improvement! Can't wait for the official version.

I'm not trying to flame you for your comment but just out of curiosity, what is the amusement of being first to post? I see this all the time and I just don't get it.

Currently downloading this. I was just about to download the v3 hybrid when my 9700 vibrated and I saw the CB twitter alert in regards to this version. Hopefully it will run smoother! & boy is this mirror slow!

Please post here, if the most obvious bugs from previous version have been killed. Like browser memory problem (try engadget.com, thenextweb.com), Social Feeds article preview load time, etc.

2 theme cods. One is blackberrytmotheme and the other is blackberryemuthotheme.

I'm not exact with the names but I'm close. Using BBSAK (blackberry swiss army knife) can get this task completed.

i hope that there is social feeds in this one and that it fixes bugs like the curser being lost and other things.
and also memory leaks

u musti tick it on loader and bb maps.. and that social feed and bb maps will appear on ur bb after installation

Yes there was. You just had 2 make sure 2 check the box 4 it when loading the OS through APP Loader.

I'm getting my copy right now but I guess so are about 1 million other Bold 2 users. Anyways I really hope this Build is far more stable that the previous especially when it comes to battery life, memory leaks and of course service book issues.

Ricardo Barrett,
Bold 2 User,
Digicel Jamaica.

Blackberry Alliance Member from Techjamaica.com.forums

im not sure if any of you have had this bug but whenever i would search for certain contacts using universal search i would press the call button when they were found then my phone would either call someone else or go to the call log. immediately after the phone would reset with a 602 error. i looked around some places and saw that the ribbon proccess died when this happens but RIM say the cause of this error was unknown. all in all i just hope this is fixed.

Glad to see the version number differences between leaks getting smaller. Maybe a sign we're getting closer to official releases?

i think it was a joke... he was playing on the fact that every time an OS 6 leak wasn't for 9700... all the 9700 users complained haha. clever.

whole world is downloading this leak...
all the servers are over loaded.
speed 10kbps...


most of servers have no resume support.

They're using all caps to compensate for the low signal at the bottom of an old well that they fell into. Like when people shout when their signal becomes sporadic.



I downloaded the new leaked version and installed but DM is not finding it when I click to update device. I currently have the .344 version on my at&t 9700.

solution, deletion of vendor.xml (yes i forgot), and i had to delete the net_rim_theme_tmobile_BlackBerry6_480x360_b.

now it's working great! i've got 4 more MB now then before, so far so good. will report any issues as i go.

Yes. Tmo still has the white screen issue.

You need to delete the above mentioned cod to fix the issue.

go to the fourms >>> blackberry leaked beta os discussion >>> Leaked 9700 OS UPGRADE TIPS (T-Mobile users READ THIS!!!)

This is an awesome step by step guide.

i had all the bugs with the prior build.

phone feels much faster.
the contact bug seems to be fixed. can call with the phone button
universal search is faster and more accurate.
affects feel smoother
80.3 mb free with 5-6 apps installed.

Anyone know if this can be loaded on using a MacBook Pro (which normally can't run .exe files)? If not looks like I'm stuck with OS5 until the official release.

use a virtual machine program like VM ware

google it different programs like that

or ask a friend to use their pc

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try to install it on the Windows partition of my computer. I'm just worried that I won't be able to sync with my Mac calendar and contacts programs if I install it over a PC.

Anyone experience any memory leaks so far.? That was a problem with the first one that was released couple weeks ago. Will wait to hear.

Thanx Crackberry !!

use a virtual machine program like VM ware

google it different programs like that

or ask a friend to use their pc

i tried using PARALLELS ! running windows 7 and vista home premium . . . and failed ! bbsak did the wipe and tried loading the os6 many different ways all i got was error 507 =/ , it gets stuck on booting every-time , and uploading ram image . no love for us MAC users yet . . .

im not able to upgrade using the Loader.exe. At step "Device Application Selection" it says The BlackBerry Desktop Software does not have BackBerry Device Software for the device that you have connected to the computer. Contact your wireless service provider or system administrator." and the Back and Next button are frozen. Please help!

Now I have a "Reload Software 507" on device screen. I've tryed load OS using the BBSA and the same frozen buttons at that step on loader.exe

I didn't delete .344, just installed .358 and loaded via DTM, which detected newer OS and loaded it. You can downgrade this way if wanted. Probably no reason to keep .344 now, so likely will delete soon.

This build is all around faster. Even the web broswer seems faster. Let's hope battery life doesn't suffer. But the videos still don't work cuz "device media processor still busy"

Failed to add, as of right now I've got more memory available than the first time around. Just under 70mb with about 8 3rd party apps

This is good news s far. Will wait for more confirmation. On the 3rd day of the first version, i was running back to 5.0 because of having 15mb of memory free.

im not able to upgrade using the Loader.exe. At step "Device Application Selection" it says The BlackBerry Desktop Software does not have BackBerry Device Software for the device that you have connected to the computer. Contact your wireless service provider or system administrator." and the Back and Next button are frozen. Please help!

I just downloaded OS6 on my 9700 and its working like champ, so far so good. I had no problem installing it and no problem using it, everything is so much better, smoother and faster

Let us know anything that we should do before install. Do I still have to delete those cod files given to T-mobile?

just deleted the 2 tmobile cod files and vendor xml file this leak works great on my bold 9700 for tmobile i love it

I am downloading the leak and waiting. I had downgraded back to 5 last week as I had to delete way too many apps to run 6 and well I need my apps. So waiting for good feedback before trying again or hopefully the eventual official release will have a smaller file size.

Guys when I had the .344 leak I could use my facebook and twitter app with no problems at all,but with the .358 I can't log on to neither of them. Facebook says"we cannot reach facebook servers at this time" and twitter "twitter services are currently unavaible" what can I do to fix this????????

They work for me. Twitter did give server error first time I tried but then a few minutes later it worked and has ever since.

For facebook and twitter, just like before, do a battery pull and both apps will start working again, for those that use ubertwitter, the same issue is still there. Other than that, I have not seen any drain on the battery yet. I'm on (T-Mobile) US. @darkstar_954

I just went from .344 to .358 on my 9700 just now. I noticed I have 74.8 MB of app memory remaining with maybe 10 apps installed. I will be keeping an eye on the memory leak and battery power. Hopefully these areas will be improved, time will tell.

Downloaded from mediafire.com using Download manager => 10 min. Gonna install tomorrow.

.344 problems I solved:

SMS not sending -> battery pull, but for 10 minutes, not just for a few seconds (worked for me)

First time loading bar stucked => Wait for a while or do a battery pull (just few seconds is enough..worked for me)

I havent noticed GPS problem and quick battery drain in .344 can someone describe these problems???

cant get it to install with paralles running vista/windows 7 for snow leopard :( been trying ever since the first leak of os6 =/ . . . smh any way to install using a mac ? <___< maybe running a code of some sort on commands ? if anyone gets this fixed please let me know :)

What's the difference between this and the .344 leak? The .344 leak has been amazing for me. I have 65 mb of memory left and its not draining. Everything works very smooth and fluid. My only problem is when I scroll up to text history, the cursor disappears. Should I bother to upgrade my phone?

I have a mac book and every time I go to download the update and I open it, a screen comes up with all messed up writing pretty much saying I can't open it. Is there a way to download this update?? Bc I really want it :)

till more reviews come in and see if it's really worth replacing .344..But i am downloading it right now, just in case we all know how they like to remove the files fast

Installed on TMO 9700 from .344. Faster, more memory open. Browser issue seems fixed (closing on large pages). Space bar scrolls by rolling fast down the page when held. Still no option to default browser page views.

Hey I have the same problem you have,when I try to log in it says the servers are unresponsive how do you fix it

I had no prob with Facebook, but did have 1 time login issue w/Twitter (servers) but another try and it's worked ever since.

I had no prob with Facebook, but did have 1 time login issue w/Twitter (servers) but another try and it's worked ever since.

okay the first thing i tried was mobile web. the profile is missing from DM. when i try to start it says failed to intialized mobile web etc... now im back to leak 344 and its here working. shame tho cuz this newer leak was way snappier. oh well

you guys got any idea as to why i cant load the new os in loader.exe ? its telling me handheld application loader wizard has encountered a problem and shuts down on me. installing 0.344 wasnt a problem at all

I never post on the forums but I had 2 leave a comment on the OS6 on my 9700 (T-Mobile). I'm ususally just buying apps and things and I don't ever download the Leaked versions to my devices but I had 2 have this one and from what I see so far I'm like Tony the Tiger...."It's Grreeaattt!" LOL! It took me a minute 2 finally get it installed but it's nice. I like how they put the pic on the contacts now and much more. I wanted 2 upgrade 2 the 9780 but now I'm not sure if I will....Nah, why not have 2 lol keep one put up 4 backup! As of now I'm not experiencing any issues as of now and it's running very smoothly and hopefully I won't! :-D

"I'm Loving It!" LOL!

Browser seems to be ok, hasn't gotten the "page too large" error yet, nor am I noticing the zooming/freezing issues mentioned by DaGodfatha.

Would like the Page/Column view option of OS 5 though as others have mentioned.

On mobile websites this OS works much better than previous, but when trying to open a full/html website it is very slow, sometimes the cursor will be stuck on the index finger like i am clicking on a link, but like i said other than that no problems. Also when connected with wifi the old OS was faster.

I have to correct this and say I have had some zooming issues now too, and sure with all pages would auto wrap. My old eyes can't handle some of the tiny print, and CrackBerry i can't understand why doesn't look better on BB, though I notice desktop version changed today and haven't looked at on bb yet today.

The webpage is too big problem with the engadget website is fixed. No more error there. I'll keep checking to see what else is fixed but this leak seems a whole lot better than the previous one.

Up and running. Feels smooth. I noticed I am now able to copy/paste into my contacts. Still not able to click on phone numbers on Craigslist (as a link to call/text) like with BB 5.0.0 series. Still had to use BBSAK to delete the net_rim_theme for Tmobile to get the OS to work visually. Still can't copy things out of SMS.

Not sure what all was fixed but it's an upgrade. I'll take what I can get :D.


I installed the leak when it showed up on CB, it really runs smoothly better than .344, a lot of bugs have been fixed, SMS,memory leaks are still there but not as bad and copy/paste was fixed.

The only issue that I continue to have is BBM, but i think that has to do with BBM it self probably RIM should have a new version to fix it.

I recommend installing it! have fun with it.

.344 was draining super fast (perhaps related to 3rd party apps/gps etc that I use), but doing same on use on .358 at first seems to hold, but then can drastically drop from nearly full to empty!

'All' bar, and top (Manage Connections?)bar of homescreen seem to lag a bit, & I still have lags when setting up IM Plus Lite, and errors w/Evernote.

Too sum up - OS6 still needs work.

Don't know if its just me but can't really notice any difference between this and the previous leak. The browser may be very slightly faster but most of the bugs I has before are still there.

In the process of downloading, but just wanted to know has the issues in blackberry messenger been fixed? In the previous version it would show the hourglass and take ages for my contacts pictures to load up and even when scrolling down my contact list it would seem a bit laggy too.

In fact I would go as far as to say its worse keep getting the clock face come up for a few seconds when I try to do anything. Virtually never had that one the 1st leak.

I don't know what it is with my 9700 but for every leak I downloaded and tried to install it, it turns into a nightmare. The first OS6 I downloaded and installed, it took me almost 3 days to get it to work. After all that, I had to return to OS5. Now, we have this new leaked OS6, so I downloaded it, installed it, and still no luck. This time I just could not get it to work at all!!! I don't know if I am doing something wrong or what but I am having no luck with OS6 on my 9700.

This leak is faster and web browsing is also faster but i still get page to big for device and missing cursor in the connections menu.
I haven't had it on my phone long enough to see if the battery indicator problem has gone where it jumps from 50% to 3%.
Also i have more avaiable app memory about 5-10 MB more memory than previous leak.

The track-pad is much more precise.
The default email is working now.
You can now choose the account you like to sync the contacts under Options>Advanced Settings>Default services.
Running smoothly.

Once the messages get to the point you have to scroll it locks up same as last build. Have tried latest current and also latest (2.1 build 16) Beta as well.

Any ideas?

Love the new leak! Most bugs fixed and I see it is finally getting better! Was really thinking about upgrading to 9780 but think I will hold off! Come on RIM release the Tourch on TMobile!

The .344 was known for this...working off of 13mb free wasn't the best thing ever. I hope that this isn't the case for this build. Anyone notice anything funny as yet with the memory.?

can't wait for the official, but this version better than the 344.
I Shrink the extreme, so very light and comfortable, stable and not wasteful battery.

Haven't seen any real sign of improvement reading the comments. I'll stick to the previous leak for now as it is working great for me. 9700 is snappy, no memory or battery issues compared to 5.x builds. Only nuisances is the camera flash disables after few photos and browser doesn't work with data so have to use third party browser.

Close the BB browser. Go to options, phone, service books, and delete the service book named "blackberry internet browsing service 2" (or something like that, but it definitely has no. 2 at the end). Open the browser and voila! You have to delete that service book every time you restart/turn on your BB.

I'm downloading as I type. Please report any issues with this leak. I know issues with Apps and stuff can be fixed by either reinstalling them or re-sending service books.

***Update*** After playing with this leak for a few hours, I can confirm that it's far better than the previous one. Personally, I haven't found any issues with this build. The memory leak issue has been fixed as far as I can tell. I was left with almost 92MB right after install and with 85 - 86MB with all apps (Pandora, BerryWeather, etc.). I can't report on battery life just yet, but I'm at 90% even after over 2 hours of hard usage so it looks very promising. I will try to report back within a few days if I find any hiccups.

It looked promising but is starting to be a fail.

Social Feeds RSS previews started showing near instantly but now are almost as slow as .344

Getting Out of Memory popups which I never got on .344, and I had more apps, and tabs, going in .344 . This needs serious fixing.

Battery seemed better, but now does appear to be dropping - will continue to evaluate.

Various LAGS (homescreen, browser)

Almost considering going back to .344 but will continue to evaluate and monitor reports here.

Google search is still there. Just go to Browser Options and change the "Default Serch". You have 5 options to pick from.

I downloaded this new OS and it doesn't seem to be recognizing my memory card. I can't view the pics I have on it for some reason? Does anyone know why? Any help will be greatly appreciated

Go to Options/Device/Storage and make sure Media Card Support is selected. If it's on and your device isn't detecting it, you can power off your device and remove the SD card. Power it back on, wait until the device is completely booted up and reinsert the SD card. Good luck!

I finally got OS6 working on my Bold 9700...Here is one problem I have, the Mobile Backup is not communicating with the server so my contacts cannot be updated

None of the bugs from the last build have been fixed for me, infact since loading this build on my TMobile UK handset I have been having problems with my network where it seems to have full bars but it takes ages to send and receive IMs in both BBM and Whatsapp. I'm going to downgrade :(

Man, it keeps getting better for us 9700 owners. I can't wait til the ultimate official OS shows itself. Someone let us know the fixes and reviews about it.

by downlowading this leak...will i loose all my sms inbox messages and contacts?....will it delete anything on my phone or my will my personal stuff still be there?..

I downloaded the software and deleted the vendor file and the tmobile theme files, and the software update apears on the desktop manager...

however after i press get update n start it a notification box appears saying "there was an error updating your software""one or modules could not be resolved"....

what do i do?....:s....anyone?

Unplug the internet from your computer and try again.

I had the same issue when upgrading software on my 9800. I disconnected the internet and it worked fine.

give it a try

Man, I thought mine wasn't doing too bad, but this morning it was 88% and and hour later it was flashing the led, and empty. No heavy apps or use.

the issue i noticed with both of the leaks, is that they hava sort of a memory problem when u wanna view profile pics etc in bbm and pics in your media folder.......\

for me, thats the only bug left to be fixed and thats it.....

This is the main reason why I'm back at the official ATT OS5 now because of the memory leaks and the media folder problems with the pictures (when you have 20,000 pictures you'll know what I'm talking about).


I upgraded my BB 9700 to this leak, after deleted the .cod themes files... but it turned out that the stetic style was all messed up (black and white) so I downgraded the OS to the and it worked well, the theme was normal, until I did reboot, after having installed an app, and now I the home screen looks white, with all these tiny icons.

Any suggestions?

some of the bugs fixed in this new leaked versions are:
1) copy/paste in the contacts menu can now be done.
2) twitter/facebook accounts under social feeds can now be accessed simultaneously.
3) overall browsing experience is now smooth & faster.
4) navigating through phone is now quicker w/out lagging.
5) 80-85+ mb available memory w/ 10+ apps installed.

I must say that this new leaked version is worth upgrading for & is absolutely recommended for 9700 owners! Can't wait for the official OS6 for bb9700!! Blackberry rocks!!!

installed .358 last night, and have yet to experience battery drain issue yet (got it quite a bit with .344).my friend installed it earlier today, and got battery drain issue within an hour (i noticed the BB setup app was left open and probably drained the battery). i usually find the battery drain happens when any app aside from the regular 5 (home, phone, browser, bbm, messages) are left open in the background.

RSS feeds bug fixed.
bbm scrolling bug still there - most likely will be addressed with a new release of bbm.

everything else seems just slightly snappier.

only other thing that bugs me is that every reload/update re-scatters icons back out from their folders as i usually organize appworld and other apps into applications folder and games into the games folder, etc.

Check and see how many pictures and videos your friend has. I had that issue with my media because I had thousands of files installed on my memory card.
Open your options and check on the status of the CPU usage and which program is killing your CPU.
Hunch, Media.

For me the Social Feeds RSS part is not fixed, though I originally thought it was too. It seems to fluctuate. Occasionally after a reboot it will be quick, but then after a few minutes it goes back to the 15-40 sec delay. Shouldn't be like that!

After 24 hours,

I live in Indonesia and use the XL network....

Overall, I'm very happy with this leak over .344 as the memory leak seems to have been minimized at least; if not cured.

My phone, though on, was idle from 2300 - 8am this morning.

Memory Leak:
At 2300 last night, I had 64MB free and now at 11am I have 61MB free after several emails and use etc. Between 2300 and 8am, memory had dropped away by only 0.5 MB to 63.5MB

At 2300 was 97% and dropped away to 87% by 8am, now it is at 80% after use.

BB Facebook: Scrolling on the main page is no issue, but if you click on a contacts comments with more than say, 3 comments, or a very long comment.... I found difficulties in scrolling through the comments. It freezes partway through. You can see more text below and there are more comments but they cannot be accessed.

Loved it on OS5 but hated it on 6.344... Same issues on .358
On OS5, Click on any title and I was taken to a summary of the story. Click on that page again and I was taken to the full story. Now the summary doesn't load (blank page), so I just go straight to the full story via the menu and it loads quickly.

Top "connections banner":
It has been reported that the blue cursor disappears after "turn on all connections" and the options in the bottom half of the screen can't be accessed.
I found that if you slowly swipe to "turn on all connections" and highlight it, a very fast downward thumb swipe will relocate the cursor into the bottom half and all options can be highlighted.

These are the main bugs I have had experience with, otherwise, this OS is a definite keeper for me...

PS, apologies, meant for this to go in the findings and fixes thread......

Awesome build thus far. Memory leak seems to be much better. UMA still strong, still getting page is too big...overall seems a lot better! Took me trail and error on my part as I couldn't get the .cod files to work and deleted them and the vendor file and was starting to worry....ended up trying .979 on OS5 and got constant traffic flow to the point I could hardly do anything....so tried OS6 .358 again and finally worked! This is friggin' sweat folks!

Oops, forgot to include this one...


Type a message in the box and the next and following lines of text disappear....

This one is a pain, because you cannot see what you are typing after the first line....

Sounds and Alerts settings did not have an option for Facebook on the previous version, wondering if the problem was with the OS or just the settings and if with the OS then have they fixed it on this one?

Should I just upgrade from .344 or should I first wipe the handheld and then do a clean install of .358?
Any suggestions?

Unlike a lot of you who posted positives for this build, this one has been downright disastrous for me. I'm on TMo (US) and I have deleted the 2 tmo theme CODs as well as Vendor.xml. Problems started right off the bat, during installation, the phone crashed 3 times. Reached a white screen saying "App Error" - Reset. I had to delete the OS a couple of times using BBSAK and re-installed.

On the last time, even though I got an App Error, it rebooted ok. But now, when I install apps, instead of asking me to reboot after installation, it just hangs. Cannot surf around the phone, only LED blinks. Viigo still does not work, cursor error still exists.

I'm going to try and download and re-install again to see if I can repair the problems.

...I'm not upgrading (yet). I tried the release, and the constant white screen crash app errors were unbearable. Had that been a stock OS offered by RIM, nobody would want to use Blackberry. I'm not going to make excuses for an OS just because it's a leak and not an official release. My phone is not a "toy" to me, I actually need it to work as a communication device. So if I can only use 15% of the apps and themes I have on OS5, and if I'm constantly paranoid about my phone shutting off, is that really worth universal search and a marginally better browser?

Even when the OS6 Browser works on 9700, I've heard some people say that the newer versions of BOLT on OS5 load pages better and more reliably.

i need help..

when i try to put da sound for the facebook, mesages, twitter etc profiles, i dont have the old sound that da blackberry comes with. how can i get them back?

Sounds are changed now. You can search Crackberry or Google, as there are posts re getting back the old sounds. I got them from an OS 6 hybrid. You have to reload them everytime you wipe/reinstall os.

Just installed it an everything when flawlessly....no complaints so far and universal search issue is fixed.

just installed the update and most of the bug fixes have been fixed so far...browser improved...worth the upgrade

wow im so happy its like i have a new phone was getting tired of looking at 5.0 but it was okay, thanks for this crackberry my phone now has a new start on life lol!

I have this ugly white screen, I think i installed it right but it just looks wrong, how do i delete that cod tmo files. I have Tmobile. Please help, y'all know y'all geniuses. lol

This leak is much worse than previous one. Battery bug is still here and I can't even search in browser. Links in SocialScope still don't work (SocialScope says it's an OS bug), constant hourglassing (clean install and maybe 10 apps or so). Going back to .344 tomorrow.

i hate it.. its so slow, hour glass every 5min. im js goin bak to os 5. i js wait until i get my 9780

Gawd, I hate the hour glass! I got it more so in .344, but still get it in .358. Also when device locked, it will bring up hour glass for a bit before i can enter password! I hate that! (maybe I should say 'I hate to wait!!')

haven't tried this leak but the old one you had to kinda first press the green phone button and then dial the number from there. If not you will be taken to the universal search feature and it will basically search what u typed in as a number

I just installed this leak, had previous 6.0 on and it was fine other than already mentioned bugs.
On this version, when I try to make a phonecall, the headset icon keeps flashing if no headset plugged in and I cannot activate handset or speaker function. Only works with a headset plugged in. Anyone experience this issue?

Just to confirm that the cursor / copy function is not working within SMS or BBM in this build. This is a pain as it makes it difficult to call numbers from withing a text. The numbers do highlight as you blindly scroll around but its painful.

OS is an overall improvement for my 9700 in three major categories:

1. Memory. Leak is minimized but still there. Tracking trough Meterberry. Since 9:16 a.m. this morning my device through normal usage has lost 15.9 MB's. Every hour it loses about 2.5 and has ac couple of spikes of 5.7 MB's
It also seems to reclaim memory as I close programs. See a recent entry of +2.9 MB's at 3:16 p.m. Adding back memory does not happen often.
This is far better than .344 where I could lose 15MB's in an hour of normal usage!
Meterberry divides up the readings for memory in two categories: 1. Application, 2. Device.
Application memory boots up with around 47MB's (I have lots of apps, 20+). Device is set at 32MB's and with this leake reads a steady 29.5 MB's.

With the same amount of apps on 3.44, my Application memory would continually be decreasing at start-up. It was around 30MB'S at one point. With 3.44 I was also taking a parallel hit to my device memory (App memory -15MB's and Device Memory -15MB's). Maybe MeterBerry was reading this wrong. At the end of the day with .344 my App AND Device memory could be as low as 8MB's or less. The phone still operated okay, yet when surfing the web, lots of clocks. Clearly the phone was struggling. .358 seems to be more stable even without neutering Universal Search like I had to do with .344, which really did not have any affect.

2. Battery life. So far very good with both leaks. No massive drains like others have posted. I think after running .358 that the Battery life is even a little better.
Average hourly discharge is 3.7%. That is good. I was not on the phone talking that much, which is the major battery drain. Lots of streaming, internet, tracking my run with MiCoach (Awesome program), etc.

3. Browser does seem a little smoother. Not too many clocks/lags, pages load fairly fast, and I have not seen "this page is too large for your device," yet.
The processor is not fast enough to keep up though. This is why you see checkboard background while scrolling a page. I don't think any OS upgrade will fix this, as it appears to be a hardware issue or a combination with low memory. I wonder what Torch or 9780 users experience? Same processor but double the onboard memory.

Persistent Bugs!

1. This one is REALLY REALLY ANNOYING! Third party apps don't seem to have full menu support. Example: Use LinkedIn 1.5 (actually pretty decent) and try to send a direct message to one of your contacts. Opens up a message fine, typing fine...now try and send it. Center button? No dice! Blackberry Button? No dice! Does not work.

Have a third party program that allows you to select contacts from your address book? Example: AT&T Navigator 2.0 Select contact, opens up Address book fine. Can't select a contact. Search for one in address book is okay, but when it comes to clicking on a contact, no dice!

Socaial Scope (I know, I could use the new BB Feed in OS6), however, it lost a lot of luster when I FINALLY and I do mean FINALLY got my SS invite and installed it. For those of you who have SS, you know what I mean. With OS6 I can't click on web links that users post in Twitter or Facebook.

How about sending an email or a text from a third party app?
Ever heard of QuickLaunch? If you are a BB user, you have.
I use a shortcut on the menu to send an email and text to people. QL opens up a message fine. Compose fine. When I go to send, ...you guessed it, no menu support to do so.

Want to add a picture using a third party app? You can open up your picture library, but cannot select a picture, much like the problem with contacts.

*****These are bugs I think? Anyone else experience them? Are they perhaps developers not upgrading to the OS6 platform and the slightly different menu system by RIM. I really like the center "short" menu grid design. Would suggest a higher contrast though to read a little easier.

2. Camera: Flash only seems to work on the first picture taken and then does not work from there. This unfortunaltely also disables the light for shooting videos!

Location finding (picture GeoTag) does not seem to work either. Just keeps trying!

3. SMS = Send Location. This looks like a fabulous feature, however, when trying to send my location, the device never finds me. Send a business location, leaving the address blank so it uses my current location works just fine. Go figure. Typed in Coffee for a business and it pulled up 10 coffee shops within 2 miles of my house. Just sending my location or an address does not work.

Sending a business address via text is pretty cool. The map window is blank with a red flag and the business name. I tried installing BB Maps, but this did not help either.
Same thing as .344


With this realease, I am not as concerned about my memory anymore. Device runs smoother, yet the main bugs I just noted persist. My main one is with 3rd party apps. Really hope this is fixed soon!!!

Going from 5.0.0979 to OS6 was very difficult for me. Had lots of issues, but finally got it done. Now that I am on OS6, upgrades are a snap. Not on T-Mo though. AT&T (good or bad, but it works).

Overall, I'm glad I've taken the plunge. I'm a TMo USA user. I've tried the first leak, but got that white screen and such. After following the directions this time around via the Crackberry post, watching the new screen was like turning on a new phone for the first time.

I'm willing to put up with its shortcomings, which there are a few:

1. When I tried changing the default in the Calendar from Day view to Agenda view and then saving the settings, it's as if the setting I've chosen was ignored. In other words, it's a bug.

2. The RSS view in Social Feeds - has great potential and I'm giving it a try. It would be very nice if I can view the full article in text-only view as an option. It's what Viigo did so well. Speaking of Viigo...

3. There's a bug in Viigo where the summary of an article isn't viewable. Choose Full Article, and it shows up fully (though you still have to scroll down a bit to the article in that mode).

4. After ten hours of use, I went into App World to delete Facebook (I wanted to reinstall it so that it works properly with Social Feeds...another bug, I assume). I was shocked to learn that I only had 3.6 MB of space left. I have no idea where that came from, so I did a battery pull. After the boot was completed, I had 39 MB free. This after deleting several apps I rarely use, and now with 10 third-party apps now installed. 5 hours later, it's been reduced to 24 MB. Now I"m not sure if it has anything to do with the number of RSS feeds and Twitter/FB "wall posts" all blended together. Hopefully, all of this (especially the memory) will address this one very soon.

5. Facebook calendar - I still would like an easy way to hide or disable calendars in one location, and I can do without the Facebook calendar so that birthdays of "friends" that are merely acquaintances do not pop up in notifications or show up in the calendar without my intervention.

That's all I have, for now. But overall, I'm again stoked over the interface. Not exactly as slick as the iPhone, but really slick in its own rights. RIM must have really thought things through with messaging in mind.


Crazy memory leak for me, much much worse than the last version. I'm going to give up altogether on os6 for now and go back to the last 5.0. I'm also having lots of problems with the whole "unable to connect to internet" issue. Don't worry I tried the whole "backing up 5.0 servicebooks" and STILL it does the same thing......sigh

Oh well, such is life.

Hi guys, I installed os 6 on my bold 9700, it works well, thanks for sharing!
the only problem i get is, I am on a Rogers student plan, which normally I cant via 3G network to browsing( facebook and IM is unlimited tho) when the phone was on original OS 5. after I installed .358, I found I can use internet even wi-fi is turned off..
Before I can't the browser would give me a pop out telling me Its a wi-fi service...does anyone know why I can browse now? does it mean some sort of cheating so they won't charge me for the data? thank you!

I dnt knw how many of u actually use worldmate. But I realise that it doesn't work on the OS 6 when it has been reloaded. Is there any adjustment that can be made for now?

aaaaah, only just found this post!!! but now its gone, that download file has been removed!! anywhere else to get it?

Been running OS 6 on my 9700 for a week now. Loving every minute of it so far, but its not without its bugs. Here are the issues so far
1. Text msgs sometimes don't show up. I click on the msg and all I get is a blank screeen for a second or two. In some extreme circumstances I have had to do a battery pull.
2. Kobo doesn't work at all. Don't try it unless you like pulling the battery. Contacted kobo customer service, no reponse as of yet.
3. Memory or battery drain, doesn't happen. The battery lasts a long time, and so does the memory. Check your GPS settings if you find the battery drains fast.
4. Web browser sometimes says insufficient memory and then logs back to start screen.
Looking forward to the first official release, but until then I'm not going back to OS 5.

Anyone have an issue with battery life and video recording? I had 85% battery the other day... took 15 sec of video (with no flash) and the battery plummeted to 8%.... all in a matter of 30 seconds!!! Thoughts?

Memory drops 15-20 MB's throught the day and overall memory at start up diminishes without installing any new apps and clearing cache, email etc. First installed I had over 47MB's. Now at startup about 32. Keeps shrinking. More black clocks as the phone hangs.
Menu support in third party apps is also limited.
When will there be another leak?? Hope it will be soon!

This is way faster than .334, no lag or hour glass popping up. The webkit browser is incredible. Doesn't crash like .334 did when you went to large pages ie: crackberry. Very impressed with the speed and I have only done 1 battery pull. Boots up super fast (at least 15 second quicker than .334) haven't noticed any memory leakage yet, but I have only installed bb podcast and pandora so we'll see. Other wise a pretty great leak. Waiting for official version but even if it takes forever I'm okay with this.

LOVE THIS LEAK.... More stable than previous leak but still needs more improving as the trackpad suddenly crashes sometimes

Just installed OS 6 on my 9150 and its superb!
Its changed the whole feel of the phone. Its smooth and very slick
Even the small things like how theyve now placed the alarm clock icon in the top left hand corner and the simple battery life indicator ( which is no longer "blocky") makes the whole look that much better. Install and you wont regret it
Its the Biz - 10/10 all the way

Since installing this build I've noticed that every time I reboot the device (battery pull) my send-to facebook option is gone from my pictures. I have to delete/uninstall the facebook app, reboot, and then reinstall the facebook app before the option reappears. I've tried simply logging out and back in to facebook, but no luck. All of the other send-to options are there (Twitter, Myspace, etc), but I've noticed that facebook appears below a divider line in the list and after rebooting this whole section is gone. I upgraded from which didn't have this problem. It could also be the latest facebook app ( causing this as I believe it was released a couple days after I upgraded to this build. Anyone else experiencing this???