Leaked: OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9650

By Bla1ze on 7 Nov 2010 04:44 pm EST


Looking for something to do today? Well, if you're a BlackBerry Bold 9650 owner you just found something cool. OS has just popped up for everyone. No idea what is new but you all know the rules. Back your data up, it's not official and then, let us know in the forums and comments how it's working out for ya.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). *

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Leaked: OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9650


After all these leaks the past week i was waiting for a 9650 update. Downloading now (of course) - hope this fixes the text bug and notification bar lagging issue...

For the first week and I just assumed it was because of another, not-quite-there-yet build. THEN, all of a sudden as of yesterday it has gotten TEN TIMES better!

I don't know what happened but I like it :)

Should be getting close to gold candidate status by now. The last leak was very nice, hoping this one speeds it up a bit.

Gold, platinum, titanium status are all nice. But let's get to the nitty-gritty and have an official release.

I was just thinking today that we really need another leak for the 9650. Viola! I've had to reboot my phone a bunch with the last leak, so hopefully this will be a little more stable.

I was having sex while I saw this and decided to download and install it and told me wife that I will finish her later.

Yeah...I surf Crackberry.com when I'm getting laid too.

Talking about new hardware and stuff gets my girlfriend all hot and bothered. OS6 ain't the only think leak'n up in this behotch.

...as compared to the previous leaks before it. Browser lag, camera options, volume, and overall poor performance were fixed in 280 over 222 and below.

YMMV but that's just my experience with 280.

With .280 I have lots of random reboots and occasionaly have to turn my Mobile Network connection off and on to get my push notifications to work. Never had those issues on .222. Also, I have had to do a battery pull a few times to get my phone off of 1X and back on 1XEV. Hope that is fixed in this new leak.

now i still have the convenience key problem, it won't open the option to change/edit. is it because i used shrink-a-os to get rid of other unneeded files?

any help would be great.


all in all a much welcomed leak!, can't wait for the official

...it won't allow you to change convenience keys or check your phone options. At least that's what happened in my experience with previous leaks.

I still have the other two leaks (saved). I'm running .280 now. I love it! The boyfriend saw this leak on Twitter and said, you better go get it before it's gone. He knows I'm usually on it, too much goin' on in my timeline!

I'm sure glad I ditched my 9700 for the new G2. I loved my bb and miss bbm but I LOVE my G2 more. Blazing fast and all the app space I want. Goodluck to all waiting for BlackBerry 6. I guess I wasn't patient enough.

I am suppose to get a phone call from my friend in like 30mins, but I just couldn't wait to do the update already, hhaha

I don't know why I get signal problems every time I install os 6. I am getting this problem since I installed the 280 version.. If someone knows how to fix this problem please email me cacb90@sprint.blackberry.net

My phone is a sprint blackberry bold 9650


Installed and most Verizon functions working. PTT still not but can access VZ mobile site which was unable to with 280. Seems to run much smoother than last two leaks.

Hey Everyone,
Just got it rebooted and registered and seems great.
Checked out bb app world, Navigation, bbm, is all working seamlessly. The music player is more crisp sound but not quite as loud which id rather have. The search is quite quick compared to before when it used to index my whole phone before searching. And as before wifi works well. Both convenience keys work well including camera without crash. Overall i wont complain, this is as good as a real update from sprint so i give it 5/5.

Does anyone else find that the Browser on OS6 does not fit to the screen. If you zoom it makes text larger but it does not re-size. While OS5 is not a nice at least everything fit the screen. I would welcome comments or possible solutions.

I found that if you wait for everything to completely load first, then click in the area of text you want zoomed to, it will zoom to as wide as the text where you clicked (so a half line of text will zoom in closer than 3/4 of a line), and everything else is fit to that width. Kinda quirky, but not bad once you figure it out. The trick is the blue bar at the bottom has to be gone first or it doesn't work right.

I love 0S6 but the Brower section is something to be desired. I hope they adjust it for the 9560 in an 'official' release.

is it just me but with all of the leaks including this one my bbm and main message list when i go to it moves extremely slow and sluggish. i havent seen anyone else make that complaint wonder why mines does it? i re-installed bbm also still same prob *shrugs*

The official release (should) will be so much better than this. For those of you who think this browser is what to expect, you must have a slow connection in your area. My browser on OS5 is WAY faster than this leaked 6 version, therefore I'll be waiting for the official. I've said it before, but I'll say it again...leaks BLOW! Have a nice Monday.

Browsing with BB6 has always been much faster than any OS5 official. Nice try, though. "Waiting for the official" is the battlecry of the n00b!

I upgraded to this leak last night and all was going well. I then downloaded the Facebook Beta app and phone would not reboot. As per BB forums it is a known problem. I had it loaded on previous leak 280 without any issues so don't know if it is a issue with this recent leak? Anyways glad I did a full backup last night before upgrade.

Only problem i've had for all 3 leaks of OS6 for the Bold, is Directv's NFL Sunday ticket to go will not work. I get audio but no picture. Just says loading video. Anyone else have this problem or have Sunday ticket to go working for them?

Ok, so the ongoing issue for me for any of the leaks is that I'm a mac user-- no love for us on getting the leaks over to our device (that I'm aware of). I use VMWare Fusion to run Windows and have tried this many, many times. What happens is the update gets to the point where it's uploading the RAM image and it freezes, the device (my 9650 on Verizon) disconnects and reboots. I'm lucky to have not 'bricked' any of my devices-- I've tried installing leaks to my old 9630, my son's Storm 9550, and now my 9650. I've seen this issue mentioned in another thread but can't find it now...

Woe is me....

I was in the same position as you were, but I switched to BootCamp and have no problems. It has something to do with VMFusion not being able to access the device drivers. If installing leaks is that important to you, then switch to BootCamp!


Installed last night, charged all night (like I normally do), and the phone hasn't even lasted 3 hours today on standby! The only background app running was Lookout...anyone else having this problem? Back to 5 I guess :(

First thing to try (or do really, should be part of your workflow) is to do a battery pull. Maybe a couple. Even with the resets that happen as part of the install, I've seen a few nagging items that clear up immediately after a battery pull. This definitely includes fast battery usage. I have no idea why, but it works.
For example, I have Podtrapper which I love for managing and listening to podcasts. I installed the latest release of OS6 (after running .280). After the install, Podtrapper kept asking for me to restore from backup, but would give an error message when trying to restore from the micro SD card.
A battery pull, and that fixed the problem. I will remember to do a battery pull after every new OS install.

I wonder if it fixes the 3G issue I was having. Whenever I came out the subway my phone would get 3g but never 3G and connect to bis for all my emails, bbm, and internet to work. would require me to do a reset with the battery pull.

I downloaded and installed it and everything seems to be working fine with mine... I would say better than the previos OS6 I had on my 9650

If your in a area with no signal, then come back to an area with signal, does it connect to bis as on 5.0?

Please someone, help me download this to my phone!!! I downloaded to my computer but the app loader on the desk manager tells me error. Do I have to change the name of the file??

Did you delete the vendor file? I did and it wouldn't work. I restored it to the same folder and it loaded fine.

I did a straight upgrade over-top of .280, and it seems to be a little faster & more responsive as I move around the menus & tray.

We'll see how she holds up tonight...

Just like on previous 6.0 leaks I routinely have to pull my battery because I lose data services. I commute to school on the train and when I go through the tunnel it cuts off my browser, bbm, hotschedules -- everything relating to the data plan. On weekends when I don't go into the city I don't have any problems so it seems to be just the going through the tunnels that causes the problem.

i'm finding it to be sluggish and sticks inbetween apps or exiting out of even the message folder.

Was running .280 and it was sluggish and a battery hog.
Been running .333 for a few hours and the first thing I notice is the BBM issue is fixed. When writing a BBM on 280, I would lose the text and have to scroll down to see it. Now, it scrolls down like it should.
All apps seem to be working as before but I had to install the maps through DM. For some reason, they did not transfer. Sprint navigation is running with no issues. Not sure of battery yet...

The only problem that i have found so far is when i received pictures by TXT or BBM, after the 2nd pic the phone get very slow and i get the clock in the screen and take forever to process the picture :(, already try pulling battery and do the same thing after few pics

i got a bold 9650 last week and hoping verizon would release a os 6 soon, but found this leak(i tried the earlier leaks and the links dont work anymore)

downloaded and isntalled it, just did one battery pull after install and its been very stable, i dont user lot of 3rd party apps and i like OS 6.0 so far on this bold
all normal day to day functions( i am a realtively heavy user e-mails,Blackberry messenger and skype) seem to work fine and respond well
the biggest noticable thing is the browser. though not as good as Andriod or Iphone its a major step for RIM

love it so far and learning...new tricks

I'm pretty new to installing leaked OS for the BB, can anyone give me a hand in the process. I have downloaded the file, but now I'm trying to install on my BB9650, please help!

Downloaded the file...installed it...but won't show up when I try to update device in desktop manager...any advice would be appreciated.

I'm having the same problem with trying to install the OS on my phone. Can anyone out there help?!

I have only encountered one major problem while using this leaked version. I went on vacation, recently, and of course I wanted to take pictures. After three or four shots, the phone would encounter the "grey screen, fatal error" and reset on me. Not only was this extremely annoying, causing me to miss out on opportunities for memories, but each reset was very power-consuming, draining my battery in half the time it normally would. I did not encounter this with .280 which I upgraded from. I sincerely hope this is fixed in the next leak or, more importantly, an official version is released to quell any fears of usability. I refuse to go back to 5.0, so if this isn't rectified, I will throw this phone at a brick wall and buy a Droid Pro, instead.

finally was able to install this after having to delete the vendor file...runs much more smoother than .280. Have yet to see how battery life is. So far so good though.

How do you delete the vendor file, please tell me; so tired tired of running the 5.0. Any help would be appreciated.

I've installed this OS around 2 hours ago. The OS I had before was The OS that originally that came with my phone was I noticed a few glitches with .983.... some things would be I would plug in my charger and my screen would glitch out, I'd plug in my charger and my clock would not display when I plugged it in.. just stuff like that.
This is my first time trying a leaked OS. I used Shrink-A-OS 4.1 to shrink down my setup file. It saved me a little over 20MB.

I then wiped my device using BBSAK 1.9, then loaded this leak also using BBSAK.
The wipe and load both went fine. Took under 5 mins. to wipe, and around 15-20 mins. to load.

BBSAK then told me the load was finished, so I waited around 8 mins. for my device to boot for the first time since putting the leaked OS onto it. It stalled, and I thought it was just going to sit there forever. But around 5 mins. of just sitting there the loading bar started moving again.
I like the new booting up screen. The 2nd boot took around 3 mins. 40 secs. When my device was new it took a little over 5 minutes... so I'm glad it takes under 4 minutes now!

Then around 3 minutes later it was all done booting up. A video played, then it went to this new set up menu. I really like the set up menu, it's more organized and to the point!

Around 30 mins. later I had my device all set up. I then rebooted it and I then started playing around with the Music Player. I turned it way up. I have not noticed any sort of volume difference... I can still hear it while the shower is on... so it works well volume wise. Looks wise is great also, you can see cover art, and there is a Shuffle Songs feature!

The browser that everyone has been talking about.. I believe it's being called a webkit? It allows you to open and close multiple tabs, it loads things fast (faster than when I first got my device) and the options menu is all in one page instead of in multiple sections.

Universal search- Well it allows you to type in keywords from the home screen, and you can search for things on your phone such as in your pictures and music folders, or even on youtube or google.... question is why didn't we have this before!?

My phone is U.S. Cellular.

I have not had any browser, email, lagging, music issues or any of that. My device has been booting, shutting down, and loading everything correctly since I installed this OS. I like that when you plug in the usb cord to the computer the phone asks you usb drive, sync media, or charge only.

For my first OS I was expecting a lot of problems, and was wondering why I was doing it in the first place. But instead everything has been working fine. I suggest you try this OS, just back up your phone first in case the elements happen.

5/5 (:

EDITED RATING: 4/5 because of glitches and some changes I don't like.

I found some things I don't like...

In the music player it is possible to fast forward a song without first clicking the track pad, this means there's increased chances for accidental fast forwards.

The webkit browser, when predictive text is on and you're searching for something in a field, it'll try to guess what word you're trying to type like it's supposed to, but that word is all glitchy/messed up looking.

Issue 1: When I install Your Navigator Deluxe, I run it, then the terms of service come up asking me to accept or exit. I can't get the accept button highlighted, the only one that I am able to highlight is exit. I've also tried restarting, which didn't solve this issue. Any ideas on how to fix this issue? Thank you.

SPRINT PLEASE RELEASE AN OFFICIAL OS 6!!! lol i have the .333 OS and it works great, only thing that is wrong with it i have found so far is that the sprint tv doesnt work but i barely even watch it anyway other than that the leak for my 9650 works perfect and is amazing!

Anyone havin problems activating a new theme on this leaked OS? I've downloaded a theme but I can't find a way to install it. Just wondering if anyone else has had problems.