Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9780

By Bla1ze on 22 Oct 2010 11:25 am EDT
BlackBerry Bold 9780

There is no doubt the BlackBerry Bold 9780 is coming soon across multiple carriers, so while we never posted leaked OS' for it before, now is the time to start doing so since it's so close. Just yesterday, we caught wind that OS was the OS shipping on the Vodefone UK 9780's and most likely all other carriers as well and now today, that OS has leaked online. Some of you all out there already have 9780's one way or another so be sure to grab this release and get up to date if you're not already.

Source: Driphter

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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9780


how the hell does a phone that hasnt even come out yet or even the majority of the people dont have yet get a freakin leak OS 6?! especiialy one that probably comes with the damn phone! where the F*CK is the OS 6 for the 9700!!!!!!!??? >:o

RIM does not have guts to release the new OS to end user. I've seen this sh*t for last 7 years of use. I am FU**NG FRUSTRATED. I am leaving RIM platform all together. I know a lot of blackberry die-hard leaving for Anroid and Apple. Retard RIM. I AM MAD.....

how the hell does a phone that hasn't even come out yet or even the majority of the people don't have yet get a freakin leak OS 6?! especially one that probably comes with the damn phone!
what's up with RIM?!!!!

"I have been hearing that OS will leak soon for the 9700 but the upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9780 refresh just got it thanks to the Driphter team. Quite a few carriers are working on releasing the 9780 so its understandable that we will be seeing more and more leaks as it nears launch in each country. According to Driphter the only difference between OS and this OS is a new version of BB Maps but who knows…"

Source: http://www.berryreview.com/2010/10/22/blackberry-bold-9780-os-6-0-0-294-...

There have been 4 previous OS leaks for the as yet unannounced 9780, so why would another one be unexpected?

Wow this is some BS!! Tell me I wasn't the only one who's heart dropped when they were reading new leak and got to blackberry 97 and then when they read the 80 their hopes went down and quickly turned to anger. Cmon already give us 9700 os6!!!!!!

Well if someone with a lot of experience can try to load it on a bold 9700 pls do, and lets us know

the only difference between the 9700 and 9780 is the camera resolution one is 3.1 and the other 5.0 beside that everything is the same.

if you do and it works let me know at frread@gmail.com so i try it too

what is rim waiting for to release os6 for the bold 9700 or the pearl 9100. its not like it isn't ready. at devcon there were units running the os. somebody somewhere inside of the rim empire is delaying this.

if the year ends and there is no release, a lot of 9700s will turn into expensive paper weights.

The reason the 9700 is not being leaked is because the 9800 just came out and they want to force people who want OS6 to upgrade their phone rather then their OS.

....because the 9800 is specific to AT&T, which would alienate T-Mobile 9700 owners, like myself. I would think it would be more plausible that they are waiting for the 9780 to be launched by both T-Mobile and AT&T, and that they want to force owners to upgrade to the 9780, and then launch OS 6 for the 9700's later.

I don't think either is true. I think the 9700 will get the new OS before the 9780 is on the market, but I think your theory is less likely.


Do the OS leaks come from within RIM itself? Intentionally, or from sneaky employees?

I just find it hard to believe that being able to install a leaked OS on a 9700 has any noticeable impact on sales one way or another. We're talking about a pretty small, geeky minority here...most people don't even know the difference between an OS and a theme.

Don't get me wrong but isn't it the carriers and not RIM who decides when the OS is released? RIM could have OS6 for the 9700 all ready to go but until the carrier approves and releases it, you don't get it.

If RIM officially releases the software then it is available to you by deleting your carriers xml file and installing via app loader whether or not your carrier approves and releases it.

The part where u are right is that it will show up as an available upgrade through wireless update and desktop manager only if your carrier releases it.

I'm with all of you. RIM is f****g around with us. You know they have it ready for the 9700. They're just trying to push the 9800 and the 9780 out to increase their sales.

Honestly some people on this site need to relax. The leak is going to come...why not wait patiently? You people should count yourselves lucky your using a Blackberry phone in the first place....

Share the procedure and changes made in package and other xml based files,
What values you have changed.

I know the picture is blurry but if you look at the Bluetooth icon on the top right corner and the icon next to it you can see it's the wifi icon from OS5 not from OS6 so it's only a theme.

haha yepp.. is just a os 6 theme i have. i wish it will work but is impossible. lets just hope the os leak 6 for 9700 will be out soon before december, otherwise i will get the torch for at&t. =)

Okay sure RIM are trying to push up there sales but they have forgotten about us 9700 owners.. We all know how highly priced the contracts are for this phone or even on pay as you go.. Round £300, we need a pice of the action here as RIM always wants more.

I'm here shaking my tiny fist at the sky with the rest of you.

It's time for some 9700 love!

if we load it up how much mem will it take? on9780 and if it was available for 9700 how much mem will it take too?

If carriers are already getting it and there's leaked OS' why is the 9780 still in the rumored devices category in the forum

Stop bi*ching about OS6 for the 9700

Go buy a 9800 already, or Shut the F**K up and wait

no one wants to see 10k posts about how its not fair

no one cares if you buy an iphone

they are obviously milking it and giving it to new phones first..... if you dont like it, quietly exit and dont clog up this site with usless complaining....

RIM milked you up huh? No one gives a F**K whether or not you have a 9800. Stop giving us lecture - you are not the owner of this site. Looser ass....

Pleaes feel free to put your money where your mouth is. If the solution is to buy a 9800 and it bothers you so much to see the complaining, I am sure every user who you fork over a few hundred bucks to to get that 9800 will be happy to promptly shut their yapper.

Elsewise you are talking out your rear end with demands that those who have already spent money spend more so you don't have to see that they are unhappy.

So take your own advice, put up or shut up.

Good advice. Thanks!! When RIM will make a product that is not 165g/brick, let us know. 9800 is a copy of iPaq which came to market a decade ago. I hope you didn't buy 9800 just to get OS 6!!! By the way, if you own a 9800 why you are here? This OS is not for 9800.

Again, if you think you are so wise then tell us why the market share of RIM is decreasing? How about their share price? How are they doing with foreign governments? What is their answer to Face time, app store? Don't just give advice, understand. I don't want to leave RIM; I want them to come up with good products so that I can stick to them. I am frustrated with them because I like them - well, use to. People value innovation. I hope that RIM will not face the same fate as PALM. I also hope RIM knows why their user base is shrinking day by day.

Now this is for you wise guy: Don't be blind, look around.

my phone is only months old... not even a year... why upgrade so soon RIM?? I mean i will get the 9780 but damn... no OS 6 for 9700 til it drops huh??

I have a 9700..... I wanted OS6 and i bought a 9800

your constant complaining is making this site shit
instead of finding relevant information about the topic, all i see is wah wah wah, why cant i have the new os...

why would you want an os that your phone cannot handle anyways? this is why they came out with the 9780.

you will get your os6, and will instead complain about how shitty your phone runs......

who keeps their phone for more than year nowadays anyway?
honestly, be reasonable.... you have to pay to play in this world, no matter what you are talking about.

you guys act like these things cost thousands of dollars

just start a thread, name it "9700 complainers" and you can all bitch about how unfair the world is and leave the rest of this site alone

you sir, are an idiot! we can talk about whatever we want, its freedom of speech, if we want to bitch about how us 9700 owners don't have os6 then let us do so. good for you that you bought a 9800, im sure no one gives a shit. not everyone is a baller like you seem to claim by changing their phone every year, some of us have 2 or 3 year contracts, sorry if not everyone is as rich as you, so do us all a favor and stfu. stop trolling.

I'm a proud 9700 bold owner and admittedly my heart sank a little when it said 9780. But don't complain! It will happen. It would be better to get a strong build late than a shite one now

have you ever thought, that the reason its taking longer for 9700, is the fact they have to rebuild OS6 to work on it. OS6 for the 9700, and 9300 and 9105 will require camera functions for a 3.1mp camera, where as all OS6 releases have 5mp cameras. but good news is though, that by stream lining these type of features will ultimately stream line os6 size.

Haha damn, another tease! Oh well. As bladley2k9 said, I'd rather get a bug-free OS6 and wait a little longer for it than get one right now that's got problems left, right and centre. Fingers crossed for the release prior to New Year's.

Hey, no worries RIM. No rush- let's make OS6 right. Let's put out a good OS6 for 9700 and make sure it doesn't need bug-fixing upgrading two weeks later.
9780 owners, enjoy the new OS leak.
We will have our day, we will have our leak- when that day comes- you will hear about it.
The OS will be, like our 9700's, perfect!

9700-till-I-die/upgrade (which ever is sooner)

Ok so I'm just reading up on the comments here and I myself do want os6 for my 9700 I could get the torch but I myself feel it's too big for me so I'll wait for the 9780 but I'm patiently waiting for the official release or the leak of the os6 for the 9700...........it's not like it's not out there for those whose been on cb for awhile yøu'll remember that they released a post with the 9700 with the os6 on it showing us how it looks and works etc....

If not because of the company's policy restricted me on BB, I would have switched to Iphone or Andriod phone looong time ago.

Even if OS6 will be released for 9700 eventually, I anticipate the results will be disappointing.

Never put your expectation too high on BB phones, it's meant for work not for fun :(.

"Never put your expectation too high on BB phones, it's meant for work not for fun :(."

I want the OS 6, as well, for my 9700, but can't figure out what it's going to do much better than OS 5 other than to improve the browser and be a bit faster. Maybe that's enough.

As for the BB versus the iPhone (don't know much about Android yet), I could have switched to it easily on contract termination, but chose not to do so for several reasons, mainly the physical keyboard, the push email with notification, and the true multitasking (even after the coming iPhone OS upgrade). To get the advantages of both the BB and the iPhone, switch to a Torch. Yes, I know the screen isn't nearly as good as the iPhone's screen.

So, while I agree in part that the BB is meant more for work than for "fun," and vice versa for the iPhone, I think the BB does a better job of serving both.