Leaked OS: for the BlackBerry Torch 9800

By Adam Zeis on 20 Sep 2010 01:06 pm EDT

OS Torch 9800 

After an exciting weekend of OS6 action we have yet another new OS for the Torch 9800. Courtesy of Driphter.com OS is now available for the Torch 9800. This is the latest leak for the Torch and as we've seen with the last few things keep getting better. So if you're a Torch user and want to give it a go, be sure to drop a comment and let us know how it is. As always, use caution when installing a leaked OS.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS).

Source: Driphter.com
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Leaked OS: for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


OMG,another one? lol

I'll wait and see with this one. The .225 has been awesome enough. So unless this one brings in something new, I won't bite.

wont have the torch until the end of the week, assuming rogers keeps its launch date. we'll see which os it ships with

I just knew this was FINALLY it, only to then see it was for the 9800 AGAIN and not the 9700. Not complaining but it sure it getting harder and harder to stay patient for a 9700 leak.

Can't download from the link - says the file is unavailable. Anyone that already has it can post a mirror?

Edit: I was able to get the download through Chrome - I guess it didn't like IE9.


This isn't a creche. You have your option to go out and buy a torch if you want os6. No? You can't afford it? Well shut up and be patient, peasant.

and last I heard, the Torch was the only phone with OS 6 on it officially, so "everyone having the torch" except 9700 is silly.

I also thought that this would be the 9700 os 6 leak.. Being a 9700 owner, this is really disappointing since we've seen so many teaser videos and heard so much about it. I sure Torch owners are happy & congrats btw, but comeon, us 9700 owners are itching for it.

Hopefully this resolves the major bugs in the leak from last week: First that alt+m now types comma on a US keyboard, and others on the bottom row are shifted as well. Second that typing with the keyboard on the home screen no longer gives the secondary option of dialing a number by pressing send - now it *only* performs a universal search, which is kind of lame (and annoying).

Maybe some of the longer-term issues too? Like the hourglass/clock that comes up every minute or so during heavy use, and blocks everything for 10-15 seconds. This may be due to a misbehaving application (I strongly suspect audible's crappy book player) but NO application should be permitted by the OS to demand those kinds of resources.

On the other hand, the previous leak *seemed* to result in less occasions of hot CPU (that is to say - it used to be no matter what I did, the CPU got hot- but in the past release I was able to run a CPU-intense app without the CPU burning my hand) .

I'm running .225 and the alt m is still typing a period. And you can still dial a number when usuing the keyboard on the home screen. Are you talking about .214 leak because that one was soooo buggy and just plain awful! I'm running .225 and its been great.

.225 has been good to me as well. None of the problems this person is talking about has affected me either. I did pick up the bug where you can't press R to go to the bottom othe text message and reply. Not a huge deal but still a little bug I don't like.

Other than that I'm waiting until the next leak fixes that and I'll get it.

Hmm, thanks for posting -- that makes me wonder what the heck else has changed in my settings. (The problems still persist after updating to the latest)

.225 has been pretty good to me. This will be my 3rd only ever leak to install...that is if we can get some good/bad feedback from those that will install. I will do the same as well, however, I prefer to wait and see what the changes are.

I hope it fixes the message bug, the disappearing cursor, the insensitive trackpad, the sudden SOS, the slowish Manage Connections tab, the lack of button feedback on browser tabbing, the hard to touch select middle tabs, the error seen with App World dloads, the low call volume, the slow Social Feed UI slide, amongst other insects.

I know what you mean about the "insensitive" trackpad. Mine keeps calling my girlfriend's HTC EVO a fat slob. I wish it would stop embarassing me like that. ;)

I wish you people with 9700s would STFU!!! Having a 9550, I won't see an OS6 update so you all can bite me that you have to wait.

people go to the 9700 section and wait around!! tired of seeing comments "whats up with the 9700 leak" well if they knew they would tell you already. obviously theres a reason theres no leak yet just sit tight and when its available it will be here!! rambling on and on about it wont speed up the process. now!!! back to this TORCH leak!! im downloading now lets see whats new!!

exactly stfu about the 9700! I understand you're frustrated waiting for it, but go talk about it in your 9700 forum. This is for comments regarding the leak for the Torch, so if you don't have anything to say related to that, then stfu!

I'm up an running on .246 currently. Install was same as always and had no problems. Seems like the text message glitch(starting in the middle of the conversation) has been fixed. The touch screen and on-screen keyboard are even more fluid and responsive than on .214. No problems or complaints yet!

people nee to stop b**ching about the os6 for Bold be patiend or go buy a phone that supports os6. i have a bold but im patiently waiting. but i do have a torch as well given to me as a gift :-) but i really wnt to use my bold but not till os 6 comes. itll be out with in this month i hope

uplloading this leak right now hope its a good one.

i just got one wood to say about this leak "awsome" worth the download. text better, more responsive, loads really fast. browser is great download if you havent yet

i like it, so far so good. ill check the battery and all throughout the day see how that goes

i downloaded and installed with no problems. i restored all my apps without a problem, bis registered rite away. well i guess im sticking with this leak!hopefully it wont start spazing. hopefully the bbm glitch was fixed (upper part of bbm hides until you hit groups). now i will play with this and see whats new... :0)

Anyone having an issue of hearing a faint tinny sound or static reverb when speaking (original OS)? I've had two units with the same issue. Wondering if anyone else has...

Very accurate trackpad movement. Manage Connections open up quick too. This feels better than the laggy 225! Imma do a full test after I quit my Bootcamp and selective restore good night crackheads!

Now I don't know what's going on. The texting issue appeared to be resolved when I installed the new os, but now it has started doing it all over again! WTF?!

Ok so here is what i have noticed. Trackpad rums a lot smoother then before, so smooth that had to drop my trackpad sensitivity from 90 to 80. Browser has a tab that will allow you to click and open address tab and tabs that are open when before you would have to scroll up to the top of the page to get to that...now u just click on the little arrow and it will slide down no matter how far down the page you are...pretty smooth.
I havent found any issues with it all. Everything works great so far, hopefully that will continue.
There is one issue i hope gets resolved....i came from original OS and when i use my speakerphone on a call it is very quiet even when i have it turned all the way up. I was hoping this new OS would fix that but no go. anybody else having this issue at all? Oh well hopefully it will fix in a later leak or release.
Overall great leak, id recommended to install it. Im very happy with it. Thanks CB

There are some issues that were solved in previous leaks. Like the new style in browser (down arrow in the middle). As for the sound I recommend to use a Bluetooth earpiece since the sound is louder than the handset. Trackpad sensitivity has been improving since previous leaks. Lets check how is with this build.

about 60mb more or so the touch pad is back nice and smooth again, i havent seen any drops so far and emails are stick so far but i will report more more in the forums.

after installing I lost the news and rss service app for social and rss feeds. It shows on my apps list in apploader but not in torch device. I removed it using apploader and installed the cod file again and rebooted device; still no icon for the feeds. Somebody help...

i have a similar problem my app still shows up but it wont let me log into the actual services. my rss and bbm feeds still work though.

you gotta go to the menu and click the bbm button and look for show all that should restore the icon its probably hidden

i agree... mind you for mine i just update last night and everything works perfect. did social feeds first and all went well.

social feeds don't work correctly and still got that message problem (the one where your have to scroll down in a long message) other than that its faster. so if you dont use social feeds go ahead and get it, but if you use it like i do stick with .225.

ok i got social feeds to work somewhat. the way i did it was by launching app world and then trying the application. it just takes a long time to log in and download the new feeds.

did you guys just updated? or install fresh? I always install fresh after doing a backup everything on this OS is sweet and smooth i didnt have a problem with socialfeeds but one thing i can tell you is that problem sounds like a upgrade problem. i had this same thing when i upgraded from .161 to .214 notifications stopped working and it continued even thou i upgraded it only worked when i did a fresh install.

I was actually fine with .225 but I downloaded this anyway. The virtual keyboard is even more responsive! Everything works just fine. The only problem I've had was when I would go to switch applications my screen would go bonkers like the screen was cracked. Aside from that everything is great..

Alot of us are waiting for the 9700 leak damnit.... stop acting so thirsty. Lets try this lets stop worshipping the material things and spend as much time getting a life gosh... every single post there is atleast one comment "when is the 9700 leak coming?" RELAX!!

I'll try again, but I downloaded and installed and clicking messages in BBM OR the Messages folder does not open them...in fact, nothing will open them....also, the internet icon is missing, and sending the service books does not bring it back. I'll try again!

I installed .225 yesterday and thought I’d give .246 a try too. Before I did the .225 update on my Torch I updated BB Desktop Manager/Software to Everything installed fine with no issues to speak of.

I’ve since downloaded and installed .246 and now each time I plug in the USB cord to my phone BB DM crashes. It seems to be a conflict with OS.246 and DM.43 because I uninstalled .246 and could connect my phone via USB with no problems with DM. I then tried to reinstall the .246 upgrade and give it another try, but again, when I plugged in the phone via USB, DM crashes and therefore I can’t do a thing.

Any help resolving this would be greatly appreciated…until than I guess I’ll be able to deal with .225.


FYI: I'm running XP-SP3

I think the browser on the Torch pretty much sucks. Takes long to connect, even when connected to Wifi. I always have to reconnect cause it always comes up unable to connect. Any thoughts?

notifications are finally working from the notification bar at the top of the home screen!!!! FINALLY

I've read through most of the comments and it seems that some people have issues that I haven't seen. (Such as the Alt+M = ,) I'm still running .214 since I've been out working for two weeks and haven't been able to load .225. I've only noticed four issues with the Torch:
1. Opening text messages have to be scrolled down to see the newest (like it goes back to the first of the day or something)
2. Scrolling in the tray or folders (icons) can get confused and the icons slide off the screen and reappear (bad description, I know).
4. Cursor getting "stuck" in browser and only wanting to scroll until it "unsticks" itself.
3. Poor battery life. (More than likely just because of the smaller battery.)

So why is it that if everyone is running the same builds, how do some people end up with issues that others cannot replicate?


Updated a new Torch this morning. Went to activate on my BES and Third Party Applications are blank. I had to plug the device into the server to activate. My Torch auto activated last night but is also missing that section. Any one else?

Well I've been running on version .246 for a day now and I haven't found any problems with it so far. Full touch keyboard is so accurate. I can literally type as fast as the actual physical keyboard. Runs real smooth. And yeah had to lower my sensitive on the trackball because its really is too sensitive. I don't really have too many apps, that's probably the reason why I haven't had a problem with it.

When I try to install the update it says "The application wireless music sync cannot be loaded because some required files are not available."
And the only option is to close the install.

I can't believe this but I was so happy because right after installing this leak my FB notifactions actually worked from thE home screen notifications bar. Then Don't know what happened that they just stopped working. And NO I didn't make any adjustments or changes. AND the issue with bbm (getting stuck up unless you open Friends or Groups) still there!!!

I loaded .246 the day it hit the ground and luckily have had no problems. OS seems to have good battery life and no loss of memory. I don't have any music apps nor do I use the camera alot although it does work well but I do have 13 third party apps that ALL work very well. Poynt, Google Maps, Google Sync, Google Search, Morningstar, AP news, Navita Sports, Business Week, Captureit, Time Mobile, Berryweather, Documents to Go, Sensobi. You will notice there is no social networking going on...I'm 61 years old and my daily activities at work or at home would probably be of no interest to anyone. As most BBs the Torch is extremely good on phone calls(how many people remember how to use the phone), texting and e-mail...This is a good device and I enjoy it very much. For those having problems I wish you the best in finding solutions because this is a GREAT SMARTPHONE......

i had 225 and everything was working great, however after this upgrade, i stopped getting facebook notifications. Anybody else is experiencing this?

This one seem to have improved the battery performance and data connectivity to the BIS server has been stable. I haven't lost data conncection as seen on the .141. FB notification seems to be working fine as well. It is slightly better than .225. Only annoying issue is the 3 calender items displayed in the notification area, waste of real estate.

Guys please...all download links seem to be removed! We need this update, my Torch is full of glitches...
Help send us a new link to download from

Thank you for the updated link, I looked for an hour and could not find a working link. I have ver .224 and will get the .246 going shortly. I love the .224, it has made a huge difference in the way the phone handles (from the installed 141)

With this upgrade is anyone having issues with the screen not turning when the #Torch in landscape (sideways) orientation? (open or closed it does not matter)


I have installed the latest OS .246 but now everytime I reboot my BlackBerry Torch, once the reboot is complete I get an app 603 error and get stuck on that screen.

I attempted to reboot it several times but with the same result.
I downgraded to .114 which was recommended inside DM and rebooted it worked, then I re-installed .246 through App Loaded Program Files>common files>Rsearch in Motion>apploader,
the phone was rebooted successfully.

But now I can reboot it anymore since I always get app 603 error !!!!!

Help Please...any ideas on how to overcome that?


Been playing with this version for over a week now and noticed that the device keeps getting hot when using cpu intensive apps; I get an error that service is unavailable, even when there are several bars when trying to use the phone. tried airplane mode but only a battery pull fixes it. seems to happen after the phone is plugged in to charge, but that's just a guess.

Keyboard is much more responsive, and the large key display is much nicer then the original.