Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900

By Bla1ze on 14 Nov 2011 11:56 pm EST

BlackBerry 7

Although the last build, OS is still fresh for a lot of folks and working quite fine, a new OS -- v7.0.0.540 has now popped up for you all to take a run at. It's not official in any way but given the rate RIM seems to be pushing out official OS' these days it wouldn't be that much of a stretch to see it go official soon. Either way, if you're all in for testing out an OS for RIM then by all means have at it. Keep in mind, back up your data in case something funky happens.

Download the leaked OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900
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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900


The only thing I wanna know is if this version FINALLY brings UMA to the Bold 9900 otherwise I'm not gonna even bother trying it... Lol

I just got 9900/ and now this?! I can't help but download it and install it as well. I run this for a week first though maybe something else will come out. Unless this turns out to give me UMA and hotspot

aha.. i'd better wait for the official version of this build. i'll keep on eye on this.

carriers, come on release this soon!!

Someone on the .503 official thread had expressed concerns that the "official" was released because the "leak" may have been defective.

Well, this release means .503 was probably defective in some way.

Also can anyone confirm if this update "doubles" the battery life again? Lol

I updated to this leak from .503 (which I was very very pleased with, just cant help myself for upgrading), and from what I have seen so far, I think this upgrade "doubles" the battery life again! So far going over 6 hours since upgrade and my battery indicator hasn't moved an inch, feels like I haven't used the phone at all, and I sure have (moderately, at least). Giving this thumbs up so far!

Once again, UMA is not build dependant, it needs the carrier to push out the correct service
books and I believe, in the UK anyway, next year seems to be the timescales just now.

Already downloaded! Hopefully there is no issue with the screen going black while on a call and not coming on like in the .353 OS. Also, hope that the screen, keyboard, and trackpad fade incrementally instead of going off abruptly.

Does anyone has the issue with the 9900 wre it works fine, but all the sudden no email, phone, SMS services even when the screen shows it has good carrier signal? Usually need to take the battery from phone to restart and get it working again? Any ideas?

Well is now official, so this would be the next great leak...LoL Getting quicker and quicker. I can't complain.

Yesterday I instaled .540. Looks o.k. I can't find changes from previous version, only, I think, but not sure, than battery life could be longer.

One word: "Damn". I upgraded from the stock....29 whatever it was because Rogers sucks at updating software. The battery life on this thing now rocks. I haven't found any other issues with the new OS but will post something if it does come up. Just...."damn".

sorry to post this but i cant get this one to run after i delete th vendor file and start up the loader it doesn't find the os and i dont know where it went. i ve done a ton of these and they usually work for me please help

Here's what I've noticed....after unplugging my phone from the charger and plugging it back in, it states that the cord will not charge it. The only way to get past this is a battery pull with the cable connected or to do alt+ctrl+del with cable plugged in. So very weird.