Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Storm2 9520

Storm2 9520
By Michelle Haag on 29 Sep 2010 05:26 pm EDT

It's been a while since the BlackBerry 9520 saw any love, so I'm sure a lot of you out there are happy to see OS pop up over at BBLeaks today. Grab your cables and fire up apploader or desktop manager to get started. Remember folks it's a leak, not currently an official OS, take caution. Disclaimers apply as always. Let us know in the comments any changes you see!

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). *

Source: BBLeaks
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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Storm2 9520


we could use another update.
i have never had an issue with my original storm.
I currently have v5.0.0.591
with platform

i want something more....

I also think the 9530 should get some love...although every storm 9530 user should be on .797 at this point...the best os to date

I'm on an 8530 running What's .973 like?...does anyone know if these .9 leaks have anything to do with 6.0?

I have a storm 2 9550 and we only have OS version from Verizon. So Storm 1 9530 users have a higher OS then Storm 2 users, How does that make sense. I actually use on my Storm 2 because it has fewer issues then .713. I just hate how my phone triple clicks everything. I'm ready for the Storm 9570!

I'm surprised to see a storm OS leak of any kind now that storms on most carriers are on their eol lists.

Maybe this means we'll see .973 for the 9550 drop soon! About friggin' time!

The 9550 hasn't had a leak, since, uh, uhhh, uhhhhhh, it's been so long I can't remember! At least 6 months I think?

The Blackberry Curve 8330 is still offered by many carriers. Are we ever going to get a software upgrade/update?

Just be happy we got a 5.0 OS... I highly doubt Boost will release anything past the .438 they got out of the box.

loader is only opening and showing my currently installed applications with no sign of being able to install the actual os, what am I doing wrong? I have updated before.

Make sure you internet is turned off
Make sure you delete your Vendor.xml file
If you didn't do any of that then you have to uninstall the Leaked file & reinstall it.

Done both and still no joy, sat through it removing my databases and putting them back on for no reason. When updating the os before I had the internet on, deleted the xml and simply launched the loader file within program files > common files > research in motion and the appropriate wizard would open instantly stating it will install os 5, with this it looks different from the off?!


i have the same problem. I de and reinstall the Firmware Package and nothing changed. I only get a list of the apps i installed on my bb...

One thing I always do is remove ALL O.s's from my computer by uninstalling them even the leaked and official ones, you also have to restart your computer when you uninstall them. I would make sure your internet is off during all this just in case. I don't think opening app loader from common files and opening via desktop manager makes a difference...but try both

Why do all of these folks that do not have a BB Storm1 come onto the Storm1 OS leak string and ask when there will be a release for their phone????? I am pretty sure that the Storm1 folks couldn't care less about why/when a leak for YOUR device is coming, I am sure that they are more concerned with what this leak means to them.

These strings have become pointless because it is virtually impossible to get anything useful for the users who own the devices that the thread actually pertains to... They have to search through all of the comments from the "whiners" asking "what about me, what about me????'

End Rant!_!_!_!_!_!_!_!_!

Zanshin, you are right, I accidentally inserted "Storm1" when the leak is for Storm2...

None the less, you still have people asking about 8330's and such, that is what frustrates me...

I have installed leaks before with little or no trouble but can't get this one to show up on DM. When you say turn off internet is that phone or PC?

Sure there is something wrong in this OS.....!!!

I have tried a lot but not succeed..!!!

Does one have the answer???????

Got it installed and its running fine so far.

Only issue ive had is weirdly after the restore my address book contacts were all doubled up?
Using DM now to remove them and restore an old backup.

Apart from that it seems fine :)

Well I was just thinking recently that we 9530 users from Verizon haven't received even a glance since October 2009, much less any love. I have always used official releases. I'm still at .328. Maybe I'm just too lazy, but upgading the OS is a pain for me anyway.

Not that this BugBerry would ever be "perfect" but a nicer os would be fine. just downgraded to .607 from the dreaded .713... :)

Is anyone else experiencing dropped calls with this release?

I did an upgrade first and things were fine albeit a bit slow, the other day i did a fresh wipe and install and i seem to be suffering from dropped calls quite a bit, either getting the call failed alert or it cutting the other person off my end but on their end it still says connected?