Leaked: OS For the BlackBerry Curve 8900 and BlackBerry Bold 9000

Leaked: OS For the BlackBerry Curve 8900 And Bold 9000
By Bla1ze on 22 Jul 2010 07:53 am EDT

Two more for everyone. Again, courtesy of Driphter.com. This time we have the OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9000 and the BlackBerry Curve 8900. You all know what to do. Back up your data and get your swagg on. Leave us comments if ya find anything cool.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *

Source: Driphter.com

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Leaked: OS For the BlackBerry Curve 8900 and BlackBerry Bold 9000


Downloading now, all I can hope for is better memory management.

Thanks for posting this CrackBerry!



hows battery life!! omg omg omg!


cool just downloading now!

my .681 has been bit ropey last week or so this is well needed!

My today version is .554 and I'am almost satisfied. Much better than later leak which was disaster and I had to downgrade. Tell us your experience with this leak. Thanks guys.

does anyone had a problem with the standby/mute button after upgrading to this OS for curve 8900? i had a problem with the said button with the previous OS 5.0++ and had to downgrade.

Ugh, I just updated to the driphter hybrid (Browser is super fast) two day ago. Need more feedback on this one.

just upgraded to .681 yesterday as well.....please let us know if there are any significant differences with this release. Looks like i'm getting the upgrade bug......

Alright usually I only download offcial os's but since I doubt that T-Mobile will ever push any version of OS5 to my Blackberry Curve 8900, this leak has me very intrigued. Can anyone post a list of updates that this would bring to my phone which is still on OS4.6? Also, can someone list the bugs in this OS too so that I can weigh the pro and cons and decide whether I should download this or not? Thanks in advance for anyone who chooses to help me.

Visual Voicemail and threaded SMS, nuff said. I have been using 5.0 leaks since last summer on my 8900 and haven't had any significant problems with them. Just go ahead and do it, you won't regret it.

I agree with the post above. There are too many improvements to even try and list. Go for it and you'll love it.

Alright I think I'll download it. Thanks you guys for encouraging me and you are both right those features are worth it.

It seems faster than my old .681 OS on my BB9000. But still testing things out for now. I'll try to keep you all updated with any changes. Hope to hear from others. :)

I've been waiting for a new release for a while. I've had major battery issues for the last month or so, and the memory has been dropping way faster than it should.

wow.... 1 min and 27 sec of boot up time. and that includes that little bit of sending/receiving lock up at the beginning which was pretty minimal. 43MB of available memory at startup and i have a handful of apps including app world, BBM, mapquest, etc

this is the worst build to date, browser does not work one single bit! going back to .734 strongly advise against upgrading to this!

Installation went smoothly and all works fine so-far... Have been running Willyboy's OS6 hybrid last weeks, and this one looks comparable in terms of speed. Will report back more findings shortly...

do you do ota on this or do you do it thru bb desktop I have problems thru desktop mgr HELP i have been trying to get this to my phone but its not working

I am a Chinese language user, so had to extract Chinese language files from .681. But just noticed that althought it shows Chinese characters, I can't get input to work... Going back to Willyboy hybrid now... :(

do you do ota on this or do you do it thru bb desktop I have problems thru desktop mgr HELP i have been trying to get this to my phone but its not working

I know there is a bunch of threads about this topic but I would like to know what is the best way to install this new OS. How to completly wipe my terminal to have no trace of the .681 firmware and the rest!!

Tahnk you

I upgraded from .681 ( for the 8900) and this leak installed quickly and is up and running smoothly thus far.

It is hard to tell of any significant differences in battery life and memory leaks until the new OS has time to "burn in".

Thus far, I have noticed 2 noteworthy items. First of all, TMO MyFaves "Paw" interface and features reappeared for the first time since upgrading to a 5.0.XXX OS from the 4.6.231 OS that originally came on the phone. Kind of neat if you like the "Paw" interface or some of its features.

Secondly, the TMO Mobile Backup feature that disappeared on .681 reappeared on this OS. Also kind of neat.

The only other things I noticed so far is that the color scheme on Blackberry Maps has changed (gray background with yellow for major streets, etc) and the camera "click sound" is lower pitched and appears to be back to what it sounded like before .681.

On my device I have noticed some oS probs... Sometimes your sounds for bbm or txt or email dunt werk, like if you do a quickpull the sounds come back buy eventually the sounds will stop werking on their own, sometimes all the sounds won't werk or sometimes its jus one of them, its happening to the native and custom sounds

On my device I have noticed some oS probs... Sometimes your sounds for bbm or txt or email dunt werk, like if you do a quickpull the sounds come back buy eventually the sounds will stop werking on their own, sometimes all the sounds won't werk or sometimes its jus one of them, its happening to the native and custom sounds

On my device I have noticed some oS probs... Sometimes your sounds for bbm or txt or email dunt werk, like if you do a quickpull the sounds come back buy eventually the sounds will stop werking on their own, sometimes all the sounds won't werk or sometimes its jus one of them, its happening to the native and custom sounds

how did u download i having a problem at the End it saying something about a jad file .... CAN YOU TELL WE HOW YOU DONWLOADED THIS FILE

I am currently using the Blackberry 8900 and the OS on my computer is Windows 7. Today I subsequently installed and the leaked Desktop Manager software.
Upon reboot when I loaded Desktop Manager it was not finding the update for the 8900. I've seen this happen before and so I proceeded to App Loader, the vendor file is deleted but app loader is not showing an update is available.
I proceeded to delete both, installed the previous version of DM and reinstalled the update to no avail.
Anyone has any ideas on how to rectify this? Thanks much


Hi there! :) I got the same problem that you got. Cant log-in in facebook. How did you get to make it work?

Everything works fine on my BB9000. Seems faster on bootup. My browser works and its fast. Still sounds great. This new leaked OS seems ok for now. Still doin tests on my phone. Battery management seems very good (better actually).

Upgrade on 9000 went smooth using loader.exe and I am running it through its paces. Strange I can't log into facebook either...

Installed and seems great.

Having issues logging into the facebook app - keeps coming up with a connection error.

everything else works fine, the camera click sound is back to normal (the latest release before this one made the click a lot shorter), but the facebook app keeps saying that it can't establish a connection. I've downloaded .822 for my 8900 and 9000, both won't let me log onto facebook. might have to downgrade, i love my facebook too much to be without it!

Upgraded from .681, bricked with BBSAK, installed using apploader but have NO themes. Not even a theme item under the options menu. anyone else having this issue?

I have an 8900. I just upgraded from .502 to .681 this morning, so far all the only thing I can tell that's different is the camera sound and it seems laggier. Do u recommend downloading this? PEOPLE SAY WHICH DEVICE U HAVE BEFORE U START BLABBING!

Just finished installing the upgrade (complete wipe method), and confirmed of having the same trouble with Facebook. Tried logging in but keep getting "cannot connect to server" error. Weird enough though, that when tried with a false password, it did confirm of the wrong password. How does it know the password is wrong when it can't even connect to the server in the first place.
Anyone who has downgraded or on previous version, perhaps one of you can confirm that there is no trouble of logging in onto FB?

I am still on .681 and it is not working for me either.

Fbook issues then... PEOPLE don't downgrade, just wait for them to fix it. :)

Can't wait to get onto this OS, just upgraded this week to .681 (2 days ago)

It seems like allot of us are having the same problem "WE CANT GET INTO FB". So is it the new OS that we all have?? Or is it FB screwing up everything again.. So if anyone can lend a helping hand to all of us and kinda answer the problem why we cant get into FB. It would be a great big deal of help.. Thats the only problem im having with this new leaked OS. Besides the FB prob everything works great!

Not sure, I did the update, had problems with both FB and with Funambol. Couldn't get them to work after several re-installs and complete wipes, so went back to .681 (on my 9000), and same problems are there! I was finally able to fix Funambol, not sure how, but FB is still giving me fits. So it may just be FB, but it was working before the upgrade as far as I can tell.

The good...extra 20mb of memory from nowhere...the lock button now works correctly as as it in version 4.6...and that's about it so far! Bad points...can't log into Facebook (any solutions-anyone?) And have also noticed browser configuration doesn't work via options sub menu in the browser. It can be accessed via the settings menu however. Also had to reload BB App World as I couldn't find it after install. Should I go back to .682???

Just to let you guys know, dont worry about the FB app, it seems to be happening to a lot of people. I dont think it has anything to do with the new OS. I havent updated, still on 4.6 and its been happening to me since yesterday so dont worry about it. Just have to wait for FB to fix it.

I updated my 8900 to and have noticed that my note pad is missing. I had may important thoughts and bits of information on it. Has anyone else experienced this problem or does anyone know of a way to fix it to get my info back? Thanks

I noticed that all the tmo stuff works properly on this leak. I got my myfaves UI and I can use my mobile backup again. I love this leak. Maybe its possible that tmo might use this as an official update for the 8900?

How did you do this process I get a msg that it is not compitable. Alot of people are saying to delete the vendor file but In cant figure out how do to that.. Which app loader are they tlaking about >. How did you do this

Just upgraded my 9000 from .681 to .822 yesterday. All seems fine for now startup is faster than before. There's 20mb of extra space. The native browser is a lot quicker than it was on .681. No lags, no random restarts, battery life has improved abit. Bbm messages gets sent quicker than before. All apps from add ons to third party apps have been working at top condition without any problems since the upgrade.

Although the only problem that I have faced since upgrading is the error messages on fb. Since other users have been experiencing the same problems (even the ones who has not upgraded to this .822 are also experiencing the same issue) I'm guessing its just probably some technical issues from the guys at fb. Just gonna enjoy the new OS until they have rectified the situation. Overall, the upgrade is worth it.

Hope the comment helped :)

first i used jm cmder to whipe the oss. then i input my password incorrectly 10 times on bb desktop manager. my phone was completely whiped. reinstalled the os .881. downloaded fb right after the os was installed. was able to log in. then i restored my data. let me know if that helps

Just checked my FB using this new OS .822 on my BB9000 again and it works great now! Faster and smoother.. This new leaked OS is great. It was worth downloading and it was worth the wait for all the apps (AND FACEBOOK)to sink in my BB9000.

Facebook now working ok on my 8900. Must have been a problem with their end. Still can't get browser configuration though. No options for blackberry/firefox etc. Does anyone else have this problem?

So I don't bother to care. :) but still gonna upgrade to this built. Been waiting quite sometime for new leak. Let's hope the new improved FB for bb is making its way soon.

Just upgraded on my 8900 and it was working nice fb working fine browser configuration have option firefox etc.

as compared to 681, this leaked 822 works great, faster, very stable as i see up to now.

incorrect count of new messages/sms rectified which was observed in former 681 build.

mandarin support great, imported from 681 eastern asia singpore version. chinese input no problem.

Just wanna make sure that Chinese/Japanese/Korean language input method is really working by importing it from S'pore Telecom .681? Because I did try importing from Hutchson's and it didn't work at all. No CJK input method successfully imported.

The only problem to chinese users will be pinyin contact search not supported ... chinese contact name will not be displayed only english ones.....

8900 for T-Mobile. Works fine so far after 2 days. Seems to be faster web browsing/page loading, apps seem to open faster.Battery life has improved even leaving wifi on majority of day at times not even being connected as where before it drained my battery after an 8hr work day. I got 84mbs back after being down to 32mb according to app world. Wifi is not only a bit faster but also seems to maintain a better connection even on a weak signal. Over all loading after restart seems a little faster as well, clocked mine @ a total of 4min 52sec to get to home screen and all verifying and data transfer complete. But I only tested once and timed once. Restarted phone this morning and it seemed sooner than 3 min.
Screen lock works fine, seems volume is always set to a lower setting and I have to raise volume each time I dial out or receive a call however I believe this was all set to factory settings and I must adjust volume in options. UPS app no longer worked after .822 install, other apps work as normal. Blackberry app world works as normal however I did notice when searching for apps, the drop down menu next to search bar does not contain icons as far as the star icon to search by best rated apps as well as other icons in that drop down menu are blank.
Very little difference from .411 other than a bit speedier,better connection on wifi,faster browsing even off wifi,increased memory,my favs circle back for T-Mo users and better visual voicemail. I was a huge fan of .411 due to less flaws and worked like a champ compared to newer verisons I have downloaded and always went back to .411, finally, I can say, this looks to be my new .411 and worth the upgrade! I am satisfied so far! Will try next week and post any new flaws or perks.

Downloaded and installed this current version this morning. Working well and browser is a lot faster. Loaded the new OS through DM app loader and had 0 issues. Download it, you'll love it!

After upgrading, every work find, even faster. Now, after 1 minute, I loose signal, going to SOS, with messaage "SIM not valid". Have to shut down, returning normal again, can make call for more than a minute, then again, SOS. I`m in Chile with a Claro SIM card. Any one with the same issue?

i've finally joined the OS 5 users now officially, my carrier orange uk finally updated the software, now i'm well its betta than 4.5 for sure

Just to let y'all know since my previous updates/post on this page.

Fb app is working great now. Was able to login smoothly. Seems like everything is working 3 times the normal speed. Other than the few flaws ( like themes etc) the new OS is working fine now.

Definitely worth the upgrade!

I hope this version is better than .681, I can't receive pic's with sms and can't see contact's name with incoming calls, and speaker volume is low.

I have been running the new OS for a few days now. Boot-up is faster, web pages load faster, wifi connection seems faster (registers quicker), gained 10mb of app memory back, and the overall performance of the phone seems better. I have had no issues with apps, and have noticed apps that require data connection like Snaptu, Slacker, and Poynt connect and run faster. I have also seen an improvement in battery life...

Overall - seems to be a very good build.

Nice, I'm able to:

- receive pic's,
- receive incoming calls with contact names displaying
- and my wallpaper is back
- even the camera display looks clearer

V681 was okay but it crippled a few things on my Bold I just couldn't fix. So far, everything is working as it should.

I'll post back if I run into anything worth mentioning.

ive been using 5.0.5something and i updated to this last night and it just seems so much cleaner and faster. sweet. not as many lags and delays. fantastic!

Desktop Manager 5.01 would not let me upgrade my 8900 from .451 to .822 so I had to close DM and hunt down loader.exe to install the OS.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\Loader.exe

The install is happening as I type. I'll report back if I have anything to add.

I have installed on my Curve 8900. It randomly stops ringing and vibrating. Though rebooting solves the problem but that is not really a solution. I think developers have messed up with the profiles or something.

I can't add this OS to an 8900 on Vodafone UK.

When I try to add it, it says 'this application is not compatible with your device'.

Have tried adding via BB apploader and BB desktop 6.0.

Is it vendor related? I can't see a vendor file. My phone is also unlocked.

Would appreciate some advice if anyone has encountered this problem.

Thank you

If you run into problems installing .822 because you had an earlier build of 5.0 already installed, delete the following folder:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader
and then install the files for .822.

Desktop manager was giving me the same problem, and this worked for me.

I using an 8900 on Rogers and have not had any problems. I was previously using an earlier 5.0 build that sucked. Lots of fixes in .822

I received a notification from Blackberry.com last night. I upgraded this morning via BlackBerry Desktop Manager. The process took a couple of hours but it well worth the wait.