Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700
By Bla1ze on 10 Jun 2010 07:56 pm EDT

 *UPDATE* - This one has just gone official from Optus. Official download can be found here*

BlackBerry Bold 9700 owners have been stuck on OS for a while now. So, why not go ahead and give OS a spin around the block. I've not had the time to test this out in any fashion so like always, be sure to back up your data first. Let us know in the comments how it works out for you all.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *



Downloading now.. Thx for the info Bla1ze




Downloading now.. Thx for the info Bla1ze


I get up from my bad :S This leakes must be post in the morning ((= Downloadin' now ((= It's 03.05 in Turkey


Working on download, will check it out and upload to my server space as well. . .


Athlete's foot? My girlfriend's PMS?


Am downloading now as well. Will report back when installed. I'll also upload to rapidshare for another download link.


.... and I'll load this bad boy on it!


than the last leaked OS..



Poor 9700 users stuck on .680 for so long... Unlike us 9550 users who have been on .607 for MONTHS, which is a useless build for a lot of us...

Thank god for OOAKDPC's .732 hybrid.

Congrats on the leak though!


Software Name: BlackBerry Handheld Software v5.0.0.1254 (EastAsia)
File Name: 9700jEastAsia_PBr5.0.0_rel1254_PL5.1.0.165_A5.0.0.743_Optus_Mobile_Pty_Limited.exe
Download Size: 128.307 MB
Language: English
Published Date: 06/10/2010


How do you update the OS? LOL


This should be fun hopeful it's going to be faster or some new foodies


can i use this firmware to upgrade my Bold 9000? Thanks!


Trying this out as soon as I get home :)


u know what.. i think imma give this a try since the old 9700 users cant get os6... i hope its not as much of a battery killer like the others =]


Where do you get this info from?


said that the 9700 out right now dont have enough memory to hold the os6. so there making a 9700a? hmm... i thought i read it on here. if u go find the article


they have shown a 9700 running 6.0 but are doing a refresh of the 9700 as well since a lot of other phones are coming out with bigger and better, they still want the 9700 to stay up there with them.


I don't know if this is true but on the cell phone junkie podcast they said RIM was requiring 512 for the os 6.0 upgrade. I hope that's not true though because the new curve is only getting 256 and the pearl only got 256.


Will comment further when I've tested it. The previous build seemed to be a step backward in UMA call quality, so I am hoping that will improve with this build.


Just did the Update and is it just me or did anybody else lose there Blackberry icon next to the 3G icon on the top right hand corner.


running fine til now,
appworld was updated to .35, dont know how long this version was available


anyone have miror the official os .473 from optus mobile?


wen i connect my blackberry the desktop manager doesn't find the new update :(


Try unplugging your internet! and im not sure how to post links on here, but in the search section type in Why Won't My OS Update?? and click on the 1st link, read it, hopefully it should help you out, it did for me!


Only thing I noticed so for is that i have better cell strength (i had issues with .680 jumping in and out of 3G - this version seems much better).
Pictures also seems to load a little faster.


@grberry Try unplugging your internet!


@grberry - you need to use apploader to install this


Downloaded the OS and I didn't see anything that I haven't seen previous builds. I'm not sure what RIM is thinking. Oh well, I'm soon going to the Iphone.


please rapidshare mirror :(


just downloaded and installed. . . . .now to see if anything new has came with this upgrade!!


Downloading now, and then to backup and install..


so far for some reason ive lost 3G and ive dropped to edge. . . .WTF


3G back working strong....bootin time is very fast


Can I upgrade my Bold 9000 with this firmware?? Thanks


Installed and running, curious to see how this one performs since I normally run a hybrid OS. So far so good though!


Can I use this firmware on my Bold 9000? Thanks man!


Mirror RS : h**p://rapidshare.com/files/397738471/9700AllLang_PBr5.0.0_rel1254_PL5.1.0.165_A5.0.0.743.exe


thanks for this mirror :) can you post the official in the rapidshare too? :p thanks in advance


The size of the optus one is 128.3MB (East Asia), while the previous leaked one is 153.8MB


because the previous one is all languages package


I guess we all have to get through the stage where everyone posts about downloading it to get to the reviews..patiently waiting :)


This is an East Asia download
Is there other languages when you download



wen i connect my blackberry the desktop manager doesn't find the new update :(

i tried everything.. unplugging my internet, use the appl loader.. help me plsss...

im using .568

tq in advance.


got 10 mb more, stable everything so far.


Social Scope won't retain certain settings after reboot.

Won't stay Logged on, and settings under Advanced and Connection revert to default.


Have no issues so far with this build thus far except for Pageonce Personal Assisttant. It asked me for the APN information. I closed the app and re-ran it and it works fine now. I notice one little thing in my downlaods folder. I found an app called net_rim_bb_nabsync_100. When I opened it, it loaded the wireless synchronization to upload my contacts to my T-mobile onlince account. No Big deal. Boot time is not good and the internet works fine even though T-Mobile 3G service sucks arround the Chicagoland area where I'm at. Wifi connects fine. Was able to take and place calls using UMA service last night and works fine with out any interference. The .593 build was choppy when using UMA to make calls. So far so good. I will post something if I find anything wrong with this build. The following apps below work.

Pageonce Personal Assisttant Premium
BB Appworld
BB messanger
Google Maps
Color ID
MLB At Bat 2010
QuickPull Free
Radio Companion


I agree 3G sucks around here. You would think T-Mo would do a better job in such a big city.


working well for me so far. will update with any issues.


OS 743 findings:

- First boot around 7 mins.. Next one around 2 mins..
- problems with GPS (shows no data, blank but locked quite fast/20 secs), but I loaded GPS cod's from WB V.5.2 and works great...
- Signal lock is BAD (dunno that is related to incomptibility with my ops or not, so i tried using radio files from WB V5.2, and Voila!!! Locks like lightning..!!!
- browsing also fast..
- Media player works fine!
- email runs smoothly..
- battery meter shows around 2.5%/hour discharge rate,
- mem 113MB after loading:
1. meterberry
2. Mail filter
3. contacts cleaner
5. zona snap
6. berrybuzz
7. BBfilescout
8. Docs to go
9. PDF to go

then full backup and restore..
I didn't do wipe..

after two hours since first loaded, adding: ubertwitter adn worldcup (sibunder)

Memory: 108.8 Mb

Report when having uptime: 5h 39m, and still performing GREAT!!!


wow. the boot up time is only 2 mins?


For me this seem to be not that good OS version compared to 680. Most of the time my signal is staying in EDGE instead of 3G. Battery consumption seem to be high.

I am seeing a new file name in my Downloads folder. It is net_rim_bb_nabsync_100. I am not sure why it is hanging here. When I run this, it is opening the Address book sync screen which we normally see it in different place(don't remember where it is). I don;t know how to place this at in proper place with the proper name instead of big name mentioned above.

Does anyone see this in their downloads folder?


working fine for me. only problem I've had is when i first rebooted i couldn't find BB app world. So I reinstalled it and rebooted now everything works fine. Its only been a couple of hrs but the battery life seems fine. so far. i did notice pictures open automaticlly.


I have the bold 9700 with rogers and i am currently on .351 and when i download this and install it everything goes good but when its done and i hit open desktop manager. once it opens nothing happens and it doesnt say that there is a new update available.

anybody help


Delete the vendor.xml file


I am on AT&T. Install went fine, but my Visual Voice Mail is broken now. It's not listed as running application when you do ALT+back. And it doesn't show messages that I left in my voice email.


Hello. I'm on att as well and I tried the upgrade to .680 and it didn't work for me at all. Can you help tell me what instructions did you use. I'm new to the BB and new to this site. Thanks for your help


I don't use BB maps much so maybe this is from previous updates but as the maps down load there is a file size number that tells you how much you are downloading. If it kept a running talley it MIGHT be useful to someone. It resets to 0 after that particular portion of the map has come in. Kind of distracting but can get use to it.

I don't see the point of it being there. All else seems well.


I'm on AT&T and my BIS is not connected and I can't figure out how to connect to it.Viigo can't load b/c no BIS, no emails coming in, etc. I deleted vendor file and used bbsak to load onto 9700. Thinking I might go back to .593


Have you tried re-sending your service books via your provider's BIS site?


After I download it and install it, it does not show up on my available OS upgrades in the desktop manager after my blackberry is connected. I currently have v5.0.0.405

Help! what am I doing wrong??



You need to go to the App Loader folder, delete the vendor.xml file and then use the apploader.exe to upgrade your OS.


I remember when leaks use to come out people went crazy... but now only 69 post a day later. Is this a sign of BB/RIM interested falling?


elmejor1009, AnthonyRH and whoever else is having problems installing this.... have you read the stickied thread at the very top of the 9700 forum?


Thanks M00k. I just found the thread. Hopefully they find the solution soon. Thanks.


Thanks. I found it there and followed the instructions and it worked flawless. Appreciate your help on this one.


yeah after about a day I can honestly say the battery life sucks on this update


So far it seems as if this upgrade is getting mixed reviews. I think I will hold off until I see more reviews. I am currently running .656 and haven't had any problems


I had posted earlier that net_rim_bb_nabsync_100 came into download folder as a separate executable. Not sure how it happened.

Now... when I reply/compose a mail and press Blackberry key i.e., next to talk button, I don't see a pop menu options... where we can chose "Send". It just doesn't pop up for some time (may be 1-2min) and I can't send e-mail. This issue wasn't there earlier and started happening only after the new update(I used the official version from Blackberry website). Check whether there was any issue with the key... but that works absolutely fine.

Not sure... where I need to downgrade it to .680 or try re-installing .743 and see whether it works.


Hmm... Finally reverted my phone OS back to .680. Back to business. everything is working fine now.


Everything works fine for me on this build except Visual Voicemail. the icon is present, you can see and listen previous voicemails but doesnt see to work anymore.


Try this go back to your backup and reload your VV settings and then powercycle your phone?


Sounds like I should stay @ 656, as I had bad results using 680.


Call quality seem to be improved, Browsing in 3G seems to be faster with the blackberry web browser.


i don't understand whats going on, but i downloaded the leak and followed all the step like all the previous leaks and as soon as i plug in my bold 9700 and turn on desk top manager the upgrade alert pop up box always pop up. But this upgrade box is not popping up i downloaded again same thin someone please help


WARNING .. DONT INSTALL ... I just installed this yesterday and it really sucks!!! .. It took me 3 hours to install it cuz it gets stuck with backing up the groups. Furthermore, it takes 35 minutes to restart the phone now!! it used to be 3-5m max!
Also BBM goes into freez every 2 hours and they battery drains more than usual. I am on T-Mobile and I recommend all of you to stick with the official .586


...you DID delete the vendor.xml file, disconnect internet and follow all the other guides?

I did brick mine first time because I forgot the vendor.xml - fixed it back to .545 and then boosted back up to .743 no issues second time.


Downloaded last night and it worked like a charm the first time. The browser is lightyears faster than before with .405 the pictures load instant. As far as battery I haven't seen a difference yet but haven't used the phone a lot. No issues with the VM at all. Went from 86MB free before update to 102MB. All my apps are installed and running fine. I will update in about a week.


GPS isn't working for me on this build. No other problems so far but that's kind of a biggie for me.


is draining pretty quickly not enough to force a switch...but definitely enough to notice.

what's the best/most stable os to put on my 9700??

any suggestions would be great.


the one that worked very good for me (battery life and everything) was the from Zain Jordan...try it....remember, delete the vendor file


Other than that, everything else seems to be okay. Had to reinstall BBM though.



Would you please delete my account. I dont need it i dont have enough time in my day to download any thing and none of the wallpapers fit my phone or the apps. I know this is a great website i tell everyone about how great it is!


the new version is fast everybody give it a try...:)


i deleted the vendors xml.file and turned off the internet and its showing on desktop manager but i cant upgrade to it i don't understand what's going on i don't know what else to do someone please help


Im not sure how to put up Links, in the Search section of the Crackberry Website, type in WHY WONT MY OS UPDATE?? Click on the 1st link, read it, hopefully it should you out, it did me! and i think its best you use App Loader rather than Desktop Manager. Hopefully this help you out?


thanks tino for the great info worked like a charm its downloaded and its working like a charm


Updated on 6/13 morning without any hitches. Battery life seems similiar to the other OS. All apps up and running
The only noticeable flaw is my calendar is now showing birthdays as all day events and not Bold dates. Kind of annoying but as long as their still there. Boot up time is faster than the last official t-mobile OS


I'm gonna skip this one, sounds like too many ppl are having issues with it.


I have had a ton of different Blackberry devices. I've had the 7520, 7100i, 8100, 8300, 8310, 8320, Bold 9000 and now the Bold 9700. I remember when OS 4.5 was the holy grail because of all the new features. In fact, I would say 4.5 was one of the most exciting; finally you could stream audio and video, a huge improvement over past OS's.

The Bold 9700 is the best Blackberry I have every owned and unless this upgrade gives me the ability to play flash it really isn't worth the hassle.


downgraded back to original OS for my 9700 rogers branded. this install was very fast and also very unstable. way too many applications crashing and errors keep creeping up in numbers. re-installed twice. will wait for something different. good luck to everyone that installed.


Would like this update (I think)..
But is the language also dutch/english??
or only the asian languages.

Can't install this version (doesn't do anything).. Its saying installed correctly but didn't change anything.
Version number is still <-- sucks
Switched internet off didn't work.

think ill try the leaked version of .743