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Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9000 Curve 8900 and Curve 8520 from AT&T

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9000 from Telefonica Spain

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8900 from Vodafone DE

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8520 and BlackBerry Bold 9000

News & Rumors

Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8900

News & Rumors

Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9000

News & Rumors

Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8900

News & Rumors

Official OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8520 and 8900 now available from T-Mobile

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9000 now available from Rogers

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9000 now available from AT&T

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Leaked: OS For the BlackBerry Curve 8900 and BlackBerry Bold 9000

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Leaked OS: For The BlackBerry Curve 8900

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Leaked OS: For The BlackBerry Bold 9000

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BlackBerry Bold 9000 OTA Update Coming May 18th ... to OS!?

BlackBerry OS

Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9000

BlackBerry OS

Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8900

News & Rumors

Leaked: OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9000 And Curve 8900

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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9000 & BlackBerry Curve 8900

Bold/8900 OS Leak
By Adam Zeis on 15 Apr 2010 10:53 am EDT

Been a few weeks days since we've had an OS leak, and here we have a shiny new OS for both the Bold 9000 and Curve 8900. Good to see the version numbers cranking up higher and higher. No reports of whats new and exciting, so if you give this a go be sure to drop a comment and let us know.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). *

Source: BBLeaks


ive literally just downloaded 592, oh well lets get on this one........


and i just downloaded .992 on my bold last night, lol. oh well, looks like i'll be doing another one tonight.


correction .592, not .992


For a second I thought you were from the future (although, considering how quickly the updates are coming, I'd say you were from about 4 months from now -- not too big a deal, but still brag-worthy). Oh, well :)


Dienamik...was there anything good/new on that last OS that should lead me to DL this?? Thx...


I'm not sure due to only downloading it right before this leak got posted. All good with this, booted at 44.4mb with no apps. Will update in a couple days as to how performance is :)


.592 froze my phone for seconds a bunch of times during the day, also drained my memory. I went back to .554 it has the stupid browser bug but at least is kind to my memory.

I won't download this unless i read a lot of good reviews.


On to the next one, on to the next one... as Jay-Z would say!


It Freed up about 2 mb of application memory, and it seems to be running smoothly... no loading symbol.

The games are still missing ( sudoku, texas holdam, and the other card game)

Other then that- nothing new has been seen yet. i will let you know throughout the day if there is a memory leak problem.


I assume the gemini is coming in a day or 2.Should I download now, or wait.I'm running 8910 608 is the 2 points worth it?Oh wait the pl is higher,here we go


it wont install for me, says my .592 is newer that .610



bb app world wasnt showing on .592, hope it comes bac on .610


I just literally updated last night to .592 on my 8900 and so far 592 seems to be running perfectly. I will keep a look out on this tread to see if anyone finds something new with 610, but I think I will wait until the next update. I do like seeing the version numbers increasing (now in the 600's).


cant get mine to install either not threw the app loader or desktop manager. any suggestions?


did ya delete the vendor file before or after..?


delete vendor file, and disconnect your internet


hi how do I remove the vendor file and disconnect internet???? please help


If yu don't even know how to disconnect your internet I don't think you should be installing OS build leaks...


This is hilarious..
LOL.. :D


Oh god don't disconnect the internet! You'll screw us all!!


Awesome. favorite comment ever


before i went to install it on the phone


but we'll the time they release the official version on Rogers I'll be ready for my next BB *sigh*


pretty much very similar to .592, app world still seems to be missing, and to me, the browser is a bit slower on .610 as opposed to .592.


Did you try re-downloading it from the blackberry website? I had to do that when i upgraded to .592 as well.


Cant wait for a new tour OS... 591's interweb problems are BRUTAL


OMG ANOTHER ONE.. ....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr running .592 (official) running pretty good I"m impressed... Downloading now. Reviews anyone so far on this leak.......................


Find the Official .592 ? But I might
go from this leak straight to .610 though.


how do i delete the vendor file.... i cant get this download on my phone


Read this How-to guide. All the information you will need is located in the forums.

Beware that if you're not comfortable upgrading your phone, you probably shouldn't...


how in the hell after all these years do people still not know how to delete the vendor file!! i mean really?? wtf if you dont know how to do shit then buy a different phone quit wasting time!! sorry if you offended but i had to vent word!


It's only "all these years" if you've been using a blackberry for that amount of time..

There will always be new users who are unaware how to do things at first, making them feel like idiots is a good way to turn people off this site and this phone.

If that's what you want, by all means, continue.


Yeah..I'm agree with u kellidotca..
But IMHO, it would be wisely if he/she google it first before asking..
It shouldn't be so hard to find.. :D


Ok - just curious about other's experience with the upgrade. Is it worth it, coming from What are the enhancements?


For me upgrading from 554 to 592 was worth it. I'm still not sure about 610 yet. I just recently upgrading to 592, and not really interested in making this upgrade since I have yet to hear anything really impressive about 610.


...for a reason to download this os.


So far so good. I got a .507 error while upgrading, so I did a wipe, and started the install again. Everything works perfectly. Browser definitely the fastest one yet and without a single reboot or battery pull, 4 hours in, still holding at 39mb memory.


Any idea? I had the same problem the last time I tried to upgrade and had to pay $30 to get someone to fix it for me. Kinda anxious doing it again.


I upgraded to 554 to 592 and had horrible memory leaks so i had to downgrade to the 554 (more stable for me). Is it worth it? What is the average app memory after wiping the device and a clean install? Any leaks? What is the reboot time?


sorry computer acting up


sorry computer acting up


Did this review fix the wifi issues cuz since I upgraded to 554 after that I wasn't able to use the wifi option the only thing that would work using wifi is the browser no bbm or any other app. if anyone knows if it fixes it or not... its just not my 8900 it happen to all of the 8900's at my office that we upgraded.


Still doubt that at&t will release a 5.0. I'm starting to think I should just go with a leaked or at least another carriers' 5....


yeah, I'm not sure if at&t will do it at all by now... I would definitely recommend upgrading to 5.0. I have 9000 on at&t and started installing leaked OS's in January and now I'm hooked! :D
If you're new to this, I would try a build tested by community already. 554 was very stable! 592 had a huge memory leak. Speaking from personal experience anyway.


Hey I've tried to do the upgrade a number of times and I've followed all the steps and yet wen I go to upgrade in desktop manager or app loader the OS doesn't show I have to erase the OS I have right now n do a fresh install or can it be done as a upgrade...someone please do a step by step walk thru
Thanks guys!!


I am having the same issue. I have done plenty of OS upgrades in the past and they always show up in desktop manager, but this one is not. Any ideas or help?


I like this walkthrough, the basic should be good enough.

I have much better luck just running the application out of the folder where it installs to, when it's time to start the upgrade.


Trying to decide if I should upgrade, just went to the "Official" (on another carrier) .592 on my 8900, and like it so far. Wi-fi working well, no browser errors I've found so far. Given that I'm on T-mo and they stopped carrying the phone, not likely that there's going to be an official 8900 OS update at all.

These updates are almost too frequent! I don't even have time to get used to one OS before another one shows up.


If anyone is a member of, can you tell me if any emails from them open successfully?

I've tried a couple different OS 5 builds and there's something about them that don't agree with Flickr's HTML email.


Really strange - i couldn't connect to download with Chrome or Firefox. IE worked like a charm...Oh well, downloading now!


had the text msg icon problem with appears not to be a problem thus for with this build...mind u it's only been an hour since the upgrade....


@Dwain77 - I have the same problem with all OS 5.0s


Yeah, it's really a bummer. I want OS 5. I was hoping someone would say that Flickr emails were working on this build.

Guess I'll just keep waiting.


i can tell yall now this was gives you a memory boost ...


I'm running .592 on a Bold 9000.

Haven't been having any real issues - just really don't understand the Memory for Apps, as I just recently realized I should pay attention to it!!

It's always done the same thing...starts out at around 28-29MB after a battery pull, then after running a few apps (and even closing the proper way - menu, scroll to close) after less than an hour, Apps memory is down to about 12-13MB. I'm guessing this is the memory leak that everyone talks about.

From what I'm reading here, the .610 should take care of this??


I've just installed this through loader.exe in the App Loader folder and I'm coming from .554 and so far I've noticed that most of my bbm contacts are missing pics now. Where did they go?


BTW, does this support East Asian Languages?


BTW, does Multilanguage mean ALL languages including east-asian?


these are dead, or anyone want to send me the file so i can upload it


The sms/mms even with the .610 OS upgrade still looks like Blackberry messenger, can it be fixed, cuz I really don't like it.


I like it! :D What's wrong with it? =P


OS and I can #Already tell the difference! It runs smoother and faster... no error yet either! #Nice I recommend! :)


Anyone have another mirror for the 8900 file?


You can find the 8900 file at

This is a link to the file on RapidShare.


I'm currently running .592 on the Javelin..not sure if I should bother upgrading now. I'm keeping an eye out for major finds


I've updated from everything from the original 4.6 to to .554 to .592 but then trying to upgrade to .610 is IMPOSSIBLE!!

I need your advice. I've used CL_Cmnder and deleted all the OS's on the computer..reloaded the Device Manager, and the os I want which is .610, deleted the Vendor.xml, used Loader to upgrade...but NOTHING.

It's telling me that "The blackberry desktop software does not have the blackberry device software for the device that is plugged in"

So I assumed that it needed a Vendor file from my network to work. So downloaded that..and it went back to v4.6.

Now i'm stuck on 4.6 and cannot for the life of me figure it's been a solid 9 hours.

I have a BIS data plan, and also an UNLOCKED handset..

Anyone figure out what's going on?? 100 heads are better then 1... thanks


Dont upgrade OS through DM. Go to the apploader(My comp->C:drive -> program files-> common files->Research in Motion ->app loader

The Apploader is more reliable in upgrading software.


-Download new OS file.
-Download BB Swiss Army Knife (SAK) *do a google search for this program -- it is freeware*.
-Turn off all connections on the BB.
-Connect BB to computer with USB cable.
-Backup up your BB with Desktop Manager.
-Run BB SAK and choose "wipe devide".
-Allow BB to reset; your BB should now be bricked (you'll see a square icon inside a circle with a line through it).
-Disconnect BB from USB cable.
-Run/install new OS file.
-After install completes, delete vendor.xml file (in Vista this is usually located at C:/Program Files(x86)/Common Files/Research In Motion/AppLoader).
-Reconnect BB to computer with USB cable and from the AppLoader folder run the "Loader" file.
-After the program installs the new OS, open Desktop Manager and restore BB from the backup file (you may have to do more than once, depending on the theme you were/are running).

I do this every time; it takes a bit more work, but I found that it installs a new OS with no problems compared to simply overwriting the old OS.


This build is MUCH smoother! No lag time or delays when switching apps. Although I would love a better antenna stack, it definitely improves on the previous leak overall.


Does anyone have a mirror site for the 8900? The above links are no longer available. I'm using .592 and am having freezing problems with sms and the battery life is shorter with this build.


Can I get and Amen on a new link?


The links are cut, and I am jonesing for a new OS. ;-)

BlackBerry Brian

Thanks for pointing out the obvious THREE WHOLE MINUTES after I posted them...

The stupid page wouldn't let me edit more than once when I was trying to code edit!

So here!



to someone else. :-D I am having a relatively rotten Friday, so I am happy to spread that joy, even if I am three whole minutes late! hahahaha

Really, sorry for the double shot, but huge thanks for the new links, I am on it now.



Hey everyone,
I always read the reviews and value the recommendation before installing any leak/update. I really appreciate it so THANK YOU!
My experience with recent updates was this:
running: .554 - had issues with SMS messages coming back after it was deleted when I resetted my phone.
running: .592 - resolved SMS issue on my 9000 but did it ever take a lot of my memory. Lost about 3mb
I just recently installed .610 this morning and definitely liking it so far. It gave me back my 3mb :-) no memory leak, SMS is working great, browser does seem faster to me. Been running for approximately 2hrs and its been working great! Hope this helps


Does this build still have the choppy audio bug? Still running the .509 here.


im sad to say i hate this build. Ive already encountered some major problems. When I was on .592 i didnt have any of these. If anyone is experiencing anything similar and has a fix please help:
1) unable to load blackberry app world
2) pandora is not working after i upgraded from to
3) shazam isnt setting up properly(this occured on .592 as well)

Im going to try to delete all of these apps and reinstall them and see if there is any change


so i fixed blackberry app world problem but shazam and pandora still wont work


Looks like .411 is still the shnizzle! I have been running .411 for months and no major problems! Newer versions make me downgrade to .411. I am not even going to bother with this, dont fix whats not broken!


When I clicked the link the file is deleted.


-Download new OS file.
-Download BB Swiss Army Knife (SAK) *do a google search for this program -- it is freeware*.
-Turn off all connections on the BB.
-Connect BB to computer with USB cable.
-Backup up your BB with Desktop Manager.
-Run BB SAK and choose "wipe devide".
-Allow BB to reset; your BB should now be bricked (you'll see a square icon inside a circle with a line through it).
-Disconnect BB from USB cable.
-Run/install new OS file.
-After install completes, delete vendor.xml file (in Vista this is usually located at C:/Program Files(x86)/Common Files/Research In Motion/AppLoader).
-Reconnect BB to computer with USB cable and from the AppLoader folder run the "Loader" file.
-After the program installs the new OS, open Desktop Manager and restore BB from the backup file (you may have to do more than once, depending on the theme you were/are running).

I do this every time; it takes a bit more work, but I found that it installs a new OS with no problems compared to simply overwriting the old OS.


Hey darth1sbw,

Thanks for your help,

Following your post, work by word and came out with the same outcome, but once all my excitement died down and was left in trauma... I tried something new and actually used BBSAK to Load my OS..and Bingo.!!

Thanks to all and thanks again darth1sbw!!


ok so i just downloaded this and i have two questions. (this is the first 5.0 i have installed on my phone)

first, i always used the top left mute key to put the phone in standby mode. Now it does not am i supposed to put the phone in standby? does anyone else's work?

my other questions was that if it is normal to be able to scroll up on the home screen but not highlight the neither the profiles nor the bottom line of apps are highlighted. it that normal?


Well I can confirm that the memory leak issue from .592 is almost completly fixed. With .592 I was getting about 15 mb after a battery pull, which would quickly drop to about 5 mb after 4 hours or so. It's been 12 hours or so since my last battery pull and it's holding strong at 25 mb.

There's still the issue of loosing 15% battery with every pull, but I can live with that if I don't have to do a pull every 4 hours. :O)

Leather-back Crack 9000

I've never updated my software, but I really want 5.0 on my bold. Anyone know how to do this from a Mac?


The best build ever.....memory management is amazing
Battery can last more then 12hrs with 3G signal.


Did u do clean install with wipe or just over the old os?


Bold 9000 - I think I've heard more good comments than bad on the 610. My memory leaks are sooooo horrible in th3 592, I'm gonna check this one out.

I'll be back later to give review.


can you please post another link? Thank you!


I own a Bold 9000 from AT&T. Like many I've been waiting for an official 5.0 release from them. But at this stage in the game it is looking less and less likely. I've resisted upgrading to the leaked versions due to the feedback of issues I've read on here. So it was with much apprehension that I decided to finally give this one a try.

I followed the instructions and deleted the vendor file before downloading. Downloading was a cinch. I used apploader to install; that too went without any issues. My phone is running perfectly with no noticeable issues. All my apps (core and third party) are running just as they did on the official AT&T software. Love it!


Wow I was running wind hellas official release of .509 before this and I only had 19MB of app memory after a battery pull and it goes down after a few hours and now I upgraded to .610 on my bold and I had 23MB and it increased to 30MB first time ever and I definitely recommend this leak and I haven't noticed any issues yet since I've been running it for a 2 hours now. Oh ya and that issue with the battery going down after a batter pull with the previous leaks is now gone so that's definitely a plus for me :D


Ok after a day of using this leak I thought I'd let u guys who are hoping this would be the 'leak' and that would be a yes this is the best 5.0 leak by far. All errors fixed including the memory leak. When I first upgraded this morning I had 30MB and by the end of the day I had 24MB and never under as I was keeping track of it. Secondly, the battery life after a day of heavy use, I was left with 50% by the end of the day and i'm happy to say that i'm impressed! But one error remained that I was dealing with ever since I upgraded to .509 which is the "Media Processor is Busy" error message. But it doesn't happen to often which isn't that big of a deal for me. I only did a battery pull once today which was right after the update was complete and it was because I delete an app which required a device reset but after that I started with 30MB on app memory and ended the day with 24MB but depend on how many apps u have installed could be more could be less, I have 13 apps installed and not including native apps. And lastly, remember after u did a battery pull on your device you'd loose 5-15% of batter life? well that has also been fixed as far I know or maybe since I've only done a battery pull once but I still haven't lost battery life. So overall, for me this is the best leak yet by far with only one error which isn't that much big of a deal for me but can be for some maybe u and I would definitely recommend this and also it doesn't matter for me if its official or not cuz I don't think I would be able to tell the difference since this one is basically perfect. So I hope this feedback helped. Best of luck to all!


With .592 I had some little problems.
1- My lock botton didn't work on .592
2- App world disappeared then reappeared when I re-downloaded it.
3- My Text messages were acting up! When I received a new text in the same tread of that persons text, the new message would appear in the middle of the tread not at the bottom.
4-(the main thing that bugged me) when I set my ringer to loud it would work just fine until about an hour later of my phone continuously going off from text,BBm,FB, & Twitter. Well after that hour my ringtones would stop playing. My led would flash indicating that I received a text, BBM, or what eva. but no sound. Then I would go to my media folder - Ringtones or even my songs off my memory card and try to play a ringtone/song and I get this error message:"device media processor is busy" I would then have to pull do a battery pull. After re booting it works fine. But then after an hour its does it all over again.
Now for the .610
1- No problems upgrading, smooth!
2- Lock problem from .592 is fix on .610 phone locks fine
3- Texted issues fixed
4- App world works fine! Just had to re download
5- still having the "device media processor is busy" error message which suck cuz I can't put my phone on loud. Have to keep it on vibrate at all time(I miss so many texts and call cuz of this)
6- .610 Free up my memory, so that always good.
If anyone knows any thing about the "device media processor is busy". Error or know how to fix please let me know or BBM me 24ACAE4B. Good leak other wise the best to me.
I might have to go to T-mobile and get a new BB with my insurance.


It's only "all these years" if you've been using a blackberry for that amount of time..

There will always be new users who are unaware how to do things at first, making them feel like idiots is a good way to turn people off this site and this phone.

If that's what you want, by all means, continue.
Any idea? I had the same problem the last time I tried to upgrade and had to pay $30 to get someone to fix it for me. Kinda anxious doing it again.


The first rule of joining any website or forum is to use the search button.... I have only had my bold for 5mths, within 1mth of owning it I knew how to wipe my device and reload a new os. Wasn't hard to do. Search "install new os" and it tell you how in very clear and detailed instructions, search "fix a bricked phone" and you get the same quality help guides.

No matter what you have done to your phone there will be 100 others that have done the same thing and posted how to fix it. Everybody here will gladly help you with your problems but asking questions that have been answered and re-answered a thousand times just because you don't want to use the search button isn't looked upon favourably be anyone and just clogs up the forums.


Hi guys..
for some reasons, this leak has very few links. I tried to download from RS but it keeps telling me that my IP address is downloading a file....been trying for a few hours but to no avail. If anyone got MU link or mediafire, pls post:) thanks in advance:)


Hey, when I downloaded OS .592, I was jumping strait from OS 4.7, and I only did it cuz the Firmware said "All Lang" in the title, and I need Japanese Input support. My hunch paid off there, and that OS had Japanese Input support, but now this one comes around sans "all Lang" in the title- Does this support the Eastern Asian Language I need, or is it not worth hunting down and installing?


I believe so cuz when ur updating through the app loader u will have the options to select alternate languages of your choice at least I did so i'm sure u should also :D


if you are installing the leaked version, yes there will be Japanese input support. but if you install from the might not have since it is only multi-lang and not All lang....what i did for my BB is to install with the official version which is more stable and less memory leak problem and then use the leaked to give me Japanese input:) Hope that will help you:)


I'm so far so good with this base version and the Willyboy v4 Hybrid installed. Minimum memory leaks, much better battery!


Installed .610 using the instructions from darth1sbw (have always had issues installing the

other way-so wanted to give this a shot!)

Install went *very* smoothly!! (Thanx darth1sbw)!

After Bold rebooted the first time, I had a whopping 30.0 MB!!! YAY!!! Hopefully it lasts and takes care of the horrendous memory leak that I had with the .592!

I did have to go in to DM twice, because my theme didn't install. I had to go in and find it

in my backup and install that way (along with 4 other apps).

Had to re-do all of the setting on my apps, such as BerryBuzz, CallBlocker, etc. Previously

set info did not hold. Previously saved messages did not stay saved - so I had to hunt down

my BerryBuzz registration number and others.

Start up doesn't seem to be any faster...actually, after a battery pull, it seems to

take almost 2-3 times longer for BB to start up. Testing this out, several times over 2 days, it now take 4-5 MINUTES to start up after a battery pull!!

All Contacts were gone!! This has been typical in my last three upgrades, so I didn't freak

out! They usually come back after about 3-4 battery pulls. However, on this one,they didn't!

So I had to restore from my back up!

Calendar/Memo entries have disappeared in previous upgrades, as well - but were all intact

after the 610 upgrade!

Browser start up doesn't seem to be any faster.

No loss of battery life, when a battery pull is done.
No WiFi issues. No crackley calls.


I noticed that the download link doesn't work, so this is mirror that provided by one member here, I shorten the link:
this link for Bold 9000

today I will upload a copy on 4shared to give you more mirrors.


can I have step by step instructions on downloading and installing this os please


Use the search button and browse the forums all the info is there!!


Did a battery pull last night before bed. Made sure the phone was charged to 100%...Memory was at 28.7, but battery status had dropped to 90%!! Recharged back to 100% then went to bed.

Didn't run any apps (because I went to bed!)
Woke up this morning a battery status was 70% but memory was at 15.3???? WTF?


And now, my "radio" (WiFi and Mobile Network) keeps shutting off automatically! Have done two battery pulls...

Any thoughts/suggestions?


Downloading right now and would be installing over

Will post feedback after its done. Hoping that the BB becomes a tad more responsive and the random choppy calls thing also ends.



dang near all the comments saying new os is running smooth, perfect, awesome... I haven't seen anyone say anything in regrards to issues when you reboot and the wallpaper on a theme is white out and you have to reset your theme to get it back to normal just like every other previously released version, or when you lock your phone the screen goes completely black doesn't show the owner or says its locked, apps having to be redownloaded or missing, messages on the today screen not showing. I never have a problem installing the leaked versions but they're far from perfect, something is always missing, memory issues, whatever. I like the os, but it's not worth the trouble of going through installing this with so many bugs and having a new update every 2 days....I'll stick with 4.6.231...


The wallpaper issue has been a problem since I first upgraded to OS5. I just keep the wallpaper as the default image and hope the next leak will have a fix.


I've just discovered something on his build that I've never seen before: under options, theres a separate entry for custom dictionary. can anyone confirm if this is the first build containing this as a separate entry?


Regarding all the comments and the positive feedback on memory, I definitely would like to update my Bold to .610 but I'm an addictive user of Shazam.
Could anyone tell me if it works with this build?
Does anyone have an idea of why this app is not working properly since the .592 ?


Shazam doesn't work on my even with full reboot/reinstallation thrue app wolrd...


im currently on .592. ive had it for a couple of weeks. i have never been able to get shazam to work. it is really irritating. it wouldn't work on my official att software either.
my app memory was horrible with the 592. i think i have 6 apps installed, and it wont let me get anymore. and my phone is always freezing up.
app world disappeared when i installed this build, and i tried to re-download it and it still wasn't there. then a couple days later it was there. weird.
im going to update to 610 now. hopefully fixes all this!


Today, Appworld notify me that an update was available for Shazam. After upgrade, Shazam working again!

Upgrade was from 2.5.2 to 2.5.3


Anybody have a link for the 8900??


ok i a not a dufus I have loaded leaked bfore but this time after vendor delete and then start apps loader which "sees the update" it then goes on to say no update required?
Any advice much appreciated


There is an update for Shazam to deal with the .610 issue for all those not wanted to upgrade (me included) because Shazam stopped working.


Has anyone else been having trouble using custom themes with these new updates? After I download them, they don't show up in my themes options. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?


BB Bold 9000 link's off.


I've been running this for a few weeks now, and I'm having major battery life issues, and seem to be missing some calls, that don't ring to the phone at all. (of course, the call issue may not be related to the OS, but it seems like battery life probably is) I'm going to downgrade back to the "official" (for another carrier) .592.


How is everyone downloading it, when the link no longer exists?