Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Storm2 9550

OS for the 9550
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Mar 2010 10:28 am EDT

Off what seems to have been our biggest week ever for leaks, we have a fresh OS for the BlackBerry Storm2 9550. OS is ready and waiting, so fire up App Loader and give it a go. No word of what has changed as of yet, so be sure to drop a comment and let us know what you find out. This is not an official OS, so use caution when installing.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *

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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Storm2 9550


I was just getting ready to install a Hybrid for the .517 OS and now this.....

What to do? What to do?

I hope this is a good operating system, although i sold my storm2 last week, may pick up another one at walmart for 29.99. Hope everyone is having a good week

I can't wait to have people try it and see what it "fixes" or improves. This Hybrid, based on the .517 is the best feeling so far...memory increased and the bars are stable now. If battery life improves (awful with .517) it will be great! Come folks, give us a report...I may be upgrading again tonight!

I want to test. I have the official from a Canadian carrier at the moment (I'm with Verizon). I suppose I'll wait to hear some feedback - never been brave enough to install a leak.

I have been using .517 for a week or so. It is pretty good but has a few bugs. First it doesn't play every divx/xvid files. Sometimes the unit has a major lag with the keyboard.

C'mon Bold 9000! The Tour got one, 9700 got one, now this to be the first in the 600 builds. I'll take a 601 for Bold 9000 please :)

keep an eye our for PTT files if this is a verizon leak. Im anxious to see if they are working on making PTT available for all verizon blackberrys

I am having such an issue downloading, keeps saying thats i'm currently downloading even though I haven't, can someone upload a mirror

I love leaks.... quit complaining if the leak is not for you.... there was a week when everything BUT storm 2 was leaked.... did I complain? no... its called patience, friends.

when i updated, all my bbm contacts pictures were not restored even with a battery pull...is there a fix for this yet

Been waiting a long time for this to come and it happens 6 hours into our vacation. I won't have access to a computer for another week! Ahh!

Wonder if I can install a leak from a library computer??


Definitely an addict of the blackberry. Have been since December. I wish they would just put out an official OS for Verizon. I don't want to try a leak and my phone freezes. Granted I like hearing all the cool stuff the leaks have. My guess is that Verizon will push the official OS when the new web kit is ready but who the hell knows when that will be.

updating now....
ill leave a message later
when i figure out if anything
is different or any bugs i find etc.
:D keeping my fingers crossed lol

I didnt have any PTT stuff installed, but I had a shortcut to V Cast Apps..maybe theres some PTT stuff buried in it though.

I'm on the SaskTel OS (.517) on my Verizon 9550. Would love to hear from anyone who upgrades from that version to this leak.

The previous leaks were excellent upgrades from the stock .320. However, at least 2 apps I know of (Mobile Banking and now DirecTV) require an official carrier OS to operate.

If you're on .320 and waiting on Verizon, you'll be very happy with upgrading to a leaked version. Just follow all the great info on crackberry, if you do you won't brick your phone.

Since .517 has all the great features (keyboard popup, battery life, seperate BES mail folder, screen performance and overall speed) I'm debating whether to upgrade and disable use Mobile Banking and DirecTV.

Any brave souls out there with a rundown?

Installed easily, running very smoothly, It's a very nice build. I have not noticed anything worrysome as of yet. One thing i did notice is that one of my pushed apps is missing, but not biggie, i don't use it. There is something i noticed which could just be me, but the key spacing and size of key text is changed.

edit. when typing sometimes the text bolds when backspacing or highlighted. doesnt seem like normal operation because it doesn't do it everytime for every word.

After playing with it, i noticed it bolds only on the third or forth backspace in a word consistently, maybe it's a new word correction method so you can recognize where the change in your word began with auto text..

signal is great. battery life is good so far, but i don't use popup keys except on touch and hold.

The text bolding happens on my os.497 on the 9520. Not sure why exactly...but i've noticed it. Thought it was a quirk..

my main concern is battery life, so if anyone can report that would be awesome. Im currently running .517 and i have to plugin at some time during the day in order to survive till bed time.

the new popup keys play a big part in the battery drain. when i had them enabled the battery would drain much faster.

... I noticed a marked improvement in battery life with .517. I consider myself somewhat of a "Power User" and would often be down to 1 bar at the end of the day. Now, even with pop-up enabled - I lurve it! - I'm good for 2-3 bars.

I would say the battery on this OS is not as good as .517 hybrid. But I still need analyze and play with it more for another day.

It seems at the last stage of completion when phone reboot to reload your data. Mines got stuck 75% of the way and will not not continue. I did a battery remove and even try reloading the software. Damn it if this doesn't work HELLO HTC!!


You'll bee glad to know that they both still work with this version.

By "mobile banking" I assume you mean the BoA app

Thanks for the feedback!

I use the mobile banking app supplied by my local bank. It's actually from a company called Firethorn and can add other providers like Citibank.

I think I'll try this leak. Thanks again.

That's fairly common when doing a new OS install.

Just let it sit and it'll be fine.

The worst thing you can do is disconnect during this process.

If I were you I'd try to reinstall and then go to My Documents and reload your application data via DM when complete.

Don't forget to disconnect from the internet during the OS install as well.

to late for disconnecting the unit - was too anxious you think. Downgraded back to .320 and reinstalling - I'll take a walk this time - lol.

im on verizon
and i did the update
so far so good
very easy
i 2nd everything
ALCOR43 stated above
..maybe im crazy but my
screen seems to be more responsive
as well

Ok...update went smooth...no issues. I, too, noticed the keyboard key spacing/size is a bit larger, which I noticed improved my texting accuracy, especially when not on full keyboard. I also find the screen to be firmer.

One other thing I noticed was in Manage Wireless Connections/Service Status...Mobile Voice is listed at top with Status/Connection comments.

I can't comment as of yet on battery life as I have just completed update at 1:00 pm EST. I'll post later with my results.

Just noticed while texting...remember if you wanted to backspace words..it would delete word, stop, then continue. Well now it remains continuous with no stops after each word.

This thing totally jacked up my address book and for some reason the desktop manager will restore everything but my address book. Its there, I can see it and even how many contacts, but i cant get it onto my phone. any suggestions???

it wont let me load the address from the advanced part where I should be able to do only 1 thing if i choose. The address book is dimmed. and when i redo the whole thing it loads everything but the address book...

and yes i backed up my data. Both before i started the upgrade and during. I even tried to load one from a few weeks ago, but nothing seems to work...

If you use Gmail with BIS to sync your contacts, that will happen. Uncheck it in your BIS Sync settings and then reload your backup from DM.

I don't know how to do that. Maybe it got set by default with the upgrade. This has never been a problem before. On the bottom of the advanced screen it says that whatever is unavailable has been set for wireless synchronization and is read only. It says I can't restore or clear them. Is that what you meant? If so, how do I fix it?

I loaded it along with all my programs. I cannot comment on battery life, but here's hoping for the best. The keyboard is different like others say. I don't use any mobile banking apps so I cannot comment on that. The top button still just locks the screen, not enables the password lock (fail). It seems a little faster in some things, and just as slow in others. Definitely no issues so far.

The reboot process is a little spiffier and informative. It now tells you what program triggered a reboot, as well as when it comes back up, it gives you a nice little "Reboot successful" notification.

i don't know why but i do not get all the notifications you are talking about although i love this os keyboard is FAST!!! bat life i don't know yet

Damn I have to load all these apps back on just because I was trigger happy and disconnected early - straight up rookie move can't believe it - lol

Hello, will anyone please help me with this new OS for BB Storm2 9550? I am REAL new to this and like to stay current as I am a true BB lover (this is my third) I am currently running OS on Verizon's network. I know it will be a pain in the butt for someone to help a newbie but it would help a lot. I will need step by step help if you can. I already have the latest DM and DT manager installed on my PC running Window's 7 32 bit. Thank's to anyone that can help. geraldradford@gmail.com

*First download the new OS from the download link crackberry provides.
*After file is downloaded...open folder where file was downloaded and double click on it to run the exe file to begin installing the new OS to your computer.
*Follow instructions thru the installation window.
*At the end of the installation it will have a box checked/unchecked asking if you want to open desktop manager after closing the installation window..uncheck that box if checked.
*Now that new OS is installed go to My Computer-> OS(C:)-> Program Files-> Common Files-> Research In Motion-> App Loader.
*With in the App Loader file there will be a Vendor file all the way the bottom..delete it. You dont have to delete it on leaks but i always choose to.
*After you delete the Vendor file scroll back up to the application that says 'Loader'.
*Double click Loader app. At this time plug in your BB to your computer.
*Now just follow the Loader installation app and should be good. Should take about 30mins depending on how many apps you have on your phone.

It worked, at least when I go into options>about it shows the new OS but I'm not seeing any changes to my phone. No keyboard typing changes or any other ones that have been posted. Maybe if I mess around with it some more I'll find something. Anyone have any ideas on what I might need to change or set/reset? But thank you for the quick reply.


ok i just noticed i'm not able to connect to the blackberry browser threw internet...i'm getting a pop up box of wifi only? anyone else getting this error message?

I am having trouble with the keyboard not working in Google Sync and BerryJoose - the keyboard comes up, but nothing happens when I pressed the keys to either my login email (on Google Sync) any ideas?

Buzz and Berry Joose aren't letting me type in the codes.
Same with Berryweather.
I see no improvement over 517.

I downloaded the new OS just fine, but the Google Voice app is not recognizing the keyboard, even though the keyboard is showing. I can't type in my user name and password. Any ideas how to fix?

Finally, an update for the 9550. So far in messing with it for only a min or two the the fact that we finally have the letter pop-up when typing. Its an option but its there. No as refined as the iPhone though, but a start I must say. So far nothing else, but I have only been playing around with it for a few mins now.

Had issues installing the sasktel official update, along with some other leaks. So yeah.. came up from the .320 build. This has been the first leak with my 9550 I have been able to use.

Well did the upgrade and everything is working just fine (keyboard faster, web browsing faster and Kim holding her 9700 as the background image). However, my GPS will not find my location, whether in Poynt or Google Maps. I've done a battery pull and same thing. Gonna do a couple more, but if it continues, as much as I was craving an update I might have to go back to 517.

I'm having same problem. I had it with .517 too. I don't use google maps , but I use poynt and I always have to type in the zip code because it says access denied for gps...

Hey Guys. If you are a licensed music user like myself and You may have to go into options> memory and select yes for MTP. For some off reason i noticed with leaks this option comes turned off.

Has anyone else lost their key tones? I get a tone when using the bottom buttons, but it seems I get no tone for clicking icons, keys on board, etc.

It worked, at least when I go into options>about it shows the new OS but I'm not seeing any changes to my phone. No keyboard typing changes or any other ones that have been posted. Maybe if I mess around with it some more I'll find something. Anyone have any ideas on what I might need to change or set/reset? But thank you for the quick reply.


This may be the best leak I have seen yet. I too have the keyboard differences and I have to say, I like them. Battery life so far seems great the one major perk I have noticed is I'm getting a better signal. Usually at home I get 2 maybe 3 bars and drop calls a lot, but so far full signal and not one dropped call (though I have only had 3, i usually drop every other one or so it seems). I have used every leak and upgraded to several different hybrids since I got my 9550 and this one is the best yet, IMO that is.

Ok..I installed the leak and only problem I'm seeing so far is my yahoo mail icon does not show up, even after resending service books...any suggestions?

Continuing from my earlier post, I have also noticed that my screen lock no longer works, If anyone has any suggestions about the screen lock and the yahoo mail icons not showing up it would be appreciated. Thanks

even after i download and follow all the steps for upgrading the OS, when i run apploader, it won't let me load the new OS. oh well i guess i will be stuck on .451 until Verizon gets off the lazy butt and releases a new one.

Just installed over .517 on Verizon and works a lot better. Its faster keyboard is more responsive pictures aren't all blurry like in .517 and load up quicker. Camera and browser seem faster overall very nice build.

I am new to all this leaked OS stuff. Is one able to load a leaked OS if they have a Mac? It appears this is all setup to run on a PC. Thanks.

BB Messenger cannot be removed from phone by deleting nor by removing app with desktop mng. Also,the app is always running in the backround and cannot be closed, thus eating up battery.

im running .517 and i have no problems at all! And i dont know what you people are talking bout my battery life is amazing.....

...Sorry. I'm in the same boat. ON the macbook pro. Sadly, when I follow the exact steps over and over again on a pc, no matter which leak, I always have to jump through hoops to get the os updated through app loader. Desktop Manager is useless for os updates. I still can't get this os to load up. Sometimes... this just gets ridiculous.

Anyone having problem setting to 2G where it automatically switches back to 3G?

Mine was alright to use GPRS or EDGE, however after 517 it only shows 3G even though I set it to 2G.

Help pls...

I've used .517 for a few weeks now, and it's been amazing! I honestly can't think of any issues that I've had with it- except that the battery life isn't as good as it used to be. But seeing another OS leak is like passing up some goooood crack! I'm hooked, so I'm going to give 607 a try. Hopefully it's noticably different. If not, I'll wait for the next crack fix, er, leak to come out! :-)


I consider myself a rather capable user but I must say... RIM's website is horrible. I can not for the life of me find the device update page to see if they have any official releases. I am still running on .320 and check for updates all the time but have yet to see any. It is easy to do options>advanced>wireless update..... but it says no so this whole verizon .517 update has me confused. Anyone out there with advice. Maybe it is late I am I am actually sleeping right now. ??

I have verizon too and i often check for updates as well, but there never is. reason? verizon is always late on any update or wont even let them out until its a really good one, these small updates are from other companies i've done .517 from .320 and its pretty good, love it. the major change you'll see it when you type the letter/number will pop up like an iphone and the browser is so much faster. this is probably a battery life upgrade since .517 drains.


He and I haven't broken contact since my first attempt at this OS upgrade....but my hands are twitchin' and I don't know how much longer I can hold out my friends... I...I can't get him to upgrade to it... He's too strong.... Someone help...I've done...ever..y.....th....i.....n..g.....********

I don't see any difference from .517 and this leak. I think I am getting tired of these minor changes.
You have people telling you the phone is faster, browser is faster and phone feels lighter.
I still have the same issue when typing there is lag and keys lock up. I am a big supporter of the Storm...we have 2 Storm 1 and I have a Storm 2 (second replacement). This is getting very frustrating, I am starting to think this is a hardware issue that cannot be fixed by software. Only my two cents so need to flame me with technical spec.

This update is by far the best one.

1.The screen is responsive and lag has been eliminated.
2.The fonts are sharper and the suretype keyboard is cleaner.
3.The phone immediately wakes up when you press the sleep button.
4.The battery life is much better. I haven't charged my phone since 6am on mar 31st, and more than 24hrs later I have 1/4th of the battery left. I've used my phone a lot, and it depends on usage though.
5.I suggest everyone get the update.

I've done plenty of these for the rebel cause...now this one wants to join the evil empire. I need some help..

..The last thing I want to do is seriously consider throwing this phone through the sun. If anyone can help me out, it would really be appreciated.

What I've done so far is download the os..
*Open OS.. It then asks if I agree to tems..
I click agree...
*then it asks if I want to repair or remove... I tried both with the next steps.
*Complete the install process.
(blackberry not connected yet)
*Open up program files, common f, research in motion, app loader, delete vendor, loader... connect berry...and it never installs the new os..

It always just wants to back up and restore the apps listed..

Please save my phone, my sanity, and my right shoulder as it would take an enormous amount of force to reach the sun...

I downgraded to the original 320 os in hopes of being able to upgrade to the 607... if it doesn't work...I'm throwing a strike to the sun..

THIS LEAK WILL BREAK YOUR RSA SECURE ID. If you use this app to remotely log in, you can not use this leak - sorry.

everything is good for me other than a issue with the icons in some themes i went to bed with 85% battery life and woke up with 85%, and like the screen more firm less dbl clicking all in all like it best yet....

has anyone else had issues with your phone randomly restarting with the new os? i think my phone has just cut off and turned back on at least 4 times in the past 5 hours.

What I would suggest is a battery pull and wait a full minute.. Don't give in to the impatience.. It will help. An older os was doing that for me on the storm 1.

Ok ... first time I have ever upgraded my software on my Storm 2. I was using the original OS software. It took me about 30 minutes to complete it. Very simple. My screen is much more responsive. Typing is much improved. The OS runs much quicker. So far I am very impressed. Now to address some problems that have been listed on here with this new OS. Some have said they have issues with Google Sync not working. My google Sync works just fine. Some have said their blackberry browser would not work. Again, mine works like a charm ... in fact it is faster. A few have commented that their GSP location would not work. I did have this problem, but it was a quick fix. I simply had to go to Settings > options > Adcanved Options > GPS and then changed my GPS service to Location ON, and the Location Aiding to Enabled. Then it worked like charm. So far this OS has worked quite nicely for me. No problems at all so far. I will post an update later.

I just got the new os software and I see some suttle changes for the .517 version. But no issues with it so far.

Not sure how the battery will hold up because it is too early to tell.

All my apps seem to be fine, although I don't use bb msgr, so I can't give any feedback on that.

Keyboard does seem more responsiveness and cleaner.

Seems to me that Verizon needs to get on the ball a little quicker with the updates. So far the last 3 os upgrades have been leaks.

Just noticed that when on a call when keypad is showing the numbers dont get highlighted when you put your finger over them. Not a big deal just a little weird. And also it gives you different prompts when phone needs to reset which look nicer and more professional.

upgraded to this leak and everything was good, OS seemed more optimised and quicker and touch screen more responsive. but as soon as i tried to tether to my laptop it gave me an error using win 7 64bit dial up and blackberry DM app gave me a wierd error code stating "global roaming please contact wireless administrator" or something like that, where as the original OS worked fine? Also checked all my settings and none were changed from when it was working apart from OS upgrade to
I have a 9550 from VZ on AIS network/carrier in Thailand
Just restored back to OS and still no tethering? Has upgrading reset something on the phone or server?

Like others using the SaskTel .517 version I haven't seen any other improvments. Very similar internet performance, screen, battery life, and keyboard pop ups as other leaks. And better surfing speed may be due to the BIS 3.0 upgrade and not necessarily from .607.

Mobile Banking works which tells me this is a carrier OS and that its got official firewall certificates (my understanding of what keeps mobile banking from working on a leak).

Slacker has been skipping today and I haven't experienced that before so I'm not sure if it's Slacker, Verizon, or this OS.

By the way, I really like the lock button just locking the screen and not activating the BES password. I can lock the screen, put it in my pocket, and unlock to use a little later without having to type the password again.

Though I like the upgrade I had to suck it up and downgrade back to .320. Everything worked well other than the fact I wasnt receiving my text. My screen would say I have text and I would go check and there wouldnt be any. Sucks, but oh well...

Megaupload has removed the OS from its download site due to policy violations. Does anyone have an alternate site or advise how to get a copy of the leak? Thanks.

To .451. A couple of things I just could not live with, themes did not work properly when phone was locked, Opera in landscape mode was jacked up when typing and then you try to go back to view screen. If I am going to use a leak it has to work better than what I had and this did not perform as well as .451

My 2 cents...

I had to downgrade to the 517 this morning, too many issues with the leak for me personaly. Hopefully they come out with an official OS or another (read improved) leak soon.

Installed the leaked OS yesterday with no problems but today I've noticed extremely slow startup times (7-15 mins) and I received a 523 rest code with a white screen when attempting to use Pandora Radio. I need my pandora so I will be downgrading a.s.a.p

You guys have to be fast when a leak is out to grab it. I think its been taken down but BOY, this leak is very cool, Battery life improved, that's a fact, fonts are cleaner, wifi and browsing are fast.

Wish I can help you guys to get it all, didn't have problems with it at all.

the only thing i have notice is that in app world i get an errow message when i try to look at reviews and then it shuts down app world i could still download and so far everything else in app world.but other than that is doing good

For some reason, the keyboard doesn't pop up some times.
after i respond to a text, and put the bb back in the holster, and when someone reply back, and i try to respond, the keyboard does not pop up. even when i go to menu, and choose "show keyboard", still does not pop up. anyone else having this issue?

I'm having the same problem and It's driving me insane. I'm not sure what to do. I'll probably need to go back to an older build

I installed OS v5.0.0.607 on my Storm2 9550..

I found BBM now is "core application" and not "addons application" again.. BBM now is v5.0.0.66

But I found keyboard on BBM "group" is not running !!!

Notes : BBM is BlackBerry Messenger..

i am a member of a few groups, and each one, when i first joined them, i could type, after that, no keyboard pop-up. if i start a new chat in the group, i can type once, but once i exit it, keyboard fails to show up again.

I work for Verizon and I noticed in the Verizon InfoCenter Equipment Guide it show the current software for the Storm2 as But, when I look to download from myverizon the version .607 is not there.

I spoke with Verizon today and they confirm what you're talking about. I just asked what the official software for the storm 2 9550 was and they told me 607. However he clarified it with RIM and retracted his statement. What he did say was that most likely that will indeed be the official updated os for this model storm in about a week.

installed 24 hours ago and all is well. Milage tracker vq wont work because it disables the virtual keyboard when you enter the key. also i think it is odd thast when i click on a text to reply i have to bring the keyboad up with another click. It used to be up by default. There might be an option to fix this and i will update if I can find it. Everything else so far is pretty smooth. If anyone esle updated to this leak and has milage tracker vq and figures out how to solve the problem before i do please post!! thanks!!

I installed the new OS for my Storm 2 and i noticed that I now have only 160 charcter space in my BB messenger which use to be unlimited is anyone else having this problem and know of a solution to regain the unlimited character space, which is why I love using BB messenger in the first place just like yahoo messenger.

I just did the update on my new phone. Only problem I see is that if I access a BB Msg from my Messages/Inbox Screen, it won't show the keyboard. Anyone else with this problem? Is there a fix? I can still type in BB Msgs by accessing them thru BB Msngr though.