Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

Bold 9700 OS
By Adam Zeis on 2 Apr 2010 08:57 am EDT

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). *

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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700


If there are anymore leaks this week I might begin to think that something is wrong. its great to see all these leaks for our devices

Since two weeks each time I install a leak a couple of days later there is a official version. So I will wait till the official. I just finished reinstalling .586 official yesterday

why wait for the offical!? a better question i have for you is why download .586 again when it became offical? they are BOTH THE SAME leaks and offically OS, are the SAME


again the same eussi,,

1-cannot open SMS whene Main language Arabic ???????

2-and the problem of writing in Arabic ??????

When will they solve this problem .....

Am I crazy to stay with the 0.330 OS that came with my 9700 from T-Mobile. My phone works great, no problems, no dropped calls at all. My 3g is super fast, my wifi always works with no hiccups, my video playback couldn't be better,I use vlingo pro for all my entries and between all my apps and my stock OS the phone works great. I am a big fan of this website and feel like I might be missing something from these new OS. When is T-Mobile releasing their 9700 OS??


Like yours, mine came with .330 and currently I use 545 and before that .442, but to tell you the truth, I never had a problem with .330. I upgrade as a way to maximize my device potential, but its not something that I feel I need to do.

If things are working fine, stick with what works.

Its true about TMO and OS releases. You'll be due a device upgrade, before they release an OS update.

If it's working great for you, then stick with it. But just so you know, T-Mobile takes FOREVER to release OS upgrades. I've already gone through three different OS upgrades on both my 9700s. :)

my initial problem with the T-mobile release was its tendency to drop m to GPRS all the time in good coverage area's.

I too was very skeptical at first about updating my os. I have updated mine 3 times already and each new OS offers different features. You can always go back to your original OS if you dont like the update. Juat follow all the instructions for replacing the OS with DM.

Why do you people go apeshit over a new OS leak...I have tried like 4 of them since getting my bold but its never anything different. At least when WinMo went from 6.1 to 6.5 there were hugeee changes, all a new os does for a BB is change the numbers and maybe tackle a bug that effected .01% of users.

Why do you even care what other people do with their BB's? It's none of business anyway!!! If you not comfortable with Leak's, don't click on the freakin link!! GOSH!! These DUMB people just bash what they don't understand! Only a true BB beta tester would appreciate these leaks! STUPID NOOB, LEAKS ARE FOR TRUE CRACKBERRY GEEK'S ONLY!!!

First off, you're a faggot for calling anyone a noob. I never said I I didn't update, I just personally don't understand what the big deal is. Like someone else said, if 6.0 gets leaked and the webkit browser functions, that would be worth it to me. Wiping my BB for a update that no one can confirm what it actually updates and listening to the speculation that everything will run more smooth, not worth it. If you went to get your doctor and they gave you totally new untested meds saying you might possibly die (brick your phone) but he gave them to a homeless guy and he said he felt a lot better (random people that say their blackberrys are lightning fast with these leaks), would you really take them? I love technology and I love my BB but what is ever the upside of these recent leaks? Where are the facts?

I agree.

I have only been in the BlackBerry scene since December 2009, and have played around with some of the "leaked" OS and have to yet see any changes to anything. What's worse is even on the "official" OS releases, we never get to see the release notes or change logs. I sometimes think that the "leaked" OS is nothing more then someone simply changing the version numbers and uploading to the 'net.

I normally do a fresh install and with the .586 (leaked) I jump that step. When I got time (yesterday) I done it with the official. The boot time was horrible, and still is

Fixing all the apps and settings sounds like a pain, plus there's like that 5% chance (probably more like 25% chance for me) that I do something wrong and brick my BB. I'm normally right on board with tinkering, but I'm only hearing about the most nominal of benefits from installing these things. Of course, if 6.0 and WebKit come out, that would be worth the risk.

I've just upgraded to .586... overall great release. I'll download this one but not install until I read the changes and improvements.

:) nooo, not at all. I'm happy with 586. Very stable, I feel everything runs smoother and faster, even the not so good facebook app.

I've noticed some random lockups on .586 that i didnt see on .545. I don't have to pull the battery to fix it, as it unfreezes after about a minute. Hopefully, this isn't the case in this release.

Can someone please help me? I'm not a total newb but I'm having a real hard time installing any of these updates. I download it, click on the .exe file, find the vendor file and delete it, and then click on the loader application. The program starts up and this is where I get a little puzzled. What are the options that I'm supposed to pick? I think I'm choosing the right ones but when it comes time to update, I'm told that I do not need to update. I'm running the Rogers v5.0.0.351 so I think that it should recognize the older o/s. Crackberry nation, what am I doing wrong? Thanks all!

Try uninstalling any previous BB Operating Systems from your PC and disconnect the computer from the internet before running the AppLoader.

As a bog Slacker fan I find the Slacker bug in version .545 very annoying. Slacker wouldn't/won't advance to next song with screen off.

Any word on this being fixed?

Slacker Radio is having a problem with their new versions of 3.0 and The BlackBeries, especially the Bold 9700. I am in contact with Slacker as I have the Plus Program and they are trying to fix it. It's not your OS. It's Slacker. :(

Ok, i just installed this software from .330. i dont know if this was already there but when i click option from the main screen you can change the layout. and also a lot of changes.

the 3G icon used to be smaller on main screen then would get bigger on home screen its not big on all screens it had been bothering me.

It kind of depends on what version you're upgrading from. I'm upgrading from the previous leak; not a lot of discernible changes I notice yet but it's only been an hour or so. Text message preview on the home screen has resurfaced.


I have just updated to this latest build. But do not have text message preview, I didnt have this on the original 4xx version my phone came with either.

Is there a setting I need to change to enable this?

To The Adventist: I am on the newest Slacker Version .463 and the BUG with BlackBerry Bold 9700 forwarding to next song is "still there." I told Slacker to get rid of a feature on "settings" that they added recently, about keeping the backlight on when phone is charging. Seems when the backlight goes "off" the song won't forward. It only forwards when the backlight is "on." This would kill a battery if you aren't charging it. Version 2.0 doesn't have this feature and works fine on all OS's. Let's see if they continue to have this problem. If they do, I will use Pandora on Cell and Slacker Plus and Pandora on Computer. :)

Just wanted to let all you Shazam users know that the app does not work on this build :(

As someone else mentioned, the font size of the 3G, EDGE, UMA next to the signal bars is fixed in this build.

Scrolling through my pictures in my Media folder is A LOT slower than on previous builds. This alone might make me downgrade. - Just pulled the battery, and the speed improved a lot. Still seems just a little slower than previous builds, but I can live with it.

Other than that, the install was really fast for this build, and enterprise activation was faster than usual.

Okay guys, here's my initial findings:

- the sms preview is back (it was gone in build .586)
- the bbm is much much faster as compared to previous builds (am on bbm

That's all for now. Cheers :)

Oh I'm sorry. I think I have that because I'm using Reverie D theme on my Bold 9700. It has this hidden today feature where when I point to the phone icon (which meant for SMS & MMS), a preview of 6 latest messages will appear on the home screen. It wasn't there in build .586, but it's back now. Btw, been using this theme since Bold 9000 and I really love it.

Minute and 45 seconds?!?!? I saw that and had to see how long it takes mine to reboot.

Seven minutes and 20 seconds till the T-Mobile splash screen appeared!! WTF! - Seven minutes and 35 seconds to get passed the security tests passed screen.

BlackberryBlake - Just curious, are you on a BES? Or BIS only?

BIS/ATT. I wiped w/ BBSAK, loaded 593, did a selective restore, installed apps OTA. I have found, especially when doing full restores all the time, a lot of things get carried over that are unnecessary. I went from 2 years & probably 15+ OS's, doing full restores all of the time and I've found that useless junk adds up in those backups and keeps getting carried over. Then again I've tried out every OS for the 9700 so far w/ selective restores and .593 has been the fastest loading since .442.

To get off the loading screen on mine takes approximately 46mins!!! Now its down to 1min and a couple secs? Time to upgrade.

Why is that everytime I do an upgrade to my bb my contacts always get mashed up? I have to go thru them all and edit. Some contacts get deleted or the numbers go to the wrong name. This is the only reason I am reluctant in upgrading my OS. Its quite an annoyance! Anyone else having this prob?

This is my second upgrade that I have done. The first upgrade I did had contacts duplicated over 200 times. At one point I had over 1100 contacts. After I edited them I was back to just under 200.

This update played games with a couple of contacts as well - a couple of duplicates and it played with the names making them company contacts and duplicating their names.

I just notice that BBM messenger is now in the core components and you can't remove it easily. I guess this might be how RIM is gaining some speed. I was a little surprised by this. I know ome people don't use BBM and would like the ability to remove it.

I picked it up less than an hour ago and it's smokkkkkkin! Quickest install ever. Everything is running quick and nimble. Had no trouble restoring all of my BBM stuff including Groups (which usually is NOT the case).

Very happy with it!!

Watching all the comments on here. It can get pretty funny. I mean those of you who jump at the new leaks and dl never really report much significant differences unless its "other apps not working with it" or "boot time" or some ridiculous faint changes. Come people.......REPORT something worth hearing about!!! These people wanna know! As for myself......it ain't broke so I won't be fixin it! Thank you very much. Entertainment is great around here! Lmfao

I seldom have any problems with any of the OS's, but have found as berryfreak310 did that Shazam isn't workingon this one. No biggy, will keep this OS till the next newest one comes along.

I am going to wait for the big 6.0 update. I figure why bother update when everything works great on my device. Most of the updates to the 9700 have been minimal changes. I will wait for the major OS update and can be sure I'll be on board. The last update I did was on my Pearl 8120 from 4.3 to 4.5 I think it was. That allowed youtube to be played on my Pearl. That was a great update, worth doing with major changes. Come on Rim, step it up and bring on the new 6.0.... Operating System. I would bet with the new OS they might turn more customers onto the Blackberry for leisure use. That is the part of the market that is hurting them right now, more people want the new devices for fun, not just business. The longer Rim sits on their hands the more potential customers lean towards Android or I-phones.

bold 9700 update are getting out of control!!!!... 2days ago i updated to and now downloading this one!!!!

I updated every leaked OS on my 8900 and found it's not worth
Except from 4.7 to 5.0
So now
For my onyx
I am waiting for either
5.2 or 6.0

These updates are worthless waste of time.

I downgraded back to .545. On this new version after talking on the phone for a while, the radio seems to start skipping in sound quality. When listening to the other person the signal goes in an out really quick. I found this on a version i did with my previous Bold 9000. My opinion, stick with the Vodaphone official of .545. This one is a complete bust...

Has anyone lost the Yahoo email icon on .586? Even after resending 'service books' in the Manage Internet Email I'm still not getting the icon back.

Also, I know it's entertaining to read all these ridiculous postings but we need os feedback people, that's why it's 'leaked' to us in the first place.

So is there anyone who has any notes on the .593 build?

I heard that .593 fixed (at least partially) the issue where an SMS thread would refuse to open. Any truth to what I've heard. I'm usually not one for the betas, but if it fixes this issue, I will be happy. I agree with what others have said in regards to change logs. It would be nice to know what has changed...

i keep getting a source code error whenever i try to download this new OS!
.582 for me is prone to moments of lag spikes!

Anyone else having issues with Shazam no longer working on this release? (Sorry just read above!) Also but this happened from the previous release! my email settings icon somehow has been renamed to 'default'. was hoping this release would fix that!

So, Installed .593 frm .545 been running the latest one for 2 days. I've noticed nothing different frm the two besides 1 thing.

The webbrowser for .545 would crap out on me sumtimes such as I can't click on the links with the trackpad. I had to move the trackpad to the link then press "Enter" Key to go to the next link. I have yet to come to that problem.

With all that said and done. NOTHING CHANGED from .545 to .593. Save yourself the time if you're happy with .545 and don't upgrade yet.


I'm quite new to this phone firmware upgrading,but think I'm addicted now.only had blackberry about a month.I've done about three upgrades now and this is by far the best in my humble opinion.faster menu faster web load times and youtube streams flawlessley through my wifi connection.overall I'm more than happy.only. Had it running for 24 hours but no probs so far,just better in every department so far?will keep posted if anything changes.

i agree... I just wanted to be on the 5.0... if its nothing special.. F dat..lol... Too much hassle for minimal improvements.

This is my review, comparing to my last OS run on.586.

I have been running this OS for 2 days now. First thing I noticed, was when the phone reboots, it doesn't open 4 or 5 core applications, like .586 did. It was a hassle to have to close them when turning my 9700 back on.

Secondly, a slight increase in battery life. I got 2 full days of heavy usage, and am just now charging it.

Also, the amount of freeze ups has dropped tremendously. Actually, since I've updated from.586, I haven't had to do a battery pull or soft reset.

The homescreen icon is once again the same size as the menu icon, the top left key is still a standby lock, I have no problems with signal or wifi connectivity, all of my third party applications are still running smoothly.

I will also state that the media bar, as far as fast forwarding and rewinding goes, runs a lot smoother.

All in all, if you aren't on your stock OS, either run on 545 or 593.

If you have any questions, email me at ronald@crackberry.com. :)

I keep trying to install it, and every time I open the loader, it tells me that no further actions are needed. I've tried deleting all the shared file folders, and no luck. I'm about to delete the entire App Loader file from the Research In Motion file. Is that safe?

I just upgraded from the and I can no longer stream my BB music to my car stereo via my Bluetooth (BLU Logic 1211). It normally would prompt me with a message that I am now connected and can use Handsfree/AV Source/ and one other item.