Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8900

Curve 8900 OS
By Adam Zeis on 31 Mar 2010 06:08 pm EDT

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *

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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8900


Gonna try it on my 8900 to see how good it is... But I don't really care since I don't even use my 8900 anymore :P

Most of the time, they don't have anithing new, but I like to try them to see if battery life is improved

Just finished downloading this, i am going to do the install now. Since I see not many people tried it out yet, after installing I will post how it is compared to (last weeks release). I'll post updates on http://deanfx.net as well.

There is no major improvements to this OS, apart from the new Blackberry Messenger installed Navigating through Blackbery Maps seems quicker to load...

I will monitor some other stuff and get back to you all

PS - For some of you all that are upgrading from .554(Beta), the following games are still missing... Sudoku, Texas Holdem King, Word Mole...

nice info. I'm not too into the games anyway.

Thanks for the post! Seems you and I are the only ones currently doing the install haha

Me too, I'm not really a fan of games, I'm just more concerned about battery life to be honest, But I should me upgrading in about 2 weeks so I can dump this 8900

Will wait until more reviews turn back. I've been rockin' Willboy's v2.1. Very stable and fast. Battery and memory management is rock solid. Best hybrid out there. It uses .544 radio!! Suggests everyone to give a run. U won't be disappointed.... Props Willy!


I'm on the Orange UK network too, They are not really concerned about updating the OS on the 8900, for the simple reason, they have the New Bold 9700... So they don't care about us. However I have been OS5 for a long time and I have not had 1 problem... Seems safe too me

All is well so far... Yeah bbmaps is quicker than in the last .50x... I am noticing a jumpy signal bar... On my way home, I'll call in and see if I get any odd unexpected drops and report back to you guys. Quick install tho! BIS and BES all cam back alive without any intervention on my part.

I have never had a problem with the SMS on any of the OS5... Maybe your one of the unlucky ones... What problems do you have?

Just scrolling around the options and noticed that the GPS menu
has been changed to "Location Settings" Nothing too wow but I thought u all should know

There is also a Date/Time menu in options so you don't have to keep going into the clock to change details, which is quite handy

You also have the option to save you SMS messages to your SIM card, which is quite good, I'm unsure if its a new feature of thos build or I didn't see it before

I hardly get the hour glass when navigating through the phone, Its still early days though

Media Player has options to change Font size, changing the appearance Etc

In Willboy's v2.1 media player font size option is available. .592 is almost the same as v2.1, just not as smooth. Can't say anything about BB maps didn't install it I use Google Maps

Just downloaded, but it's already 10:30pm, I've only averaged 4 hours sleep each night this week, fighting a cold and have to get up for work at 5am tomorrow...so as much as I want to try this tonight, it's gonna have to wait till tomorrow night I think... :(

I'm really interested in trying it out though. I had been using 461 for a while and it had been really solid. Then 509 seemed better still, and I loaded up 554 when it came out last week. Don't think it's my imagination -- but 554 seems to be poorer at holding onto my UMA signal and an EDGE connection -- seems to drop back to GPRS easier than 509 or 461 did. Not terrible, but I'm really not impressed with 554. Hoping that moving to 592 addresses some of this. Probably gonna give it a whirl tomorrow...

Yeah passed the tunnel test.. no dropped calls on my commute home... one last test, bluetooth audio. But looks like a keeper.

Installed a leaked version on my BB 9700 and now installing on 8900. May be Blackberry wanted to fix all the bugs before they release newer models.

yep bluetooth audio works great... just the prior version there were bluetooth audio issues. fixed. the web still runs quick like the one before this... excellent. I can let my shure ear buds rest and sweat my Moto S9 HD's in the spring weather during my jogs.

After loading up the personal VZW Tour with 5..591, I couldn't wait to face the company BB Enterprise Nazi on a random enterprise activation discussion...
From VZW last 'official' release 4.sump.sump, this leak has proven in a short time to be amazing!!
Serious details:
1) Browser MUCH snappier, quick loading of pages whether native browser or Bolt. Best example is using Bolt 1.7 to browse Facebook.com and Crackberry.com which were very sluggish on prior OS.
2) Track ball as well MUCH smoother. Horizontal and Vertical both directions smooooth! Both at 80 sensitivity
3) Fonts in all screens seem to be sharper... more easily read with contrast between colors. NICE!
4) Camera - A pet peeve of mine from 4.x with the delay from trackball click through auto-focus to actual 'click'. Has to be half the time... THANK YOU!
5) Wi-Fi connectivity is quite quick compared to prior 4.x OS. Even in home office, this is a huge benefit.

Last piece on my OS loading procedure… I'm a little particular here... but has worked flawlessly loading leaked and official OS' for the 8 different BlackBerry’s, and 20+ OS' I've owned or operated over the last 8 years.
a) Start by a battery pull of BB to be upgraded.
b) Download OS to be loaded.
c) Using Windows control panel, remove prior loaded OS then reboot PC. I feel a critical step.
d) Install OS on PC to be loaded on BB and delete vendor.xml file from c:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Apploader directory... Then reboot... I know... may be unneeded but has worked for me.
d) Connect BB (should be completely rebooted from battery pull by this time) via USB direct to PC and NOT through any hub… and disconnect from internet… again may be unneeded but have noticed time to complete upgrade always quicker.
e) Fire up BBSAK 'Blackberry Swiss Army Knife'(using v1.7)
I. Click 'Backup Apps'... May be asked to rename prior backup.
II. Click 'Load OS' and stand clear for the process to complete. Will reload apps and most all your setup information will be saved. Will restore e-mails there before install.
f) Once all pushed updates have settled, 20-30 mins, I mess around with new OS to be sure looks operational... then a battery pull noting Options/Status/File Free number. Always cleans to a higher number. Only a few occasions have needed to do another battery pull in the next 24 hours.
My first long post... hope it helps any who are reluctant to try leaked OS or OS from other than their current carrier.

Great post. I've been thinking of upgrading my official AT&T 8900 the last couple times I've seen leaks.

I think I'll follow this advice and give it a go.

After I upgraded from .411 my wifi connection hasn't work as it used to, before this upgrade I was able to turn off the mobile network and just leave wifi on and I was able to continue to use BBM and MSN with no problem at all, now I can't and its just not me ask a few friends that work with me that also did the upgrade and same issue :(

Later on today I'm going back to .411, beside the wifi issue the phone is much more faster and works great zero lag, I can live with the lag but not with out the wifi option, becuase I hate late night calls.

Anybody else having any app issues? The App World is installed, but nowhere to be found, and Shazam just closes down while trying to set it up.

I actually paid for the unlimited Shazam, so it pretty much sucks. The App world I can live without tho, it is often slow and I can find many of the same apps on the CrackBerry Superstore anyyways.

Happy to report that the annoying "Switch Application" scroll speed while the Browser is in the foreground has been fixed. Other than that, no major issues/changes noted on my part.

I had the same issue with app world, so i had to re-download and install it.. it asked me if i wanted to replace the same version i was installing, i said yes, rebooted and it appeared in my downloads folder.

I don't use shazam, so i can't say.


I've recently installed OS on my 8900 , and everything seems to be working perfect!! I do notice it a bit faster and the SMS single thread problem is gone.

I did found a problem. It won't Connect to Wifi anymore ... sort of ... it detects the SSID broadcast , it "connects" to the wifi , yet , it cannot assign an IP address , it does not pull Internet through wifi at all (faded wifi icon)

Anyone has managed to solve this issue or anyone found the correct configuration to make this work again ?

Let me know! thanks!

You may try toggling the WiFi off and on, as well as resending service books, you may also try to reload previous build, do a security wipe then install .592 again, I have loaded and found no problems with WiFi or UMA.

I tried all of what u suggested except the security wipe. When .554 leaked, I wiped and did a clean install with BBSAK...that's when i noticed the problem

Downloaded the OS and have not found a single thing wrong! Love the new look with SMS. Got a bunch of duplicate icons though on the apps page, no big deal there though.

A couple people have mentioned WIFI isn't working properly with this build. Is this true for everyone? Or just an issue for a select few?

I upgraded earlier in the day and been running the whole time with any issues. UMA is also running good. I'm sure all of you having wifi issues have tried a battery pull. If not give it a whirl.

downloaded this leak last night and installed it, runs similar to but a whole lot smoother, battery life seems to be better too! been running it for 24+ hours now and can report no problems atall! the best leak ive seen for a while, get on to it people! enjoy!

these people who are saying delete the vendor file must have a very different phone to me coz this is my 5th new os ive installed and have never once removed a vendor xml file, i dont get it????

I've been using .554 and now .592
and can't see any differences
in the two for me. Both worked well
Without any glitches (so far).

Anybody else noticing no more traffic indicators for wifi connections? Usually you would see the traffic, anybody else having this issue on wifi/uma only?

I like the new feature that alerts you to connect to a wifi network when wifi is turned on. This build has some features worth trying.

It is running pretty smoothly. Here are a few of the things I found.
The Blackberry App World icon disappears; it is not deleted, it's still in the system but you can't see it. I had to reinstall it, saying 'yes' to replace the same version.
This happened in the previous release too.
The other thing is if I download/install a new app; my home screen goes all white. The get the colours back, I have to go to options, change the layout and all the colours are back.
I did mention a little drag while sending out PIN's or Emails but other than that everything is smooth.
The alt+CAPS+del for reboot does not work, you do have to do a battery pull.
No issues with any app at all so far.

Installed this on my 8900 and im having a problem with the speakerphone. Once i hit the button to switch to speakerphone i get a high pitched continuous chirp, very annoying. Does anyone know if there is a fix for this issue? Otherwise no issues here.


I upgraded the OS on my 8900 last night to, previously running on I've noticed a couple of small glitches, but nothing I can't live with...however, I noticed a najor issue with texting and BBMing. I was able to txt and BBM for a while, but then I got a "Network congestion" in my txt convo, so pretty much I couldn't send/receive txts or BBMs. I was still able to make/receive calls, and send/receive emails. I temporarily solved the issue by shutting down my AT&T service, then turning it back on, but I can't be doing that all the time. I later got the "Network out of order" message in a txt too. My friend is still running his 8900 on .231, and he didn't receive any of these messages on his BB last night, so I know it has something to do with the new OS. Any ideas?


I've found some legit problems with this build, and I'm wondering if anyone here knows how to resolve them. There is no Memo app, Tasks app, or Documents to go (word to go, slideshow to go, sheet to go)...I assumed these would be on the new OS since they are so basic, but apparently I was wrong. Does anyone know how I can get these onto my BB?

If you go to install by Wind Hellas on 8900, you will come up against an issue with your Text Messages. Unfortunately I have faced it myself. The format of text messages (SMS)inbox is changed to a Chat like grouped storage which has no option for change it to the traditonal SMS management system. It is almost impossible for a specific message to select it for deletion or forwarding to a contact. Better to wait for a bug free release of the device software.

Any comment or solution?